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  1. Duno kuba" nice intro " try model specific forum,,
  2. Bigotry on the bike run,, thats a first,, ,Hibees are on the up ..
  3. Looks braw jim, weve had nowt but rain ,, cauld tae,, .
  4. Hi bret " try on the DT forum,, more like minded folk ,, ..http://yamahadtclub.proboards.com/
  5. Yip ,know them inside out,,,
  6. Aye " cudna post or reply , modern tech and all that Eh ,,
  7. Well done you,, mate down the road has a new 1200Tiger, its a lot slimmer than the old ones, good move i"d say , and your unbelievable away out in the sticks ,,bravo ,
  8. Yeh Drewps " i seen that engine too, met him in a Mcdonalds carpark, And i got a ticket wen i picked it up in Aberdeen .[ bus lane] fkers, 8 am on a saturday, the road was empty, so i ran on thei nside lane, fkn cooncil bastards,,
  9. Way hay lassy " , good to hear from you, Andrew has went AW,OL. too , and Dirty Dt ,, been real quiet on here ,, ..
  10. New input is welcome Garf" ,,,
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