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  2. Have a look here https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xj750r-seca-1982-c-usa_model8879/partslist/?filter_assembly_group=electrical#.YBA_juj7SUn
  3. Hi, Can anyone help? I am rebuilding a 1982 xj750 seca and I'm trying to source a diode that fits in the headlight shell. It terminates to a six way connector but only has 4 wires. They are coloured:- Light blue on pin 1, nothing on pin 2, nothing on pin 3, white/blue wire to pin 4, white wire to pin 5 and black yellow wire to pin 6. Looking at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual the wires are different colours. (White/blue, Blue/yellow, Light Blue and White) Can anyone explain what the diode actually does and where can I obtain one from? Cheers and STAY SAFE
  4. Last week
  5. Yip " that short will rear its ugly head again,
  6. Not much in the way of replies, but cheers for the update
  7. All fixed... Not sure when, but after a little smoke, the main fuse on the side of the starter relay had fried. Cleaned up the various terminals on the starter relay and replaced the fuse. It works, instantly... NO idea WHY the fuse has gone, so this may not be over, but for now, everything's good!
  8. I know it's a bit late on - if your model is anything like the earlier models, the headlight ONLY comes on once the engine has started (controlled by the ECU - even if you stall it then it stays on until key off). It will give you marker lights front/rear and brake lights only whilst the engine hasn't started. If you have disturbed any wires behind the headlight, check they're all plugged back in, and in the correct spots.
  9. I think its the fuel filter/tap because its fine unless its high demand
  10. Can anyone suggest a motorcycle electrician around Dewsbury? Preferably a mobile one cos I can't transport it...
  11. With that amount of slack, the small end must be goosed also, renew them crank seals,,air leak may be your sieze cause ,
  12. My daughters Aprilia scoot had some weird issues that turned out to be the plug cap.
  13. So, bit of a backstory first... I work in the steel industry which shuts down each year for two weeks over Christmas. I've commuted for two years on my Thunderace. It's never missed a beat and starts every time (except once when some joker flicked my kill-switch and I never noticed!). It lives outside (poor bike) cos I don't have a garage. This year I've obviously not done much long distance riding, so it's mostly been just the commuting. All has been well, but since we've been off for two weeks over Christmas and then after having been back for only a week, I did my bac
  14. Bought a yamaha aerox off a friend that has been sitting for about 4 months. They bought it for £600 and in 2 weeks it broke down turns out the side stand got bent and went through the air filter then before he noticed that he jet washed it. He didnt know anything about mechanics and couldnt really be bothered to get it fixed and pay for it so he just left it sitting. I bought it off him for £90 and got a new air filter. I also removed the exhaust and because it was so rusty from being old it snapped in half so I bought a new exhaust (Technigas Q-Tre). After kick starting it for 4 or 5 days fo
  15. Earlier
  16. Hi Phil and welcome back after a long break
  17. put a 75 jet in (what it should have) and it was working fine didnt see any problems with it but then I went to test how long it can keep going in a straight line for and it lastest about 5 minutes then started choking I connected the temperature wire on because that was broken off and had been since i bought it and no temperature lights came on. Could it be the spark plug or coil? It was also quite wet out i left it about 30 seconds then it started first kick and didnt have any problems with power or anything on ride home
  18. Hi, So Im new, but I have a question for anyone who could help. My Box Eye Fazer has bad lights, a common problem. I want to swap the fairing for a standard headlight from an MT07 or similar, but can't see how the light attaches to the forks/steering and all the dealers are shut. Any one done this mod ?
  19. Hey guys! Wasn't sure where to post this or look since I'm new here but I was wondering if anyone has ever taken the dummy top tank off the '87 Virago 535 and replaced it with an actual tank. What size tank did you use and how did you go about routing it to the main underseat tank?
  20. Checked the main fuse?
  21. No ignition, no lights, nothing, battery fully charged.Taken ignition switch off and all wires from connector has continuity. Where do I look next.
  22. Sad time to sell,,,traveling restrictions,,,,,Ebay is top prices,,
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