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  1. Yip , you"ve found the short, inspect the Horn wires,
  2. Sorry mate ,am from the days of " once round the block" and a pass, I hear its not so good on big bike doing this task, [ 600cc to pass test,, ],
  3. Hi ben,, cynic [ member] has just bought a Vmax also ,, .
  4. Welcome in josh" not shure on the model , too new for me ..
  5. blackhat250

    New bikes

    That awfull, i"v only seen scrap merchants do that, so"s they know if its been tampered with on returns,,
  6. Hi there, yeh parts are scarce , plenty in the USA,, but customs beef up cost ,,
  7. blackhat250

    Tricity 300

    Hi spurs, Never seen this trick machine yet , ..
  8. Yeh the carbs could do with a ultrasonic bath,, varnish builds up if not used regularly , esp with this fuel nowadays ,. i know there a pig to remove on a 4cylinder ,
  9. Hi Ade" ,,, a fair variation you have there ,,
  10. Hi pete, " yeh the cases are easy split, i use the Tusk tool, but the first one i did was with a mallet,,Straight forward job, ..freez the bearings and warm the cases, just drop in new bearings,, the gears put them back in as a cluster, ,cant go wrong three selectors ,,
  11. Its A bit of an Oddball " aquired taste , Ebay is the shop window, that gumtree sucks , as you"l get txt"s and emails from tyrekickers,
  12. Corrrr " the tracer is bonnie,, so is the DT ,
  13. Hi there ,,fine wee strokers you have ,
  14. Start at the coil [Ohms ] then connections ,,then points &condencer, . the soarse coil needs checked ,[ ohms] , Or,,,,you can fit CDI, Lots of systems out there nowadays, i did fir DT400 cdi system on my 250. the flywheels are different ,so need the 400 flywheel . its same fit , just has 4 magnets, for pick-up timing,
  15. Hi graham,,,, i know them inside out,,
  16. Great intro barry , nice old pic too,, you"l have the Dreaded V,A.T to pay before they release the bike,, Shoulda got the seller to mark it down ,,
  17. Fit like " am up north east,, tidy that , i had a DT175C in 1976 , and DT400 in 1979. , Were on face book also ,,and DTforum ,, http://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/
  18. Whats happenned " ,,this used to be a buzzing forum ,, is it Facebook, ? nothing new in posts and very little members visit the site now,,
  19. Hi john , try the aircooled rdclub,, section on there ,and a small fee, will get you a dating cert,, you wont need a N,O,V,A. as its in the EU,,, http://www.aircooledrdclub.com/smf/
  20. Good day to you,, sounds interesting ,,
  21. Smell the oil also " if its contaminated with fuel, the carbs need looked at, this would raise the oil level,
  22. Welcome in Whisper , " aye tiz cold and dreich ,,,
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