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  2. I thought I'd try and get the manual myself. Yamaha directed me to speak to a local dealer. I've emailed 5 of the closest to me and no reply. I'm wondering why the runaround. I can understand wanting to push custom to dealership but, it leaves an awkward situation if they're not obliged to give the manual out. I'd be happy to pay for a haynes.. if anyone has time to pass a PDF on I'd really appreciate it.
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  4. low oil level lamp is operated by a float switch which is a press fit in the top of the oil tank.... ahhhhhh, ITS the two stroke oil tank low level warning light, I thought it was referring to the engine/gearbox oil level. My mistake.
  5. Yes, I had to resort to disconnecting the headlight bowl. The Haynes manual explains that the low oil level lamp is operated by a float switch which is a press fit in the top of the oil tank. This is wired through the neutral switch so that when the ignition is switched on, and the machine is in neutral, the lamp comes on as a way of checking its operation. As soon as a gear is selected the lamp should go out unless the oil level is low.
  6. Hi and thanks for replying, the negative wire from battery has a male bullet connector on the end. There is a white wire coming from the loom with a female connector. Point taken regarding posting. Thanks
  7. NE0

    Yamaha V75

    Generally Yamaha 70's bikes used Black as the negative. So if your battery fell out and the cables disconnected then the red connects to the wiring loom and the black connects to a tag on the frame. So look for a bolt head or screw within the distance of the battey (lead length). The wire probably broke off at the tab so there won't be the tell tale signs of where it came from other than the eyelet tab. What I'm saying is the black wire from the battery doesn't connect back into the loom. Hope that helps to guide you. Meatballs, in future could you add a little extra to your titles, it helps other people in the future who are searching for problems related to the V75. ie. Yamaha V75 wiring problem or something similar. If you have a lots of titles called Yamaha V75, Personally, I wouldn't bother reading them all If I was using the search function.!
  8. Meatballs

    Yamaha V75

    Me again! As I was tinkering earlier, the battery fell out and the cables got disconnected. The + is easy but what colour does the - connect to? There’s a white or a red. Also, I reconnected what I thought was the low oil warning light block, this is located near the oil tank. Once started, the horn stayed on. Slowly getting fed up! Thanks in advance
  9. Arhh ok. Thanks Thank you
  10. Prime. For starting after you've run dry
  11. Not a clue... Possibly Prime? A kinda choke thing?
  12. Hi and thanks for the reply. I will look into getting the oil pump working. One other thing, do you know what the fuel tap positions are? It shows “on” , “res” , and “pri”. It seems to start and run better when on “pri”
  13. Thanks Neo, Given what Snakebite said about the 2 line race front setup I may well buy a different kit for the front, I find the shortest a little too short and don't want to stretch it. Thanks very much for your help.
  14. I contacted them last night via their 'contact us' page, they replied this morning.... hi there ,Yamaha YZF1000 R Thunderace (1996-2001) OEM Standard Layout - Full Kit, Of the three hoses, all different lengths supplied, which one goes to the rear? many thanks. the reply from Wez...The shortest one is the rear. There you go.
  15. Ok, so, their website gives no clues at all... The word 'standard layout' would be leading me to think you have a hop-over kit... Motorcycle_brake_line_setups.pdf (shopify.com) Like on that link. Which would mean the short one is for the hop-over. You're going to have to bite the bullet and phone them up and ask I think. But, to be honest, if you DO have the hop-over version, you've got the wrong one, you really need the '2 line race front' version to get the most out of those impressive blue spot callipers!
  16. Hi Snakebite68, I was mistaken, it was Wezmoto I bought them, the invoice states: "Yamaha YZF1000 R Thunderace (1996-2001) OEM Standard Layout - Full Kit" Would the rear be the short one in this case?
  17. It depends on which set you got... If you got the '2 line race set', the rear line should be the short one. If you got the 'up & over' set, the rear line should be the middle one. So, which set did you get?
  18. Hiya redBull, Have you tried contacting the person who supplied the Venhill hoses and simply ask which one goes where please as they are unlabelled.
  19. Hi all, I have a 96/7 Thunderace. I was doing some tidying up and bought some braided venhill hoses for the brakes. I've got 3 hoses, 1 for the back and 2 for the front but there was no labelling, I've not taken the front off yet but I'm looking at the back and don't know which hose to use. The three new ones are different lengths. I test fitted the shortest and with the bike up on the paddock stand the swing arm is naturally lower so the pipe would be tighter than usual but I'm concerned that it may be a bit too tight. Can anyone let me know the lengths of each pipe please? Looking from the rear of the bike the rear brake is on the right, would this be shortest, longest or middle in length compared to the front left and front right (I'm assuming the front left would be the longest but please correct me if I'm worng. Thanks very much, I hope someone is able to help.
  20. You're welcome, Have you fitted them yet? does it go? Are we there yet? Whats for dinner? Soon be Christmas.
  21. Thank you Neo. That's very helpful.
  22. Does it matter which one is fitted to the forward cylinder head, and which one to the rear cylinder head? Yes, it does! ........looking at Square's overhead photo .... https://www.squaremotorcycleparts.co.uk/products/carb-to-head-inlet-rubbers-yamaha-xv535-xv-535-1987-2001 I see the vacuum tube is angled in two different directions. for A and B. In my opinion which goes where should give itself up when it comes to fitting those vacuum tubes, as you want the angle of least resistance and prevent kinking. Having said that your vacuum tubes which probably are 'set' at the position, should enable you to pick the right one. When i say set, they have been in the correct position for many years so they will have a natural set position just waiting to be connected to the correct inlet tube. and this photo has an Arrow for FORWARD so the two inlet rubbers are shown at slightly different angles, you just have to look at yours to match the picture, you've got a 50:50 chance of getting it right anyway!! https://www.bike-parts-yam.com/yamaha-motorcycle/535-MOTO/1991/VIRAGO/XV535-20KW-/INTAKE/70_6973-6973/B8/0/14359
  23. I recently bought a pair of Virago inlet rubbers which look identical to each other to my eyes. One has the markings 'A and 1' on it, the other has 'B and 2'. Does it matter which one is fitted to the forward cylinder head, and which one to the rear cylinder head? Can someone advise please? Ian
  24. #1 #2 #3 #4 After some sleep, those 4 took me 30seconds on Google to find. You've specified that it's a 1984 bike, but I can't find any reference on them that isn't 1980... If there's a difference, you're out of luck. You'll probably have to either patch the one you have, make one yourself or have one made for you.
  25. Ok, there you go, sent it in a PM...
  26. Ok. Don't worry take your time.
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