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  1. Airhead

    Hi From Australia

    Greetings lol
  2. Airhead

    new member

    isn't it all about shim washers and feeler gauges, isn't it in the Haynes book?
  3. Airhead

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Nothing beats a stebel, shame yo cant get them any longer! I think my MOT tester wears panty liners when he does my bike :D
  4. Airhead

    Would you believe it.

    Cynic is in Bugbrook I'm nowhere near, good for you with cycling I love that too and there's more hill round here in Glossop
  5. Airhead

    Hi all

  6. Airhead

    Would you believe it.

  7. Airhead

    Would you believe it.

    Well that's a big positive at least
  8. Airhead

    Would you believe it.

    That's a bummer mate, was phosphate levels mentioned in your journey so far?
  9. Airhead

    Mileage going down?!?

    interesting, post a picture of the bike
  10. Airhead

    Hi From Australia

    Greetings Brett :welcome:
  11. Airhead

    Rough running DT175MX

    could the crankcase be flooded with fuel due to all this trouble, how about switching off the fuel after it's started until it stalls out when everything's burned off ?
  12. Airhead

    Rough running DT175MX

    Martin, I know you've fitted a new plug but try another
  13. Airhead

    Help me

    My thoughts...pass your test and get something bigger that your insurance company know about
  14. Airhead

    dt125lc mk1 fork seals and oil

    304cc or 107 fl oz in the Haynes book
  15. Airhead

    My Auld Triumph

    Good to see the progress mate