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  2. Centre stand rubbing against chain

    Take it to a local bike shop or garage, I'm sure they'd be happy to tack something on for you for a tenner
  3. Centre stand rubbing against chain

    I have a Yamaha YBR125 with a bit of a dilemma. Under the exhaust used to be a piece of metal welded to it with a rubber stop which held the centre stand in place. Long story short that metal has fell off the exhaust so the stand hits the chain now going too far up into the bike. I’ve tried thinking of ways to stop it but can’t come up with a decent solution. Been using cable ties to hold it in line with the side stand. Anyone got any creative ideas? I’m a guy with little tools so unable to drill holes or anything and would like to keep the main centre stand on. Thanks! wont let me post any pictures D:
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  5. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

    • WANTED
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    Wanted original front foot Rests, Gear lever and brake pedal for 2002 XVS125 as modified ones are too far away for my son to reach!! Call Dave 07973 558 996

    30.00 GBP

  6. Dave T

    Dave T
  7. Thunderturd 1!

    Picked up a pair of Tomos A3 mopeds today aswell, I seem to be devolving a liking for small weird stuff
  8. New to Bikes

    Thanks for the welcome! Here's a couple pictures of the bike.
  9. Newbie questions and storage

    I had a 79 xs1100. Certainly the UK models did NOT have a hydraulic clutch and was air cooled so no radiator. If you are going to drain the tank you'll need to put the tap on 'prime' as they are vacuumed taps, but I see no reason to drain the tank if it is only for a few months. I would clamp the fuel hose and run the engine until the carbs empty. No need to drain the brake lines No need to drain the engine oil or the shaft trans fluids, but a good idea to replace these once you put it back on the road (if this has not been done recently) Finally I would remove the battery and stick it on an Optimate or other type of maintainer I haven't run a bike over the winter for a number of years and have never felt the need to drain the tank....even with this ethanol shit fuel, and when I go to fire my bike up in the summer the fuel in the tank fills the carbs and the bike fires easily once the carbs are filled
  10. Txt 50 new member

    Hi I'm new to the forum and have a tzr 50cc Spanish import. First registered in the UK in 2000.
  11. New to Bikes

    Hi Adam welcome to the YOC.
  12. Newbie questions and storage

    Ok Don pretty good ideas there, reasonably sure tho that you bike does NOT have a hydraulic clutch, is there a cable from the lever on the left of the bars to the engine? if so then it's a cable clutch. As I'm in the UK what do you mean by "Trans" fluid? Here that would mean transmission and that on your bike is engine oil..! not clutch/brake fluid. You do however have hydraulic brakes so that fluid you can change if you want to. As to filling the tank, you can do that but make sure you use the highest octane fuel you can get ie less ethanol is a good thing. otherwise just drain it and leave it empty, then run the engine till it uses whatever fuel is in the lines and splutters to a stop. Just wondering tho do you actually have a radiator? ie water cooling on the XS1100 just to be sure is this the same as your bike? this one does NOT have a radiator.
  13. Thunderturd 1!

    QT indeed.
  14. Last week
  15. I was looking through a service manual for my Yamaha XS1100 1979 and on the maintenance portion, I couldn't find locating the clutch reservoir. I considered changing the clutch fluid/trans fluid eventually. (is clutch and trans fluid the same thing?) And as far as storage goes I know winter isn't until a few months depending on where you live. I'm currently living in Michigan. I plan on doing this in order. - Run it out of gas with petcocks on, to drain the carbs - Fill gas tank up all the way up and add fuel stabilizer - Drain the engine oil and put new oil. - Rear and front brakes not sure if it's necessary to drain? Should I drain the antifreeze? And replace with new fluids? - Leave it on center stand. Please advise me on if what I have in mind is wrong or something I left out. I appreciate your time and responses.
  16. Thunderturd 1!

    Really close to wanting one of those! Couple of Barbie stickers on it and I reckon it'd be perfect
  17. New to Bikes

    Hi adam , get a piccy up of the Dt ,
  18. Thunderturd 1!

    That's a cutie.
  19. Thunderturd 1!

    great for what it is
  20. Thunderturd 1!

    Thats a nice looking little Yamahopper you have there, neat with the shaftdrive, you could probably take up Pizza deliveries with the top box.
  21. Thunderturd 1!

    Hey peeps. Picked up another addition to the fleet a couple of weeks ago, a little QT50 I found on the auto jumble at the Dorset Steam Fair, in my drunken logic I decided it needed to come home. Needed a new set of tyres and the brakes fettling (even after cleaning and roughing up the drums, the rear brake would only put out 27%, the MOT requirement was 25%), nevertheless it did eventually pass. So it now has a fresh 12 month ticket, I use it for riding around on the airbase when I'm at work, the top box is large enough for small aircraft spares or a crate of beer and it has "No Fat Chicks" written on the back in permanent marker So far nobody has died or been arrested but it's early days yet,
  22. tzr50 low compression

    Likely to be reeds I'd have thought.
  23. 1978 DT400 E No Spark

    over to you John (he's restored a few)
  24. New to Bikes

    Adam great intro
  25. 1978 DT400 E No Spark

    Hey all, I'm trying to get my dad's 78 DT400 running again, I started with cleaning the carb, replacing fuel lines, replacing the spark plug, and the coil, I'll picking up a new battery tomorrow. After replacing the plug and coil, there is still no spark, I've been kicking it over without the battery in it, but front my understanding that is it's kick to start it doesn't need a battery. I've been told that it could be the stator, which I've looked at prices online and that's something I'll have to weight until next year to mess with. Is there a way to test the stator to see if it's the problem? Could it be possible that there is another reason for it not having spark? Thank you in advance! '
  26. New to Bikes

    Hey all! My name is Adam, and it was my goal this summer to try and get my dad's 78 DT400 running so I could start learning how to ride, and so I could get my M class. Unfortunately, I've run in to a snag and didn't get it running yet, but I'll talk more about that in another post. I'm new to bikes, but I've been messing with cars for a few years. I'm on my third Camaro, which is a 1999 Z28 that I have some big plans for, and I have a 1996 Z71 K1500 that I'm just trying to keep going until I can afford something a little more reliable. I'm new here, but I'm not new to forums, there's a few others that I'm a member on, as well. As the nicer whether comes to a close, I'll be messing with the bike less and less, so I may not be super active over the winter months, but as long as I have the bike, I'll have questions. I don't have any pictures of the bike on my computer, but I'll try uploading some on here when I get the chance, and make a build thread to keep track of the progress. Thanks for having me!
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