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  1. What an adventure, hats off to you bippo a great report and photos
  2. It's a much respect and in awe of the things you get up to kind of blimey Nina, what a backdrop to show off your new ride
  3. Airhead

    Time has come...

    Nice one Jason pics or it didn't happen?
  4. Nice to hear from you Alex, I too haven't been around much but I check in now and again, ohh look what them twats at photobucket have done to my sig pic! and every other pic I ever posted...pahhh
  5. Well done bippo that's quite an achievement I must say
  6. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    From what others have said they are interchangeable,
  7. The bases have different part numbers Ronnie
  8. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    Hate sending folks away from here when It's DT related but there's a dedicated DT forum and as we speak there's a thread about harness modification because of course they're NLA http://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/thread/3418/2n4-wiring-harness
  9. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    what else do you need?
  10. Airhead

    '76 Yamaha v50

    youre replying to a 2014 post stu so don't hold your breath pal
  11. Airhead

    1979 DT 175 MX

    No stands left now, hope you don't need too much because parts for these are quite expensive now and some are very hard to find!
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