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  1. Yeah, I was really surprised, but they were really friendly and helpful. If only more manufacturers could be like that
  2. Yamaha came through! They just e-mailed me the Service Manual. I am now the happy owner of mystical torque specs
  3. Oh she won't be going near any of my tools without me looking over her shoulder Looks like I spoke too soon! Yamaha got back really quickly and e-mailed the Owner's Manual through Have replied asking for a Service / Workshop manual - let's see if they'll be as helpful this time
  4. So Yamaha got in touch today and said for hard copy, contact local dealer or they'll email me a pdf. Result. Now my kid can learn how to spanner her own bike
  5. Well I've pinged off a mail to Yamaha UK. Let's see if they can give me any joy.
  6. I've already got a set of lowering links for it - figured she'll be more relaxed if she can get her feet a little flatter on the ground and then as she gets the miles under her belt and a bit more confidence I can always throw the originals back on. Even though the XSR's a doddy wee thing, so's she and she wants to get into the spannering side of things too Also I'm pretty sure the MT125 she's learning on has been lowered - I can stand over that thing without touching the seat
  7. Yeah it makes me smile when I drop them off at school and there's a long row of 125s standing there It it indeed, and a tasty drop too! On my third Triumph at the minute and seriously considering trading the Stelvio for either a Tiger 900 or a Norden....the agony of choice :)
  8. Alright all, I've just bought my daughter a XSR 125 as her first bike and wanted to lower it for her. Obviously there's no Haynes for it as it's a new bike, and finding torque settings appears to be mission impossible, but I was wondering whether it's actually possible to order the service manual from Yamaha. I'd rather not get some shady pdf from some dubious site and our local Yamaha dealer's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. All the bikes I've had in the past, you could either get a Haynes for or you could buy the manual from the manufacturer, but either my Google-fu's failing or this doesn't seem to be the case with Yamaha. Any tips gratefully received Cheers Bob
  9. Alright all, Name's Bob, I live down near Munich and have a couple of bikes - a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE and a Moto Guzzi Stelvio. Joined up here because my daughter's doing her licence at the mo and I've picked her up an XSR 125 as her first bike. No doubt I'll be asking plenty of questions about what tyres are best or which oil should I use Cheers Bob
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