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  1. Hey all. A little while ago my SR 125 stopped running (while riding) and i haven't been able to revive it yet. Carb and spark are fine, changed the spark plug and battery, so i'm thinking my valves aren't up to spec. Adjusted the intake valve clearance without much issue, but i cant seem to get the exhaust valve cover off. One bolt is placed at such an angle that the frame gets in the way of my spanner. Has anyone managed to get the cover off without removing the engine from the frame? Cheers
  2. Hey all. This morning on my way home, my seat felt quite hard. It was only my 5th ride on my bike and the seat is 17 years old, so i was thinking about buying a replacement seat. After searching google, it seems these are quite hard to find, or i'm looking for the wrong thing. Can anyone recommend a good comfy seat for my SR125? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all. Brand new rider from western Europe here. Picked up an SR125 on the cheap, but in great shape. I love riding it for my daily commute and experience the "character" of an older carbureted engine. Cheerz!
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