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  2. Thanks for that. I think the best thing for me to do is post this on ebay specifying its to fit a dt250 1M1 spec. Cheers Digger
  3. Unless someone has specific information (having swapped, or tried to swap one), your best bet is to contact Yamaha. Or... Failing that, I tend to go on Fowlers and look at the part number for the two items. If the numbers are the same, it's the same item, if not, then it's probably not going to be a straight swap (if at all).
  4. Hi everyone I have a barrel, piston and head off a 1M1. I know its off a dt250 but was wondering what the difference was between the 1M1 and the 1R7 engine. It is a spare so I am going to put on ebay once i am sure what bike its off. When researched it says its off a dt250f 1979. The 1R7 it says is off a dt250 1977-1980, hence the confusion. Thanks in advance for any helpful info. Digger Hi a quick update, apparently the 1R7 is european/UK spec and 1M1 is US spec. Next question are they inter changeable? T.I.A Digger
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  6. Don't get me wrong... No matter how comfy and relaxed the Thunderace is, it still IS a full fledged old school superbike!!! Something to take it gently with at first!
  7. Thank you for the reply’s guys. I’ll be starting to look properly in a few weeks, so will be heading for a few test rides for sure. I’m definitely not going to be looking for a pure racer so the idea of the Thunderace or a Fazer are starting to appeal. I had a good hour in the Superbike Factory in MK just building a mental picture of the definite no’s and the rest I can try out - looks aren’t everything after all
  8. The obvious choice is to take it to 2 or 3 different places, and see if they all say the same thing...
  9. The Yamaha Enticer is an entry-level cruiser motorcycle that was produced from 2002 to 2006 in India. I've no idea how to comment as never heard the engine run, If yamaha service centre says its gone, then I would assume they would know. Looks like a similar engine would fit, but you would need the electronics with it too. Sounds like it's above your knowledge though unless you know a sympathetic motorbike tinkerer nearby.
  10. Hy please need help as I'm desperate...bought a Yamaha Enticer ( unfortunately chinese model)in UK used it a few time engine started to make a strange noise...Service told me need to change engine but they told me it can be fitted an engine from a YBR125 engine... Please someone tell me they had right or not as seems these Service people in UK are not so good and can't trust them..
  11. Hello, Run in process allows up to 5000 revs that is why it was so apparent. The problem was a nut on a mirror bracket. There are actually two nuts that keep the bracket in position. The top one, contra-nut was loose and it was vibrating at 5k revs. All it was. Cheers.
  12. inn have a ride on different bikes if you can, even if its just a sit on. You'll soon get a feel of what they feel like with the balance etc.
  13. All good mate. Thanks for sorting it Cheers
  14. Tomintoul is e-mailing me a copy, I'll harvest e-mails from those that have shown interest and forward it along... Thanks Tomintoul!
  15. Think you'll find that PM is only available to paid members. I've recently gone from Free to Paid and now I can PM people, whereas that feature wasn't available on my free account. Yup ,confirmed on the https://yamahaclub.com/forums/subscriptions/ page. On the FREE user account on the far right it states:-(Limited functionality - E.g. Excludes use of Garage, Gallery, PM)
  16. Hey all, Sorry - haven't been checking in - will PM you all. Thanks to Snakebite for popping me a message giving me a heads up about this Cheers Bob OK, so it appears I can't PM anyone. I'm guessing it's because I'm a newb with bugger all posts to my name. Anyone know how many posts I need to be able to PM? I suppose I could just post whore my way up to the relevant number Cheers
  17. Congratulations! So, baring that I'm quite biased on this question, but... You can't go far wrong with either a Thunderace (YZF1000R) or a Thundercat (YZF600R). Crap loads of fun with power to spare to get you into trouble if you're not sensible. But are comfy to ride. I too have a bad back (lower back) and don't have a problem with my Thunderace (I get about 1.5hrs ride before I need a break and a stretch). They're dirt cheap and whilst various parts are no longer available, a couple of months rifling E-Bay usually brings up anything you need. You haven't mentioned how old you are. If you happen to be 50ish, the insurance is STUPIDLY low! lol And if you join this Forum as a full member, you get access to a discount from Bikesure (special phone number in a lower Forum)... P.S. To obliquely answer the question you posed in your other Post about your XSR speedo not working. First thing I'd do is make sure you've not shredded your cable. If it's gone dry and run out of lube, it will stick and then just get twisted off. Check that first before digging into your electrics!
  18. Hi all, I bought my XSR-125 last October as a way to practice for my full licence and absolutely love it. I've got many more miles to put on it - given the recent weather it's been nicely tucked away and not been out to play as much as I would like. I passed my full test last week but intend to keep the 125 for this summer and do a bit of test riding of bigger bikes. I'm not looking to buy new and my back wont like me buying anything too racy. Any suggestions for a model to review will be greatly welcome - my trainer advised I dont shy away from the bigger bikes. It will be mainly used for weekend and not commuting. thanks Mark
  19. Hi MattyG, Could you please send me that .pdf copy - I have a 2022 where the speedo has stopped working, would be great to be able to check the wiring diagram to check for electric faults before I start buying parts. Thanks
  20. Agreed... Posts removed, can't remember how to ban him!
  21. Looks like a spammer or bot to me.
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  23. Hi Ben, this was asked just before Christmas by another member , this post may help. Mervin provided the answer which may be what you're looking for?
  24. Dear all, could yo please help me. Im trying to register an imported DT. its 1979 model, i have a NOVA for teh bike, it wasnt previously registered in NZ. Bit fo a headache with DVLA forms etc
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