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  1. Welcome in" The FZ1 are great bike ,rode one to Ireland, it was the N.[ naked ]
  2. I"V used the EBC plates and springs,, with no probs,, but my bikes are low horse power machines ,
  3. Phew " sounds like a big project, you can pick up a decent DT here for the money it"l cost to ship/restore that one, to get a V5 you"l need the old title/log book, if not , you"l need a dating cert,[ Aircooled Rd club do them ], mind you need a N.O.V.A. number when importing ,[ duties cert ],,
  4. Welcome in bob, TA"mintool" is the pronunsiation ,, been there loads,, Highland games etc,
  5. Hi merv,, good to see your Back,,,, be good to hear from others, se if theyre still alive,
  6. Next rime it cuts out ,spray easy start up the carb,,,just to see if its fuel related
  7. Decompressors are for big bore singles, [ or diesels ], XT500 had one, the DT400 ha an Automatic decomp, works of the kickstart via a cable,, i blanked it off .made little difference...
  8. Wow ofjm, " that a tough spell youve been thru, good to see you back,,
  9. Great intro,, glad your enjoying it,,
  10. blackhat250

    Wr 125x

    Loose connection,, try unplugging and clean them also,,
  11. Wow "200 note for a head,,, and its a CT1 right enuff.
  12. Hee, ,,Knew you"d bite,,,,, 150bhp 2 stroke,, love it,,
  13. Well said that man" did you hear the guy from Oil&gas UK, defending their reasons for going ahead with the New Oil field off Shetland . " we can produce some of the cleanest Oil ever refined " ..Lol """" hows the xmax jason ,,
  14. wELCOME ter" ,, great hardy wee bike them,
  15. Well if you aint sick of it yet, Day1, its bollocks,, Heres an example, they had to lock off the wind tubines last year,[ too windy] AND they still get paid downtime [ £280million],, So rather than give us cheaper electicity [ so we wont use oil&coal heating ] do they fk, it all about profit,, And they were givvin massive grants to install the bloody thing too, Next news we here is, there about to plant MORE fkn wind turbine in the north sea, which will power enuff for 2/3 of the scottish homes, .. fkn ell were locking em off ,and still planting the fkn things,, [ subsidised no doubt, Scam.----..And weve 2 or 3 massive Hydro plants ,that get turned off at night,
  16. i"v found only the boiler suit type with the diagonal zip works, as the zip is offline with the crotch area,
  17. Yeh" i used brass bushes the last time,, ,and have a grease nipple on arm,,
  18. Do some searching" you one hit wonder,
  19. Correct snakey" , you cant reply or message anyone on here ,[ when this glich happens] i posted on facebook,.. this FIELD REQUIRED ,happens quite a lot,,
  20. Welcome in Dale " thats a fair machine,,
  21. Yeh" puts you off, thats 2nd time this year,,,
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