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  1. The Stuttering, . drop the needle ,, [ ie clip up a groove drops needle, ]
  2. Revs hanging " can be an air leak .[ r/h crank seal] try closing the air mixture screw , half a turn ,see what happens, If your cable is stock, then back off all the adjustment, [ at bars and carb top ,]
  3. If you disconnect the cable " does the slide drop right down, ? ,just to isolate the cable,, i have found aftermarket cable are crap, the white cylindrical piece ,[ where 2 cables slip into, the slots aint deep enuff , i modified one with hot knife , to allow cable to slip lower ,,
  4. Ha " its Z900 A4 in zed 1B colours,, heavy pig,, the h2 would slaughter it to 80mph,,
  5. Hi bill" , great wee bikes , i had the DT175 new in 1976....had a Zed too .
  6. iN times like this , thers always those who will exploit ,, there is no Plaster up here, and online vultures are wanting 20-50£ a bag.. normal price £7,,,,
  7. Its all good up here soon ,, i"d like that area, never seen Hadrians wall,
  8. Funny how it was good after a clean,, i would take carbs off ,and get them ultrasonic cleaned ,,
  9. Nice intro,, i"v done thunder in the glen,[ on a 2stroke triple], wheres you based ,,.
  10. An old C90 would be my weapon of choice ,,as most country"s have parts, and its DIY. no CDI or Circuitry ,,
  11. Wow , good on you, them Ybr"s are hardy wee bikes,
  12. blackhat250

    Us Import

    Air cooled Rd forum ,, http://www.aircooledrdclub.com/smf/ ,,read the section on dvla ,,etc ,,
  13. blackhat250

    Us Import

    oK,, You"l need a receipt from the seller, [ submit to the Nova GUYS,] TO PAY IMPORT DUTIES, then a dating cert [ if no title]
  14. Hi there " iwould disconnect the throttle cable , start bike , lift slide manually [ rear with airbox connector off , see if it settles and revs,,, to isolate cable ,
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