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  1. I had one on the Tiger, you have to hurdle the bike to get on tho ", it was tall,
  2. blackhat250

    Forum update

  3. Hi ronnie " ,ebay is the best bet ,, or Stafford show ,
  4. blackhat250

    Forum update

    The smilies aint working
  5. Welcome lj", plenty info in here ,
  6. Hi stu" i"v seen a V70 years ago, C90 lookalike ,
  7. Looks great,,,, its the performance that i didnt like in the 1970"s..
  8. Disconect the bLACK/WHITE, to CDi ,and try ,
  9. blackhat250

    Forum update

    Me too, just logged in , thought i "d forgot to put a Shilling in the Meter ,
  10. Your pic in Glencoe Pat.. your Fazer 600
  11. He just dropped pat,, no post mortem, so just presume its heart, yeh pat sye you and me did Glen coe,
  12. Aye drew" big Sye [ we picked up exhausts at your house mind], died this week , devastated a few of us, , he had big plans this year, too, he has joey dunlop TZ350, and bought the mk1 transit in joey"s original livery circa 1970"s, was gonna do I.O.M, classic, heres a photo of me Sye & the illusive Barkwindjammer, few years ago ,
  13. Yip i"v seen a V70 ,A lady gardiner on the estate up here rode one,, bit like a C90
  14. blackhat250


    Good "o jase, we were out on bikes last ,weekend,, great weather, will it last ,?
  15. Hi ben " . been a bit quiet in here lately, , i blame facebook, ,, in ,
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