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  2. I need my son to get his licence so bought a non running 6000 mile 2007 YBR125 with damage to the instrument binnacle 3 weeks ago. A Chinese binnacle for the carburettor version was bought for £19 and adapted for the Injection model, new fuel pump, handlebar lever blades, battery, chain and footrest rubbers saw it through the MOT. It hadn't been used since 2014 and runs sweetly and looks like a 1 year old bike. I have ridden 120 miles on it. Sitting upright it will do 60 mph according to my GPS speedo which I believe is about right as talk of 70 mph seems based on the optimistic speedo or lying flat. I have been riding Classic bikes since 1980 but never modern ones.
  3. Not yet. Are they taking a lot of bookings?
  4. Wont be able to check with work till Monday earliest, even then im not sure of the response. May just be for Sat night, with luck i will get sat and friday free, will let you know as soon as i do.
  5. I have just fitted one of these to an injection YBR. I was able to put the original mph speedometer into the Chinese unit. I used the original wiring harness but the holders for the warning lights are a different size and the Chinese wiring colours are different from the Japanese ones. I managed to remove the orange warning light and put it in the new unit. All rather a bit of hassle but at £19 it was worth it.
  6. Dek

    Centre stand YBR250

    Thanks Neversaydie The ybr250 parts catalogue does show a centre stand so I presume they don't have one even thought it looks like the attachment bracket is there. Won't give up yet. Dek
  7. have you booked on yet Finnerz?
  8. Sounds good, I think I'm free that weekend
  9. guys, I've booked camping Matlock on the 4th and 5th at square and compass is anyone wants to join me. I still have the route on sat nav you guys did last time as I didn't get to do it.
  10. Last week
  11. Try going onto the CMSNL webite, check the part no of the stand for each bike, if its the same number its the same stand
  12. Thanks for the reply blackhat250, got the engine out last night hopefully get it stripped this week. after taking the radiator off there was still a good bit of coolant in it so fingers crossed its not as bad as i first thought. was expecting the water pump to have passed all the fluid into the engine but the there was still coolant in the water pump so thats a good sign i guess.
  13. looks like we'll have to postpone it then. PIA
  14. Tempting, bit early start time wise for me though!
  15. Yes, the BSA Tracker is a drum braked version of the NVT Rambler. Sadly not been able to upload the pic even though I compressed the image. Is there another way??
  16. With any luck it's just a head gasket failure. Check when you remove it. If the headgasket looks sound you may have a cracked head. It's surprising as these engines are more reliable than time it's self unless abused to ridiculous levels or big bored.
  17. Added a link to the facebook page with the group. https://www.facebook.com/events/2718299398420321?acontext={"source"%3A5%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"\"[]\""}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}
  18. Hi there, i would flush Radiator, and do water pump,,[ seal etc,], there has to be a reason why it boiled, ..
  19. We were gonna book a Static over in Fort william,, ,[ Rodney " the quiet one Jase"] said one left ,and its a GRAND a week, stuff them,, everyone will go abroad next year, afterthese leeches take advantage,,
  20. Hey all, i am relatively new to the motorbike scene, i have a 2010 YZFR 125. Recently the radiator coolant has decided to relocate its home to my cylinder chamber, i am going to strip it down and replace the gaskets, fingers crossed its all it requires, but do yall have any advice on what else should be replaced at the same time. Engine oil seems to be coolant free for now, just changed the engine oil and filter 20 miles before this happened. Grrrrrr i have also replaced the spark plug at the service. so apart from the obvious engine gasket set what are other parts do yall think i should replace.
  21. Not quite on the same lines but I'm going on a ride out on Sunday morning, meeting in Coventry at 8.30. Heading out to Snowdonia, around 200 miles i believe, all welcome. Just a 250cc min, i think?. If anybody wants to know more and maybe tag along give me a shout. edit. just checked, more like 340, plus getting to cov.
  22. Just had a mate come back from a quick break near where we are going, sorry to say but some of the hotels are charging 2 or 3 times the usual rates for just a room and even then he said that you can get bumped if someone offers more! So I am going to stand back from this years run out, I won't pay through the nose for someone to then ask for more, F**K sake you would think they would honour a contract. So if you all go then best of luck and have fun but not happening for me. Makes me cross to think that by helping out local buisnesses they then get all grabby for a short term gain. (Steps down from soap box!)
  23. Things aint looking good, thats Abredeen outa bounds now,, passed thru on Sunday ,, HOWS things on the west coast Jim,, i see the A83 ] closed again [Landslide ],,
  24. Bloody ell" never heard that one before,,,
  25. Hi " that would be the NVT, , to post picture , right click on a picture you have, then left click on Copy, then paste on your post, ,
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