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  1. I've just re read your first post. When you say small, i think you mean short? yes? I think herein is your problem! If the controls now sit higher up than the original bars then presumably this is putting the cables under tension and raising the slide?. If it's under tension the outer cable will feel taught with no slack. Is that what is happening? Remember also when the front end bounces on the fork travel, the cable needs to be 'long enough' to accommodate this. (Unless you can find a longer dual throttle cable from a taller bike which is similar to the 125, the 'only' answer to rectify this may be (in my opinion) is to revert back to stock handlebars and forks.?)
  2. "junction box is full of cream coloured greasy gunk" They all are.! it's a type of lithum grease which is white and specially designed for use where plastic is used. Oil based products can cause plastics to degrade when in constant contact with it, they tend to go brittle. WD40 may well clean it but it was packed with the white grease to maintain lubrication over time, something which WD40 won't do as its just a relatively short acting lubricating spray. Lithium grease is readily available.
  3. hi there, Ive just had a look in the past forum and found this ... might be useful?
  4. hi guys, thought I'd just share this with you, it made me chuckle initially! Over a year ago I declared SORN on my DT as I hadn't used it for a while , the tax was due and I was having a bit of trouble getting it MOT'd as the guys were claiming they wouldn't MOT it on the rear tyre as it had "IN USA & CANADA- NOT FOR ROAD USE". stamped on it. Even though they had been successfuly passing it with the same rear tyre for the past several years! I tried to fight my corner saying we're not in the USA where the statement applies! this is the UK but he said he wouldn't pass it if I was to put it in for an MOT. He said he was trying to save me the fail and all i had to do was replace the rear tyre and bring it back and it would be fine. So I thought, you know, I'm not going to argue with him, forget it! I was aware I wasn't going to use it for the time being and It would be 40 years old next year (i.e 2020) so the sensible thing was to declare it SORN leave it 'till next year and then get it changed to HISTORIC vehicle and take responsiblity for the MOT. Then i wouldn't have to take it back to the MOT station where this guy had taken over. So that's what i did. Roll on to the end of 2019 and we moved house and in January I duly sent off my V5c to give my new address. At the same time , I thought I'd declare the bike Historic with the change of address, signed the MOT declaration and sent it all off. No problem, relatively straight forward until I didn't get the V5 back at the end of 8 weeks so I had to request a replacement . Unfortunately, everything got further delayed due to Covid but the good news is this week i got my new V5 with new address and new taxation class. Phoned up the insurance and got it reinsured and all back on the road with the same rear tyre! and at no cost ! All free save for the insurance. Then today i get a surprise in the form of a cheque from DVLA for £32 for a tax refund! ....Very nice too....but I've not taxed it!!! What on earth is going on?. it's been SORN for over a year and I've not paid in any money to them. All very bizarre!! I think its quite funny that people have difficulty getting refunds for whatever reason and i get one without asking for one!! However, joking aside my concern is why did they send me a refund? Has someone got my missing v5C? and tried to tax it? and now I've got the replacement v5, they've sent ME the refund? it's all a mystery for sure. As regards to the cheque, I'm by nature a very honest person and as I'm not entitled to it, i won't be cashing it in, but i would like to know why it's happened. Unfortunately DVLA are not dealing with enquires due to reduced staffing, so for the moment I can't pursue it.
  5. NE0


    Any update? or are they closed at the moment.
  6. Welcome Ben, must confess didnt see your first post, nonetheless hope you find what you're looking for. Unfortunately I know nothing about your chosen bike. However, post a pic as I've never seen one myself. Good luck and once again welcome.
  7. NE0


    You mean ...these things? https://www.customcruisers.com/contents/en-uk/p9045_yamaha-xvs125-xvs250-dragstar-exhaust-universal-slip-on.html mmm, or are these just slip on rear exhaust covers? looking at the price it might well be. having said that might be worth contacting them, see if they know any more?
  8. NE0

    Historic M.O.T.

    FURTHER UPDATE: ....a little more redtape. When I did my 400/4 in 2018 I completed an online form to declare the bike MOT exempt, however, that was using V11 reminder. When I did my change of address and change of taxation class for my DT175 (see post above) there is no online declaration!, so I phoned them up. Guess what? ....I now have to send back my new V5C along with a V112 form Declaration of Exemption of MOT. ......and another V10 form!! I did point out that I'd already done this! but apparently they come as a pair!!, you can't send one without the other! All being well, it will come back in a ? few weeks.... So two slightly different procedures. The Honda from the V11 and the Yamaha using the V10 plus a V112. You won't find the process written down on the DVLA website that's for sure! It always helps when someone's actually done it and is able to share their experience I always say! Hopefully this may be of help to anyone else changing their taxation class to Historic.
  9. NE0

    Historic M.O.T.

    (I know its an old topic but the title still stands.) UPDATE: Having recently moved further along the coast I sent in my V5c for change of address for my DT175MX and at the same time, I thought I'd change the taxation class to HISTORIC VEHICLE as she's now over 40 years old. Both were relatively straight forward, although there was some red tape and hoops to jump through! They changed the address first and sent the new V5C back to me along with a V10 form to fill in and send both back. (even though I'd done all this on the 'change my details' of the original.) Seems a bit of waste of postage as all i did was put my name and address on it and the bike details along with change of taxation class!) A week or so later I've been sent another V5C with the new historic taxation class. No fee to pay it was all done 'free' save for the price of two stamps! So now both my bikes are 'HISTORIC VEHCILES' and subsequently the MOT is down to my responsibility as above.
  10. I use mine for commuting to and fro from work 15 miles a day, three or four days a week and I get around 100~110miles per tank. (7 litre. 1.80gal tank size). semi urban traffic, several sets of traffic lights and roundabouts so tend to be up and down the gearbox a bit. Mainly 30~45 mph. I remember a few years ago I did a trip along a dual carriage way , several 5 to 10 mile stretches for over 20 miles, I must confess , I didn't like running the engine at a constant speed/revs, it got hot and it wasn't very comfortable. In my opinion being a TRIAL bike, its not really designed to cruise, but is better suited to go over rough ground with lots of rev and speed changes. If you're looking at cruising for several hours I'd be looking at a road bike myself.
  11. That post Dan... was back in December 2015 !!!
  12. NE0

    2 Stroke ignorance

    I've just been trawling through a few piston ring manufactures websites AE , Hastings, Nevlock, MI, and found an answer to the question of the spring ring behind: ..." It is their to apply additional radial pressure to the piston ring. This increases the unit pressure applied at the cylinder wall. " So there you go.!
  13. NE0

    2 Stroke ignorance

    The purpose of the "wiggly ring" is to keep the lower ring central, taking up the free space (regardless of how much space you perceive there to be!) and keeps the ring central and equi-distant all around. Just because the original rings don't have them is no basis to leave them out. You may find that the original ring is a little wider in its cross section thereby not needing them, whereas the newer ring may be that little bit smaller to enable the 'wiggly ring to sit behind it!! Manufacturers don't include them for fun or as an 'optional extra' after all their R&D. When I did my engine , i put them in as supplied..... If l had left them out and for whatever reason I wasn't happy with the performance ....I wouldn't want to strip it ALL down again just to put them in!!
  14. Welcome G Digger, nice to have you on board. ive got the slightly smaller DT175MX but not that dissimilar. Whats your general location? (don't give your address out) but you never know someone might live nearby and can offer more than advice.
  15. Had to go to Google translate for that one Drewps! it detected Italian...... Not sure it makes sense though?..... Burn Christmas??
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