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  1. thanks for your various replies, much appreciated, yes I can see now the first letter is a C and not an O, a fine margin between the two even when you zoom in ! And I will try to put my posts in the right place in future...
  2. hi I've just joined so hello to everyone. My all rounder bike is a 2003 Fazer FZS 1000, which I've owned since new. It was silver but is now white with red blocks, that's down to foolish behaviour when riding in a group, story for another time. I recently acquired a DT175 which is not bad, actually has an MOT; the owner threw in a few spares, including a Yamaha engine, looks like i's for an off road or trail bike, twin spark plugs, but he didn't know what it was off, photos attached. If anyone can identify it, please message, thanks. Cheers
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