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  2. oh santa. pretty please.....

    Used a neighbours toolkit over the weekend changing the alternator on the wifes car. (See why its a 500 quid job). Oh my. Its a blue steel set (snap on). Half and quater drive rachets and sockets from 4 to 24mm. Spanners too. Extensions and a full set of torx and star drive drivers. Its was just so good to use. Really good. WANT ONE........
  3. Dtr 125 water pump seal problems

    Coolant in the gearbox means the waterpump seal is going. When it goes propper your gearbox will fill with coolant and dump white oily snot all over the back of your bike including the wheel. Park it.
  4. Where is it then? I know I saw a sense of humour around here somewhere but it seems to have been mislaid..! And why would it be difficult to explain to your child? some folks are just spoiling for a "crime" to complain about.
  5. Howdy from south Texas

    No afraid it doesn't, the engine will run while on the side stand but will not go into gear when the side stand is down. Try checking the start button is not at fault, squirt some switch cleaner inside the starter switch and work it back and forth a few times, that might be the problem, if all else fails try bridging across the terminals on the starter motor to the frame or engine to see if the starter motor will spin over. On my FJ the starter motor brushes were worn down to nubs and I needed to swap them out, buy the manual (Clymer) and that will give you a test to check the starter circuit.
  6. Dtr 125 water pump seal problems

    If the head gasket has gone then you'll be losing coolant out of the expansion tank. If it was my bike I wouldn't be running it! It might be worth testing your thermostat when you have the system drained and making sure that opens when hot
  7. Dtr 125 water pump seal problems

    Hi guys. Need some second opinions just to help me on my way. I've noticed the bike started to heat up. It never reached the red bit was getting up there. So after topping up the coolant.. Bleeding the systems etc I've noticed the coolant was leaking somewhere. But no puddles or water marks anywhere. So I checked the oil and yes there is some coolant in there. Not loads but still milky. So I've ordered new seal and gaskets etc. My question is. If I continue to run my bike with just topping up the coolant every so often to stop it overheating. Can I damage more parts internally? Just for a week until my part arrives. Also the bike was starting fine before today but this morning I had to bump start it. This leads me to believe that maybe the head gaskets now gone to. Can that happen from the bike getting hot... Not overheating but hot?
  8. i have yamaha yd 100 & i am decide to change my bike color with new shades so please tell me the code of yamaha fj 1200 1987 blue black shade
  9. Yesterday
  10. DT400E RPM question

    Thank you my friend for the reply, You UK fellows have been top notch for info.
  11. Howdy from south Texas

    yea , side stand down, cuts the ignition
  12. free to a good home-yamaha majesty 250

    nice one. not my scene
  13. ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    friend of mine, draws a penis via her GPS watch when running. Its her dick run
  14. ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    Hear Hear totally unacceptable .... Warning not suitable for little 'uns http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/42032629
  15. Howdy from south Texas

    Hi harry try taking it off the side stand
  16. Howdy from south Texas

    Howdy all. I live in a little town in south Texas called Boerne. I just bought my first Yamaha, a 93 FJ1200 that has been parked for six years. It is very clean with only 15K miles, of course, the battery was dead so I couldn’t test the electrics, but the clutch And brakes seemed to work good and it shifted smoothly. Now I bought a new battery and installed it. All the lights work, turn signals, brake lights, instrument panel lights, etc, but when I hit the starter button, nothing. No clicking or any noise, just silence. It was in neutral, clutch pulled in, on the side stand. I checked all the fuses under the seat and all are good. What else can I check to see why the starter motor won’t activate? Thanks
  17. free to a good home-yamaha majesty 250

    Time Left: 5 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi this bike is free, if there is no interest it will be scrapped. Im based in Ireland, I have a 2001, Majesty 250cc, it is in quite good condition, in daily use for the last 18 months. however it could do with some TLC and would make an ideal re-furb project . there is only 34,000 miles on the clock... however the exhaust, could do with replacing, the brakes could do with an over haul and the centre stand no longer works. i will post detailed photos here tomorrow. i am happy to deliver the bike to anywhere in Ireland or to holyhead in the UK. as i said this bike is free, if there is no interest it will be scrapped. I have no interest in selling as it is likely to only attract couriers or food delivery people and I do not trust them to put the work in to make the bike really road worthy.


  18. DT400E RPM question

    I think max power is produced at 5,500 rpm and torque at 5,000 rpm, so going beyond that is pretty pointless. It's a large capacity, two-stroke single so is never going to be a 'red-line screamer'. Best change up early and ride the torque.
  19. Verification of year of manufacture

    I’m pretty sure the engine and chassis number are correct as CT1 300369. It’s just that someone has registered it in 2002 and it has been assigned a1969 number plate (presumably from the CT1 element of the chassis / engine number). Bike is all original as far as I can see. Had been offf the road for some time and the docs / plate lost. I’ve checked things like the reed valve intake and the shape of the left hand magneto casing cover and they date the bike as 1972 from the parts microfiche ive tried to attach pics but they are too large! Apparently a letter from owners club will be accepted by DVLA. If someone wants to send me a PM I can send pictures Any help appreciated
  20. 1988 Yamaha QT50, MOTd and ready to ride

    That's not so bad mate, and think of all the money in the bank when you get home..! Plus with luck no one will be shooting at you.
  21. DT400E RPM question

    Hello all I am really enjoying my dt400e. I have a question in regards to the rpms the bike runs very strong but seems to fall flat around 6500 rpms is this common to the bike as its stock and I really don't intend on running it in the redline I just noticed the other day in 3rd gear I tried to redline it just to see if it would and it just falls flat at around 6500. Just wandering Thanks Robert
  22. Last week
  23. 1988 Yamaha QT50, MOTd and ready to ride

    Not exactly, fixing the Americans toys, for more than twice what I'm on now, only downside being I'll be picking dust bogies out of every orifice I have for three months at a time.
  24. Yamaha XS250

    Music to my ears
  25. DT 175 MX 12volt conversion

    NEO hasn't been back since May 2016
  26. Hey Guy's n Gal's

    Bonjour Jamie" , that a bonnie bike,,,,
  27. DT 175 MX 12volt conversion

    I have a 1984 French import XT250 6v with a battery thats almost always flat, no indicators and a real poor headlight, virtually non existant out in the unlit countryside roads. I just read your thread Neo and am wondering why there is no mention of swapping the yellow and white wires over so that the battery is charged off the lighting circuit and the headlamp runs off the charging circuit if that kicks out more voltage sooner in the rev range? Wont that mean that the light goes brighter sooner rather than after 3000 rpm?. Also speedshop, can you rewind my lighting coil? what else would I have to change and at what total cost? and what maximum size of headlight bulb might I realistically be able to run? Thanks if you read this as time seems to have passed slightly since you all wrote this!!!
  28. XS1100 2H9 engine and frame color code ?

    Hi , that"l be a Satin black on the engine ,,
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