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  1. NE0

    TZR Decal wanted

    Why's that then bud? Are you restoring it to concours and just showing it? Not being funny mate but I've been down the concours route and it's not worth it. It's very expensive to keep it "showroom", especially for a classic motorbike, where everything has to be 'perfect' to win prizes. It can consume you.
  2. NE0

    YSR50 available

    I re-embedded them this morning, they appeared again, but now they've disappeared again.. I did the same with Chrome and the same thing happened. They appear for a few minutes, but the link fails. Must be a Dropbox related problem, I'd recommend re-uploading them into Flickr as recommended by YOC.
  3. NE0

    YSR50 available

    mmmm....Photos seemed to have gone from my posts! They were there....honest! the link I embedded was this https://uce17a2cfdf4e8e825edb6623891.previews.dropboxusercontent.com/p/thumb/ABN7d9ZsZFaOqQXwa1BIFDSUcIziY8akLAn1PAFh-Y5WMlm_esdYM2E0N7VRNn65efT-Fwu11sZuLdmhptEZ4j6R9nZCjIKCd-44UPjMFOXsaz1-yWtbjac9xLGaQhrSo02bUs6ndNm4oUMjc8HivAGfwiSPviyDSZN46GJ4aR2LuIZk1fMKHAAV88f9PrRxWPPT9NmWCTd7taxZKqkK3W3dH1DYZy1vtE9FXf4rBqdzo9WFAemHyjThmoGVC2AMWYljBJh9YuFUe92fzouxoTZ_axJEYsgpQOjmyDTla_0pvz4oC0WxvIZyBRst308kfC5RlSO36zlRQh2M8oD9MQftp57dWFPk8nn0VdsyGZ5noKmN_77o5hAaFxpwQvtkM6bAXYY0Pal0X5Ln24HO8eIQ/p.jpeg?fv_content=true&size_mode=5 whereas it seems to have been truncated and ended up as p.jpeg?fv_content=true&size_mode=5 which is the last part of the link....
  4. Welcome Justin, nice intro, well done for taking the time and effort to write one. Nice bike you got there, I like the 3 into one exhaust, not disimilar to my Honda 400/4 with 4 its snake pipes into one. I guess being a 77 its one of the first bikes to see mag Wheels as it was probably around that time they were introduced. My 75 is wire spoked and i don't recall seeing mag wheels anytime before 77. A lot of the members (the regular ones who respond) are all UK based and I assume CO and GA are in the US? At present the forum is a quiet place compared to a few years ago when it certainly was a lot more active. Nonetheless, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the place.
  5. NE0

    YSR50 available

    How odd!, I can see them in mine and in your reply post Snake. Yet if i click on the actual photo of my post I get a Dropbox410 error. Not sure what a 410 is,! same as a 404 I guess I'm using Firefox if that makes any difference.? Its even more perplexing as they have now disappeared from mine too!!!....I wonder if Dropbox are offline?
  6. NE0

    YSR50 available

    Try that? You're probably wondering how i did that? I hacked the Main frame using a Trace program after I went down the rabbit hole......hang on!.....back to the Real World.....it wasn't as exciting as that!!..... I initially clicked on the dropbox link which took me to the dropbox photos then right clicking over the image I picked "Copy image link" from the menu and inserted that link into my post and the photo came up within my post. Hope that helps.
  7. NE0

    XJ6 N 2009

    That's the most sensible answer I've seen for a long time, Excellent.. I like the way you think! Although in his case, he mentioned it's already snapped. So as Finnerz says:- just buy one with a rivet link.
  8. NE0

    YSR50 available

    That is a very nice little project for someone. Appears to be all there, easy strip down. Being small and compact would be great even for a small workshop/shed. E Reg 1987/88...based on the current 40year exemption that will be Tax and MOT free in 7 years time. Might not be something that will be ridden around much once restored but would make a excellent 'showpiece' for someone.
  9. You might want to edit out those numbers as its ALL the details someone needs to clone your bike and drive off into the sunset.
  10. There you go.. https://www.comparus.co.uk/products/centre-stand-yamaha-tdm-900-02-13-constands-934135.htm?k=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi9rZz7iN8QIVlp3VCh0_2AR2EAQYGiABEgIQ7_D_BwE
  11. Thanks Snake, all corrected. but.....you knew about the website though surely? (....Feedline for you)
  12. Hi Jed, The website cmsnl.com has parts lists and diagrams of all bikes, when you select an item it also tells you what other bikes share the same part number, might be useful to you. Depends how desperate you are for them, I've just looked on ebay and there are 2 front wheels and 3 rear wheels available for the IR7, i appreciate they are in Germany. All around the £140 plus p&p mark. I've bought difficult to obtain parts for my DT from France and Germany in the past from ebay, never had a problem. Hope this helps.
  13. You're not wrong. Although Alex will have to go to the Australian version of Amazon and Pro-bolt given that's where he lives.
  14. How you getting on with the Helicoil quest Alex? Based on the assumption that its a standard metric thread then the socket size should give you an idea of the stud. the general rule for standard sockets for metric threads are as follows: m5 nut/bolt/screw = 8mm socket m6 = 10mm socket m8 = 13mm socket m10 = 17mm socket m12 = 19mm socket I've done a bit of googling and found the stud on the parts diagram for the MT-09 cush drive of the rear wheel. https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/2016-mt09-tracer-abs-motorcycles/rear-wheel (regardeless of year they all seem to share the same nuts and studs) The stud (15) is part number 90116-10048-00 and the nut (16) is part number 95602-10200-00 Putting those in Google I managed to find that the nut takes a 17mm socket therefore its likely its an M10 stud. I then stumbled across the break down of the Yamaha part numbers 90116 = are indeed studs and all self lock nuts start = 95602 the next two numbers are the M size= 10. That confirms that then! Unfortunately none of the rest of the code indicates the thread pitch! However, i did manage to find a close up photo of the stud part number : https://www.bts24.co.uk/en/transmission/chaindrive/rearsprocket/mountingbolt/screwsprocketoriginalsparepart901161004800.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Although the photo could be a generic photo I found one for sale on ebay that someone was selling showing the actual packet and the stud with it and this shows that it has the same thread on both ends. The reason I mention this is studs that fit exhausts, which are also double ended, have a much coarser thread for the stud part that screws into the engine block. However, in this case the ebay photo confirms it is the same thread on both ends of the stud. Using the first chart shows M10 being available in three pitches, 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5mm, unfortunatley I couldn't find any confirmation of the pitch size for the nut or stud other than the standard metric thread for an M10 appears to be 1.0mm. The other two are finer and I don't think you can decipher which it is just by the photo, unless someone knows any different. Hope this helps you Alex. NE0
  15. Hi Alex, The good news is all our jap bikes are metric! I've used helicoils on both my Honda and Yamaha, in my cases the studs were M6 and an M8 so i just bought the M6 and M8 ones and they fitted fine. There is a useful chart here:- https://www.thorintl.com/Drill-Sizes-HeliCoils-Metric.shtml I had to drill the worn out thread with the correct drill, and rethread the hole (all supplied in the kit) and the tool came with it to insert them, but technically its just a bit of coiled wire that goes in tight within the newly threaded hole and the stud just screws into the thread made by the coil of wire. However a threaded insert sleeve is different to a helicoil and are designed for more load bearing. These are double threaded metal sleeves These require the hole to be drilled to a bigger size and retapped as the threaded insert is made from thicker metal. If it's a cush drive, I'm wondering whether a threaded insert may be more substantial and therefore more suitable.? Either way you will need the thread pitch and diameter of the exitsing stud.
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