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    In the past Suzuki AC50 Honda MTX50 DT125LC Honda MT50 DT125MX XT600E(91) bandit 1200N. Now just own 1987 XT600 2NF and DT175mx with rt180 energy induction!

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  1. Simon46

    Yamah xt350 top speed

    My xt600 2nf had these. German import 27hp.
  2. Simon46

    can anyone help please

    I have in the past had hpi checks done on a frame no/vin. Got the reg as it was on the system still. Then applied for the logbook. Cost 20quid for the hpi.
  3. Simon46

    Helmet bottom rubber strip cam unglued

    OK will do. Thanks Tommy. Let the research begin! 😁
  4. Simon46

    Helmet bottom rubber strip cam unglued

    It's a gmac blaze. Ghostbikes purchase. White black blue. 4 yrs. Is it just safer to bin it if its deteriorating?
  5. The rubber strip that runs round the base of my helmet has unstuck itself with the heat and my head drenched in sweat. Is there a safe glue you guys can recommend?
  6. Simon46

    Oh no bought a Honda 1978 750

    Have just watched a h2r dyno. Glowing in the exhaust. Very hades
  7. Simon46

    Oh no bought a Honda 1978 750

    Just noticed that v55 dt reg starts JVV and the 750 4 is BVV. I'm bored on my sunbed as you can tell 😁
  8. Simon46

    Oh no bought a Honda 1978 750

    Hondoo got his v5 today. S reg. But I'm in Tsilivi zante. Plate is on way from demon plates. Then whilst out walking I saw these. I'm only allowed 15 kgs in suitcase http://imgur.com/gallery/cln1bqk
  9. Simon46

    Swing Arm Bush Replacement

    Sorry none left from my seller in 2014
  10. Simon46

    Swing Arm Bush Replacement

    The guy had 3 left when I rebuilt my 175mx. Let me see if I can find him. Brb Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  11. Simon46

    Strange noise from engine of my 2-stroke...

    Grampian motors Liverpool will supply the rod fitted to the crank while you wait and bearings and seals required
  12. Simon46

    Swing Arm Bush Replacement

    Is this where the shock attaches too at the top of swingarm or the bolt that connects the swingarm to the frame?
  13. Simon46

    Xt500 engine build

    Wish i had this workshop. Bored out to 620. I think his torque wrench is preset?
  14. Simon46

    Oh no bought a Honda 1978 750

    After pissing about getting USA weird braided brake hose made up by furore to size when I saw the 50p front round brake pad sizes in the single caliper on a massive disc I was surprised it works. Not sure at 120 mph. Yet to try it if I have the balls to do it
  15. Simon46

    Oh no bought a Honda 1978 750

    Rode him to mot first time out on road nervously on Road with no numberplate on vin insurance by adrian flux. Passed. That's one heavy pig.