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  2. Dunno why I thought you were further up. Fort William around the lochs..
  3. Gourock, on the South side of the Clyde
  4. Thought you lived further North than that.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 55.94N 004.86W Not a grid reference but a Lat/Long. You'll find a cup of tea waiting for you
  7. Don't care where we go, after all the work I have done on the bike I just want to go! Give me a map reference and I will meet you there.
  8. Last week
  9. I'd like to do kielder. Some mega roads around there I hear
  10. The way I do it is through https://postimages.org/ Easy to do and when you load a picture onto it, it gives you a list of options. If you copy the link titled 'hot link for forums' then paste that link into your post
  11. I was watching The Pennine way ,, what lovely little villages and roads in that series, runs up to the borders, .. just thrown this in , ,,
  12. Math23

    Yamaha v50p

    Hi guys just trying out uploading pics full post later http://
  13. Looking to get some pics loaded up its arrived can i not load them direct ? Do i have to use a photo sharing website?
  14. Yes, somewhere north works for me too. We might even be able to get Jimmy to join us along with John [emoji846] My only bike related jaunt in the Lakes was a leisurely ride up to Scotland for some wild camping. It was a very foggy and cold October on my Street Triple and I spent most of the time trying to find a suitable roadside wall I could jump behind for a wee haha [emoji23] it was an agonising ride over every bump. You men don’t realise how good you’ve got it!
  15. Hi im new 33 mins old. HI all any one know where i can get a DT 250 MX frame with log book. ive bought a American import
  16. I was thinking more north, be nice to get john into the mix without him needing a 7hr trip. Have never been to the lake district, well, have in a truck, through it often, but that hardly counts.
  17. We’re always going to have the issue of people being able to travel, but a couple of suggestions: Lake District Kielder Forest
  18. I had a blast - even though it seems like a lifetime ago now! Haha
  19. Salt and nasty will be gone soon enough, time to start looking at options for this year. Maybe kevs back garden so he has a better than even chance of finding it? Suggestions..
  20. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Cheers Pat, have already started messing with it. 17inch superlight wheels, 120 front 180 rear, 4into 1 on the way (worth 10hp on a stock bike, with what I lose to the slash cuts my gain is nearer 20). Might even fit some usd forks I got my hands on. You just cant help it.
  21. there was lots of motorbikes in the photos
  22. not sure if that is it - trying to find it on maps. it's on a long sweeper in that area. wish i could remember the name.
  23. 2 Wheels

    Time has come...

    Good on ya, you've been wanting one for a while now
  24. Nice one bippo, bet you enjoyed it all
  25. Thanks mate. I was trying to find a manual but could only find dodgy sites (as in looked dodgy) or DVD versions which would take a few days to arrive. I'll probably order one for the wife's 125 and one for my 650.
  26. Its light blue.. should find it in the headlight, basically the power is down to the switch, and when you select neutral, this earths on a lobe on shift plate turning the light on , twostroke oil light is on same circuit,
  27. I think the light is fed off a relay that the switch pulls in. Could be wrong, purely going off the top of my head lol
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