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  2. they are a pain to do, and there's not much room to get the cover off either. then there's taking the cams out just to change the shims and retiming the cams etc. luckily its every 20k or so i believe.
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  4. There's no substitute for a good thick chrome coat... It's not going to be cheap, but it will be a lot cheaper than getting a good one! As for the nut, you may have to consider it a sacrificial part and split it. You got a picture of it?
  5. Blimey Dave, too complicated but welcome to the forum. Mike.
  6. Hi Shade and welcome to the very friendly forum. I can only presume your XJ6N is a modern version of my old XJ600S Diversion albeit yours is a "naked" which I had from about 2004 - 2014 and never let me down in all weathers. Mike.
  7. Hi, hope you can see the images ok. I recently bought an RXS100 1993 which needs a bit of work. I sourced a standard exhaust off Ebay to replace loud aftermarket Kenzo exhaust it came with (RXS exhausts seem like hens teeth so I just went for it when this one came up on Ebay). The silencer had some extensive surface rust on the underside which I have started to clean up with wet and dry - it is looking much better now (see before and after images) but it is still quite pitted. The silencer is still really solid. I was thinking of maybe getting it professionally re-chromed as long as it's not too expensive (I've seen some websites where you have to send the exhaust off to them). Or, I'm thinking I could attempt a DIY restore/re-spray. I concerned the DIY option will not look the best and the chrome sections around the rusted area have been dulled because of the wet and dry. Has anyone got any advice on how I can get the silencer looking good myself and the best products to use (rust treatment, undercoat, spray paint etc)? Failing that, is anyone can recommend a decent restorer/re-chromer I can send it to then I can look into that. Also, I can't get the castle nut off of the end of the sliencer, have soaked it in WD40 several times and heated it up but won't budge, can anyone recommend the correct tool as I've just been faffing about with a screwdriver shaft between the turrets. Want to avoid taking it to the workshop if I can help it. Sorry for the long post, if anyone can help would be much appreciated. Cheers, James
  8. Welcome to the forum bud. Good luck with the test, and safe riding
  9. Welcome in! When are you doing your DAS?
  10. Hi all, I'm Ade. Thought I'd sign up so I can pick your brains and share pics of my Yam fleet. lol Currently running a YBR, whilst awaiting my DAS pass to get on my XJ6N.
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  12. I bought the TDM 900 in December 2021, rode it a good amount, changed engine oil & filter, bled the brakes, fettled the calipers and generally fiddled about - as you do with a new bike. I could not find any history re the valve clearance checks so tried to book it in with a pal who is a great mechanic, but he could not fit me in until mid-march ! Right, I am fairly handy so I'll do it myself. While I'm in, I'll fit the SmartMoto secondary air valve bypass system and some posh coolant hoses from AS3Performance I got the rad, tank and airbox off and looked at the access to the valve cover, or rather the lack of it. The manuals all show the engine being worked on while it is on the bench, a very different situation to the engine in the bike. I decided to leave the technical stuff to my Pal ( what a wimp!) Do you do the valves and shim work on your TDM ? Is it as tricky as I am making out ? Or do you leave them alone as they never need re-shimming, similar to a lot of the older Hondas like the Blackbird ??
  13. Welcome to the forum bud. Never been on a TDM, but have read and saw a few of Drewpys adventures on his. Sound great bikes
  14. can't beat a Tdm, love mine. i'm also member of carpe tdm site
  15. Many thanks drewpy, it's so easy when you know how !! Cheers dp
  16. Hi All, and thanks for letting me join! I bought my 2003 53k miles TDM 900 mid December, and have done 800+ miles so far, what a great bike. Very easy to ride, comfortable and fast enough.! I have fettled the calipers, changed all the fluids and am just about to start on the valves – dont think they have been done before ! I have got a set of posh hoses for her and a SmartMoto air bypass removal kit. I also have a 2008 Ducati S2R Thou which is playing up a bit, but will get it sorted soon. I have just sold a Moto Guzzi Le Mans, what a gawd awful tractor that turned out to be ! I have had dozens of bikes over the years, mainly Hondas, Ducatis and even Rotary Nortons for a while but only one other Yam, a XS500C, bought new many years ago, an S reg, 1977 !!
  17. usually push in first to take the pressure off the locking spring then squeeze. come and say hello in the new members section
  18. Hi All, sorry to ask a daft question but how do you release the fuel line connectors. There are a couple of pads which must be locking devices but I cant figure out how they operate. Not a good start to the valve service I've got planned !!
  19. Hello all. Does anyone on the XT scene know of a rear hugger that fits or fits with a bit of modification. Many thanks Smigg
  20. I’ve got a 1975 H1F and a triumph thruxton ace cafe stage two tuned. I’d love a triton ones for sale now but I’ve spent up for this year lol.Can’t wait to do just a few mods on the xt to better it this year as I may nip to Aragon (Caspe) Spain latter on. I’ve a friend who’s house I share in the uk but he also has a house/ villa on the river Ebro and the roads and lanes are amazing. Let’s see what happens
  21. Looking good bud. A few of the auld heads on here have done a few projects. @ Drewpy one of the moderators has a very detailed thread on his xs flat-tracker, well worth a read but make sure you have a cuppa with you as you'll lose an hour or so easily. Whilst yams are my favoured non Brit bike, I'm more a Triumph dude, and have built a couple of auld yins, the last one I done was a 59 Speedtwin, so no thread on here . I have a 75 T160 that is an ongoing labour of love. Enjoy the forum mate, and remember the more you post, the better the turnover
  22. Hello all. I’m a newcomer to the club and I’m up for anything XT,bitsa’s like mine,projects and ideas to keep these running/improvement.At the moment I’m wanting to improve the forks and maybe the carb. I’ve had the bike for some years and it was saved from the scrapy. Any one with ideas or experience don’t hesitate to contact me,it’ll be much appreciated. Cheers Smigger
  23. Thanks jimmy. Not to savey on the key board but I’ll have a bash
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