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  3. Had another super day last week, novice group, blessed with decent weather again. Ive booked again for next monday, intermediate group this time, not sure if itll be too hot for me but going to give it a go
  4. Very posh. Is the bottom pic up by the airport?
  5. Hi len" post up your problems in the workshop section , see whats needed ,
  6. Air leak if there are no cable/carb issues. Could be a gasket, carb rubbers, even the crank seal behind the mag. get squirting with wd40, that will show if its a gasket/seal leak. One thing you can rest easy on, we know exactly what bike your talking about, many of us have had one for years. I got mine 30 years ago.
  7. Cynic

    New ride....

    What you were dripping ugly fluids? Nice one Fizz, id like a change but my financial advisor has a long list of things that are really boring that I have to pay for. Nothing important, daughters uni, for example.
  8. slice

    New ride....

    Well it's very pretty and all but now there is no chance whatever of keeping up with you! My only Triumph had 2 speeds, warp factor WTF! and dead still with various ugly fluids dripping on the floor, but I was only 17 at the time and had no idea. (Before you say anything Jimmy yes it's the rider not the bike!!!)
  9. 100 main is far too small, that's why its screaming for choke. Without the 25 idle your making things even worse. Ported properly with a good pipe and filter these could have a 200 main depending on the other jets. Someone may well have fitted a different needle and emulsion tube, matched to a 140 main. If you have these with a 100 main it will never run. If you have cut the fuel right back your smoke will be all the extra oil the engine is getting from the pump. Please don't mess with it. Pumps only kill bikes when people mess with them blaming them for problems caused by running out of oil or thrashing from cold. Put the originals back for now cleaned and at the very least do a plug chop.
  10. Cynic

    Biker down course

    I was 'removed' from an IAM ride out because I refused point blank to ride in 2 columns side by side. I wanted to ride in a stagger. They said it takes too much space, seeing as it was pissing with rain at the time I stated I wanted a way out in an emergency, I was on the inside getting hit by the rooster tail of spray coming off the sports bike ahead of me. Ruining my vision. They moaned if I dropped back, they moaned if I moved out of line, they moaned if I moved to the middle in corners to get out of the crap. They basically moaned, full stop. In the end they said if I cannot follow their 'safe' way I could not continue except at the rear. So I left the IAM to their own stupidity and have never regarded them as anything more than self important muppetts feeding off greener riders inexperience.
  11. Welcome Lenny, did you get your minor problem solved then
  12. Last week
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum tonight, after struggling for a few days I've decided to join and ask for help. I've got a DT 125 LC MK1 When I first brought this bike a month ago as a project, it would start fine but wouldn't rev up past 1/2-3/4 throttle and seemed lacking in power, I stripped the carb down gave it a good clean out and see that the main jet was a 140 and the pilot was a 25. I ordered new jets for it so it's now got a 20 as a pilot and a 100 as main, I chose 100 over a 80 as it has a sports exhaust on it, updated reed valves and a aftermarket filter. I've been and fitted the carb on the bike tonight. It was a struggle to get it to start and now it will only run on choke, as soon as you push the choke button in it gradually dies and you cannot rev atall to stop it. It still doesn't rev up properly and it's very smokey now, leaves a cloud behind when you ride it. Can someone please shed some light on this before I throw it in the scrap Thanks Tony
  14. Hi all, found this club after searching for a minor problem resolution on the lady in my life - YBR Custom 2008. Been riding since July last year and will be taking my next licence in July this year, so already planning my next Yamaha. Not getting rid of my custom though, will be stripping her, repairing all the nasty electrical botch jobs the previous owners did and rebuilding. Good chance to learn everything I need to know.
  15. jimmy

    New ride....

    Don't ever be sorry for owning a Triumph. Great looking bike bud. I've got its granda, a 1959 Speed Twin Yea, cmon bipps, you know it makes sense
  16. Believe it or not Dutchy, I have never been to Eastleigh, If my memory serves me right that's where the bootnecks are based. Also, I have never been to Southampton (Merchant rather than Royal) Mike.
  17. bippo

    New ride....

    Very nice! Always good to treat yourself - and a good choice! Maybe one day I’ll be back in the Triumph fold...
  18. finnerz89

    New ride....

    It's been a while since I started a new post, so thought I'd share my new toy! Picked it up last week, I'm 30 this year so I thought balls to it and had a brand new bike. Gone for the new speed twin... Pics attached. All I'll say is that it's awesome, torque for days, nice and easy to ride - even at a spirited pace Sorry it's not a yam [emoji851] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  19. Ah, right in Mike's comfort zone........... lol Cheers!
  20. Hello, i am new here in this forum. I hope you can help me with my issue with my Yamaha DT 175. I have been driving a good distance when it suddenly went max on RPM. It's not the cable, cable housing neither is it carberator i have looked on that with help. What can be causing this now? It's a 2 stroke, 171cc with single carburetor.
  21. Hi all, Was looking for a new rear tyre for my 125 dragster. Currently has a Bridgestone 130/90 -15m on it. I'd really like a white wall, however the smallest I can find is a 140/90-15, would that work? I'm yet to find a garage local to me that does bike tyres specifically otherwise I would go have a chat with them
  22. From Eastleigh (right next to Southampton airport) Loving the bike so far, been great weather too!
  23. Welcome to the madhouse mate
  24. as IT SAYS ,, Tried to reply to newbe post,, and it dosnt work ,, Edit, . it worked tonight ,
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