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  1. Great thanks Mr Hat - would be good to know if sizes are the same ?
  2. Will check, and if not, will give them a try - thanks Finnerz ?,
  3. Hiya Mr 'Hat - did you have any joy finding a shock ? It's looking like we can't find anyone to do a rebuild/refurb/upgrade on one of these for less than about £650 and no-one seems to sell an aftermarket/uprated version as new. So at the moment it's also looking like something else will have to be bought for actual trail riding/green laning, and the XT will be relegated to being a "show princess"
  4. Thanks Blackhat ? - that'll be great.
  5. Yeah, the lack of the monoshock was a huge marketing mistake for the XT 500 as far as I was concerned back then, and I still think that now. By the time they got to the 550 with the monoshock, the styling had just gone a bit too far for me. Had plenty of time on a monoshock YZ 400 back in the early 80's.......what a bike !!!!
  6. Yep - it does run through the frame and mount at the front of the tank too - if you find it, could you check its length and diameter and let me know please (a photo would be great also). We're really after an updated shock, but if yours is the same, maybe we could get it rebuilt/upgraded - would be happy to spend cash to get it "right" for some adventurous off-road riding ?
  7. Evening all, Does anyone know if the rear shock unit used on the '83 XT 250 is the same as was used on any other bikes at the time - am thinking of DT 250 MX/DT 175 MX, or Yam IT of some size, or maybe an early XT 350 ? Looking to replace the stock one already on a bike, but most suppliers don't list the "pre-Monocross" (linkage-style suspension) system XT's in their models ranges. Cheers guys.
  8. 2H7 is the start of the part numbers for loads of 78 XS 1100 parts for sale on eBay/Gumtree etc, but if you follow this link, you'll also see that the Manual for the XS1100E references the model number 2H7 on the bottom right of the front cover page, so I'd be pretty happy your engines is a XS1100E motor. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-XS1100E-Factory-Service-Manual-LIT-11616-00-81-2H7-28197-10-A-/192704606721
  9. A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all. I suppose I don't have any excuses for being late, being retired and not working over the break (or any time, come to think of it) has me exhausted ??.......or is it that old age has me confused ! Mind you, I've been sober the whole time....maybe that's the mistake I'm making ? Hey Clarke, 2018 gavesome good riding weather yesterday (and again today).
  10. Passed in '77 on my KH 250 - like others of the time, ride around a set route, watch out for the examiner on the emergency stop, couple of obviously observed bits (nearest the test centre) and then a load of Highway Code questions. From the questions my examiner gave me about my ride, he'd obviously observed me more than I thought he had - but the test wasn't as strict as it could have been, but also traffic was nothing like it is today. But, I do think that, on the whole, as youngsters we were more in tune with the mechanicals of our bikes than the youth of today !
  11. How did you get on Russ - was it a fuel filter issue as Slice mentioned - hopefully the bikes is running sweetly, as it should, by now ?
  12. Russ - you live "just around the corner" from Phil Hacker (of the UK FJOC) - if all else fails and no one here can't give the answers, spend £20, join the club and talk it over with Phil - he's the UK guru on FJ's.s
  13. Hi John, Here's a picture a of mine - you'll have to take the top fairing off the get to it - it's mounted to the frame.
  14. The best example of anti-motorcycling Government action ever. Make it so difficult, expensive and time consuming to get to a DECENT bike that riders will give up and just move onto driving cars (or into Uber's)
  15. Not sure if it's still the same, but when our youngest passed his test at 17 (6 years ago), he was limited to 33bhp for 2 years (in his case until he was 19). So, we bought him a 2003 Fazer 600 and had an "official" set of 33bhp resistor plates fitted to the carbs (fitted by a friend who runs a vehicle repair business and who "stamped" the documents for our insurer).. once the 2 years we're up, I simply took out the restrictors (washers in the carb inlets) and the bike was back to its full quoted power (95bhp, I think, if you can believe Yamaha). All around, I thought that was a sensible approach. He too rode a Rieju RS 50 Matrix Pro as a 16'er, but we destricted it (as soon as we got it !!) and for the 4 weeks from his birthday to passing his test, he just rode the Rieju - saved the cost (and loss on re-sale) of buying a 125 for the short term (it helped that his mum was a bike instructor, so he was able to get everything in place to Ben ready for his test as soon as he was 17).
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