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  2. Thanks very much Neo, it's nice to know something worthwhile has come out of my frustration and despair
  3. Is it not the VJMC that can do this?
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  5. I very much doubt there's anyone here that could officially confirm anything to the DLV..! lol I suspect that 'Yamaha Owners Club' isn't actually what they said, but something close. And you'll probably have to get in contact with Yamaha. I have no doubt that someone on here will let you know shortly who you have to talk to...
  6. Hi, I have purchased a 1980 xt 500 that was brought in from Greece, I also received the customs documentation with it. I applied to get it registered but was told that it would need the age verified by the Yamaha owners club. I would be very grateful for any advice on the best way to go about it
  7. You're welcome stuart, I've got a couple of eye loupes one is 20x and 16x and I think the other x2, but I must confess I've no idea where the 20x one is!!!, I've just looked and its not where I thought it was! None of them are big, hopefully I won't have a buy a magnifying glass to find it Although I have both my BIkes on Microfiche, I also bought the parts books when I found them, so the microfiche is just of historical interest and forms part of small collection of literature I've collected over the years on my bikes. I've also given you a few thanks and now you've got a Gold place on the Leaderboard!
  8. Hi Neo, thanks very much for your research, it's much appreciated. I scraped the soot from the neck of one of the exhausts but it hardly made any difference to the diameter measurements, and I couldn't really feel much of a step inside the neck either so I'm not sure that a ring type gasket fits inside. I've used exhaust paste in the past to seal exhaust joints, but as you say it can be a real pain to seperate them again. A friend has suggested smearing Blue Hylomar on the downpipes before pushing the downpipes into the silencers. it doesn't harden and it copes with high temperatures. If it doesn't do the job at least it won't be a problem seperating the pipes again to clean it off. I hadn't thought about looking for a microfiche for the RS200 as I don't have access to a reader, but after you mentioned being able to read them using a loupe and a strong light I thought I'd have a look. I've now found and bought a microfiche for the RS200 from Germany. it's for a 1980 model, but has the 3L2 suffix so hopefully there won't have been too many model changes during the production run, besides it was only 11 quid so it hasn't broken the bank. As you've mentioned, once I have a part number I can start doing comparisons with other models. Thanks a million for all your help. You've pointed me in other directions that I hadn't thought about, hopefully one of them will lead me to a successful conclusion! All the best, Stuart
  9. nickymoto

    Dt175 1g1

    Hi can anyone tell me the correct left handle bar switch for the the 1g1 dt175 I can't seem to find one also the ignition
  10. Stephan Morris


    I have had my 1979 XS1100F for over 40 years now. It is the same as your 1978 XS1100E except for cosmetics. I have rebuilt quite a few XS1100 engines I can probably answer any questions you have about these bikes so please do get in touch.
  11. Yes 1U5 is an XS250 1978 for Europe. Many XS250-specific parts will have 1U5 as the model code part of the part number except UK-specific items such as the headlight.
  12. Hello Ronnie 3H3 is the code for a 1979 model Yamaha XS1100SF for the USA. Some of the characterising features are silver engine, chrome pipes, high bars, round headlight and stepped seat. So yours is probably a US model imported to the UK. BW Stephan
  13. Just been browsing the net for the past hour or so for you. indeed 3L2 is the RS200 dating from 1980, can't find an online parts catalogue for it or pdf parts manual.( takes someone who has a copy and interest to have uploaded it in the past and still be sitting on a server somewhere!! ) Looked on ebay of course, including the 'sold and completed' items and didn't find anything either. Occasionally a microfiche becomes available (i've bought some in the past) these were often the only source of information for all products as it was a very popular format back in the 70's 80's. You don't need the official microfiche station to view them, I remember having one at work, but you can read them with an eye loupe and bright background light. Sometimes you have to get these sort of things if you run an older vehicle. So if a microfiche becomes available it might be worth buying one. The picture of the 3NA gasket shows a compressible cone gasket, these fit into a cup like structure on the silencer or just inside, and the castlelated lock nut compresses the gasket around the downpipe. If the downpipe and silencer are similar size then the gasket might be a ring one, Often a soft asbestos like ring which fits down inside the silencer onto an inside lip, the downpipe slides in and is pushed into the soft material making a gastight fit. I've seen bikes in the past that used this arrangement. An acceptable alternative (and may be a solution for you) is exhaust paste: smeared onto the lip inside the silencer and the downpipe pushed into it. The exhaust heat cures it and it goes rock hard. Seals the joint but it can be difficult to remove. Having said that, sometimes it's not as good as it sounds and always cracks up and starts blowing again and you end up repeating the process on a weekly basis!!!....which is why they invented exhaust joint tape!! and you'd wrap this unsightly silver bandage/tape around the joint, it would cure with the heat, go rock hard, enough to get it through the MOT and then fail a few days later!! But by far the best solution, would be to use the proper gasket, like I said earlier, you may end up using something for another model or indeed another make of bike. It's all down to knowing what it looks like and how big it is. The part number will really help you.
  14. Hi Neo, I measured the outer downpipe diameter and inner silencer diameter and they were both 35.5 millimetres. It's almost an interference fit pushing the downpipe into the silencer, but as there were no gaskets in the the silencers I guess the build up of soot and carbon in the silencer necks has narrowed the bores slightly? I need to scrape out the inside of the silencers tomorrow and measure them again, I'll let you know the measurements after cleaning. Thanks again, Stuart
  15. What sizes did you get when you meaured the downpipe and silencer Stuart? Ive looked up this part number 3NA-14714-01 and its OD 1 1/2" ID 1 1/4" 5/16" wide. (39mm x 31mm x 8mm wide and found that it supersedes the following part numbers : 132-14714-00, 132-14714-01, 3NA-14714-00, 3T5-14714-00, 4YYE-4714-00 and fits many bikes but the RS200 is not listed amongst them. ....but if the size is right?? 1963 YG1 1966 YG1T 1966 YG1TK 1966 YL1 1967 YL1E 1967 YL2 1967 YL2C 1968 YCS1 1968 YCS1C 1968 YLCM 1971 CS3B 1971 CS3C 1973 RD60 1974 RD200A 1974 RD60A 1975 RD200B 1975 RD60B E 1976 LB802AC 1976 LB80IIHC 1976 RD125C 1976 RD200C 1977 LB802AD 1977 LB80_3D 1978 LB50PE 1978 LB802AE 1979 LB50PF 1980 LB50PG 1975 RS100B 1976 RS100C 1975 RD125B
  16. Stuart, most 70's and 80's bikes had sleeve gaskets that fit over the downpipe and they are not very thick, and the silencer then fits over the whole lot, clamped into position. I'd venture to say that theres a good chance they used the same gasket for many of these similar bikes. It wouldn't surprise me if you said the RD200 gasket and RS200 are the same , and it wouldn't come as surprise to learn it was the 3NA-14714-01 !! if you click on that link above/below .https://www.ebay.com/p/1737220622?iid=372598027432 clicking on the picture gives a nice exploded view. For the price bud, I'd buy one anyway just to see if it fits!
  17. Hi Neo, I checked the outer diameter of the downpipes and the inner diameter of the silencers and there's only a millimetre or so difference between them so I don't think that it can be a teflon ring type gasket now. While I was measuring the silencers I noticed that the suffix code for the offside exhaust is 3L2, which is Yamaha RS200, but the suffix code on the nearside exhaust is 1E8, which apparently is for the RD200! I'm going to look for more info now on how the RD200 silencer gaskets fit to the downpipes. Cheers, Stuart
  18. you're welcome, YB100 models theres an exhaust gasket for sale on ebay now, might be worth looking at,(gives the part numbers ) ask the seller for the size of it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394289575664?epid=599715896&hash=item5bcd7d76f0:g:R38AAOSwpitjSt4X&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoFewe7d%2BAvrPC1VTxLGpHJNdHyTvy6FlXEAGAPANnNXjGKKLL2FBEki5jTuKxmj13G7YaN19DmYbujOCpMYQxzSTXEP4vLaR5yf4VdzvRbwAX4cufssVArAi79MTkFGIP330eicT1O%2BSK7B0CDzzus0eluL7RGhc5ajZnJFzjLfq7uM8Iv0l%2Fgs6OCnFSFBtGS9FoVOySICaaVrx16RNiOI%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8bZjL-aYQ this link https://www.ebay.com/p/1737220622?iid=372598027432 is the same part number which is compatible with the RD200. have a look at the picture. Also....If for example it's the same size as a Honda one but the Honda is too long, a fine hacksaw could make two from one!!!
  19. Hi Neo, thanks for replying so promptly. The gaskets were missing from the silencers so I have no idea what they look like, and I didn't think to ask Fowlers for the parat number at the time, I think I'll give them a buzz on Monday and ask if they'd be kind enough to give me the part number. It's a good idea to measure the inner and outer diameters of the downpipe and silencer and look for a similar size gasket from another bike. I guess the RS100 and YB100 models would be a good starting point. Straight after tea I'll be down the garage to dig out my vernier gauge... Thanks again, all the best Stuart
  20. hi there and welcome. The trouble will always be finding new old stock of parts for bikes (and cars) which are not only nearly 40 years old but also of relatively low production models. I assume you are referring to the silencer to downpipe sleeve gasket? have you got an idea what shape it is from the parts catalogue or is it a ring gasket? If you have the yamaha part number, then the website Cmsnl.com have the facility to list which other bikes the part number shares, you could then look up parts for those bikes to see if you can find one which is available for another yamaha bike. Having some measurements will help, the inside diameter of the silencer and the outside diameter of the inserting downpipe is a good start. An alternative to consider is a universal graphite sleeve Silencer gasket that may be suitable? such as Ebay item number:204064690445 which has a 38mm ID 45mm OD. Alternativley look up other makes of bike on Ebay which also have a graphite sleeve gasket for the rear silencer and look at the sizes to see if you can get one to fit. My Honda 400/4 has one , and is readily available for example and a look on ebay shows its size 32 x 37.5. and that happens to be the same size as a Honda VFR700...and its cheaper! Hopefully that info may help.
  21. Hi All, I've recently suffered a mid life crisis and bought a 1985 RS200 similar to the one I owned back when I was younger/happier. The bike is in very good condition overall, apart from the exhausts blowing slightly between the downpipes and and the silencers. I took off the silencers and found there were no gaskets between the downpipes and the silencers, which explains them blowing. I've spent hours online trying to find the gaskets but no luck so far. I phoned Fowlers Parts who were kind enough to dig out the microfiche for my model, but apparently the original gaskets have been discontinued. If anybody has any idea what I could use as replacement gaskets for the discontinued ones I'd be really grateful. Thanks, Stuart
  22. Just joined the club, wish I had found it sooner. Owned many Yamaha’s over the years, RZ’s, FZ1, LC’s and just finished a resto on a ‘74 RD350a. Now starting work on a ‘barn find’ ‘65 YM1, has 5500 miles on the Odo and zero oil in the 2t injector tank ... so the motor is first on the list, top end looks an easy fix but finding engine bits ( crank / rods ) hard to find ... just starting on this, and it IS a long winter here, so .....
  23. No idea what year your machine is, but heres a link, hopefully it gives you what you want https://dethlefsens.dk/download/yamaha/Yamaha_DT175_1992_ServiceManual.pdf
  24. Depends where you are in the world. There are some companies in the UK that rewind stators
  25. Hi. Got a Yamaha DT 125x year 2006 and diagnosed broken ignition charge winding on stator. This stator have 3-wire ignition charging winding on one pole and one half of that winding is cut. Anyone know where to get new or used? These stators are rare as hens teeth! Here is picture of stator
  26. Hi. Im 44 year old biker from Finland. My latest purchase is Yamaha DT 125x 2006
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