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  1. You"l never sell the TDR,,
  2. Or a burnt valve, if you"ve been running without the air filter , its running too well in vid,, for a holed Piston ,
  3. Aye mark, i would go for 18 rear and 21 front, 17 is a bitch for tyres also,[ trials] , theres a seller Vintage 1. [ japan i think] sells rims and spokes, or look at Cental wheel Co, in uk ,.
  4. Welcome in " the only problem with this fuel nowadays is it dosn"t store , it goes off after 3 months,, empty the carb for winter layby ,,
  5. N/c , i "ve been there ,Elizebeth City, and Cape Hateras , aint that big hurricane about to hit you lot ,?. you be up Raleigh way ,eh ,
  6. Hi mark. i mind of the xs750 when new, mate bought one,, shaft drive too, it was our first delv into Four strokes, What type of carbs ? , if its not diaphrams i would just ultra sonic clean them, ,,.Performance aint startling , a well kitted Lc350 will out drag yeh ,,
  7. Ok now, ,had a bad month, cudna sleep [lying down], then i got a haematoma , in my throat , cudna eat for 5 days, [ had to go in to hospital for that] the RD had amazingly little damage ,as it cartwheeled end over end, [ bent bars and seat damage,] i shoulda got an ambulance , but i just didnt want the fuss]. Let me tell you the ground is hard . i was catapulted true high side style, and land flat on my back, winded ,hip ass and leg , 15 mins rest and we rode bikes home, if they were modern bikes ,they wudda been write offs, Two of us off on same corner ,[ gravel]. the other Low sided,
  8. Its been quiet on here nowadays , [ facebook ] am ok ,, had an off on the bike [ highside] so still recovering , as for politcal mess , were getting there too ,
  9. Nathan " get a dating cert from Air -cooled RD club,
  10. Hola Yamagod, long time no see ,hows the Argintine ?
  11. Hi slug ,, the Xt is a good wee bike, .
  12. Haa" jim has had this experience . is it like the RD250, where the rotor is inside the stator, with brushes on the slip rings,, if so the brown wire needs 12volt , to magnatize rotor,,
  13. Yeh ,i replied ,,, summat up again ,,
  14. Hi gorph! , i would strip the carbs,,
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