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  2. Hi all, This is an excellent example of Yamaha XJR-1300 owned since Nov 2007, and has performed flawlessly throughout. The machine has always been garaged (Integral garage) when not in use and has rarely been out in the rain (Rain, Cold or Snow-We don't go), its been primarily used as a summer day ride/club ride outs. The machine was last MOT'd on the 9th September 2020 @ 31966 miles, and expired on the 26th September 2021. Currently the machine sit's @ 31979 miles without an MOT, but I am more than happy to provide a years MOT on satisfactory agreement of a sale. Prior to its last MOT a new Chain Set & Sprockets were fitted, along with rear caliper clean and new brake pads and disk along with braided hoses lines fitted throughout. A machine service/check, carb balance and engine check were also done at the same time, and no issues were found or noted. The machine is very close to original save for a chrome engine guard, and having the benefit of Hagon progressive front fork springs & fresh oil fitted in the past. The battery has been maintained and has regular starts too ensure its running as normal and remains issue free. It's always had yearly engine oil changes throughout ownership, and again I'm happy to refresh/change the oil and filter on agreement of sale. Location is Inverness, machine started life in Portsmouth and carries a PO registration and came with us when moved North. A genuine reason for sale, this bike was always regarded as a 'Keeper' and now needs a new owner to enjoy what it so ably delivers. Price £3,450.00 ovno Good viewing & best regards to you all, Peter
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  4. After a bit of a rummage on the interwebz, check out your fuel pump first, make sure it's chucking enough fuel...
  5. Hi all I have a 2009 Ybr injection, I got it as a project and it does start but seems to cut out after about 10-15 second or when hot, now I did manage to get it running for about 3 minutes which is the longest so far but then got cocky revved it and it died does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Does anyone know (a) how to successfully get the metal caps out (immediately under the retaining circlip, removed with difficulty) without destroying them- mine are rusted in? or (b) where I can get new caps and O rings under? My present plan is to gently heat the top of the fork to help ease them out. Thanks, Hugh
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  8. Love my sena. Never used it for intercom though, just music
  9. For anyone interested in rider to pillion communication I have got this,,,,,, "Interphone Connect Bluetooth Intercom" It is a brilliant bit of kit. Really clear sound. Also connects to phone, sat nav, other bikes if you want, waterproof and has built in radio. ect . Easy to fit into each helmet and so far perfect sound even at 70mph. I only wanted it so I could talk to my daughter on the back and make sure she was ok, and to be honest that's probably all I use it for (I'm not a teck lad),, but it will do lots more if you wanted it too. Little on the expensive side but worth it. Can get them on eBay, Amazon, Sports bike shop,,,,,,the usual places. Anyway if you're in the market for something like this,,,,, check them out Pat
  10. Good Evening. I got my 1964 YA6 running and on the road. I can't seem to be able to stop air in the tube. I rebuilt the pump. New seals etc. Bled the pump. When the bike is running if open up the oil pump and slightly open the throttle I can get oil pumping through with no visible bubbles / gaps. If I let it idle it will eventually start to show air gaps etc. Any thoughts would appreciated, cheers
  11. Thanks - sadly I already renewed thinking it would be just for Yamaha bikes but I'm certainly gonna look into that for next time round. I'm totally with you on paranoia where insurers are concerned! My renewal quote came in with a doubled excess and higher price. I was quoted better elsewhere and said so to Bikesure. My original excess was then reinstated and I was given a requote a full 33% lower! If the insurer could do it then, why didn't they offer that in the first place?? Methinks "greedflation" is the answer. You have to be on them all the time.. Right, off to the help threads! - my "baby" is sick and we just can't sort her out so I need some advice from all you lovely people!
  12. Hi Andrew, welcome to the club. Good choice of bike. I had two back in the day, but I'm not sure whether I'd be able to go back to one again. Why not tell us a bit about yours
  13. Hi all, "Newish" to bikes is my daughter. She just loves being on the back of the bike. It's also a great feeling for me to have her with me, us both doing something we love together. Can't get the picture up,,,,, sorry Pat
  14. Can people suggest a garage for MOTs and Services etc in the Birmingham/ Solihull area. I used to use JC Motorcycles but they moved to Warwick (not a big deal for me but the wife rides a 125 on a cbt and its a jaunt taking the scenic route lol) Cheers
  15. Hasn't Photobucket stopped people using it for forums now?
  16. Welcome! I am rebuilding a 1982 XT125 which, according to the Haynes manual, is a very similar bike!
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    Not bad at all apart from the crack in the nose cone!
  18. finnerz89


    Just spotted a rather nice TDR on ebay. Must resist the urge https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304828211372?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=wN5DkCwVTJS&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=u24CvQQSTva&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  19. Any bike, just have to be a full member here (shows you're more invested than the average guy with a helmet and something to do with it, or something)... But phone them up and get your quote FIRST, before telling them that you're a member. I may be paranoid, but there's no reason NOT to be lol.
  20. Get them put together, might have another bike there! lol
  21. Welcome bud. Good interest in some big ones there, bit out of my league though! The forums a lot quieter these days, however, don't let that put you off, they're several regular visitors with similar interests in the bigger bikes. Nonetheless, we all share a common interest regardless of engine size. good luck with your search.
  22. Just joined this OC, saying hello. Boy of the 80's interested in anything related to XS650/750/850 and especially XS1100. Owned many previously used and enjoyed examples. Based in UK SE, currently looking for XS650 project but also have shed full of XS1100 parts/engines, and a nice 1100S [82].
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