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    moto x; Two-strokes ;; classic restorations.??

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  1. Ok, i take it the front end is too hard, . sounds like its over filled with oil,, drain some and see if it softens,
  2. blackhat250


    Welcome. they raced them 1100"s ,see you tube, and if you google XS1100 / click on images , you"l see lots of variations,
  3. Need more members like you snakey" its dead quiet nowadays, 10 years ago it was buzzin,
  4. Evening Red", this used to be a vert active forum,, its quieter now, [ due to facebook ] look around , most subjects have been covered,
  5. Hi frenchy. seen you on the DT forum,, lately..
  6. Welcome" another Tank owner ,,[ fj ]
  7. He asked a question & never looked back to see answers, [ last visit to site 14"sept,]
  8. Yeh clutch drag, . . And who"said it was bad to leave in Neutral ?,, Name and shame,,
  9. Yeh some real looking , [ apart from the speed .]
  10. Cool little bikes,, small race replicas ,
  11. Welcome in jed,,, i had an H2 sold it 5 years ago,,,know them engines inside out, you joined the triples club,, lots of spares on there ,
  12. Yes" or a time sert,, but may need to take head off, as swarf may drop into the cylinder ,
  13. Sounds like that new reg/rect. is not wired correct, is it same colours in connectors.
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