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  2. I am renovating a '77 DT250MX which was one of just 450 specials supplied to the Danish army. It has uprated front forks and an extended fuel tank as you can see from the picture. I have been able to source most parts that I need but two items are yet to be found, namely a complete exhaust system and the side cover for the airbox which when it is available is at an astronomical price due probably to their scarcity. So I have decided to try and make one. I have the air filter end cover which is held onto the airbox with 3 screws but what I need is a clear picture showing how the outer cover is attached to this inner cover. It looks as if it was with some sort of rubber hinge but I would like to have details of this. So if anyone can take pictures and either post or send to me direct it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of my bike as is and another of how I hope it will look when finished
  3. Snakebite68

    '77 dt250mx

    Yeah, you're in the wrong section...
  4. NE0

    '77 dt250mx

    I think you'll find i replied to one of your other posts on this subject shortly after you posted it. plus... did you mean to post a WANTED!! in the FOR SALE section??
  5. Aviator

    '77 dt250mx

    WANTED!!! Does anyone know where I can get a complete exhaust system for this bike? I have been told that PS Tuning in Holland can make one but I am unable to get any response from them by phone or email. Secondly I need the airbox and tool cover for this bike Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated
  6. Agreed, but many people do go gorilla on plugs for some unknown reason, or worse put them in dry, we all know thats a bad idea from our own personal spark plug. The first time on my v max i could not get enough force on the box spanner in the toolkit so had to get a bit serious. They came out but cracking them off was scary. Who does plugs up that tight?
  7. Thanks guys, for everyone that replied. Taking plugs out shouldn't be this complicated! If you have the right tools however....
  8. Go to Halfords and buy their box spanner plug remover usual sizes are 5/8 inch and 13/16. That way you don't have to grind down a socket. Just remember that box spanners are thin walled and will slip if you go gorilla on them! The cost is about £12 for a box spanner set.
  9. On my vmax i have a socket i have ground down to fit better. There are only a few plug sizes, check on the bench that the plug fits the inside of the socket you have then grind it down till it fits. Not scientific but works. There must be a socket that fits, not wanting to cast doubt on the nay sayers that called for a new head. The blindingly obvious fact is, someone put the plugs IN. They would not have done that without a socket.
  10. Not a clue I'm afraid, I just use what fits! lol
  11. Thats a good shout, thanks. Dont think its a case of the socket/extension being long enough. But that i need a plug spanner, ie thin walled. If its some sort of after market or foreign plug, any idea what the size is AF?
  12. From your 'Crude pic', even if there are helicoils on there, they don't appear to extend beyond the nut. So, I'd be more inclined to wonder if either: 1/ You're using the wrong sized socket (aftermarket / foreign plugs). or 2/ Your socket isn't long enough (aftermarket / foreign plugs). Try a different/deeper socket...
  13. Anyone know what i am missing? Spark plug socket wont go down over ones in bike. There appears to be something sitting over the plugs. Crude pic attached. Is there anything unique about these bikes? Asked question on American site and they said there are helicoils fitted (to all 4??) and i need a new cylinder head. Seems a bit extreme! Even if helicoils were fitted, you still need to screw the plugs into place. Thanks in advance.
  14. back in the day i had a Tzr125. it was restricted to the 12hp learner limit by pegging the powervalve closed. other manufacturers used washers in the exhaust system i believe. to be honest, you are better off leaving the power valve closed. the bikes are a lot more reliable in that state.
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a complete exhaust system for my 1977 DT250MX?
  16. NE0

    Vintage DT250MX

    hi there, you don't say where you are in the world. There is Musket Mufflers in New Zealand who are known to stock a lot of Yamaha exhausts, and can apparently custom make any system. Might be worth looking them up. They had an off the shelf front pipe repair section I bought from them for my DT175MX
  17. Would anyone know of a source or manufacturer of a complete replacement exhaust system made to original shape for a 1977 DT250MX??
  18. Well Zohan, did you ever find a source of an exhaust system for your DT250MX?? I have a '77 ex Danish army model and I need the complete exhaust for my project. I don't even have a pattern except a stainless pipe that someone made for it sometime. I want to restore to original so I have to find one somewhere. Regards, Michael (English but in Poland)
  19. i've booked talybont farm at brecons now for that weekend.
  20. So camping will now be here: https://four-oaks-camp-site.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral#summary Camping will be £20 for the 2 nights There is a hotel ibis nearby: Ibis budget 01283 701816 https://maps.app.goo.gl/rTGNfEVsKZ3dofYD6 Also a couple of b&b's: The Cottage 01283 704149 https://maps.app.goo.gl/1JoupV3cwGRHRTTU7 The Courtyard Hotel at the Stenson Bubble 07540 398389 https://maps.app.goo.gl/xaj6PPtvTpkGWsxF9
  21. Yup, that's the bonus of those types of exhaust though, you can niggle them a bit to get a better fit. Mine is a solid one, bugger all I can do about it...
  22. The Black widow exhaust is a really good fit all round, but I'm glad Snakebite68 voiced his concern about the proximity of the exhaust to the fairing. The sides of the belly pan were close enough to cause me to space them out a bit. Probably not the fault of the system, to be fair, more to with the bendy brackets.
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