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  1. jimmy

    Sign in woes Again,

    Seems to be sorted, straight access with the laptop
  2. jimmy

    Sign in woes Again,

    Yip, ok on my phone, but laptop access goosed. Same message as last time
  3. jimmy

    FJ1200 running problem

    Ooops I never read that far down
  4. jimmy

    FJ1200 running problem

    Billy Basic here, but have you checked the fuel breather in the tank, including the tank cap. A blocked breather will give the "hunting" symptoms you describe
  5. jimmy

    Site back up

    Cheers Bud, I appreciate the effort you put in
  6. jimmy

    YDS2 exhaust system

    Is this any good mate Sorry bud, couldn't resist Try here https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/yam/5432e4e5f870020b14e39b77/muffler
  7. jimmy

    howdee all

    Cut out ALL your future hassles....set them on fire now!!!!!! Only kidding (not), welcome to the nuthouse bud
  8. jimmy

    new member

    Welcome matey. I bought a 4t back in the day and totally missed out on the 2t experience. Plenty of it on here tho
  9. jimmy

    Hi all

    Welcome to the nuthouse Biff
  10. jimmy

    New rider

    Welcome to the nuthouse bud. 1st Bike eh, well take your time getting used to it. Plenty of clowns out there with no interest other than themselves, so keep your wits about you and safe riding
  11. jimmy

    Hi from new xs1100 owner.

    That has a different meaning over on the bigoted West Coast 😀
  12. jimmy

    Hi from new xs1100 owner.

    Welcome to the forum mate. Heres a pic of mine and my buds back in the day. Mine at the back
  13. jimmy

    YOC 2019 Meet

    He's a nice boy
  14. jimmy

    Help and advice needed

    Would we be advocating loosening off all bolts prior to re-torquing them
  15. jimmy

    My Dragstar 650 Custom '02

    Log into postimage.org Once you have uploaded picture click on hotlink for forums and copy url paste in here sometimes you have to remove the s in both https, sometimes you don't