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  2. Sounds great. i cycled up gospel pass to the youth hostel there. Peeps were taking photos of me. That was some climb
  3. I have a 2003 Yamaha XVS125 and I have got it up and running but everytime I go to click it into 1st gear it will just stall. I have tried bypassing clutch switch and the side stand switch and I have also stripped down and cleaned the clutch plates and put it back together with fresh oil and still having the same problem. Any suggestions?
  4. it only rains as much as England. When it does rain though it lashes down. Unless you are a Manc, in which case youll be used to it... Saturday route: Talybont to Methyr via the reservoir road - a lovely forested road with a 1500ft bwlch. Breakfast at the Roadhouse in @ Pant. Then onto the Black Mountain road from Brynamman to Llangatog. as seen on Top Gear - lovely fast flowing road. On to Llandovery - we can stop at West End Cafe, if people want. A nice old school biker cafe. Up the A40 to Brecon [always a good road and not always busy even on a June saturday!]. Down the A470, over the bwlch at Storey Arms. We probably wont be able to park on the pass, so a stop further down. Back at Methyr, along the HOV road, A465, to Aber. Stop at Oasis for a brew and check out the bikes at the bus stop. Fuel up. On to Llanvihangel Curcorney and up the Vale of Ewyas. Through Llanthony and Capel y Ffin. It's narrow so it may take a little time. Stop at the Gospel Pass, the highest paved road in Wales. Onto Hay on Wye. If you like secondhand books, youll love it. It's beyond quaint. Back to Talybont with stop for supplies if BBQing. If rained off a curry in Brecon or food in Talybont [might be spendy though] Sunday; Talybont to Builth. Builth to Llandindrod. If you are going North, then you have to ride A483 to Newtown (Powys) - an amazing road with few silly speed limits and rolling twists and turns. Ill probably divert to Leominster [as going back south, toMonmouthshire] for lunch at the OK Diner[authentic roadside in the 50s yank style]. To add, so we dont lose anyone, well employ marker system and ill ask whoever is right behind me to mark junctions. The pace wont be full on, so we stay close together.
  5. Well done Bips, just looked up the map you supplied and it seems you have achieved the mission! Hope you managed to get it done without too much trouble? Credit where credit is due one bike one woman and one numb arse is what it should have said. You now have bragging rights over us old farts
  6. Yesterday
  7. Well Bipps (and Drewps, although I don't quite get the xmas gag) shamed me and today I willingly went out in the pouring rain to head down to Ayr for the Classic Bike show. Glad I did as the rain eased off after about 10 miles and I had a great run out on my Triple. Not many Yams there, a couple of obligatory elsies and these two. I think this may have been last year, but it just downloaded with the other pics
  8. Its Wales and your using the word 'IF'. Did you not mean 'when'.
  9. sounds like a plan, just need a backup if its persisting it down
  10. They are sliding pins. If it didn't move your brakes would not work as efficiently.
  11. For those interested, you can track me: https://www.polarsteps.com/ninabippo/1845840-rblr1000-2019
  12. Last week
  13. I've been in Scotland for the last week, tested my new waterproofs out that's for sure! Are you coming down John? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. Your best bet is to just introduce yourself in this New Members Welcome Area then go to the relevant section in the workshop section. Hope this helps. Mike.
  15. Hi guys, I am a new member and have recently purchased a XVS 125. The electric starter doesn’t work. Does anyone know what would cause this? And how much it will cost to fix? It’s had a new battery recently. i am based in Kent so if anyone knows of a decent mechanic please send their details. many thanks
  16. Hi JayZee, and welcome to the forum. (very friendly forum) I'm about the same age as you (70) but only a virgin compared to your historical experience. Have only been biking for thirty years and have only had about ten bikes. Anyway. Again a very warm welcome to the forum. Mike.
  17. oasis snack bar is expensive and overrated. far better places for food and drink tbh. worth a stop for coffee, but not much more. im still tempted to go down the barbeque route. I can bring one up and we can get meat, salad, charcoal, ale in Brecon on the way back on on saturday evening and do our own cook up. But it's up to you guys if you want a meal somewhere - i can book something if you want.
  18. visit www.carpe-tdm.net all info is there
  19. https://www.facebook.com/oasissnackbarabergavenny/
  20. wonder how far away this is? do we have a Saturday evening meal destination? https://www.hillsbrecon.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0ML0kDhH3YaWDZfz1pel0EuFdUJU_jL81VMJ0uhWLW1_eCsVc2nralCoo
  21. You shame me bipps, I won't willingly go out in anything over a 40% chance of rain
  22. Welcome to the club mate. You can load pics by using Postimage.org. Once signed up and uploaded a pic to your new account, you click on the share button and copy the "hotlinks for forums" Copy that into your post and bobs yer aunty
  23. hi from swansea south wales dont know how to load a pick of ride but soon as i can i will
  24. Hi Rick, You say you're hopeless at electrics! so don't be offended if i say have you checked the bulbs? The DT has two circuits. The battery powers the tail/brake light, side light, indicators and horn. Meanwhile The magneto/generator ONLY powers the headlight bulb. The headlight is on a DIFFERENT circuit to all the other bulbs. Tracing faults is a process of elimination. The fact you have a working brake light shows there is power from the battery. Therefore the fuse must be intact and by default the earth for that bulb must also be intact. (The brake and tail light bulb shares the same earth) The rear bulb may have a damaged tail light filament, incidentally just looking at a filament is not enough to say it's intact. Sometimes it may visually appear to be intact but may not work. It's easy to check bulbs with a piece of wire and the battery. Explaining how to do it..... well heres a video on you tube Substitute your battery for the one in the video and touch the contacts on the bottom of the bulb separately to test them. One does work (you already know this because you said the brake light works) which means if you can't get either to work you're not doing it right. Equally, if both filaments work then the fault lies in the wiring circuit. You can test ALL your bulbs first this way to see if they are the cause and replace them accordingly. The next part will be tracing the fault in the wiring if ALL the bulbs work using the above method. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.
  25. Well today is the day I’m heading off to Squires for my overnight camp. And surprise, surprise... it’s raining. I was hoping for a dry arrival at least so that I could start the day with dry kit, but that’s clearly not going to happen...! Checking the Saturday & Sunday forecast at each major city I’m passing by on the ride, and yep, you guessed it... rain!
  26. Yea mate is fkn sh!te. I got my Bonnie MOT'd in April and it's rained almost every day since, then I bought the Trident and by fk it's poured down....but hey ho it's Scotland what do we expect to see* *cue Basil Fawlty and herds of majestic wilderbeests
  27. I've just purchased a windjammer but stupidly didn't think about the fact that I have an intercom and a video camera glued on the side so can't use it. Does anyone know of one which can be fitted internally somehow?
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