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  1. Hi there " i thought you were a Yank, wen seeing the topic , thats a big looking 125 .
  2. Hi jen" if its 1974 it be a twinshock,, Mx came oot in 1978 . am up the east coast,, Whar"s you ,? hers a 1975 Colours ..
  3. I"v got plenty to occupy me,, dismantelling old land rovers,, loads of space around me with walks and trees, take the bike to to shopping, [ if it aint cold,], fone stopped ringing ,so its bliss, no towns for 3 miles ,, real isolation ,,
  4. blackhat250


    As long as the number is from your bike,, i inherited a Z900, inboxes ,had a plate, tried to register it ,turns out is was from another Zed. resulting in an inspection from DVLA,,
  5. Hi del " seen you on the DT forum ,,
  6. Quiet ,,, no signs of any cases,, but were remote no like the chicken coupe Big citys,, .. Pheasant rearers get disease in birds when there all cooked up in pens, I can see this being the norm now every year,, Over population, natures way of thinning out, takes the weakest first. then old birds,
  7. blackhat250


    It Was mint,, abeit Slow ,,,
  8. Hi there wellcome,, i see your from elgin,, i pulled for Elgin T,O.W. team 15 years ago ,,
  9. Check the chain, ,, and coolant level ,,
  10. Hi lee " mind its a 2stroke ,keep the oil tank topped up, ,, simple wee bikes ,enjoy .
  11. Yeh " possibly imobilizer got confused ,or Crank sensor, my Discovery does this now and again , turn off - key out -back in ,and Fires ,
  12. I had one in the 1970"s 50mph is good,, it did 68mph flat out,,
  13. Hey Brigden where are you" exactly ,, as were thinking your area this year,,,
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