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  1. There are some decent good people about Mike and glad it turned out alright. Has anybody had any pillion 'mishaps'? well yes, only the once, fortunately it all turned out 'ok' albiet a very frightening experience. it was also about twenty years ago, when I offered to take a nurse colleague out on my 400/4, as she'd never been on a bike before and admired my bike parked outside. I took the bike out through the countryside of West Sussex and ended up about to join a straight stretch of dual carriageway along towards Chichester. It's a T junction and the road is clear both ways sa
  2. I didn't remove the cover on the clutch side as you can see in the last photo (This was the photo of the strip down) So i only removed the gearbox side as seen in the photos above. I only had to do this with one bearing. The other bearings were purchased as open. I referred to my strip down photos and the Haynes manual which also detailed the procedure if I recall correctly.
  3. You're welcome Graham, I've added another photo above for you.
  4. I took photos of all of my rebuild of my DT175MX, similiar to your larger 250. Here's some photos which may help. Above: The New Bearing being offered into position needs its internal cover removing prior to fitting. Above and Next: Prising the cover off the bearing with a small screwdriver. Not difficult. Not sure I removed both sides of the bearing though, I just followed my photos of what it looked like before removal, so they matched. This above Photo shows ALL the New bearings in place. This last photo shows the inside of the DT175MX Clutc
  5. Hi Graham There may be nothing wrong. the Simplest reason might be that although you have it on the engine stand , it may not be replicating the angle when on the bike. If its front end is elevated then the dipstick will be in the oil prematurely as its pools in the corner so to speak. Having said that, there are a couple of things to consider, bear in mind the engine is merely two boxes, in one box is the gears in the other box is the clutch. The same oil sits in both boxes. The oil will fill both sides via the open bearings. How much oil did you drain out? Is the dipstick
  6. Enjoying Caroline again then Mike? I stumbled across it about two years ago, and have it on most days. I like the fact that there's no adverts and minimal DJ chat, having said I don't mind if it's longer chat, at least it's not mundane chat and it is about the music! Unlike a lot of radio stations they don't play the same records over and over again, although you can hear the same ones often. All the DJ shows last 2 hours and the same show is repeated in the week (hence hearing the same records). weekends are varied but there's Dave Fosters retro chart show at 12. Never worked out how t
  7. Y You're welcome Mike, Flashback is also available online, http://www.carolineflashback.co.uk/#home.html happy new year to you
  8. Mike, if you haven't already you should consider downloading "Radio Caroline Flashback" radio app for your phone. It's ALL this type of music with no adverts at all. I have it on all the time. Be aware though there are TWO Radio carolines...one is Album tracks the other (Flashback) is the singles. 60's 70's and some 80's and early 90's. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  9. Hi there Rigid, Welcome to the club, as regards to the type of engine paint It will partly be what type of finish you're looking for and what colour you're after! furthermore it might be helpful if we knew what engine you were going to paint. For example, if you're looking for concours type finish then you might be trying to match the right shade of paint and whether its a semi-gloss or matt finish, you might then have a limited choice. However, equally you might be looking for a suitable paint that you don't care if it's identical to the original or not, don't care what colour it is
  10. The photos appeared above, not sure how that happened as I didn't do anything! so i assume a mod has stepped in and helped out. Many thanks for that whoever it was.
  11. Hi there, I recall it wasn't easy putting on the hose inside the oil pump housing, however, i kept a photo record so here it is and the method i used to install it. https://flic.kr/p/2kjYRbX I was hoping the photo would show instead of a link, but never mind, clearly i did something wrong! I followed Drewpy's post on the help page using embedded bb code, then part of it, all to no avail. so I gave up and ended up just putting the link in above.
  12. Hi Scott, International Rescue here.! I've also got a DT 175 MX 1978 round tube swinging arm bike. I've got a photo of the loom under the tank if that helps, and I'm more than willing to take my tank off and photo around for you. I'm familiar with the electrics of this bike, see one of my main popular posts on 12v conversion if you're interested. I can send you the photos, if you PM me if thats any help. Plus if you happen to reside on the South Coast I could simply show you.
  13. Hi Akleimer, you're right its not listed in the haynes manual, I've searched google with various combinations. "Autolube Output volume" seems to give the best results with people suggesting a maximum volume of 10mls/200 pump strokes at full throttle( the volume is altered depending on the throttle). There is some good information on another bike forum "Yamaha Enduros" with an excellent video on testing the pump. the same video is on Youtube, (or Youballs...ie you balls it up after watching these videos)
  14. Hi Ratch, don't worry we've all snapped off intake/exhausts studs at some point in our biking!! All yamaha bolts/studs are all going to be metric. It won't be M4 as thats only 4mm across and nearer to 9/64 drill bit. its going to be M6 (6mm across) All studs are. There's a good lot of metric/imperial conversion charts out there, but finding the exact info you need is not always easy. As we're not allowed to put in links to copyright material just google "screw sizes and drill equivalent" and you'll find a 7/32 drill is equivalent to an M6 screw size. A website pdf with 'little
  15. NE0

    HELP XT125R Owners

    As regards to your request for a manual , one of the rules is not to post links However, you''ll find what you need on Goggle! Just type in "xt125r manual" and you'll be surprised what you can find, i did it and I found what you were looking for. I must confess I'm a little surprised you didn't try that first. Good luck
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