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  1. Welcome to the forum bud. Good luck with the test, and safe riding
  2. Welcome to the forum bud. Never been on a TDM, but have read and saw a few of Drewpys adventures on his. Sound great bikes
  3. Looking good bud. A few of the auld heads on here have done a few projects. @ Drewpy one of the moderators has a very detailed thread on his xs flat-tracker, well worth a read but make sure you have a cuppa with you as you'll lose an hour or so easily. Whilst yams are my favoured non Brit bike, I'm more a Triumph dude, and have built a couple of auld yins, the last one I done was a 59 Speedtwin, so no thread on here . I have a 75 T160 that is an ongoing labour of love. Enjoy the forum mate, and remember the more you post, the better the turnover
  4. Nice bitsa mate. If you have notes and pics, start a thread in the projects page to help encourage others Welcome to the forum bud
  5. Cheers bud, but it is a byproduct of the forum that folk will always offer help. No doubt any other advice ref the bike will be quickly sorted by the very knowledgeable folk on here. Welcome to the forum, and keep contributing
  6. jimmy

    SZR 660

    Good morning, happy new year and welcome to the group. There may not be a specific thread on what you want, but you should start one, asking your initial questions, that way folk can answer your queries. The thread will then grow naturally as you add progress updates and photos. Good luck
  7. Not sure of code, but RS Bike Paints list the colour, and sell it
  8. jimmy

    Merry Christmas 2021

    Happy Christmas when it arrives folks
  9. As the forum is working now, why don't you PM Alex and ask for a solution. He has emailed me in the past, but I'll leave it to him to pass out his address
  10. It is by me bud. Great looking bike. Welcome to the forum bud Here's my Brit bike
  11. jimmy


    Can't help you there as I'm about 500miles from Kent, but best of luck with the resto. I ran an xs11 from 89 until about 2002 and loved that beast Mind and open a new thread posting loads of pics please
  12. Hi Davie. Droopy is the xs expert. He knows everything about them. Oh wait ignore that Welcome to the forum bud. Whereabouts in the West are you. I'm in Gourock
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