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  1. The actions that caused the damage in that picture changed the world
  2. Have you seen his age
  3. Has the new fuse blown? If not I would be looking at the connections, not only at the fuse box, but at the switches. Do you have a multi meter to check 'earthing' If one of the fuse connectors 'cracked from corrosion' then the others will be of a similar condition and this is just a series of breakdowns waiting to happen. I would plan for fitting a new fuse box. If you have a proper crimping tool and the correct connections then it will be a straight forward job, once you have access. You don't say where in the world you are (use of grounding, possible US/Canada?) so unable to provide any recommended retailers
  4. A cautionary tale. Thanks for sharing I remember the first time I was out with my boy and as we crossed the Erskine Bridge we hit the traffic jam. I pulled over and asked if he had ever filtered before "no" was his reply "Ok, here are my rules, follow them if you want" says I Don't just go for a gap because I got through it Don't trust any gap will remain there Always look ahead Always plan ahead Be patient and do not get agitated Enjoy the experience We had to filter from Erskine Bride to Balloch, so about 10 miles, and once through and a few miles behind us we stopped for a cuppa....He was still buzzing and was chirping away like a canary Yours is a wee reminder that we always need to be cautious and that it is not always the fault of others, or indeed anyones fault Oh and how is the foot?
  5. RS Bike Paints list it as Brandy Red Metallic @ £8.50 for 25ml They also recommend you buy their lacquer at the same price, then there is their p&p
  6. Hey Snakebite, you can't drop titbits like that and not give us the full story (unless of course you were/are a terrorist or OCG in which case stay hushed)
  7. Great intro bud. Ìve owned a few xs' but not the 750 The forum ticks along nicely, sometimes fast, sometimes not so fast
  8. Yea but only from the "insert existing attachment"
  9. Tried again to post pics direct without success Shouts loudly "Aleeeeexxxxxxx, whats happened, why can't we post pics now"
  10. jimmy

    Decals for RS100

    It's a 10yr old post, and he has not visited the forum since 2012
  11. That just seems a recent issue, for me anyway. I got around it by putting the pic on fb and copying it there
  12. Yea, I think it sounds great. Look on utube for Trident howl and turn the sound up
  13. No booze last night so a wee 105 mile jaunt on my 1975 Trident. Stopped in Largs for a photo and tea Edit, eventually sorted
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