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  2. We call it Thread Necromancy: raising the dead! lol Maybe we should sit down some time and look at all the old, still open, threads...
  3. you need Paul Dawkins contact him here https://www.motorbikeregistrations.co.uk/
  4. Hi there Matt, Resurrecting a 10 year old thread is not seen as good forum behaviour , You really should consider starting a new thread for your problem even if it does relate to the same machine. I suggest commencing a new thread and one of the mods can delete these posts and lock this 10 year post as it never got resolved anyway.
  5. I have a 1991 sr125, has good consistent spark, new carb which I cleaned out etc, it runs but it does not sound healthy, sounds very tappety or something, checked timing and its absolutely spot on, it does rev but i shut it off quickly due to noise, any ideas what I could be? I am stumped with this one. Cheers, Matt. https://youtube.com/shorts/S7jwJtyIAtw?si=huL1ZtzBqrXCuuku
  6. ..and Chrome hates water!! and Chrome today is nowhere near the quality it was back in the 50s~70's. Today its considered as "flash chrome", as in a quick flash application to make it look good. Back in its day is was dipped and chromed for longer so it had a thick layer of plating on it. not any more, its just a shiney surface dressing these days. Nonetheless, keeping it looking nice is down to the various non abrasive creams (Autosol) and elbow grease, and when its not being used a generous application of oil type products like ACF-50 to stop the damp getting through it. I've lots of experience being the owner of a Honda 400/4 with more chrome than paint!
  7. Hard jet washing is bad. Too many exposed or semi exposed bearings / joints to blast the grease out of! You can jet wash from a distance to get more of a 'soak' going, but be careful. There's all sorts of cleaning products out there, everyone will have a different opinion on them, you probably have to make your own choices... The big problem with cleaning bikes is all the interesting gaps & cubby holes that all the crap gets into. Young and bendy is the key to cleaning a bike well. When you get old and creaky like me, it gets a LOT harder lol.
  8. If you've got the engine and frame numbers then you need to contact DVLA they will tell you which forms you'll need. It's unlikely but they may shed some light on the original registration....but i doubt it!
  9. Cheers for your quick reply. Do we have any information on registering the bike with only the engine and frame numbers. I've got no idea where to start.
  10. I just answered this same post in another section , which I'll delete. Welcome in Paul, I've got a '78 175MX. Although it wasn't registered until late 79. The earlier ones like mine have rounded swinging arm tubes, later squared off tubes are the more common ones seen today. I've got a catalogue of digital photos of my rebuild which may be of some help to you. It's not a dificult bike to restore, parts availability is still reasonable for bike thats over 40 years old.
  11. Good morning all. I'm new to this site but I've had loads of yamaha motorcycles. Whether it be on road, dt or yz. I'm currently building a dt175mx. I think it's a 1978. I have no papers or registration documents but it has matching engine and frame numbers starting with 2A7. It'll be great if I can get it registered with a logbook.
  12. Paul Scott

    DT 175

    I'm going to get one for this dt175mx once I have it registered and legal.
  13. Paul Scott

    DT 175

    I've done a 1986 dt125lc mk2 and fitted a big one full system (fresco) and it works and sounds perfect
  14. NEO, sir, that was a mouthful of a reply Very detailed answers, bless you mate. Really looking forward to spend money on maintenance Also... When it comes down to washing bike, any advice? I've seen things called bungs - yet no idea what size to get cause apparently there are few different ones. What about cleaning products? Any preferences of your own that you wouldn't hesitate to advise using? Best regards RaySin
  15. Yesterday
  16. 1/ Not a clue, they don't appear to make one... 2/ As far as I can tell, if it's oily, it's ok, if it's not, it's bad... 3/ Yes, the pump WILL stop if you have the nozzle fully in the tank, however, since you're filling to almost the top of the tank you won't actually have the nozzle in the tank... So, no... 4/ Pro: Sounds good. Con: Could get you arrested...
  17. Time Left: 27 days and 20 minutes

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    All original, 4,000 miles


    Bethlehem, PA

  18. Well RaySin, lets see.... Haynes or Clymer are the publishers of workshop manuals , unfortunately It doesn't look like they cover your bike......yet! That's not to say they won't in the future. So pdfs and USB versions of yamaha service manuals are probably all thats available at the moment. Ebay is worth keeping an eye on availability of anything, even if you don't want it!. As regards to Chains, they need to be kept oily, a dry chain will squeak and if it's squeaking you're creating wear! too much oil and it sprays all over the wheels and chrome, and too little it will squeak away. Get into a habit of putting it on, chain spray is probably your best bet, it's easy to do. Unfortunately an oily chain also attracts road dirt and sticks to it, causing grinding, you can't win.!!! Chains don't last forever, so it really is down to regular maintenance. It's worth noting that apart from a dry chain or oily chain, there is another condition that chains can get and that's clicking chains from stiff links, it might be only one link but it gives a unique sound. It also means you've not been doing your maintenance! Chains will often play up after wet weather! The other aspects of chains is that over time they stretch! so you need to move the wheel back a tad and still keep the wheel aligned!! Too slack a chain and it will clatter on the chain guard, or jump a cog!! Too tight and your gearbox and sprockets get put under too much tension leading to more wear!! it's ALL a delicate balancing act!! You'll love it!! As regards to filling her up, don't rely on the auto shut off from the nozzle. Bike tanks are not big so it doesn't take much to fill them up. The best advice regardless, is keep the fuel off the petrol tank otherwise your paintwork will suffer. Careful trigger control is the key and keeping an eye on just inside the tank would be my advice. And as you're a newbie, don't hesitate to pull off some of that blue roll all petrol stations have between pumps, and keep it handy to wipe off any spills or drips quickly. And finally, loud pipes... only you will love them. Everybody else older than you will think you're a nob. .....but we've all been nobs at least once! Enjoy...
  19. Good evening, everyone. As I sit and look through window, seeing all the frost and snow coming down the sky, I started questioning myself... 1) where the heck do I get proper owners manual for my new lady? (I have found some PDF files online, but looking for something more like Haynes manuals, Amazon failed miserably to provide me with one) 2) Regarding chain - how do you know when it's too dry and she needs a bit of lubrication before we have some fun? 3) Feeding - when I feed her, will she say when it's enough? (When tank is full, will the pump stop like it does with cars, or it's more like spoon feeding and I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't choke on it?) 4) If...just if... And we're talking about loud pipes... What are pros and cons of having them? Again... I am complete newbie, just wishing best for my new lady (which is still to be named...) My head is just bursting with random questions. Any help or supportive shoulder will be as much appreciated as sarcasm Thanks in advance! RaySin
  20. Hi there, Half way down the page is a contact for your request.. https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/service-support/contact/
  21. Hello can anyone help me find the certificate of conformity for a 1978 Rd200? I’ve imported a really nice one from Germany and am already having fun with the dvla. any help much appreciated
  22. if you go for them let us all know if they are a suitable fit.
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