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  1. Hi len" post up your problems in the workshop section , see whats needed ,
  2. as IT SAYS ,, Tried to reply to newbe post,, and it dosnt work ,, Edit, . it worked tonight ,
  3. Hi there, a mate had one New in 1978, i did ride pillion , i remember he locked the back wheel down shifting into a corner, , but i had a shaft Kawasaki , and i didnt feel any difference to a chain drive, the XS750 wasnt the most powerfull bike, but sounded good, lots of RD parts fit also ,
  4. Go on the air cooled RD forum, look for the thread on DVLA, dating cert"s , they will date it for you , ,, i once sent to Kawasaki Uk, to date a Z1 [900] they sent a letter saying " we have no recollection of such model , , Fkn dimwits,, so i never go near main importers,, they"re Braindead,
  5. If you go up 1 on the front ,you"l get better mpg,, [ lower revs at cruise speed ] but loose a little excelleration ,
  6. Hes a member on here ,,, scouser , ,,watch your wheels,,
  7. Thats in great nick for its age , in ,
  8. Great job Ryen" ,, Hey. i"v been to Elizebeth City , N/C. ,and cape Hatteras , you near ?
  9. blackhat250

    Choke cable

    Yeh easy enuff, get the right part, as leanths will differ ,
  10. Air filter clogged ? when that last service ,?
  11. Hi darran " .thers a member on here [ Tommy 10bikes ] knows all about XT"s,, hope he sees this,, but i think Facebook is devastating Forums nowa days,, few members loook in here now, .
  12. Go on mike go for the Manbag " , We all you Navy guys were septable to the Rum-Bum & Baccy, On the subject iuse a Canvas style [work type] but its not waterproof,
  13. blackhat250

    Haha Blackie

    Brilliant jim,, have you seen the new triumph Scrambler, [ 1200 ] .. nice ,
  14. Super job , just seen this,, the wheel look LC.. style , they"l be a 17 rear i bet, 19 front, .trend at the time,
  15. Not always the gearbox itself, the selector pawl behind the clutch basket ,could be worn ,or weak spring,
  16. I had one on the Tiger, you have to hurdle the bike to get on tho ", it was tall,
  17. blackhat250

    Forum update

  18. Hi ronnie " ,ebay is the best bet ,, or Stafford show ,
  19. blackhat250

    Forum update

    The smilies aint working
  20. Welcome lj", plenty info in here ,
  21. Hi stu" i"v seen a V70 years ago, C90 lookalike ,
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