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  1. Not sure I subscribe to that. My bike usually goes in the shed about the end of October, and wont resurface until April. I don't drain the tank, I just ensure the carbs are empty (non vacuum, so switch the tap off and run the engine till it dies) and the battery goes on a charger and the bike will start again in the spring no problem. In saying that, I use the dearer fuel in the bikes, so maybe that helps.
  2. Try Paul Goff, he mainly does Brit bikes, but may have others
  3. Welcome in Jeff. A great bunch of guys and girls, so take part in chat and discussions to help keep it moving forwards
  4. Scott, I can't help you with your query, but as you're finding out, the site has gone quiet over the last while. There is a fb site with the same name, and I note that questions get answered there a bit quicker. Good luck on your search
  5. Welcome to the forum bud. Get yourself back on a bike, and make some memories with your boy
  6. Another way is to load postimage.org Upload the picture to postimage then copy the url for forum hotlinks. Paste the url into your post and Bob's yer uncle
  7. Drew's keeps in touch with him, and I've enquired through him a few times. We want him back, the place isn't the same not having to lock everything down
  8. Welcome to the forum bud
  9. Welcome to the forum bud, post pics, we like pics
  10. Welcome to the forum bud
  11. Welcome to the forum bud
  12. Welcome to the forum bud. There is also a fb page of the same name
  13. welcome to the forum bud. Post pics, we like pics
  14. Welcome to the nuthouse matey, and yes we like photos
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