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  1. Hi there, yeh parts are scarce , plenty in the USA,, but customs beef up cost ,,
  2. blackhat250

    Tricity 300

    Hi spurs, Never seen this trick machine yet , ..
  3. Yeh the carbs could do with a ultrasonic bath,, varnish builds up if not used regularly , esp with this fuel nowadays ,. i know there a pig to remove on a 4cylinder ,
  4. Hi Ade" ,,, a fair variation you have there ,,
  5. Hi pete, " yeh the cases are easy split, i use the Tusk tool, but the first one i did was with a mallet,,Straight forward job, ..freez the bearings and warm the cases, just drop in new bearings,, the gears put them back in as a cluster, ,cant go wrong three selectors ,,
  6. Its A bit of an Oddball " aquired taste , Ebay is the shop window, that gumtree sucks , as you"l get txt"s and emails from tyrekickers,
  7. Corrrr " the tracer is bonnie,, so is the DT ,
  8. Hi there ,,fine wee strokers you have ,
  9. Start at the coil [Ohms ] then connections ,,then points &condencer, . the soarse coil needs checked ,[ ohms] , Or,,,,you can fit CDI, Lots of systems out there nowadays, i did fir DT400 cdi system on my 250. the flywheels are different ,so need the 400 flywheel . its same fit , just has 4 magnets, for pick-up timing,
  10. Hi graham,,,, i know them inside out,,
  11. Great intro barry , nice old pic too,, you"l have the Dreaded V,A.T to pay before they release the bike,, Shoulda got the seller to mark it down ,,
  12. Fit like " am up north east,, tidy that , i had a DT175C in 1976 , and DT400 in 1979. , Were on face book also ,,and DTforum ,, http://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/
  13. Whats happenned " ,,this used to be a buzzing forum ,, is it Facebook, ? nothing new in posts and very little members visit the site now,,
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