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  1. I can't help with mechanics down your way, but have a look on the bay or breakers yards to price a replacement engine. If you can't fit it, factor the cost to have it changed. Does that match any discount from the dealer? Sometimes it's better to walk away
  2. Clean the tank as well if that has been lying I assume there will be rust inside. I've used a length of light chain, but others use nuts and bolts or small stones. Fit an inline fuel filter as well
  3. Is that not a zed1..........Sorry, I'll get my coat
  4. jimmy


    Can't help bud. I got rid of my xjr a few yrs ago and my Triumphs don't have the torque to shred tyres.
  5. Not just ebay. I was looking for a 25ml bottle of touch up paint from a well known supplier. £7.50....Not bad thinks I, but another £7.50 pnp
  6. jimmy


    My mate drinks battery acid, I told him he'll need to watch he doesn't get charged My other mate eats black wire. I asked if he is depressed, he said no he feels really positive after eating. I asked if it is a recent habit, he said no he'd been doing it for ions
  7. Welcome to the forum arsey,
  8. Welcome to the forum matey. I used to run an xs1100, and loved it
  9. Welcome to the forum matey
  10. As above, and I would still spray carb cleaner or similar around all the hoses and connections just to positively rule out any leaks
  11. Welcome to the forum bud. Tons of advice on here. Some great some not so, but we all try
  12. Banjos will be standard and you can get braided lines made up to suit. Search Google for the various suppliers If you go on the Goodrich site you can buy kit to make your own.
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