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  2. With the kind assistance from Neo I did contact Wemoto and found a suitable tacho cable which is only 25mm shorter than standard, so I am pretty sure it will fit ok. I will post when fitted. Only down side is that it is black and not gray, but you can't have everything on a bike from the 70s.
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  4. Take out the plugs & leave for a day or two,,sounds like your flooded out, check your oil level,,if its High,,it be fuel in it,,, change it,,,
  5. Welcome",, the MX models have longer forks,, twinshock are shorter ,,the later DT models,= bottom fittings are held in with a circlip not screwed tho ,
  6. Shame you don't know anyone who's going to America for a Holiday! bring it back in a suitcase.
  7. Thanks for this Neo. I found the cable in USA at KDI Reproductions for about £12, but with £50 postage!!!
  8. hi Geiger, DT175MX is 77cm, however, a useful site is Wemoto. just put in "yamaha Tacho cable" in the search field and a lot of the cables have lengths published. i.e: Tacho Cable Yamaha DT 250MX 1977-1982 Outer 800 mm Inner 825 mm Inner thread diameter 11mm Outer thread diameter 16mm if you leave out "Yamaha" then it lists some 120 cables for different makes. Presumably the part number is B38-2240 as I see there is one on ebay in USA at present.
  9. Yes, I can imagine. I was a member a few years ago, but when the Yam went I didn't bother to renew.
  10. http://yamaha-virago.blogspot.com/2018/10/induction-coils.html Cross reference the part numbers and models, the info is there Dont mention it
  11. Mmmm Geiger, First of all welcome to the forum but I think your best bet is to go into this forum and this particular section and introduce yourself first, then go into the relevant section and then relay your problem/question. The reason I suggest this is that we get a lot of "one hit wonders" on here that get their answer and never hear from them again. Mike.
  12. The test drive wont be happening this weekend because of the terrible weather in germany right now. Spark plug color is a strong blue one. Cant be the problem i guess. On thing that came to my mind: It could also be the ignition switch. There is a small spot where the bike is running terrible if you put the key in that position. Im gonna report back if the weather gets better and i made a test drive.
  13. Thanks for the animation! I do believe it must be in the gear set. Just not sure what as it moves thru the gears fine, can find all the gears no problem, clutch just wont disengage. Plan on taking tearing into it more today or tomorrow. Just gotta find myself a good pair of snap ring pliers first The inner basket moves free for half a turn or so and then stops. The outer basket does turn with the motor. However, with the clutch installed and the lever pulled, it still does not disengage. Ill try to take some pics and post them. Having a hard time finding someone locally to help so
  14. Hi everyone, I have owned several Yams over too many decades I now have another one. RT1 B to be precise, like a forerunner of the DT. Problem is locating a tacho cable in the UK. I know there will be one from a different model. it's just finding which one. So here is my request. If anyone can spend a few minutes measuring their tacho cable and then let me know the length and their bike model I can probably get a cable to do the job. The length I am looking for is 865mm, or within a few centimetres, with 11mm and 15mm screw cap fittings respectively. Any help would be really appreciated.
  15. So if you take the plain and friction plates out of the clutch does the inner and outer basket move ok, the outer should move with the crank, the inner should spin freely in neutral and you should be able to drive it turning the rear wheel at different speeds depending on gear.
  16. slice

    Yamaha xj600

    Has it been sat with fuel in the tank and carbs over a long time? cos if it has then your carbs are bunged up with old fuel and will need to come off for a through clean. Try some "Easy start" up through the air filter to see if it fires, if it does then you have a solution to the problem, lot's of cleaning. Try carb cleaner and sone fine wire through the passageways inside the carb. Remove the jets and blow them out and if you can find a carb refurb kit which will help freshen up the thing.
  17. I would check the gearbox shifter forks for wear, or even the drum shifter for wear plus the mechanism at the end of the gear shaft. Means you have to take it apart but on an old bike things do wear and if the box has been abused then thats your problem. Wheelies and some race bikes take a real tole on the gearbox. Just a suggestion but best I can come up with without seeing it. Try looking at this for an idea on the workings of the box.
  18. You're certain it's not your gearbox?
  19. I have a 1974 TX500A as the title says, and the clutch wont disengage. It happened while riding a few years ago. Shifted to first at a light with the lever pulled and it stalled. Ever since that day the clutch wont disengage the tranny. Have inspected the plates and measured everything seems to be in spec. The basket moves upon pulling the lever, however when its adjusted to allow that to happen, the kick start wont engage the motor. I have alot of car and small engine experience, but little with these old wet clutch's. Have put everything together according to the yamaha service manual for th
  20. not nowadays, unless you hit potholes or damage them in anyway, they will last for years. there are different weaves used now.
  21. Check the spark plug for colour, will let you know carb conditions,,
  22. Nope, most yam 2 strokes generate their own ignition power, you could chuck the battery in the bin and it would run fine. May well blow every bulb on the way back mind.
  23. Okay quick update: Yesterday i refilled the battery and charged it up again. Still holds about 6,5V so seems quite allright. Fired the bike up an measured the voltage while the battery was still connected to the bike (the 25V were coming out because the Volt-Meter had no ground to the bike because of the removed battery, i know rookie mistake) and the measured voltage was 8,5V as the manual suggested. Tomorrow im going for a ride and will update if something has changed. Could the damaged battery be the problem for the rough running after a while? Anyway thank
  24. See the image that Cynic posted? If yours is like this one then check the yellow wire connection and check the body is connected to ground
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