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  1. Indeed matey, I was hmming and hawing about setting off and then thought fk it. As I said 10 miles in it dried up and as you see was a sunny return journey
  2. Welcome to the nuthouse mate. My boy has a 535, and has never expressed an interest in getting rid, even tho he doesn't use it much these days
  3. Similar happened to me back in the day. I was heading down to Scarborough with the missus on the back and about 5 miles from my digs the cable separated from the barrel. I managed to get enough free cable to wrap and tape it round a small twig an taped that to the throttle grip. That fix took me about all week and my return trip home before I got a new one. Not nice tho'
  4. Been and gone. The day started like all others, pissing down with rain, then I got told as the wife is working, I had to run my daughter to the airport (look out Magaa) and then take my youngest to work, so I never got a start until around 1130hrs. Kicks the auld bike over and heads off into the gloom, thinking 50 fkn miles of this, I must be stupid, but after about 10 miles the rain cleared away, the roads dried up and I had a great run down. The Trident was going so smooth I had to keep reminding myself to slow down as it's a 44yr old bike. About 5 miles from my destination, I saw a guy pulled over at the side of the road, so pulled in to see if there was owt I could do. He was on a V Max (full power) and it had just glided to a stop. Plenty fuel and power to the ignition and lights but no sparx. Stood with him for about 10 mins whilst he got through to RAC then headed off. I arrived at Ayr just over an hour after leaving my house and some bikes were leaving already, including catching a glimpse of a Vincent Black Shadow. In I went and had a look around then introduced myself to some blokes from the tr3oc. I took a few pics but apologies as they are weighted in the Triumph dept I then returned by the back roads and took a few of my Trident Edit// I think the two air cooled RDs were last years show (different cover on the carpet) Oh and just realised you can do multiple uploads from postimage, so yeaaa
  5. Well Bipps (and Drewps, although I don't quite get the xmas gag) shamed me and today I willingly went out in the pouring rain to head down to Ayr for the Classic Bike show. Glad I did as the rain eased off after about 10 miles and I had a great run out on my Triple. Not many Yams there, a couple of obligatory elsies and these two. I think this may have been last year, but it just downloaded with the other pics
  6. You shame me bipps, I won't willingly go out in anything over a 40% chance of rain
  7. Welcome to the club mate. You can load pics by using Postimage.org. Once signed up and uploaded a pic to your new account, you click on the share button and copy the "hotlinks for forums" Copy that into your post and bobs yer aunty
  8. Yea mate is fkn sh!te. I got my Bonnie MOT'd in April and it's rained almost every day since, then I bought the Trident and by fk it's poured down....but hey ho it's Scotland what do we expect to see* *cue Basil Fawlty and herds of majestic wilderbeests
  9. I had the same issue with a bike I've just bought. It is a 4 stroke but was giving the same symptoms. Thinking it was carburation I bought a full set of needle and main jets. Before I pulled the carbs I replaced the plugs and removed, cleaned and replaced the leads. The bike fired up 2nd kick and I took it a run. Problem solved and it revs cleanly through the rev range. So either a duff plug or loose lead solved it
  10. Similar to above, I got a Triumph frame blasted and coated whilst my mate stripped and painted his. My bike got stolen about 6yrs later, still perfectly coated whilst his needed redone (twice in that time if I recall), so I would go powdercoat
  11. Seemingly a better engine with the upright cylinders. But similar to the earlier Triumph T150's, I do not like the "breadbin" tank.
  12. Well all my talk of scratching itches opened up a deep itch. When I was 18 I bought my first Triumph. A T140D, and it was fekking beautiful. I rode down to Shipley on the back of my pals Bonnie and when I saw it in the shop I was delighted. Speaking with the salesman he points to another bike and says, the owner traded in his bike for that there. I looked over and saw this thing of raw beauty and vowed there and then I had to get one. Well 37 years later I took the plunge. Suffice to say the 3 grand I got for my auld bike ended up as a deposit for this These pics were ones the PO sent me and no doubt I will get lots of my own as soon as I am off work
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