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    1981 rd350lc for fun. bmx for exersize.yam passola 50. for racing,

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  1. you will miss it !!
  2. its time with me , I don't have any the rd is still going strong though.
  3. if I don't kill myself b4 then ,, im in.
  4. up.yours


    Hi bippo glad you're still riding, this darn weather has fooked my weekend up , I was planning on going to squires to watch them set off but not join in the ride out. So I'm out with the dog instead this weekend
  5. No, that's with the points added , I updated my information b4 I got the 2nd quote , and if we were to get caught doing them speeds I think we would both be on buses for the next 18 month ?.
  6. just insured my rd350lc with motorcycle direct , fully comprehensive £ 53.35p beat that ? I got a renewal quote for £110.54p from motorcycle direct , then went on gocompare who quoted me £53.35p with guess who ! yes motorcycle direct ? so I rang them up to be on the safe side and was told they don't know why it has been discounted by so much online but they went ahead and done me a policy so im one happy bunny. oh yes ! the punch line is , when I updated my information online I added my 3 penalty points and £100 speeding fine I earned from my ride home with you lot ? so the quote they sent me didn't have the three points on ?
  7. How was it Jason . If you noticed I had the same helmet on with a different design, I think it's shit. I much prefer my shark rsr2 to be honest .
  8. To start off , glad your OK Tommy , to finish, a big thanks to Andy for my Glamping weekend , the bit in the middle , epic ride out lads even though we got split up at the end me and slice made most of our treck back through some epic mountain/tree lined roads . The beer was class the food I had was great (a chip salad) the entertainment was ! Well come on ? It was shit. The bike didn't have a hic up all weekend ( again) it must be down to the shampoo I use on it , I got home without getting lost? thanks for the basic clear directions Andy , brilliant seeing you all again yous all made my weekend fantastic. P.s I farted in your tent finnerz ( twice).
  9. Cheers my dears, I'm setting off between 6and7 am hoping to get to you's about 9ish
  10. You may think this is all a joke, but when I'm evicting you from your cosy warm bed you " son" will be sulking ?.
  11. no, all I'm bringing with me is my arse and my elbows. ? an air bed would be nice . and maybe a blow up pillar, oh and can you have the tent ERRECT for my arrival ? ta. and don't forget a clean sleeping bag .
  12. Hi tosspots , am I still on for a Glamping weekend , I'm setting of Saturday morning , hoping to be there early depending weather or not my sat nav pisses me off .?
  13. so am I right in thinking I only need my sleeping bag and wet ones , am I having the the full monty including rice and chips (see Benidorm)
  14. real men like kev don't have heated grips be like kev
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