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    moto x; Two-strokes ;; classic restorations.??

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  1. blackhat250

    Fzs 600

    Welcome in Dave...
  2. blackhat250

    1980 Yamaha RX125 fork oil

    Welcome in, if there stiff ,thers too much oil in, it will blow the seals again , glad you removed the extra 100ml , as the DT250/400 is only 185ml, and are much larger,,,😎
  3. blackhat250

    78 xs750SE Headlamp Issue

    What voltage you getting at battery, [engine running 3000rpm] ?,,, is the bulb blown
  4. blackhat250

    DT 125

    one Hit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. blackhat250

    Pig in a POKE

    Hi, i take it its an XS1100, They proddy raced them ,, bit of a Tank,,,, jimmy had one ...😎
  6. blackhat250

    Hi all

    hAPPY NEW YEAR when it arrives, ferg,
  7. blackhat250

    how do i re-register an old bike

    Me also, sometimes logs me out if i view the forum, RIGHT P.I.A
  8. blackhat250

    how do i re-register an old bike

    //////////???????????????? , TEST ? you on the krakin too,👀
  9. blackhat250

    1989 XJ600 help

    You see the pawl [ claw] it rotates the drum [ selecting gears,] but there is another small spring on a small detent arm, THIS HOLDS THE DRUM FROM FREE TURNING] AS YOU SAY FALL OUT OF GEAR, . look for it, it be behing clutch basket, was there any metal parts in the oil or casing when removed, ? do you have a manual ,
  10. blackhat250

    Licence categories

    Haa" brilliant meaty, lol at that,,,,,,,
  11. blackhat250


    Merry Xmas to you all, internet was out for 24 hrs,,, bloody talk talk ,,,,.
  12. blackhat250

    Licence categories

    I take it the 50 wasn"t a moped meaty .😊
  13. blackhat250

    Licence categories

    Same test for me ,1979. whiz round block -emergency stop, -highway code questions , and a Pass, 😎 on an Orange Dt250 .
  14. blackhat250

    DT 125

    Unusual" ,most start with a number [ 455- 000-000] ,what country you in ,is it old or a modern DT175 [ Far east] https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/yamaha-model-prefix-motorcycles-1970-1994
  15. blackhat250


    Hi ,,,[ i can finally sign in ] , ,,, foxxy...................or wolfie