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  1. Paul Dawkins might be able to help, try the aircooled RD forum?
  2. I'd just cut and bend the one thats too long! at least for now
  3. Greetings Chuck, I dont know about the SR250 per se, but my DT175 has an inline 2 fuse holder. Both the same fuse and one's a spare and it's on the + battery terminal You may find the flasher part# is 3Y6-83350-70-00 Mounted under the tank somewhere
  4. Scott I've sent you an email
  5. Could it be dirty contacts in the key switch?
  6. Wow that looks fresh out of the box, you should take another same pose photo sir
  7. Merry Xmas to all on the YOC forum and best wishes for 2020
  8. What an adventure, hats off to you bippo a great report and photos
  9. It's a much respect and in awe of the things you get up to kind of blimey Nina, what a backdrop to show off your new ride
  10. Airhead

    Time has come...

    Nice one Jason pics or it didn't happen?
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