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  2. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Right let's start a list of people attending then: Me Cynic Kev Blackhat Tommy Slice Drewps?
  3. Painting

    As above really, you have to be able to unbolt it if for nothing else than to grease the bearings. Usually every 6 to10 thousand miles. Diagram of generic bearing showing the various bolts and shafts that need to come off. This one starts at number7. NOT your bike but similar I bet.
  4. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Nope not that Drewpy THIS.! https://www.nevillejohnson.co.uk/dark-oak-inline-glass-staircase/
  5. Front wheel bearings fj1200 C3?

    At we talking microns or just going up a bearing size? Where did the c3 question come from, is it a quirky size bearing, of on a st 6202 would be 15/35. Some of the TDR people have had 3mm spacers made to take up the 3mm gap (stock tzr front spindle is 12mm uses a 12/32 wheelbearing (6201) the TDR uses the 15/35 6202. What are the sizes of each wheel bearing? Actual measure, the actual bearing number, not intrnet...
  6. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Anywhere any time is good for me .
  7. Yesterday
  8. bike race on tv

    Whiles on the subject,,,,W.S.B ,, round 1 , is tomorrow 5am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Front wheel bearings fj1200 C3?

    the OD is different but the ID is the same (15mm) still not keen on using C3, so unless no-one can offer any other observations, I'll stick with Standard clearance Koyo bearings
  10. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    the money's on a new stannah stair lift
  11. Painting

    Nope, its bolted in the same as any other swing arm with a spindle.
  12. There is only one problem... They have welded the swing arm but in so there is no way to take off my swing arm
  13. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    5 bedrooms for you, yer missus & 3 cats is that a room each
  14. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Bet he don't want paying in imperial.....
  15. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Well I reckon you NEED a new bike, so you can be out of the house while all this work is being done!! Seriously complaining about Imperial measurements? Everything you buy in metric is an equivalent anyway!!
  16. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Well Finnerz it seems that if you HAVE to have a new staircase you also NEED, NEW carpet NEW paint NEW curtains NEW sodding everything..! She has arranged for 4 of the 5 bedrooms to be painted, carpet fitter to fit carpet (oh that's what he does?) plus some guy came here and TOLD me what he was going to do with MY house then moaned about it being Imperial when he only worked in Metric, that apparently was down to me..! So it seems that 8 grand is ALL it will cost for the ESSENTIAL staircase but the other "odd's and sod's" simply add "only a few extra pounds to the whole job" Her words..! Oh and just to make it plain here just the 2 of us live here and 3 cat's..! Sorry forgot to add Hall stairs and landing NEED painting as well, well why not if your already in the shit you might as well learn to swim..!
  17. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Got to be Marble
  18. Painting

    Nope, its powder coat. Chances are its laid on a base coat and that bstd reacts. Least it has done with the 2 bikes i have stripped and re done. You ideally need to baremetal the sw arm and work up. Will give a finish worth the effort though.
  19. Front wheel bearings fj1200 C3?

    Why would they be any different to the wheel bearings in the tdm. Got to admit the thought of expansion from heat never even entered my head when i got the bearings for the Aprilia wheels in the TDR. What do you have to change to fit the wheel, must be close to a straight swap.
  20. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    The way it reads to me is that they don't take bookings that big through that website. It says on site information that rallies are welcome so I'll give them a bell if that's where we want to go and have a word.
  21. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Think that's more to avoid college blow outs and stag parties, we could be sneaky and book in groups of 3 then by chance find by amazing luck we all picked the same camp.....
  22. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Bloody hell mate what's it made of?
  23. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Ok I'm in, her indoors has just spend 12 grand on new fucking staircase so I think I might need a break..! YES 12K..!! That's my new FJR out the sodding window $%^&.
  24. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Yeah saw that, I was going to call when we have definite numbers. Can't see them turning the money down
  25. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Single-sex bookings of 4 or more people (couples and immediate family members excepted) are not permitted via Pitchup.com. Group bookings of 8 or more adults are not permitted (couples and immediate family members excepted).
  26. I want to paint the rusted spots on my swing arm... I was going to strip the paint off of the swing arm completely and respray it but I think if I stand it down to make it level and smooth I can spray it without taking all the paint off... What sand paper do I use and what grit?
  27. Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Pubs are a 5 minute walk away and I filtered out any that weren't bike friendly. There's more on there to choose from
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