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  1. Not sure bud, but having done a few bikes, I would just say make sure you take plenty of pictures and notes
  2. About 4lts of oil Just googled it and it should be 3.7lts Did you buy it from a shop or private, I'll assume private. I would have given it back to the bloke and told him give me a call when it was fixed. The breather for the engine will probably be in the air box and overfilling with oil can cause some blowback. Now you have it, you should do an oil change ensuring you put the correct amount in. Buy a manual if you don't have one already. You can even download them of t'internet and hope you haven't blown any seals. Oh and stick an intro into the new members section. You'll get a better response that way
  3. Welcome to the nuthouse matey
  4. Greetings from Scotland, and welcome to the club
  5. jimmy

    An Autumnal jaunt

    Great weather Friday and Saturday, then the rains came as Steve Earle once almost said Hey John I was laughing at the last pics. A great wee road miles from anywhere and just out of shot on the single track road some clown had painted FTP.......Only in fkn Ayrshire, only in fkn Scotland
  6. jimmy

    An Autumnal jaunt

    A cold but sunny day up here on the West Coast so nowt else for it but a wee run out on my Hinckley Bonnie. Went my usual (favourite) route up over some minor roads and down into Largs for chips and a coffee. Rinsed the bike off on completion. If only I wan't working earlies tomorrow I'd have a couple of beers to finish off a grand day out
  7. Great intro mate. Welcome to the nuthouse bud
  8. jimmy

    Anyone near....

    Hey Bipps Cancel last, it's been pulled from the bay Thanks for the offer anyway
  9. jimmy

    Anyone near....

    Cheers Bipps. I'm just watching atm but it finishes on Sunday so will let you know Thanks again
  10. jimmy

    Anyone near....

    Sowerby Bridge. I'm thinking on a bid for a petrol tank on flea bay but it is pick up only. Anyone willing to pick it up (if successful bid is made), box it up and send it to me
  11. jimmy

    2019 NEC bike show.

    You're correct in that it is your.
  12. jimmy

    2019 NEC bike show.

    I think you mean you're Hahahahahahahaha
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