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  2. Realistically the performance difference is probably negligible. Weight distribution probably makes the biggest difference. Getting the weight down low and near the centre of the bike is more desirable.
  3. Basically i bought a bike to travel to work, 1975. [garelli Tiger] most of my mates had sports peds,, then @17 everyone transferred onto a sub 250cc ,[ L plate laws] for a few years,,,then passed test, then got a 400. but winter dictated the need for a car,. ,
  4. Is there a specific place here to request technological help? I may be getting on a bit, but I'm pretty good with technology, but things like getting my Cardo, Gopro, Rider 550 & phone all working together is a little beyond me. Is there anyone (preferably in West Yorkshire) that is a wiz with these things?
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  6. Good... I dislike when a 'whatever' gives up 'whatever'! Particularly bikers! lol
  7. My dad was a despatch rider during the 2nd World War. I have a couple of photos of him with his bike (I'd like to identify the bike one day and maybe get one (probably can't afford it)). So I heard a few of his war stories centered around his riding. Which always stayed with me... Then, years later, I came across the Yamaha TY80 https://www.classicsuperbikes.co.uk/catalogue/Bikes-for-sale/Yamaha-TY80.html This is the first bike I ever rode, back in... Errr... Let's say late 70s... Possibly early 80s... Probably... My little cousin had it, being slightly
  8. I was going to suggest getting someone experienced to try a bit of clutch-less shifting to see how it took it... If you like 'tinkering', before you replace the casing, you might consider trying to bore it out and sleeve it! Kind of a more permanent version of the tin can shimming you've done so far. Even if it ultimately doesn't work and you replace the casing, it will be a good learning exercise...
  9. No ... but that's a good idea. I have a 1980 450SL I am going to fix up so I'll have a convertible. I also have a 77 corvette that needs redoing. A trike, or sidecar is a really good idea.
  10. I'm running out of riding time. Had a stroke last year. I'm here to get suggestions on fixing up and selling my bikes. I've been riding them up and down the street for the last two years to keep them ready to go. streamsaver
  11. Hmmm, well I had considered the insulation problems (not melting the seat/fairings/rider), and even the weight distribution problems. But I didn't think about the performance problem... Yeah, I've seen a few bikes with cans on the bottom of the bike, venting out either side of the rear wheel! BMW are doing that, if they hid it behind the bottom fairing a bit more, that would REALLY clean up the lines!
  12. Packaging for one, takes a lot of thought routing pipework that could be a couple of hundred degrees through all the delicate parts of a motorcycle not to mention avoiding the rider. Especially with catalytic converters getting seriously hot. Next one is a performance compromise, do you want to give away some horsepower putting the pipe there rather than the conventional position that needs minimal curves as opposed to the twisting and turning of pipe needed to get up under the tail. Size, the amount of silencing and the cats in exhausts now mean they have to be big, you don't want b
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  14. Dangerous ... but love riding at night

  15. Another piece of Thread Necromancy, sorry... But I would really like an answer to this question, IS there any hard luggage out there for Thunderaces?
  16. I'm relatively sure this is the place to post this, but I'm sure someone can move it if it isn't..! This is probably a very 'n00b' question, but: I've always wondered, under tail exhausts just (to me) look so cool! Neater, less visible, streamlining and hopefully cool... So... Why aren't more bikes built with them??? There's obviously at least one major downside to them, or I couldn't see why more bikes aren't built with them. So what is it? What makes them un popular to manufacturers?
  17. Did you get this issue sorted? The exup was for low rev power, it shouldn't cause this.
  18. Now that's cool, I'd love to do that! I was a little worried when you said YZF though, my first thought was an R1! lol
  19. In the same vein as your tank issue, I just recently I had a bit of tentative exploration under my Thunderaces tank. Sorted everything out that I wanted to do and put it all back together, started it up, everything runs fine... Our lass comes out and says 'Is it working now? Let's go to Squires...'. So, off we pop. Need some fuel so head there first. Been on the road now for like 5mins and I can feel... Something... Like the engine is missing or something... Just occasionally. By now, we're down two steep hills and nearly into town, and I'm riding with my head to one side li
  20. Yeah... Don't buy plugs off Amazon... If they look like a great deal, be suspicious..! I'd be looking at what the actual difference is between those two plugs. It may be that you just bought dodgy fake plugs, but it may be that the other plug is higher rated, which leads you to the question: WHY did someone put uprated plugs in the bike? Better spark? To solve a problem? What I'm saying is: Just because the issue appears to be 'fixed', don't stop looking for the problem!
  21. Yeah, I used to drink Snakebites too, however the nickname is because of the half dozen faded scars on my left hand from a 14' Burmese Python...
  22. Snakebite, was my tipple in my teens along with red eye= Pernod, black and cider. can 't remember much after that
  23. I have a 2010 wr250x and the display is flashing EP I have looked in the service manual, I have scoured the internet, I have called Yamaha (no help there) and I have only seen on other instance of this and nothing was known as a remedy below is the youtube video of another person with the same issue -
  24. So I'm curious... How many people in here have (or had) a Thunderace? How was it? What problems did you find? What issues do they have? What did you do to upgrade it? What would you have liked to do to upgrade it? And so on... I've uprated my drive chain and sprockets (I was eating my standard ones for some reason (I'm not a speed freak, honest!)). I've been wondering about getting some uprated spark coils. Whilst not in terrible condition, my fairings are looking their age. I've been looking at the Chinese aftermarket fairing kits. Anyone ever
  25. Hey great intro " snake-bite , [ cider& lager mix wern"t it,] i got back into bikes 13 years ago, and most of my mates followed, i like 2 stroke [easy strip] ,, welcome in ,
  26. Something I found out recently about wheel bearings... Stick the bike on the stands and spin and wiggle the wheel around to check the bearings, all sounds and feels good! I think that's the end of it... Well, you're not supposed to get to your destination and turn the engine off while you're still moving apparently, but I do it anyway at work because it's down hill from the security gate to where I park my bike, and... What's that grumbling??? Yup, the bearings that sounded ok on inspection don't sound nearly as good with my fat ass on the bike! They sound SO much better now they'
  27. Hey guys, Just saying hello... Name: Paul, but I go by Snakebite. Bike: YZF1000R Thunderace. Biker Status: Returning biker (2 years on the 5th of January) (now fully legal!) Mechanical Status: Competent Amateur. Skill Level: Still Alive and haven't dropped it yet... I never know what to write in these things. I want to do more of my own mechanicals, but without a garage, the Ace being my primary mode of transport and my 'drive' being composed of tailings, it's not easy. Our lass and me are looking for a house to buy at the moment, so I'm hopeful for a d
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