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  1. Fuel injection seems to fair better than carbs regards stale fuel , , my moneys on the fuel pump, Squirt some easy start in the air box wen turning over, it should offer,
  2. Welcome in 2 what ride you got ,?
  3. Great intro " ,you"l be busy this winter,, join here too, more like minded help https://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/
  4. Ok" ,,its improrted from the EU. SO NO DUTY is due,,,,,go to GOV.UK. sign in or make an account, fill in the N.O.V.A form,, just make up a figure paid,,etc,, you will be issued a number, then you need a dating cert,, vjmc,,, or Aircooled RD FORUM,,,
  5. See the choose files below, click on it ,and select from your P.c ,, pictures,,,,i noticed it comes up too big a file ,now,,,what a bollox that is,,
  6. Hes not been on for a year,,,
  7. Hi,, the Mt-01 is the strange looker right,, you got pics,,
  8. i suspect a corroded connection ,, or break in wire ,,continuity test All wires ,,you can squirt some easy start in the airbox, and it should fire, or offer, this will let you know it is fuel related problem ,
  9. blackhat250

    No spark

    Yip,, i woild try a new plug, lots of copy NGK out there and they are dodgy ,,
  10. Good evening Robert " , In ,,
  11. Hi phill" winter gotta be better than this summer anyway ,,[ pissed up north since june,]
  12. Welcome in ",, short season here too, but mostly rain,, there were a few Canadian members , but all quiet on here now,,
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