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  1. Don"t you just screw off the end bits ,leaving the threads visable ?
  2. Heee, " yous are daft,,,,,,
  3. Brand new ,long reach ,, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114652862427?hash=item1ab1d7d7db:g:2koAAOSwDMRgERXH
  4. Hi,,, never been, its a Lang ferry i believe
  5. Some old motors use first gear to kickstart, the kick mechanism is inside the cases, [ H2, & gt Susi"s same] if you pull the cluch,= no kickstart engauges, [ you have to find neutral if stalled, So his clutch is dissenguaging , as he said no kicker with clutch pulled in , i think he has clutch drag, ..
  6. Welcomer in ".. look at others on U/tube steal their ideas .
  7. Welcome in Ditcher". that a pure Easyrider,,,
  8. No " not Rd"s there not magneto ignition, [ small Dt"s etc are ] they need good battery, or the Vape iggy system , this will run without ,
  9. Well " i think its a poor battery, hence starts when left, is it charging, ie 14.2 volts etc, [ running], it would do this run fine for few miles, then fizzle out,
  10. blackhat250


    Hi" you will see the cylindrical shape near exhaust side on barrel,, with wires .hearing a whirr when key on
  11. Another 2nd hand exhaust maybe, ?
  12. Welcome in paul , few of my mates have RD350"s
  13. Take out the plugs & leave for a day or two,,sounds like your flooded out, check your oil level,,if its High,,it be fuel in it,,, change it,,,
  14. Welcome",, the MX models have longer forks,, twinshock are shorter ,,the later DT models,= bottom fittings are held in with a circlip not screwed tho ,
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