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  1. Welcome matey.....we like photos
  2. Hi Pedro Welcome to the forum. It has gone quiet lately, so be patient if you require answers to anything. There is also a Facebook page, with the same name, started by one of the members of this site so sign in there as well if you do fb Some great biking roads down your way. I drove from Lisbon into Seville and back via Faro. I spent the journey wishing I was on the bike.
  3. Actually you posted the same question twice and neo provided an answer on the other post
  4. Hi Olie Welcome to the forum, and safe riding Bike looks and sounds great
  5. jimmy


    I may if the price is right. I think EI would sort out the starting
  6. jimmy


    Snakebite those who know me know I was being heavily sarcastic. I fkn hated the thing and have no fond memories whatsoever. The only memories are of being last to pull away from anywhere because the fkr would never start.
  7. jimmy


    I had the silver version of that as my first road bike. Loved it with fond memories
  8. jimmy

    pissed off.

    You can't top mates rates
  9. Yip Over the front of the two yokes, then follows the natural route to the outer clutch housing You need to keep it as smooth as possible to reduce bends, and therefore drag on the cable
  10. It should go in front of the top yoke https://images.app.goo.gl/wA4NauCEqafr5f4CA Lifted from the tracer forum...see what I done there
  11. Probably better starting your own post as this is almost 4yrs old. If you do fb, sign up to this group, unfortunately it moves a little faster than here nowadays
  12. jimmy

    pissed off.

    Feel your pain bud. My auld Trident is burning oil so a top end overhaul is required. Due to the alleged fragility of these bikes I do not have the confidence to do I myself. Best case, new valves, guides etc. Worst the above plus rebore. Cost in 4 figures Luckily I can still use it (if the weather wasn't so bad). Provisionally booked in for last October but the guy had a health scare, so now maybe mid March Auld bikes, eh
  13. Can't help on the new bike as, like Cynic, my preferences lie in the last century, although my modern Triumph is 2007, it is not a fast bike. I have owned one of the earlier Hinckley Triples and can assure you it was poles apart from the Meriden bikes. Talking of Meriden bikes, yours must have had a bent frame or summit because I have found all my twin Triumphs to be easy to throw around bends. Granted the oil loss concerns, but again I found it relatively easy to keep them oil tight (other than a push rod tube weep, but that goes without saying ) Best of luck on your search and sta
  14. random ornaments made from crap Oh, you mean art
  15. Welcome to the forum Welder/fabricator? Lightweight or heavy gauge metals? Back in the day I was a plater in the shipyards and I see that's sometimes called a fabricator nowadays
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