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  1. I would disconect cable to see if revs drop,,what about the idle screw ,-back it off fully, then check the choke cable isnt snagged or fully off,
  2. The cable connection, it will be snagged, disconect it, see if it cures it ,
  3. Welcome in,,,another DTfan ,,
  4. Greetings,, any firm supporting classic parts is great news,,
  5. Same as i do,, its a learning curve , my mate has a garage, 90% of running problems are fuel related,, the other 10 is ECU"s or duff wiring - low battery,
  6. Yeh" f/ugly i"v ridden the Tracer 900, its Ace,,,
  7. blackhat250


    Thers a Facebook page, thats how we knew site was fooked ,,
  8. blackhat250


    ok,,were on again,,
  9. Basically i bought a bike to travel to work, 1975. [garelli Tiger] most of my mates had sports peds,, then @17 everyone transferred onto a sub 250cc ,[ L plate laws] for a few years,,,then passed test, then got a 400. but winter dictated the need for a car,. ,
  10. Hey great intro " snake-bite , [ cider& lager mix wern"t it,] i got back into bikes 13 years ago, and most of my mates followed, i like 2 stroke [easy strip] ,, welcome in ,
  11. Well i had a Zed 900,, i told them it was Uk bought,, and lost Reg,,, no N.o.v.a needed they said,, i told them the price ,and last owner,
  12. blackhat250

    V Max

    Wheres Cynic with his veiws ,,
  13. Welcome in " great intro,,,,a pic would be good,
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