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  1. Save your cash batesy, for what little gains. move up to a 600, OR THE THOU"
  2. blackhat250

    Yamaha YDS

    Hi, the blue wire should go to a plate, beside sprocket, looke here ,https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-yds5-1967-usa_model8304/partslist/E-11.html#.XwdyzShKjb0
  3. Welcomen" member jimmy has a great affection for the XS 250. maybe he can offer some Advise
  4. Hi phill, hope it good riding weather with you, as its pssing every day up north,,
  5. The Stuttering, . drop the needle ,, [ ie clip up a groove drops needle, ]
  6. Revs hanging " can be an air leak .[ r/h crank seal] try closing the air mixture screw , half a turn ,see what happens, If your cable is stock, then back off all the adjustment, [ at bars and carb top ,]
  7. If you disconnect the cable " does the slide drop right down, ? ,just to isolate the cable,, i have found aftermarket cable are crap, the white cylindrical piece ,[ where 2 cables slip into, the slots aint deep enuff , i modified one with hot knife , to allow cable to slip lower ,,
  8. Ha " its Z900 A4 in zed 1B colours,, heavy pig,, the h2 would slaughter it to 80mph,,
  9. Hi bill" , great wee bikes , i had the DT175 new in 1976....had a Zed too .
  10. iN times like this , thers always those who will exploit ,, there is no Plaster up here, and online vultures are wanting 20-50£ a bag.. normal price £7,,,,
  11. Its all good up here soon ,, i"d like that area, never seen Hadrians wall,
  12. Funny how it was good after a clean,, i would take carbs off ,and get them ultrasonic cleaned ,,
  13. Nice intro,, i"v done thunder in the glen,[ on a 2stroke triple], wheres you based ,,.
  14. An old C90 would be my weapon of choice ,,as most country"s have parts, and its DIY. no CDI or Circuitry ,,
  15. Wow , good on you, them Ybr"s are hardy wee bikes,
  16. blackhat250

    Us Import

    Air cooled Rd forum ,, http://www.aircooledrdclub.com/smf/ ,,read the section on dvla ,,etc ,,
  17. blackhat250

    Us Import

    oK,, You"l need a receipt from the seller, [ submit to the Nova GUYS,] TO PAY IMPORT DUTIES, then a dating cert [ if no title]
  18. Hi there " iwould disconnect the throttle cable , start bike , lift slide manually [ rear with airbox connector off , see if it settles and revs,,, to isolate cable ,
  19. Welcome in Chris,,,, dont know about tyres tho ..
  20. Hi there, what country you from ,,
  21. Welcome Dek" , i thot the ybr "s were all 125"s ,as the 250 class is defunked after 1981 , ?
  22. Sounds fuel related.....or filters..
  23. blackhat250


    You still around ? ,,,,
  24. Welcome Anders", i like your enthusiasm ,,,,,,
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