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  1. Haa" jim has had this experience . is it like the RD250, where the rotor is inside the stator, with brushes on the slip rings,, if so the brown wire needs 12volt , to magnatize rotor,,
  2. Yeh ,i replied ,,, summat up again ,,
  3. Hi gorph! , i would strip the carbs,,
  4. The forks slide on shafts, ,bent shaft or corrosion ,,
  5. Hi there,.. love the Rs100 , is it green or blue ?..125 was yellow i think, ,the tyres will be slightly wider, but will fit ..
  6. Hi Xtt" ,good bikes the 250, i"d say exhausts and the rear tail light bracket are the rare parts , .
  7. Yip, its an early DT250 ,, about 1972/3 ,pics would be better ,
  8. Hi frois ", drewpy is an XS400 guru ,,
  9. Not plastic gears, look at that pic,, its with the clutch basket removed, [ big shaft in top /rh, is where it sits] , the other cog in pic is kickstard idler, ,the drum is the round thing with pins, the claw [ pawl ] . grabs these pins,
  10. Hi there ,.the SR ,is a hardy wee bike,, bullet proof, take some punishment, .just keep sevices up .
  11. Hi there, i think thers nothing wrong with the gears themsell, i think its the selector Pawl, [ its behind the clutch basket], its a claw shaped thing, spring loaded, it grabs the selector drum and turns it, there maybe a weak spring ,or its outa line,, cover needs removed again, , get some one to select and you watch it working, it claws then resets to pick up the next gear,.
  12. Hi kev,, yeh the lock nmber is suffice,, ,i havna seen a virago on a centerstand, is there mounts on frame ,?
  13. Mind wee all met there a few years back ,
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