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  1. Oldfjman

    FJ1200 running problem

    Russ - you live "just around the corner" from Phil Hacker (of the UK FJOC) - if all else fails and no one here can't give the answers, spend £20, join the club and talk it over with Phil - he's the UK guru on FJ's.s
  2. Oldfjman

    John F

    Hi John, Here's a picture a of mine - you'll have to take the top fairing off the get to it - it's mounted to the frame.
  3. Oldfjman

    Licence categories

    The best example of anti-motorcycling Government action ever. Make it so difficult, expensive and time consuming to get to a DECENT bike that riders will give up and just move onto driving cars (or into Uber's)
  4. Oldfjman

    Licence categories

    Not sure if it's still the same, but when our youngest passed his test at 17 (6 years ago), he was limited to 33bhp for 2 years (in his case until he was 19). So, we bought him a 2003 Fazer 600 and had an "official" set of 33bhp resistor plates fitted to the carbs (fitted by a friend who runs a vehicle repair business and who "stamped" the documents for our insurer).. once the 2 years we're up, I simply took out the restrictors (washers in the carb inlets) and the bike was back to its full quoted power (95bhp, I think, if you can believe Yamaha). All around, I thought that was a sensible approach. He too rode a Rieju RS 50 Matrix Pro as a 16'er, but we destricted it (as soon as we got it !!) and for the 4 weeks from his birthday to passing his test, he just rode the Rieju - saved the cost (and loss on re-sale) of buying a 125 for the short term (it helped that his mum was a bike instructor, so he was able to get everything in place to Ben ready for his test as soon as he was 17).
  5. Oldfjman

    Would you believe it.

    Yeah, not much in the way of hills in this area. We often travel up to the Peak District and up around Ladybower for nice Saturday rides 😀
  6. Oldfjman

    XJ 600 Diversion engine number

    I'm no expert and I'm not sure what any specific differences there might be (other than emissions related stuff - carbs, exhaust ignition module etc) but I think that the 4BR was the European model designation (XJ600S/N Diversion) and the 4DU was used for USA models (marketed as the Seca II). So I'm guessing your newer engine came out of an American bike imported here. Maybe there were some valve or cam differences, but tbh, I doubt it. Double checking on eBay seems to confirm that items from the USA, or listed as Seca II parts seem to have the the 4DU model number and those from Europe (priced in £ or €) or listed as Diversion parts generally have the 4BR model number. this table below was taken from some info in German XJ600S Diversion XJ600N Model Year 1991–2003 1993–2003 Veh Type 4BR(A)/4BR(B)/4LX/RJ01 4BR(A/B)/4LX/RJ01 Design Type Half Faired Naked Bike The link here should take you to the USA owners manual for the Seca II - which only lists the 4DU reference https://dd5394a0b8ca8e97ba29-abf76f3d91a2125517d6c7c409f095c7.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/content/common/manuals/1994/seca_2_1994_LIT-11626-08-87_1813.pdf
  7. Oldfjman

    Would you believe it.

    Are you two (Cynic/Airhead) near to Daventry? i don't run, but bicycle (mountain bike, I'm not a road-bike type of cyclist) a lot around there - helps me keep the weight off and stay fitter than the average old man 🤣
  8. Oldfjman


    Charles Watts, in Rugby (check them out on t'internet), are usually very helpful in supplying lengths of pipe/bar/angle etc (their off-cuts are free, they just have a voluntary Charity collection box at the till for donations). They also carry out small works (for a reasonable price usually) such as cutting, bending, machining etc on metals they supply. I found them very helpful when making up brackets and spacers for my FJ 12.
  9. Oldfjman

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    Ha ha - well that fitted in this thread perfectly, it gave me a laugh 🤣 - seeing someone else has the same problems as I do 🤣🤣
  10. Oldfjman

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    Duh, I think I'm thick Cynic, I thought "Olivers Army" was about young/poor people being used as the cannon-fodder in modern armed forces. I'm obviously missing something 😀😀
  11. Oldfjman

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    I've decided to self identify as a "F" in the "LGBTQi+" alphabet....... not a "Mother F", just a "F". i hope you all treat me fairly as such - if anything any of you say, or post, offends my personal sense of worth, then you will be punished and must correct your statements to something I believe represents the view of me that I want the world to believe is true/accurate (irrespective of what I'm really like) - it's my right !!
  12. Oldfjman

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    That is not funny !!!! its offensive to those members of our population who don't have balls !!! Take down that post immediately and report yourself to the Gender Fairness Police immediately for arrest and punishment.
  13. Oldfjman

    howdee all

    Welcome in 11's Nice to hear you're doing something with the XS's - and it sounds like not going to wrap the exhausts in that silly cloth 👍. Cheers.
  14. Oldfjman

    Sept Northern Ireland Trip (FJ shake-down ride)

    It's a bloody good job I'm not middle aged then.......Omil (old men in Lycra) doesn't have the same ring to it 🤣
  15. Oldfjman

    Sept Northern Ireland Trip (FJ shake-down ride)

    I know this might be treated with the utmost disdain 😀, but why not try wearing a pair of padded cycling shorts instead of normal underpants. We always wear our (Lycra style, not baggies) cycling shorts, under our bike gear, when out on the off-road bikes. Single cylinder bikes with thin, narrow seats, can be a literal pain-in-the-arse, but wearing a pair of my cycling shorts, with the gel pad, from Aldi, made off-roading a whole lot more comfortable - might help with the numb-bum problem and it's a pretty cheap solution to check out (Decathlon have reasonably priced ones as well).