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  2. ??? the page worked fine for me, I have Kaspersky and no threats detected, just googled Aprilla sr50 wiring diagram and that's what came up, I tried several times just uploading one from my desktop but it just kept saying the file was too big so I had to find a link. Sorry if its caused any problems, it really wasn't my intention.
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  4. I just bought a 1980 GS550 on eBay, gonna go view/buy it tomorrow, anyone know about any specifics you should look out for on these, all I could find was usual stuff, didn't see anything about specific known issues. Can't wait to go see it, just hope it's not a dud, but from what I've heard they're the definition of bulletproof, this is the bike in question: Ignore the horrible gold paint, that's be re-done the second I get it home
  5. I know next to bugger all about 2 smokes, but he was asking about draining the fuel that has leaked into the crankcase so I am assuming that it is the tank draining directly into the c/case through the carbs then down through the head and barrels so unburnt. But as I say I know hewhaw about the smokers
  6. 2stroke jimmy... If it runs then the 'fuel' leaking will be unburned carbony gunk you get when the pipe leaks or is coked up to buggery.
  7. Just open the drain plug. Out will come the oil / petrol mixture. Refill with new oil
  8. This might be of some help. But as the guy says not easy. But on reading further it might not be worth the effort as it involves changing the ECU and exhaust plus other sundry expensive parts just to comply with French motor vehicle law and codes. As they say if it ain't bought in France then we don't want it here and we're going to make it as hard as possible for you to do it..! Good luck.
  9. It's leaking at the cylinder/exhaust port. Must be missing a gasket for a start and the fuel taps in the office position. Think I've bought a nail. Frustrating as I don't have my tools with me. Just baffled as to why it won't stop. What's the best way to get the fuel out of the crank case? Forgive my mechanical ignorance. Kicking it over with the ignition off.?
  10. Thanks mate, surprised it don't happen more often.
  11. Already have slice, that link is incomplete. Will delete it all just in case. Had to run a full system scan afterwards. My antivirus quarantined it and I have deleted it. Hopefully I will have no ill effects, have changed important passwords and such just in case. Have made the site owner aware too aware too.
  12. I think it's just that on most bike forks they stick out above the oil, I might not be right about that but your right in saying that some oil will come out with the spring but it's a tiny amount.
  14. I would suggest that removing the springs is unnecessary. Both are equal length and weight so will have the same displacement on either leg and depending how quick each spring gets pulled out will affect how much oil is pulled out with it. Minimal I know, but easier imo to leave them in
  15. As above, will make a smart little bike for knocking about on. Just as an aside what have you done with all the other toys? You had a boat and that thing from the U.S that you bought.
  16. That's very cool! I'd put some brakes and lights on it and get it on the road! Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
  17. It may well have infected every pc you have connected to, check your system.
  18. Just asked someone I trust about this, they say, take the fork nuts off the top, remove the springs then measure the gap in both. But he also said that there's almost a pint of oil in there so a slight leak even over a few weeks will mean practically very little oil will have come out. Have to agree, if you really think about it there's going to be plenty left in the leg so don't bother unless the steering or suspension is a bit wayward.
  19. That's a redirect to a sodding ransomeware file. Thx for that. NOT.
  20. http:
  21. Welcome You might want to complete your profile with where you are located. It could help meet others as well as get help from nearby.
  22. Pic is no good. Doesent work.
  23. Hey there peeps. Been a while since I updated the toybox, managed to pick up a rather unusual piece... It came from Holland, and was used at Venray motor Speedway Stadium before it closed down some 7 years ago. It runs, there are no brakes (you die like a man) and it's just a little bit nutty, kind of like me. It's nice to have something unusual, and even nicer to have something with a story (including the dented tank that resulted in a broken collarbone!) , I'm undecided Wether to move it on or just hang it up in the unit beside my Aprilia
  24. Hi I dont know of any place on the net that a FREE copy of a service manual can be found, As you can see posting such links could get the site into trouble, I got a very cheap copy of an FJR workshop manual from Ebay. only £3,
  25. hi folks! just got me a yamaha YBR 125 2006 that need some attention. anyone............................................................ thanks in advance for any assistance! harryviking Edited, Cynic 29/5/17
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  27. So I was under the impression that 3 wires came from the generator and went into the rectifier and then to the battery, but looking at a wiring diagram(see pic) it appears there's a wire that runs from the generator straight to the battery, surely this would be an AC wire or does the generator produce DC as well? i'm confused
  28. How about you put a star washer behind the nut?
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