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  1. NE0

    DT 175 MX 12volt conversion

    Hi there Rentaspoon, I thought I wrote it quite clearly but let me recap:- look at the key positions marked I, II and III *****READ THE ROWs ACROSS**** key position I; The red wire goes from the battery and is switched to the brown (This goes to the indicators, brake light and horn) The headlight is not lit up on this key position. Look at the GEN. the white wire (charging wire) goes to the reg/rec and then onto the battery to charge it via the red wire the other white wire comes to the switch. We know from the first page posts that the OUTPUT of the generator on the WHITE wire is anything from 11volts to 26 volts (depending on revs) This amount of voltage would fry the battery. So it is connected BACK to the reg/rec via the YELLOW wire (on the right side of the pic) to 'clip' it and reduce the current going to the battery to charge it This will cause the reg/rec to heat up and the fins help dissipate this heat thereby cooling it down. Key position II: The red wire goes from the battery and is switched to the brown( doing the same as above) and is also switched to the red/blue wire (This ADDS the tail light and pilot light) The GEN white wire is still connected to the battery via the reg/rec BUT the white wire which goes to the switch NOW does nothing because in switch position II it is NOT connected. (The battery is still charging but the output on the white wire has been reduced because the lighting coil inside the generator is now being used) So now look at the YELLOW wire from the GEN ( on the left) This carries the output of the lighting coil to the headlight. It is switched to YELLOW/RED wire to run the headlight. BUT we also know from the first page post the the OUTPUT on this yellow wire is anything from 6v to 16v depending on the revs. Prior to the conversion the headlight only required 6 volt. ALL excess voltage was reduced by reg/rec on the YELLOW (right side wire) The reg/rec clips the output to 6v otherwise the output would blow the bulb. Using a different 12v reg/rec, this clips the voltage to 12volt enabling the 12 volt bulb to be used in the headlamp instead of 6v The right side YELLOW wire is still connected to the reg/rec and still heats up as above. Unfortunately, the generator STILL produces 6 volt at low revs, because the generator has not been altered. therefore at low revs the 12vot bulb will glow dimly on 6v output. It only glows brightly once the generator produces 11volts plus. Does that help?
  2. NE0

    DT 175 Exhaust

    PS. For those in the UK: I did ask them if they have any European oulet for their exhausts, but sadly they don't. The cost of shipment was too high hence it was an ideal opportunity when my mate said he was going to NZ for a holiday and the premesis was only 20 minutes away!
  3. NE0

    DT 175 Exhaust

    Hi again Brett Exhausts seem to becoming a bit rare here in the UK too. However, I bought an exhaust repair front section from New Zealand!!!! Musket mufflers do a repair front section for 78 to 81 and 84 to 2003. They also sell a rear muffler 78 to 2006. All on page 2 of their catalogue (scroll down for the images). https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2202/5551/files/YAMAHA-mufflers.pdf?13346045109935610301 A friend went to NZ for a holiday and brought it back in his hand luggage! I welded it onto a good exhaust which had become rusted through on the U bend.. Worth checking them out.?
  4. NE0

    XJ900F Exhaust Replacement

    Have you tried Wemoto? https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/yamaha/xj_900_f/87-90/picture/marving_master_4_1_complete_system_chrome https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/yamaha/xj_900_f/87-90
  5. NE0

    Regulator/rectifier wires melting

    its a short circuit. Somewhere the live for that circuit is being grounded. So the wire melts. The Risk of a fire is very HIGH. It's possible that the reg/rec has failed and is shorting to earth, but .....it could be anywhere within that circuit.! It requires a bit of fault finding with a meter and inspection of the wiring. PS. You can't reuse a wire that has been melted even if its just the sheath that has melted, that will need replacing, and potentially you could end up with a new loom!! ((PPS. This area of the forum is essentialy for new members just to introduce themselves not for workshop problems.)) Welcome to the club though, and happy new year to you hopefully it won't be too expensive for you!!
  6. NE0

    Restoring an XJ900f Engine

    https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xj900f-1989-3ng1-europe-293ng-300e1_model37800/partslist/0004.html https://www.bike-parts-yam.com/yamaha-motorcycle/900-MOTO/1987/XJ/XJ900F/CRANKSHAFT--PISTON/50_4960-4960/B3/0/10008 You're right!...... but i'm sure when I found them they came up as add to cart!! ....but clearly not now! However bike parts has the option of contacting them, might be worth doing that. On the plus side you now know where you can get other parts and part numbers! This page lists the other bikes it fits Heres another website which lists the 1987 part but offers check availability https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/1987-xj900f-motorcycles/crankshaft-piston
  7. NE0

    Restoring an XJ900f Engine

    Hi there, Depends on year but looking on cmsnl.com website i found under XJ900F 1989 0.5 oversized pistons (not .05) and the 1991 0.5 piston has the same part number of 58L1163600. they are available to buy. A 1987 xj900F which has a different part number 59L116360000 the Pistons 0.5 are also available at bike-parts-yam.com But I couldnt find .05
  8. NE0

    1975 Yamaha TX500A Questions

    Hi Chris welcome to the world of classic motorcycles! I've just had a look at the website you refer to and find it very similar to cmsnl.com which has all the same parts diagrams and perhaps different spares available. As regards to the details and year of the model, you will often find slight discrepencies of vehicles that were produced pre computer!!! Back in the 70's there was no data being stored on computer! it was all in parts catalogues and micro-fiches. A bike that say was manufactured in late 1974 might well appear in the part catalogues as 1975 model by the time a new parts catalogue had been printed! Today when companies add data to their websites i dare say they are not adding all the original data from these catalogues so there will be an element of 'rounding off'. Most of the times they will be spot on, but you have to allow a year either side with additional checking as part of your format when sourcing spare parts. especially when looking for something which is nearly fifty years old! Your website you use is in the USA so you may have to wait for a fellow member to say where they go for keys and replacement locks. In the meantime, why not pop over to the New members area and just post a brief introduction about yourself and where you are, you may meet some fellow bikers from your neck of the woods who may well help you out in the future. All the best.
  9. NE0

    What is this? It's leaking.

    If it's NOT rattling, then there's no need to reset it!! Yes It is done when cold, I would imagine with the plug missing and the new gasket someone previously has been doing something to it. If the engine runs smoothly and there is no cam chain rattle there's little to be gained by a re-adjustment. Personally, I'd leave well alone, especially as you're not that familiar with motorcycle engines....yet! Put in the new plug and enjoy riding it.
  10. NE0

    What is this? It's leaking.

    It leaks from the centre because it's just a push in plug and it's probably nearly 40 years old! Oil is pumped to the top of the camshafts and runs back down all the open galleys, over the cam chain and back into the sump. Oil also drips from the lowest point so the chances are the gasket the tensioner housing is also shot. The chain tensioner is automatic by the action of the spring. To adjust it, you loosen the side screw, the spring pushes against the tensioner moving it forward taking the slack out of the cam chain and the screw is then retightened. They're not perfect by any means but they do function. N.B Honda 400/4 engines are well known for their "cam chain rattle" even after they've been retightend!! PS. Just re looking at your photo.....it looks like the plug is actually missing! hence the leak! (The gasket is bright green suggesting it's been off recently too.)
  11. Welcome Rok, good to have you on board. I've answered your same question you posted in the Project section.
  12. NE0

    What is this? It's leaking.

    Welcome to the motorcycle world Rok. The oil leak is coming from the cam chain tensioner at the front of the engine. Japanese over head cam engines are all very similar (my 400/4 is a smaller version of your big boy).I appreciate yours is twin cam and mines single but the principle is exactly the same. Cam chain tensioner XS1100 models You need to get a haynes manual or similar which will give you detailed knowledge if you intend to do your own work. Exploded diagrams also help to understand what's what and there are plenty of websites about which will help you. One of the best is cmsnl.com for diagrams and part numbers of all japanese bikes. Your XS1100 is included. Hope this helps.
  13. NE0

    XS250 Paint

    Difficult to reproduce!?? Custom car painters have been doing this for years and can produce any colour with any effect!!..... but perhaps today they are a dying breed! Nonetheless surely you just need the paint code? and these paint shops can make it up? heres a website for yamaha paint codes and your model https://en.impex-jp.com/catalogs/moto/yamaha-2/xs250.html hope it helps...
  14. NE0


    you mean old imperial black steel pipe/conduit? sell this on ebay in 3/4" pipe. Any good to you? Ps or this?
  15. NE0

    need replacement tank decals

    Or.... if you want to buy the original. it's available here. Bit expensive. but available!l