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  1. Ha ha............'if my magneto should stop revolving......'. Ball and chain did the photobucket stuff, ha ha. Thanks about mi hotmail account link.....think sorted it. It's just too difficult, the cookies, the hoops, the this, the that, and often still doesn't work. I can't take it anymore....'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!'. Ha ha. I'll just get 'em rewound. Seen something ont internet...rex's or something. Tried to email them but got email saying undeliverable. But I'll plod on and get there. Thanks for your views and replies. Wish I could have done the pics as it would have been interesting to follow the job through.
  2. Thanks for reply Blackhat. Shame no pics showing. They do for me. I don't know how to show them. I'll email them if you'd feel ok about that. The pics tell the tale well. In the actual flywheel, screwed to the base, is a 'thing' that has a rocking thing on it and this rocking thing has come off it and got lodged so as when i kicked it over it was taken round by the flywheel and chewed up the three coils on the stasis plate. It just skimmed them enough to cut top layer of copper wires. The condenser and points are ok as it missed them. I'll have to replace the coils, but would be hard to find, so think will have to have em rewound. I can find places in the US, but not so sure who would be good to rewind them in UK, so maybe you might be able to recommend a place. As to that 'rocker thing', I'll have to replace that, but I don't know what it is called to get one. Shame about the pics. This computer stuff just baffles me. insert image from URL....to my brain. Ha ha, you've got to laugh.
  3. Advice/thoughts please. Should I just get these rewound, and if so who'd be good to do it? Or could i buy a replacement? Or maybe electronic ignition? I don't know a lot, so even if it is simple let me know please. inside the flywheel the cam runs free. This must need to be held in place. So there is a little hole in the bottom of the cam and then the retarder (I think it is called something like that), and which you can see failed and the arm of it came loose and chewed up the coils. Well, that little arm should go into that hole to hold it in place??? I'll need another one of those or have to make the old one do, but what are they called? Anyway, here's the pics
  4. lotty

    New key for dt?

    Cheers. Thanks for that info. I didn't know that they can so easily cut keys from the lock. I think I will try a yamaha dealership first. Thinking about it a bit more, I suppose with the number they should be able to do it. It's just that with an old bike you think that there's no chance. What I would really like is a skeleton key that will open any lock in the world.......the idea of one of those facinated me as a kid.
  5. lotty

    New key for dt?

    I have a 1974 dt 175, but the key it came with was not the original, which works the ignition switch, but not the petrol cap or the steering lock, all of which have the same number stamped into them, so I presume one key did the lot. It would be good to have such a key, if only for the steering lock. But is it possible to get such a key cut from the number stamped on the locks and switch?
  6. Well, I'm just bumping this thread up to say how i got it going, as it may help someone. I was a bit stumped. I noticed the battery was down so thought I may as well charge it. As I was doing this a connector dropped down the air intake, and it got me thinking about air. The filter was all ok, but I decided to screw in the air screw on the carb, and then wound it out again between 1.5 to 2 turns (which is what the book says). I then decided to take the back of the exhaust off to check the baffles, which were ok, but I noticed some play in the exhaust, finding that it was a bit loose at the engine pot, so I fit a new gasket and kicked it over and it ran fantastic. It is a good bike. I think that it was just suffering from some neglect in terms of keeping it serviced and everything set correctly. Oil was certainly needed in the flywheel's moving parts, especially the rocking thing, as it was wearing away. I suppose it is true what Fred Dibnah used to say, 'All you need is one little tiny drop of oil, but if you haven't then you are f********'.
  7. Well, I've got the new points in and everything set and tightened up, and am getting a good healthy spark. It started first time, as it always (normally) has, and ran well, but again, only for about ten seconds. I took the plug out to check the spark, but nothing, the plug was wet, so I checked with a new plug and there was a good spark and it ran again, but for ten seconds. I have taken the plug out and left the pot to breath for a day, and will give it another go later......it was 1am when I got it running, so I couldn't keep trying. In a way, this is basically where I was when the thing stopped in the quarry. I was getting a spark then...but, as i'd kicked it over a fair few times, when I took the plug out I expected it to be drenched, but it was dry! The points were in a bad way, so it is all better now, but basically the same thing seems to be happening as when it cut out in the quarry, I could manage to get it running for a few seconds and then it just dies. In the quarry, when the plug was dry, I naturally thought it was the carb, which i took off and checked over and put back on. I am thinking that it could be something to do with the carb being set up wrong, or the throttle cable not beind right (affecting the needle not being right position in the carb, perhaps). I'm going to wait until Saturday pm when i can get it outside and, if it starts, which it should, keep the revs on for a good long time, if I can. But, it baffles me because these things are essentially so simple that it should work without any mysteries. Why is it running for only 10 seconds and yet coming out with a wet plug, so there must be petrol? Perhaps there is too much petrol going in, and maybe this could be the needle in the carb letting too much in.....this may sound daft, but I'm a beginner, really, in the scheme of things. I could take it to someone, but I want to learn, and I want the challenge. Anyway, I'll have another bash tomorrow. But if anyone has any suggestions they are certainly most welcome, and don't assume that I will have covered obvious bases. I could be missing something really basic, so any suggestions are welcome.
  8. Yes, Colne in Lancashire. We have chatted before, about 3 years ago. I think you said that you had been through Colne on your way to The Lakes once?
  9. Yes, It's probably best to get one. I'll do that. It's amazing how much you begin to learn by getting stuck into a challenge like this one I have. I'm actually really enjoying the challenge rather than it frustrating the hell out of me. It's all the more pleasurable to be able to chat about the job. I should make this a regular haunt......even when my bike is running, not that i feel i have much in the way of helpful advice or hints to give, but it is good to be a part of the group. Keep up the good work, Cheers.
  10. Thanks. Yes, the woodruf key would have been loose, though I didn't realise it. I pretty much just took the nut to the split washer to finger tight.....it all seemed firm enough for point setting and kicking it over a few times, but when spinning fast, well, that's another thing. It was because I'd had the damn thing on and off so many times that it seemed pointless to arrest the flywheel and tighten it fully up. I'll try it all tightend up from now on. Thank you very much. I would have carried on doing the same thing. Thanks. So the thingy is the advance retard unit. I thought it would do something like that. The bike is a damn good specimen of its type, so I will certainly get it all working perfectly. Once again, thanks for clearing that up. We all have to learn, eh.
  11. Took the dt 175 to quarry to scrub land for a quick do. The danm thing stopped. Its normally ok. I had a new plug, but nothing, just a tantalizing little rev and then nothing. I had to push it back, a steep hill which I had to tack up for a long way. It nearly put my lights out, so I quickly bought a long-overdue trailer. Got one of those that break down in mins to go in the car, can be single or double, very good. Anyway, I gets around to looking at the job. Firstly, sometimes spark then not. So whipped the flywheel off. The points were deep pitted. I trimmed em back to shape with a diamond file, getting then even, but still the same. I soldered on a new condenser. The spark seemed much better. So I whipped it in the head and it revved into life......for about 10secs. Whipped plug out and there was no spark. and on and on it went, then one time it gave a couple of backfires. I whipped the flywheel off and the first thing I noticed was the little semi-circular thingy that fit in a slot which lines the flywheel up right had......sheered in half like it was best butter! I will make one of those, no prob, and am jus about to fit a new set of points, so I'll have to see how that goes. But in the meantime I am wondering about something I saw when I took the flywheeel off. The cam is like a tube which slides onto the middle of the inside of the flywheel. and at the bottom of it there is a little slot into which fits a little arm which is fitted with a spring. All this is in the flywheel. I took it apart and cleaned it and oiled it, noticing that it was very worn through lack of oil (the bike is 1975). In fact, the pin on which it moved was so worn at one side that this 'thing' was able to wobble a bit, and so much so that it may not have been able to do its job properly. I made a very thin little washer and put it under the little circlip, and it seemed to level it up. I oiled it and it seems to move and return ok. All it seems to do is move the cam 'sleeve/tube' a tiny bit. Can anyone tell me wht this thing's function is? I just inagined that a cam would be enough to open and close points, so why this little thing, and is its unworn functioning very necessary to the job. Does it halt the points open for a moment or something. Perhaps this is the trouble. I'll know more when I've made the thing that broke and when the points are in. But what is that rocking thing in the bottom of the flywheel? The manual doesn't show the flywheel inner. The last points I set was 32 years ago on my AP 50. I think that could be done with the flywheel off. This sucker is difficult working through the slots in the flywheel. Anyway, the girlfriend has just stirred upstairs......X-Factor must have finished, so I'll be signing off for today but will look back to this and bump it up if anyone can shed any light on the matter. What is that damn thing? Puzzling.
  12. I thought you'd know the area here by way of it being on the trail up to the dales and lakes. I have never actually been on a green lane. I had to sell my DT 175 MX when I was 18, as I'd had plenty of biking fun with my mates, but had discovered women and so needed a car and the money to buy one, so the MX had to go. Naturally I regretted it years later, as kids cost a fortune, but jokes aside, I did regret selling the MX, and also the AP 50 I had before that, but that's just all part of the threadbare, rather than rich tapesty of youth. And then grownup world got a grip of me and biking had to take a backseat as I tackled the challenges. But, now in my 40s things are a bit better and hence a DT 175 in my life again. How many blokes also have the same story? Thousands and thousands. I tend to just potter about on sunny summer days around where I live, in terms of rides. I go off road a bit on bits of land here and there, and got talking to a bloke who went on green lanes. He told me of a boozer to go in where there are bikers who do green laning, and I was all fired up for it and then within days the bike got stuck in neutral, and i just put the repairing to one side until winter as there's some summer jobs to do on the house whilst the weather is here. But the bloke did tell me the green lane was just about to be closed down to bikes, and this was why I was keen to do it straight away. In fact I'd planned to go the day after when the bike broke, and it seemed so unbelievable bad timing I wondered if a guardian angel knew was not careful enough and so saved me. Very frustrating indeed. But as far as I know there are still some green lanes, for the time being. I expect green lanes to be more of a muddy scramble, and that isn't really my bag. I just potter on tarmac doing about 25 or 40 mph max.
  13. Colne, Lancashire. It's and old, small, cotton mill town. It's ok. Is it an area you know?
  14. Oldgit, cheers for that, mate. Really is much appreciated. Living up here in and amongst the Pennines, it looks like I'll be checking out some green lanes this year after all. Mega.
  15. Right, mates, it's good news...........the home brew has turned out very well, and this is the main thing, but also good news is that I have sorted the 'stuck in neutral' problem. Firstly, I have to say that I absolutely detest computers with all my heart, hence all the mess with the pictures. Anyway, if you're interested in what the problem was and its solution, if you look at the three pictures I have just posted you will see two photos showing the gear selector arm and the gear selector drum, and you will notice that on one photo the arm has slipped off the drum, so that the arm's end is not able to pull and push the selector drum around, and this is what had happened. The reason why this happened is that there was some play, about 6mm, as the gear change shaft (see the third photo) was able to slide laterally, so the selector arm was able to jump off the drum. The fact that it was in neutral meant nothing, as the arm could have come off the drum leaving the gearbox in any of the gears as much as in neutral, and the cure was simply to pack the shaft, at the gear lever side, with a couple of washers. So, that's it, sorted. I would like some help, please, as to where to get gaskets for the case (or do you think I can get away with the old one and some joining compound?), and I suppose also for the cylinder barrel and head. And as for advice regarding the home brew................get some on! Cheers, all the breast, etc, etc... lotty
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