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  1. Correct snakey" , you cant reply or message anyone on here ,[ when this glich happens] i posted on facebook,.. this FIELD REQUIRED ,happens quite a lot,,
  2. Welcome in Dale " thats a fair machine,,
  3. Yeh" puts you off, thats 2nd time this year,,,
  4. Ok, i take it the front end is too hard, . sounds like its over filled with oil,, drain some and see if it softens,
  5. blackhat250


    Welcome. they raced them 1100"s ,see you tube, and if you google XS1100 / click on images , you"l see lots of variations,
  6. Need more members like you snakey" its dead quiet nowadays, 10 years ago it was buzzin,
  7. Evening Red", this used to be a vert active forum,, its quieter now, [ due to facebook ] look around , most subjects have been covered,
  8. Hi frenchy. seen you on the DT forum,, lately..
  9. Welcome" another Tank owner ,,[ fj ]
  10. He asked a question & never looked back to see answers, [ last visit to site 14"sept,]
  11. Yeh clutch drag, . . And who"said it was bad to leave in Neutral ?,, Name and shame,,
  12. Yeh some real looking , [ apart from the speed .]
  13. Cool little bikes,, small race replicas ,
  14. Welcome in jed,,, i had an H2 sold it 5 years ago,,,know them engines inside out, you joined the triples club,, lots of spares on there ,
  15. Yes" or a time sert,, but may need to take head off, as swarf may drop into the cylinder ,
  16. Sounds like that new reg/rect. is not wired correct, is it same colours in connectors.
  17. blackhat250

    DT50 2007

    Needs engine running, A/C lighting ,
  18. hOWDEE" try this site,,mega yam enduros,, https://yamaha-enduros.com/index.php/forum/index
  19. Did you get this fixed ? some of these clutches, the pressure plate has Arrows on it, or dots, need to line up with clutch basket marks,, so it seats propper, then tighten the spring bolts,
  20. Mind these wee bikes are 6 volt,,,= lighting is A/C,, engine running ,,And turn your ignition key to the second position, [ thats if its a 4 possition ignition],
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