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  1. blackhat250

    Find old moped

    Sounds like its still out there, . try the Fizzy splitters Forum, http://fs1esplitters.co.uk/
  2. sUPERB JIM,, i"v ridden one of these, ,same style and colour, ,, lovely ,, i also rode piliion on the 650 bonnie back in 1977 , as i broke my leg,,,[ bike crash[],,
  3. Thats the thing about dirt bikes , you cant tell how abused they"ve been ,, most need rebuilt often ,
  4. Hi hugh. you need as dating cert, [ if its an import] unless you have the title, Aircooled RD ,forum, look on there ,
  5. Good evening " ,i take it your german ?
  6. The bike Bus jim" , google em ,, scots firm ,,run down south weekly ,.
  7. blackhat250

    XJ900f carbs

    Removing 4 cylinder carbs are a bitch, esp with hard rubbers, ,has it been layed up,for long ,?
  8. Ilike the XS650 Too, RD"s are way too pricy now, the 350b is more vibey than the 400,[ not rubber mounted engine mounts,] , the old z1000 is cheaper than the Z900
  9. Hi chris " . ebay is awash with parts,, there is a seller in Germany [ Der-maud] specializes in XT .bits .
  10. That arc-ing has flattened the battery, loose wire , charge it fully ,see if she starts, then check the charging, then dark shed to see them flashing wires ,
  11. blackhat250

    Forum update

    I had to double post in replying " as it didnt show,
  12. Ho " well done N.S.D. ,, never tried it ,,,,,,looks good,
  13. Hi len" post up your problems in the workshop section , see whats needed ,
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