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  1. Take out the plugs & leave for a day or two,,sounds like your flooded out, check your oil level,,if its High,,it be fuel in it,,, change it,,,
  2. Welcome",, the MX models have longer forks,, twinshock are shorter ,,the later DT models,= bottom fittings are held in with a circlip not screwed tho ,
  3. Check the spark plug for colour, will let you know carb conditions,,
  4. Is there a sight glass, or like suzuki"s a bolt half way up casing , .XZ ? IS IT A kwak, ?
  5. Glad things have gone your way,,
  6. blackhat250

    New helmet.

    Big kev "s from Bolton , you ever see him ,
  7. Cools johners,,,, we love wee strokes,,
  8. blackhat250

    New helmet.

    I would skip the blue tooth anyway ,its fine to get away from bloody mobile fone,, tranquillity in the helmet slicey,,
  9. Have you had them off?, seen lots of exhaust studs shear,,and turn into a big job,
  10. Hi there", sounds like a good catch ,,,
  11. THings are looking brighter ,, maybe,,,,,
  12. blackhat250


    Go on Jim" relive your yoof ,
  13. Bloody ell " thats rough,, ,
  14. Welcome in,, it a problem in the big citys, seen them push guy off his scoot and take it,,,i"d be wary of pillions on them scoot gangs,,seen to carry hammers too, glad am in the sticks,
  15. blackhat250

    pissed off.

    Bugger jason" the joys of old bikes,,, i just done the crank on the Gt550,, 500knicker,,,, and gaskets & chain sprockets,,, its rebuilt tho, so ready for the sun,,,,-5 here last night tho, salt wagons were out,, bah,,
  16. Try a new coil" , my old cars were like that, way back,,,,used to let off the key and they started,, voltage not strong while starter was engauged ,
  17. Corrupt to the core,, good scam to be had there tho,,,= friend in usa,, mark up big price on restricted item,,,, refund both ends,, Win -win ,,
  18. You might have to get a dating letter , and a N.O.V.A number,,,
  19. Yeh slicy" best bike av ridden,[1050] it feeks like a go cart, [sticks like glue,] great sound too,, .take a test ride,
  20. Welcome in sir,, the tracer is a good bike,,,had a run on one,
  21. Welcome in Chris" ,,,weathers crap the now,,,
  22. Ay -up lad,,not nice weather the now for biking,,,
  23. I have seen them on ebay,, usually Thialand -singapore area, expect to pay Big Bucks,,,,as were all looking for N,O,S, ,
  24. Domyou think,we"l get out this year,,
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