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  2. Fk me, HOW MUCH?

    My first year was £660, I used Right Choice Insurance Brokers (Utter cunts but it was cheap so fuck it), second year was £550, third year was £450. Insurance for young people is a fucking joke these days.
  3. Xsr350. The new Rd?

    No way in hell is that going to get the cult following the RD had, it's likely just another boring entry level beginner bike
  4. DT failed MOT, Doh!

    Hearing about the kickstart made me cringe, it's small and 2 stroke, you don't need to stomp on the damn thing. Chances are in a few years he'll understand, he's probably got "new kid on the block" syndrome and thinks everything has to be 100% spot on, regardless of new or old,
  5. Newby

    Hi my name is Charley I am 76 years old passed my test in 1959 on 250 panther that my farther gave me for passing my test wish I still had it.I no longer drive bikes due to reasons beyond my control but I still ride pillion I maintain my wifes bikes which are both Yamaha virago 535 and sr125 she drives both 125 for work as she travels a bit local I live in Burnley Lancashire it will be interesting to get involved as we all need help at times . keep on biking I miss it
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  7. 4 Yams,

    Well, the fekkers at PB have caught up with me, so I've moved to flickr (although it seems I have had a flickr account since 2007). Anyway here is a test pic
  8. Sally

  9. Shown for a Kawasaki, but it may help This link also has a lot of good shit in it http://gpzweb.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/TK22mainPage/TK22adjustmentsAndMaint/TK22adjustmentsAndMaint.html
  10. Last week
  11. Wheel spacers/bushing.

  12. Another New Rider!

    Welcome aboard! Hope you're finding lots of useful info on the forum.
  13. New member

    welcome aboard! You'll need a photo hosting account to post pics... something like flickr.
  14. Hi

    welcome aboard! Sounds like a fun project.
  15. Hello All

    welcome aboard!
  16. Wheel spacers/bushing.

    Yes I thought as much. See the emoticon, that was meant to indicate it was a joke
  17. RS125 crank seals

    No special tools, , the clutch basket Nut, can be removed wuth a rattle gun/socket, a clutch tool will help hold it, slacken the primary gear nut first, or you"l have to jam the crank, [ without the gear/clutch] . , screw self tappers ito old seal and pull out,
  18. Wheel spacers/bushing.

    Nope its mph. Here you go tommy, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Speedometer-Odometer-Background-Motorcycle-Marine/dp/B06XV4YVD2/ref=pd_sbs_263_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EHT3FCYV8ZF5R501XHW2
  19. Wheel spacers/bushing.

    Have you got a link to that please Jason
  20. Yamaha TDM 900 Problem with the ABS.

    First idea, on this forum at least there is none of that vetting rubbish. Its generally expected people will use the new members area to say hi, describe their bike maybe and where they are. Then go to one of the other area's, maybe street bikes or workshop in your case and post the actual problem there. As clearly and with as much info as possible, is best, we cannot see your bike, or know how it feels or anything you may or may not have done. We ONLY have what you tell us. Even dodgy grammar screwing somethings meaning may throw a curve into things. So say Hi, and I mean more than just 'HI', then go to the workshop section and post a full description there. Oh yeah, welcome.
  21. Yamaha TDM 900 Problem with the ABS.

    Hi I just brought a Yamaha TDM 900,however when riding for the first time the Abs came on after about 50 miles. I came home turn the key off then switch it back on and the lights were then off. Yesterday I put it on a centre stand,starts the eingine and then put it in first gear. It's seems ok but the speed start indicating the speed. However when it got to thirteen the ABS start flashing but stop when I drop down to five mph. It then a second gear and third but in forth the abs turn on and then stayed on until I turn the key of and then on. Any idea??
  22. Wheel spacers/bushing.

    Yea but it will be in knots per hour 1.1knt per land mile
  23. Wheel spacers/bushing.

    Well had a result on the Speedo front. After scaring myself with some of the aftermarket stuff and nearly passing out with the money they want for pushbike stuff these days, seriously who pays 500quid for a bike spedo. Sorry fully integrated cycle computer. Anyway found one Amazon in the boating atv section, right size, has an analogue face. 60 quid. Be interesting to see how well it works, should be spot on accurate down to 5mph, if does work fine it makes you wonder why makers bother with it driven from the wheel.
  24. The amount of help is normally relative to the amount of information you give. Would not be expecting much from that. I can guess but faults don't get fixed with guesses.
  25. Tapatalk login issues

    Glad I never got round to try it
  26. RS125 crank seals

    Not trying to hijack your thread, but I have the same problem on a 1971 CT 175. What kind of tool will I need to remove the drive gear to replace the seal? TIA
  27. Tapatalk login issues

    Yep. I've given up on it too. It was nice for a while, but it hasn't worked for a long time now.
  28. Regulator and rectifier are separate. Installed vr 125 and now have 12v on both green AND brown wires. Help? Thanks for reading
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