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    moto x; Two-strokes ;; classic restorations.??

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  1. blackhat250

    NC500 day 2 Perth to Kinlockewe

    Hes watching Alba [ channel 141 sky].. now,,,,,,hes smitten ,,,
  2. blackhat250

    New member

    Hi ,there, 6speed. in
  3. blackhat250

    Im well chuffed.

    Wow paul,,,,,, am down too, only 15st,6, trying to get into the 14st bracket,, for the first time since 1987. i bought a mountain bike, and cut the sugary crap too. 😎
  4. blackhat250

    Thinking of changing my user name

    Ha, jm,, i always carry i tin of that expanding shit,,,,, when is the gang down your way ,,? i see its raining over west ,,,
  5. blackhat250

    Newbie from Sunderland: 1967 YR1 owner

    For parts,, you mean ?,, ebay is the best place,,
  6. blackhat250

    Newbie from Sunderland: 1967 YR1 owner

    hI Jon, . my mate has the AS1 [125] Same erra, , . rare old twins,,,
  7. blackhat250

    newbie from maltby s yorks

    Hi jon,,, in
  8. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    whats your route, tommorrow, ? ,you heading for braemar, ?
  9. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    any word from them,,,,?
  10. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    Oh,, jim"... m in Forfar,,,70miles north of edin,, 110miles from you,,,😎
  11. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    i THINK its dunkeld road , in Perth jim,,, travelodge,,,,
  12. blackhat250

    Help needed

    is it carb, or injected ?,, sounds like pilot jet,,,,,
  13. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    Got your voicemail drew,,,,,i dont have your mobile number,,,,, i might make knockhill , its 1hr.15m south of me... lots to sort out tommorra, i will be on DT, AS THE rd400 run a main bearing last weekend,,, [ its built again tho, ] just needs plumbed in. , if i dont see you at knockers,,,,i will pop over to the hotel, sunday early, to see you off, if your going to Blairgowrie A93, i will run a bit with you,
  14. blackhat250

    NC500 trip

    No t long now boys,,,,time you leaving,,? ,,,and arrival @ Dunkeld Road traveloge, ?
  15. blackhat250

    2006 YBR125 engine cut-outs.

    Start with the fuel system,,, clean tank /petcock,,,, set the tickover and AIr screw to factory setting , ,