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  1. Strip them carbs ,and get the pilots out ,
  2. Yip" sounds lean [ blue-ing of downpipes, and popping,, ], just hope you aint burnt a valve ,, do a compression test ,,
  3. Looks the bollocks slicey
  4. Hi Don " , the pullers are cheap on ebay,, they are a fine lefthand thread ,, you"l need something to hold the flywheel, i use a filter chain removal tool ,,cheap also, .
  5. Looks good ,you got the weather too ,
  6. Go on the Aircooled Rd club, they"le give you a dating cert, [ small fee ] ,you dont need a N.O.V,A, cert as its been ,in the EU,
  7. If you"ve been watching Spring watch, its rained up here for 32 days on the trot, been out once on the bikes only, ,fking depessing stuff , And the forums on the blink again,, i had to quote you to reply,,[ no reply box. And the page is massive, like its on 150% zoom ,
  8. Wecome in steve, ,,chip in with your input, all is welcome,
  9. Jeez jase" thats a shed load of weight , well done,,
  10. Them new springs mustabeen heavy duty, is it a cable on the ACE.,, ?
  11. blackhat250

    Find old moped

    Sounds like its still out there, . try the Fizzy splitters Forum, http://fs1esplitters.co.uk/
  12. sUPERB JIM,, i"v ridden one of these, ,same style and colour, ,, lovely ,, i also rode piliion on the 650 bonnie back in 1977 , as i broke my leg,,,[ bike crash[],,
  13. Thats the thing about dirt bikes , you cant tell how abused they"ve been ,, most need rebuilt often ,
  14. Good evening " ,i take it your german ?
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