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  1. Well done bippo that's quite an achievement I must say
  2. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    From what others have said they are interchangeable,
  3. The bases have different part numbers Ronnie
  4. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    Hate sending folks away from here when It's DT related but there's a dedicated DT forum and as we speak there's a thread about harness modification because of course they're NLA http://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/thread/3418/2n4-wiring-harness
  5. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    what else do you need?
  6. Airhead

    '76 Yamaha v50

    youre replying to a 2014 post stu so don't hold your breath pal
  7. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    No stands left now, hope you don't need too much because parts for these are quite expensive now and some are very hard to find!
  8. Greetings Ronnie :welcome:
  9. Mines too blocked in in my garage to check! But in the parts book the rim is 2.50 x 18 and they are Takasago
  10. isn't it all about shim washers and feeler gauges, isn't it in the Haynes book?
  11. Nothing beats a stebel, shame yo cant get them any longer! I think my MOT tester wears panty liners when he does my bike :D
  12. Cynic is in Bugbrook I'm nowhere near, good for you with cycling I love that too and there's more hill round here in Glossop
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