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  1. Welcome Lenny, did you get your minor problem solved then
  2. jimmy

    New ride....

    Don't ever be sorry for owning a Triumph. Great looking bike bud. I've got its granda, a 1959 Speed Twin Yea, cmon bipps, you know it makes sense
  3. Welcome to the madhouse mate
  4. I rode an XS1100 for about 8 years and if there was a difference, I never noticed. I happily jumped from that to my Bonnie (chain driven) with no alteration of riding (chain v shaft wise anyway)
  5. Probably better not asking the same question in different sections bud
  6. To counter that, I sent a letter to Yamaha UK with a Q plate XS1100 I bought. They sent me a letter informing me it was a 1979 model manufactured for sale in Europe. This was enough to get me a T plate registration for it. This was about 1991/2 so most likely things have moved on since then
  7. Uploading pictures is easy Log into postimage.org Upload your pictures into postimage Once you have uploaded pictures click on hotlink for forums and copy url paste in here On the link there are 2 x https text. You may need to delete the s at the end of each, you may not
  8. jimmy

    Haha Blackie

    Brilliant mate. We'll need to meet up with my auld Speed Twin and get pics
  9. jimmy

    Haha Blackie

    I looked at that one, £12000 phew, and the Street Scrambler (no price on it). Both looked good
  10. jimmy

    Haha Blackie

    Following on from our wee chat about Triumph leaking straight from the factory I ordered a new cam cover gasket, 4 new stretch bolts and 4 seals and got a call today to collect them. Up to Glasgow I went and the guy tells me £76, "whit for a gasket and 4 bolts" "Oh wait" says the guy, "they have sent up 4 gaskets and 1 bolt" They must know it's a leaky bike Anyway a nice wee run over the moors on the way home
  11. As above mate. My thoughts and prayers are with you both Positive Attitude seems to be a good thing for some sufferers
  12. Uh uh mister In saying that my new(ish) Bonnie leaks but none of my auld yins did
  13. jimmy

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Welcome back Tommy
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