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    My XVS125 Dragstar - 'Korona'

    A place to share pictures/progress of my first venture on two wheels.
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  4. Cheers dude! Biting at the bit now, especially hearing the sports bikes still cracking past on Sundays! I've worn cowboy boots for a couple of years but my accent still gives me away! XD The VTwin on these is roughly the same size as the 650s... Would love to take the heads off just to see the tiny cylinder bore!
  5. Hi there " i thought you were a Yank, wen seeing the topic , thats a big looking 125 .
  6. Welcome to the forum matey. Plenty of time to enjoy the bike once this sh!t is out the way
  7. Hello Everyone! Samm, 28 from Essex. New to bikes and having just passed my CBT I bought myself a rather shiny XVS125... with rather large 31K on the clock! COVID19 has stopped me riding in the last week or so but I still managed to put 300 miles in while I had the chance. Now onto making her as clean and tidy as I can so she at least looks the part when I'm back to doing 55MPH flat out. XD
  8. Best wishes to all. I'm glad that some companies are slowly seeing sense and laying people off. My dad's still working, the place he works at have basically classed everyone as a key worker because they supply the odd land rover part to the NHS, police and MoD. Just an excuse to stay open basically. Anyone who self isolates has been told they'll get SSP. I've nearly ran out of jobs around the house now, so I'll be slowly going stir crazy from here on in. I have registered on the GoodSAM app though, at least I can do my bit helping some less fortunate people out.
  9. Take care folks. My wife (respiratory nurse) came down with it two weeks ago and it's taken its toll on her. The fever lasted 4 days, but the tightness in her chest is still persisting. She's ended up with antibiotics for a secondary infection (which I understand from my doctor friend is common) and she's still not 100%. If you get it and it continues to bother you in week two, seek help sooner than later as this may prevent you going into hospital. Out of the two of us, I thought it would be me that gets it worst, as she never gets ill and is one of the healthiest people I know (long distance runner), whereas I get ill if I speak to someone on the phone who has a cold... but me and the kids seem to have dodged this one so far (fingers crossed). Stay indoors and stay safe folks
  10. Hello i have same problem... i change new stator, but isn't charging.. AC up from 8,5 to 19.. when push accseleration. R/R i have 2 and was put in other TZR and fine .. but in my not working... w and y/r wires have short in ground. where is problem???
  11. Jenni I have posted in your post in frame numbers
  12. Jenni Look up postimages.com Free to sign up and once you upload pictures to it all you need to do is copy the link for "hotlink for forums" and paste that in your post
  13. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Looks like your missus may have balls just the same as you do but brass. My lot threw in the towel and have started putting us off pro rata with work available, we have to be ready to be called back but could be off for weeks. At least the official pay out is better than expected. I understood it to be 80% of basic, its not its 80% of your normal pay so im a lot better off than I thought I was. Have to say after living through a near fatal pneumonia years back im glad to be at home. It is something I will never forget. The feeling of breathing but getting very little, the internal panic that builds up in your head as you realise you cannot breathe will never leave me. Covid victims have my deepest sympathies. The useless selfish scuts that are leaving masks and gloves in shopping trollies and car parks need fking though. As do all the people that have self isolated due to 'symptoms' that are a fabrication to stay home. Cowardice in my book. Plane old ww1 LOMF.
  14. There is a Yamaha owners club facebook page, search Yamaha Owners Club uk. Photos easiest there. Tricky one, the 125/175 models are for the same model year almost identical bar cc, number of cyl head nuts and an extra clutch plate in I think the same clutch basket. So if its the right age from a 6v bike it should fit fine.
  15. Hi, I'm having issues getting the Flickr and Photobucket apps to work on my phone. I've had a look at other image sharing sites and am finding it all a bit bamboozling. Can anyone suggest anything else? I think I have an older DT125 (Thanks Cynic!) but I was wanting people who know about this sort of thing to have a look at some pictures as some of the kit on the bike looks like it could be for a 175. What's left of the frame number matches the engine number which is 1F9-006545. Thanks!
  16. I've had another look at the frame number and what is left is the same as the engine number? The Flikr and Photobucket apps don't work on my phone, or I'd upload images! Hmmm...
  17. Hi Cynic, Thanks for clearing that up. I'm away to have another trawl for more info. The frame number has mostly gone and I really can't make out anything. It looks like it could have been ground off at some point... The magneto flywheel on it is for a 50 and it's missing the magnets. There's a DT125 magneto on ebay, but it's possibly for a later model. Do you have any idea if they're interchangable? I suspect it's going to be a case of try it and see. ;) Thanks again.
  18. Hello - i'm new to the forum and seeking any information for where I might purchase an XS750 exhaust system - triple pipes? any help welcome - living in Melbourne Australia
  19. I'm still at work, in fact nightshift now, and doing my normal four on four off. Used the bike a couple of times to commute. Frustrated during my days off tho, but hey ho, it's what we need to do. Concerned for my wife, as she is a nurse on a medicine for the elderly ward and three of her patients have died through Covid. I hope not, but feel it's only a matter of time til it gets her
  20. Hello, I got myself xvs 650 1997 34k KM about year ago and everything seemed to be fine. Last year November I did the oil change, drove few KM and put it away for winter. Roughly month ago I took it out and went for a ride. Came back and noticed that engine is somewhat louder. It could be that oil I used is different hence the noise difference ( I had extremely noisy suzuki once and my virago was not much better in that regard). It seems like its been getting louder the more I ride. I slapped some 20W 50 in it today and noise wise it sounds about same ( does shift smoother though). Maybe its just my paranoia but it would be great if someone could shed some light on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuC83yUpd5U&feature=youtu.be Sorry about the bad video quality. Bike is parked underground and everything there sounds louder. Il take a new one tomorrow outside. Or maybe all those sounds are normal. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello everyone I've currently sorting out my Yamaha ready for selling however, I have just noticed that the side switch is pretty much busted and was fused. I have managed to get it off the cable by unscrewing the 4 screws on the back of it however I need a new one as the screw holes holding the main part to the frame was snapped. I have seen a few on eBay but they are different years to mine. Will one from 2009 work on my 2013? or did they change massively during those years? If not great, if they did, do any of you know a place where I can get one without breaking the bank of spending nearly £100. Cheers
  22. Disconnect the pickup coil coupler from the harness Red probe on the green/white Black probe on the blue/yellow Should read 192-288 ohms @ 20C
  23. Stuck in mostly, but like Drewpy, out running 3 or 4 times a week. Oddly, see more folk out on the footpaths around the fields than Ive ever seen in the past. Wife's high risk so have to be careful, looks like all our holiday plans are up the spout this year, and no trackdays too. Running out of jobs to do a round the house and garden. Theres always the shit picking to do down at youngest daughters stables though. Oh joy
  24. Hi, I know this is but of an old thread but need some assistance. My xvs 125 is lacking power and I suspect the pickup coil to be faulty or out of resistance, does anyone here knows what the reading should be when checking the pickup coil? Had to do a no-2 cylinder rebuild after the cam shaft driven gear rocked loose and came off.. after the rebuild it's not been right? But she has good compression, timing is spot-on, valve clearances seem good but will take measurements for those as well so I can reference to mine to be doubly sure. If those two I've asked about match others readings/measurements then the only other thing I can think of it being us the ICU/ECU Can anyone offer any help on this? Thanks in advance!!
  25. Welcome to the nuthouse Jen
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