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  1. Hi Neo would both sides need to be removed?
  2. I’m pretty sure that’s my problem. It makes sense now, I assumed the oil found its way through oil passageways. Will drain and check it out tomorrow. Thanks again for your help as the photos. i remember when I joined this club, you were helpful then. Cheers Graham
  3. Thanks for that Neo. i think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the closed bearings. It’s my first engine rebuild and obviously didn’t think it through, I will check the bearings and open them up if necessary. Thank you for your tactful answer and not insulting my lack of knowledge. will let you know
  4. No it’s still on engine stand waiting for top end to be finished. Added oil early to see if any leaks so if I needed to strip it would be easier. I have levelled engine to replicate it in the frame and put in gear and rotated crank .so far not made any difference.
  5. Hi. I have just split my casings and replaced all bearings, I have rebuilt the casings and all the bottom end. I have started filling gearbox with oil and after 1/2 litre it reads the correct level on the dipstick, the manual says the capacity is 1.1 litres. Any ideas on what ive done wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Graham
  6. Thanks for info. hopefully will have a look over weekend. Cheers
  7. Hi I live in Derbyshire I once went on a 175, nice bike
  8. Hi I will probably be leaning on you a lot as I have had no dealings with them at all. always liked them as a teenager but that was 40 odd years ago. have just restored a Honda xl250s and really enjoyed doing it. in theory this should be easier but struggling with getting it going as it has no spark and the stator was in pieces in a cardboard box so not sure if they are the right bits or not. they did all fit together though.
  9. Hi I'm a new member, just thought I'd say hello. my name is Graham and I've just purchased a dt250mx that I am hoping to restore. it is a non runner at present but I'm hoping to start on it in the year near. anyway just thought I would say Hi and hope you all have a happy new year. cheers Graham
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