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  1. blackhat250


  2. blackhat250

    Rough running DT175MX

    Hi martin ,, did you over oil the filtre ?... , what colour is the Plug,?, next time she splutters, shove the choke on ,[ just to see if its fuel starvation ], if its worse with choke ON, ,then shes neEding AIR,
  3. blackhat250

    info required on barn find yamaha

    Hi lee, Am surprized a YZ has a battery, they usually start on a magnito system, The value will be on demand, and ebay is the shopwindow nowadays,
  4. blackhat250

    Hi all, new member here

    Hi ed" , great wee bikes them 700"s......keep their value too, /šŸ˜Ž
  5. blackhat250


    We had no rain for months, and you"s managed to find some,,šŸ˜Ž , .its bonnie up there if suns out, https://imgur.com/wj2GAp2 https://imgur.com/wj2GAp2
  6. blackhat250

    Vin number

    Last of the twinshock model, 1G1- 1977/78 ,, should be silver /white fenders, The 1976 = 559- Red with white stripe,[ Nayruff avitar].
  7. blackhat250

    Hi, new member here!

    Welcome in Windy ," post up pictures ,, not familiar with this model ,
  8. blackhat250

    Question about importing a YZF-R 125 from Europe to UK

    Speedometer is not part of the M.O.T., And your headlight beam can be altered by using a bit of tape in the right place, .
  9. blackhat250


    Thru the week is best,, the weekend warriors from the citys are out on the roads at weekends, šŸ˜Ž
  10. blackhat250

    New to bikes and Yamaha!

    aye- up ...
  11. blackhat250

    Yamaha YB100 1989 - fuel starvation?

    sOUNDS LIKE FLOAT LEVEL, , i would also remove the float valve , and clear the passage
  12. blackhat250

    New Member

    .. inn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. blackhat250

    Hello, Iā€™m new here

    Hi there, you sound like ur from the states, great vintage enduro following over there,
  14. blackhat250


    Bealach na BĆ , is awfull in wet, esp if foggy, i have only seen the top once in 3 trips to Apple-x, , thers a small ferry at Corran ,5 mins and your over to Ardnamuchin ,peninsula from there you can do Isle of mull [ 20mins ferry] , or loop right round to Glenfinnan, viaduct and loch , ,
  15. blackhat250


    Hi AULD EEN ". that sachs be german eh, they made chainsaws etc, Sachs-Dolmar,,,