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  1. Welcome in sir,, the tracer is a good bike,,,had a run on one,
  2. Welcome in Chris" ,,,weathers crap the now,,,
  3. Ay -up lad,,not nice weather the now for biking,,,
  4. I have seen them on ebay,, usually Thialand -singapore area, expect to pay Big Bucks,,,,as were all looking for N,O,S, ,
  5. Domyou think,we"l get out this year,,
  6. Should HAVE TAKEN IT back to him,, 600 bucks ,.. now youve messed with it, he wont believe you,
  7. Yip " that short will rear its ugly head again,
  8. With that amount of slack, the small end must be goosed also, renew them crank seals,,air leak may be your sieze cause ,
  9. Sad time to sell,,,traveling restrictions,,,,,Ebay is top prices,,
  10. Welcome in Joe, they did poddy racing in the late 1970"s aye winners too, looked like a supertanker to ride tho,, see on You-tube,,
  11. Welcome inn " i find these Dt"s &Xt"s similar . i have a DT colour diagram,,.if it just lighting etc ,,
  12. Thats an amazing and great story mike,,,,,thanx for sharing,,
  13. Thats cool,,,,i thought the 175"s were CT. and AG was 125
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