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  3. Welcome in jed,,, i had an H2 sold it 5 years ago,,,know them engines inside out, you joined the triples club,, lots of spares on there ,
  4. Good Morning Jed here, newbie from Ballina in Co Mayo (but originally from Maidenhead in Berkshire UK) Rebuilding a bunch of 70's two strokes, KH400 and YZ80's and looking for help/parts etc I'm looking forward to getting to know the site and members
  5. First job appears to be a new battery. Don't forget to grease the contacts to reduce corrosion too...
  6. Last week
  7. the red terminal connector was arcing to the terminal itself =, after sanding it and getting bolts that hold it tighter its no longer arcs the battery also dies fairly quickly
  8. Yes" or a time sert,, but may need to take head off, as swarf may drop into the cylinder ,
  9. I think I have found the problem it needs to be re helicoid to the cylinder head does that sound right?
  10. One of my spark plugs has worn away the thread were you screw it in would it be easier to get a new part were the spark plug goes or to get it re bored also what is the part called were the spark plug goes thank you for any help with this sorry for my novicenuss on this I don't know much about the mechanics of motorcycles what would be the price for getting it recoiled thanks
  11. Put the air screw back to where it was, that is just working around not fixing the problem. Engines going rich if there is nothing restricting airflow (like af above) is spark strength. If a plug or coil is breaking down or the is an earth conection going bad the wimpy spark will not trigger the burn early enough in the piston stroke so instead of a strong hot burn you get a slow burn at lower pressure and temp which leaves a lot of soot/rubbish behind. There is after that the big ugly of a compression test...
  12. Just watched that video, I didn't understand a word of it..! Was interesting though! lol
  13. the old and new one work the same but the engine turns over quicker on the new one
  14. I know this is an old thread but just to say I've watched a lot of his stuff recently and he has some current and old stuff up that's worth a look. Just WOW though. The man's a bloody genius! If nobody has seen his YouTube channel before go have a look. What he can't do with a hacksaw and a couple of old engines and frames isn't worth knowing about. His workmanship and attention to detail is something else and he makes it look so effortless. He's the motorcycling equivalent of an alchemist.
  15. Sounds like that new reg/rect. is not wired correct, is it same colours in connectors.
  16. hi everyone this is my first post on the forum as i've looked through many relevant posts but none seem to have my exact problem and was hoping if the much smarter people of this forum could help me. the bike was running fine when i first bought it 2 weeks ago but it has since stopped starting or if it does the front cylinder wont fire and only will start to if i rev the bike, the bike also displays a 3 second engine light which i've seen is related to the voltage regulator, but after replacing it the bike didn't start any better (although the lights on the bike looked much brighter). the battery also gets very hot even after i cleaned the contacts up and has sparked a few times when first pressing the start button then would cut out after the battery arced. if anyone on here has any suggestions it would be much appreciated as i would like to repair this bike entirely myself if possible because id prefer to spend the money on good gear thanks, kelan
  17. Cynic

    yzf750r pistons

    This any good? Yamaha YZF750R YZF750 R 1993-1996 93-96 Engine Cylinder Barrels & Pistons | eBay
  18. robo

    yzf750r pistons

    hello. i am busy restoring a yzf750r 1995 and found a hair line crack in the skirts of two of the pistons. iv checked out the internet for a supplier that sells new pistons but not having much luck. anyone one no of a supplier? any help would great full. thanks
  19. Cynic

    DT50 2007

    Same question posted elsewhere.
  20. Cynic

    high beam dt 50

    LOL, not many people know. A uk moped, ie 50cc bike is not legally required to have main beam. My daughters Aprilia did not have main beam, i converted it because the headlight was shite using kx 125 parts. So it may well not have main beam.
  21. Need help! I have a Vstar 650 classic, all stock. Here's my problem: Starts up no problem. It's running too rich. Symptoms: Spark plugs totally black, fouled. Oil very black, backfiring when decelerating, very bad MPG at around 30, was 50 before. What I did: replaced all jets, cleaned carburetor, checked float level, changed gas, turned pilot air screw 5 times out (normal 2.5 times). Still backfiring... What else can I do?
  22. Hello, I'm riding a 2001 Vstar 650 classic.
  23. NE0

    high beam dt 50

    Is this a UK bike? Road legal? or a dirt bike used elsewhere? Presumably you've not had it long otherwise you'd know where the switch was.? if there's no switches on the other handle bar, have you considered asking the previous owner if there was one?
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