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  1. blackhat250

    Hi from new xs1100 owner.

    Hi Cary". big old bus them,, they used to do the Proddy racing,, with good results too, . seen the picture, not shure what that is,
  2. blackhat250

    Would you believe it.

    Define High Fat" what was the vice ?
  3. blackhat250

    Been a rum year again so far

    Yeh NSD, been the best summer since 1976, Did a few longish trips, ticked of the list, ,but our summer ended fist week in Aug,, i noticed you lot down south had high temps right into Oct,,,
  4. blackhat250

    XJ900F Tyre choice and size

    You can fit a slightly wider tyre on than standard, it pulls the tyre into a slightly more peaked shape, they say it makes you tip in quicker on corners, well i fitted a 190- on instead of a 180, and noticed no difference ,
  5. blackhat250

    2002 Fzs1000 died while riding.

    I would check the Flow of fuel, first,, yours will be carbs i take it, ?
  6. Hi there,, , in ,,,
  7. blackhat250

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Good for me merv" ,
  8. blackhat250

    Would you believe it.

    Wow " shocker jase" i feel for yeh,,, what brings this on ,,lifestyle? or hereditary ?
  9. Hi AJ",, yeh the second ignition position brings in the Green/red [ night time charging ],, as opposed to the Yellow lights to the switch, weird and wonderfull A/c lighting eh,
  10. blackhat250

    Tyre recommendations

    There all good, depends on your buget , i like Avon roadriders, or Dunlop TT100
  11. blackhat250

    Just saying "Hi as instructed...

    Hi lorne" , fire a question in workshop ...
  12. blackhat250

    Help and advice needed

    I hit wonder ? cud be the rocker cover just,,,,,,
  13. blackhat250

    New member - XJ900F combination

    Hi andy long time since av seen a combo, post a piccy ,
  14. blackhat250

    need replacement tank decals

    Tricky one this search Classic decals on ebay, message the seller, and see if he can reproduce ,,,
  15. blackhat250

    howdee all

    Ay-up" It be tea at 11 then ⏲️,, Another XS250 with carb issues,,, DREWPY " ,