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  1. Hi Scott, International Rescue here.! I've also got a DT 175 MX 1978 round tube swinging arm bike. I've got a photo of the loom under the tank if that helps, and I'm more than willing to take my tank off and photo around for you. I'm familiar with the electrics of this bike, see one of my main popular posts on 12v conversion if you're interested. I can send you the photos, if you PM me if thats any help. Plus if you happen to reside on the South Coast I could simply show you.
  2. Hi Akleimer, you're right its not listed in the haynes manual, I've searched google with various combinations. "Autolube Output volume" seems to give the best results with people suggesting a maximum volume of 10mls/200 pump strokes at full throttle( the volume is altered depending on the throttle). There is some good information on another bike forum "Yamaha Enduros" with an excellent video on testing the pump. the same video is on Youtube, (or Youballs...ie you balls it up after watching these videos)
  3. Hi Ratch, don't worry we've all snapped off intake/exhausts studs at some point in our biking!! All yamaha bolts/studs are all going to be metric. It won't be M4 as thats only 4mm across and nearer to 9/64 drill bit. its going to be M6 (6mm across) All studs are. There's a good lot of metric/imperial conversion charts out there, but finding the exact info you need is not always easy. As we're not allowed to put in links to copyright material just google "screw sizes and drill equivalent" and you'll find a 7/32 drill is equivalent to an M6 screw size. A website pdf with 'little
  4. NE0

    HELP XT125R Owners

    As regards to your request for a manual , one of the rules is not to post links However, you''ll find what you need on Goggle! Just type in "xt125r manual" and you'll be surprised what you can find, i did it and I found what you were looking for. I must confess I'm a little surprised you didn't try that first. Good luck
  5. NE0

    HELP XT125R Owners

    Welcome Trevors, see if this helps you. Your speedometer is digital on your bike which is not a lot different to a bicycle/pushbike speedo. In that it has no moving parts as such. It's just a little computer displaying data from sensors on the bike. The speedo sensor is on a lead which detects the rotations of a moving part, this is generally the front wheel just like a bicycle. It uses a few mathmatical calculations, diameter of the wheel / revolutions etc and works out the speed and distance travelled of the wheel. The maths is part of a program stored within the silicone chips mounted
  6. NE0

    1974 DT 400

    hi there, welcome to the club, pop over to the intro section for new members if you intend to hang around. (many people seem to post a question and never post again) Yambits and wemoto websites are pretty good for many small parts/perishable parts (brakes, cables, tyres, chains) and dedicated tools. Bigger parts, fairings,wheels, tanks, forks, instruments then you're going to be looking on ebay or similar auction sites. As with all bikes there will be 'rare as hens teeth parts' these are generally the exhaust system and certain engine and suspension parts, keeping your existing par
  7. NE0

    Tool question.

    I've got the almost identical 10.8v dewalt impact driver DCF815 , (1/4in drive chuck and only 107nm) otherwise same shell body and battery. it's extremely light weight compared to Dewalt 18v version, mainly due to the smaller 10v battery, but it does mean you can get it in tighter places without the bigger battery getting in the way. Probably not man enough for your needs as you say the DCF813 is rated at 130nm. I did however get mine from TW wholesale (Impact & hammer kit) for £130. Unfortunately they don't stock your 813. Another company I've used in the past London Powe
  8. I've just re read your first post. When you say small, i think you mean short? yes? I think herein is your problem! If the controls now sit higher up than the original bars then presumably this is putting the cables under tension and raising the slide?. If it's under tension the outer cable will feel taught with no slack. Is that what is happening? Remember also when the front end bounces on the fork travel, the cable needs to be 'long enough' to accommodate this. (Unless you can find a longer dual throttle cable from a taller bike which is similar to the 125, the 'only' answ
  9. "junction box is full of cream coloured greasy gunk" They all are.! it's a type of lithum grease which is white and specially designed for use where plastic is used. Oil based products can cause plastics to degrade when in constant contact with it, they tend to go brittle. WD40 may well clean it but it was packed with the white grease to maintain lubrication over time, something which WD40 won't do as its just a relatively short acting lubricating spray. Lithium grease is readily available.
  10. hi there, Ive just had a look in the past forum and found this ... might be useful?
  11. hi guys, thought I'd just share this with you, it made me chuckle initially! Over a year ago I declared SORN on my DT as I hadn't used it for a while , the tax was due and I was having a bit of trouble getting it MOT'd as the guys were claiming they wouldn't MOT it on the rear tyre as it had "IN USA & CANADA- NOT FOR ROAD USE". stamped on it. Even though they had been successfuly passing it with the same rear tyre for the past several years! I tried to fight my corner saying we're not in the USA where the statement applies! this is the UK but he said he wouldn't pass it if I was to
  12. Any update? or are they closed at the moment.
  13. Welcome Ben, must confess didnt see your first post, nonetheless hope you find what you're looking for. Unfortunately I know nothing about your chosen bike. However, post a pic as I've never seen one myself. Good luck and once again welcome.
  14. You mean ...these things? https://www.customcruisers.com/contents/en-uk/p9045_yamaha-xvs125-xvs250-dragstar-exhaust-universal-slip-on.html mmm, or are these just slip on rear exhaust covers? looking at the price it might well be. having said that might be worth contacting them, see if they know any more?
  15. FURTHER UPDATE: ....a little more redtape. When I did my 400/4 in 2018 I completed an online form to declare the bike MOT exempt, however, that was using V11 reminder. When I did my change of address and change of taxation class for my DT175 (see post above) there is no online declaration!, so I phoned them up. Guess what? ....I now have to send back my new V5C along with a V112 form Declaration of Exemption of MOT. ......and another V10 form!! I did point out that I'd already done this! but apparently they come as a pair!!, you can't send one without the other! All being
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