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  1. Watching Chippenham could have that effect,,,,,
  2. No pics shown, i take it its points,, an they have come loose,?
  3. Rich = dark plug colour, [ or black] starting > is it with choke or better without,,? ,and if dropping the needle did nowt , it maybe the main jet too big,
  4. Sounds like its 4 Stroking ,,[ rich],, whats the plug colour look like,,,, have the jets been tampered with ,? Air filter ? you looked ?
  5. How much did he pay for this crock o" Sh*t, ,, UNBELIEVABLE," ,
  6. Is this the hole it left,,
  7. Was it the Tank that toppled " thay"l be a hole in the road now,,
  8. Yeh " i hated my ride on a duke 990, and ducati Hypostrada, vibration,,- to much engine braking, after being on 2 stokes ,,yuk,,, Although " i rode a 650 Vstrom, and it was smooth ,,
  9. blackhat250


    Get a new gasket for exhaust or gum gum for a botch job,,
  10. Any good paint shop [ auto repair shop] will match it,, they have a scanner , i"v been painting too ..
  11. Try here ,, ask him,,, he"l make em , https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114819199000?hash=item1abbc1f018:g:iKsAAOSwOA9eGyRF
  12. See it now,,, its like a mini TZR 250 ,, rare bit of kit,
  13. Hi " best post some pics ,,,
  14. Same here, did 380 miles last weekend,, not going out this one, ,as tourists a plenty ,
  15. Yip " follow the cable to the lever,
  16. It dosn"t need choke ? [ or its auto choke ? ] sounds like its stuck on. that would bog it wen warmed up ,
  17. Wow" its acted like a wedge , pushed thru the cylinder base,
  18. Same up here , mobbed ,,first warm day,,,
  19. Welcome ,,another DT fan then
  20. Holy" shit , that look dangerous , next the rocket pack,, eh,,
  21. Ok, you"l need a dating cert , from VJMC, Or Air cooled RD forum, then M.o,t And insurance cover , on the Frame number ,, fill in the V55 form,, send it off to DVLA,
  22. The quallity is good on new pipes ..i"v only ever bought Dormai repro pipes [ japan] i like stock,, as expassion [ 2t] or 4 stroke after market [ arrow etc,, alter the fueling,,
  23. Super cool work, So is the Trident engine different, to the Rocket three , [ as brits shared parts back then , ]
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