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  1. welcome, and good luck with the cbt.
  2. sorry im too far away. but had to comment to ask who in their right mind would buy a Vectra
  3. jcr

    aftermarket silencers

    i dont think ive seen another ACE on the road. everyone seems to have gone for the R1 instead.
  4. the clutch on my Ace is quite light. i just use 2 fingers to operate it. Also ive got my eye on some cheap Chinese handlebars, on ebay, that raise the height by 30mm. no cutting of fairings or new cables needed. think theyre around £30 delivered.
  5. if youve got fuel and a spark, the mixture may be out.
  6. welcome aboard. what bike/s do you ride?
  7. this month (July issue) is featuring a special on Yamaha motorcycles.
  8. jcr

    blooming traffic!

    the weather is lousy here at the mo, so tonight, i think gin and tonic will be consumed
  9. jcr

    XJ6 N 2009

    i put a piece of half inch metal rod under the bottom rear of the engine on my Ace then lowered it onto axle stands.
  10. thats a lovely looking bike jimmy. does it sound as nice as it looks? i saw one of the new Triumph Tridents in Lyme Regis last week, along with a new Rocket and a Thunderbird i think it was? looked a bit Harley like.
  11. i try to make the most of any good weather, you never know when it will come to an end in England! this is why i go out early in the mornings. im usually up between 5 and 6am, so i can get a 2 or 3 good hours in before the roads start filling up. and by then my old joints are usually ready to call it a day anyway are you still on the stock rear suspension?
  12. the only time ive leaned a bike over that far is when we've parted company on the road
  13. enjoying the good weather. had a bimble along the roads in the New Forest this morning. lovely scenery and some nice twisty bits. light traffic before 9:30 too where have you been on yours?
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