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  2. blackhat250

    Sign in woes Again,

    Fkn glitch. need to sign in with Pussbook,,,,🔨
  3. jimmy

    Sign in woes Again,

    Yip, ok on my phone, but laptop access goosed. Same message as last time
  4. Last week
  5. blackhat250

    Sign in woes Again,

    Its wonky again,,,,
  6. Matt Green

    1989 XJ600 help

    Hi. Thanks, I'll try that and see if it works
  7. blackhat250

    1989 XJ600 help

    Hi there, the pawl behind the cluch basket,. maybe need a spring, [ broken or fallen off] ,take off the side cover again, and get some one to select gears,[ engine off] see if its grabbing the selector drum, its a claw, turn the back wheel by hand to change up the gears,
  8. Matt Green

    1989 XJ600 help

    Hi all, First time on a forum. Thought someone with more knowledge than me could help. I'm currently trying to get my xj600 up and running and back on the road. It's been sat in a shed for 10months. Now I got it started yesterday, and it runs just like it did before. However, I had to remove the front sprocket as even with the clutch in the sprocket still span round and would make the rear wheel spin. Does anyone know what would cause this issue? I road it once about a month ago and couldn't get it out of 3rd gear and then it just started going on it's own even with the clutch in. So I took the clutch out put new oil in and cleaned the plates. But still the same issue Just a bit confusing really Thanks for any help!
  9. Honestly, in this day and riding is getting more hazardous I think the camera element is good. Battery and camera tech nowadays could be added to helmets for a tiny weight penalty. No screens, no hud, just the camera element linked to your phone would be worthwhile in any helmet.
  10. Cynic

    Need Parts for Dt Engine

    Engine and chassis numbers on yamaha's are the same. The engine number will do fine.
  11. Ttaskmaster

    FJR valve clearance..!

    Most mechanics (that I know of) have some kind of Ts&Cs that basically mean they're not liable for broken bolts and bits, since so many are often seized, rusted, shagged or buggered... doubly so if the OEM bolts are made of cheese in the first place (Yamaha Cruisers, I'm looking at you), and it's nigh-on essential if the mechanic has anything to do with BMWs on a regular basis!!
  12. Ttaskmaster

    JARVISH: The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Ever Made

    Is this not just the Skully helmet aaaaaaaaaaaaall over again? I recall how that one turned out in the end... namely that it didn't!! I also assume that this 'Jarvish' AI helmet will also be available in 'Tony Shtark' colours, so I can look like 'Irron Mann'?
  13. Cynic

    RD 250 1976

    I have heard lots of variations on cleaning carbs, right up to giving them a good brushing with carb cleaner. If that bike has been stood for a while you need to get in there with some copper wire (think flex) the twisted copper strands act as a brush without hurting brass or ally and use it to clear out ALL the airways and fuel galleys. How did you balance the carbs? coffee stirrers work as a base set up, (put coffee stirrers under the slides then open the throttle slowly and the stirrers should move at the same time, didn't say it was technical) then ideally you need it running to tune it exactly as you fine tune the right cylinder to the left.
  14. NE0

    Restoring an XJ900f Engine

    Hi there, Depends on year but looking on cmsln.com website i found under XJ900F 1989 0.5 oversized pistons (not .05) and the 1991 0.5 piston has the same part number of 58L1163600. they are available to buy. A 1987 xj900F which has a different part number 59L116360000 the Pistons 0.5 are also available at bike-parts-yam.com But I couldnt find .05
  15. XJ900fTrike

    Restoring an XJ900f Engine

    Can anybody give any advice where I can pick up a set of engine piston's .05 oversized or do you know of any other pistons that will fit
  16. Oldfjman

    FJ1200 running problem

    Russ - you live "just around the corner" from Phil Hacker (of the UK FJOC) - if all else fails and no one here can't give the answers, spend £20, join the club and talk it over with Phil - he's the UK guru on FJ's.s
  17. Earlier
  18. blackhat250

    DT 125

    Yip,,,,put up the number on case,, is it air-cooled ,?
  19. Dicky65

    Need Parts for Dt Engine

    Is there a way to find out year of engine? as I have same problem I have a DT 125 engine and I don't have a frame to check the vin on it. Help would be much appreciated thanks
  20. Dicky65

    DT 125

    Hello I'm new to the club and was wondering if there is a way to tell the year of an engine I have off a DT 125 so I can buy parts for it?
  21. Oldfjman

    John F

    Hi John, Here's a picture a of mine - you'll have to take the top fairing off the get to it - it's mounted to the frame.
  22. Yeah pros and cons. Thinking of weight penalites though, I ride with a helmet cam doesn't have any noticable difference. However it did save my and my insurance when I was hit by a taxi in the bus lane a few months back. Taxi driver drove off, luckily i had it all on video.
  23. Alex

    Hi From Australia

    Welcome fellow Aussies
  24. Does anyone know where I can locate a side cover for a Yamaha CS5E. 1972?
  25. Alex

    2008 MT03 blurred vision vibration issues

    Have you had a look at anti-vibration inserts? Such as these, much better than just heavier bar ends https://fasstcoaustralia.com.au/products/anti-vibration-inserts Also could try using anti vibration bars which MX riders use, check Protaper have heard a lot of good reviews about their bars.https://www.protaper.com/product/32/contour-handlebars/black
  26. blackhat250

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Your A legend bip" . well done,,, and good on the horn. life savers they are ,,, dim-wit drivers👿
  27. Cynic

    new member

    Fowler. Easy. Brace yourself though. The orange seals are 7 quid a pop. The o rings are around a fiver a pop too. It's around 70 quid to overall the pv. Worth it if the bike is nice as the power valve and carb balance are THE critical points to a nice motor. You will never have one without the other. Pv affects the carb and vice versa.
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