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  1. slice

    Merry Christmas 2021

    Merry Christmas folks, hope to see you all out there soon!
  2. Decompressors are used so that the engine does not have to start with the piston at TDC it allows you to pass the TDC point then get a swing on the kickstart so you don't break your instep with a kickback. Most BSA's had one plus the odd high compression engine that would fire you over the bars if you tried to start it witout taking it past TDC. That's why my old biker boots had a metal strip on the instep! cos it hurt like fuck if you got it wrong.
  3. slice

    Xmas Present

    I wonder if they do a CASTROL 'R' Race candle ?
  4. Hi Larry, Ok it's possible you have a short but is there an alarm on the bike/ or is there any sort of USB/ Cigarette lighter type attachment that has been fitted perhaps by the previous owner? If you have a usb charger fitted it can drain the battery if it's not fitted with a switch to turn it off when not in use but if you have a short and your not a good mechanic then my suggestion would be leave the wiring alone and get it sorted by someone who knows what they are doing. Most shorts are are easy to find IF you know what your doing but if you have no clue then you can at worst set the thing on fire! A new battery will hold it's charge for months and if your down to 0.03 volts in a day then it's something that needs looking at asap. Heat is not going to wreck the battery unless it's practically on fire. Where are you in the world? one of us might be nearby and able to offer a quick and dirty hand to help out, do you have a multimeter? plus what skills in the world of mechanics do you have. not trying to be a dick here but bikes are complicated bit's of kit and you need lots of skill to not make matters worse. Photos are a great way to show problems as well plus video if you can manage that, some can't!, We will help if we can but going to need more info before much can be done to help out. Good luck either way mate.
  5. Yeah it was the TANK and yes it went down with a wallop, no hole in the road as it was cushioned with my foot!!!
  6. Ok the foot aches! but other than a mighty bruise it's fine. The bike however is not, I had just spent quite a time on fitting 2 new mirrors with built in LEDs and was quite proud of the fact that they looked cool with having to make up 2 small looms to connect them to the bike so I could use the existing wiring with out cutting the wires on the bike, had been on the bike for about 3 days and the fall snapped the left hand one off like a carrot! So today I fitted the old ones back on and it's back to standard. Some scrapes to the exhaust mount and the left engine casing plus the fairing protector was gouged up a bit. All in all I got away light.
  7. So short story, I was in a local village and they had a set of temp traffic lights set up which meant that there was quite a queue of cars waiting to move on, I love filtering to be honest, and so I wandered down the outside of these cars to get to the front, just my luck but someone was coming the other way and I dived into a gap between a car and a huge lorry, little did I know that the road dipped away to my left and was really steep suffice to say that when I tried to put my left foot down to balance the bike there was no road under my foot! the bike just tipped over like a felled tree with me going with it and then to add insult to injury my left foot got trapped by the rear footrest, so there I am laying in the road and I really can't move cos of the weight of the thing. I kid you not I felt like a right twat just laying there and remember thinking "fuck that hurts!" When out of nowhere around a dozen folks appeared as if by magic and helped me not only get the bike off my foot but then helped get it upright. Unfortunately thats not the worst part, I climed back onboard and got ready to move off and I had not realised how bad my foot had been squashed, so when I tried to take the weight on my left foot to move off it just would not take the weight so there I am AGAIN laying in the road, Oh FFS! this is getting embarasing so once again I had folks run out and lift it again, needless to say this time I took my time to get sorted out before I tried again to go home but this is a THANK YOU to all those folks and a reminder that although we might at times hate car drivers and pedestrians most people are kind and caring if you make a complete hash of things and end up laying in the road. I got away quite lightly tho, just the biggest bruise on my left foot and a reminder every time I walk that no matter how long you have been riding and waving at car drivers to get out ot the way that they really come through when you need help. And yes I'm and idiot!
  8. As finnerz said I would help but I'm a long way from you, look at the manual and it will talk you through the sequence for dismantling it and rebuild, most of the time you don't even have to replace the bearings just wash them out with paraffin and then regrease, use a good quality grease tho as some can turn to liquid when they get hot. It's not hard to do and if you take your time and walk away when you want to set fire to it in frustration you should be fine. Time and patience are you friends , good luck and you can always ask us if you do get stuck, remember photos make it easier to rebuild something than trying to remember where all the parts go and it helps others who are trying to viualise the problem if you do get stuck.:)
  9. Sounds like you have a dodgy starter switch, give it a shot of "switch cleaner" and a squirt of WD40 after, if that's the problem then that should sort it out. These switches can fail tho and sometimes they wear at the contact point and you need a new one. It is after all 15 years old so it's not like it owes you anything!
  10. Just a guess here but are the carb slides moving smoothly? Just need one to bind and it can really spoil your day. Also check the throttle cable for binding, it might need an oil or replacing . Also you might need to whip them off and clean them, you don't say if it has sat all winter and it might be just old fuel gumming up the works. This might help, sorry if you know all of this but we have to assume sometimes that folks know nothing:) https://youtu.be/l6QCYOCYPXM Once you have done that and it still won't start come back and we can try something else!
  11. Fraid not me this year :( Just had my defib fitted last week and I can't drive or ride for a month. But as always have fun those who do go. Had 2 outings on the bike last year! and only one this year so far but as soon as I can I'm heading out to get some miles in. See you all soon I hope and stay safe.
  12. Hi Lorraine welcome in. Is this any good? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjszLiA6cvwAhVxThUIHVc-CecQFjAAegQICRAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Ffichasmotor.com%2Fen%2Fyamaha%2Fyamaha-fzs-600-fazer-1999%2F&usg=AOvVaw0BPcomdB6NdPs0n_02DxER Link above will take you to the page below or just type in "FZS600 1999 spec sheet" and follow your nose to something that might help. Good luck. FichasMotor Brands Search YAMAHA FZS 600 FAZER 1999 YAMAHA YAMAHA FZS 600 FAZER 1999 DESCRIPTION The motorcycle Yamaha fzs 600 fazer of 1999 was manufactured by the company Yamaha and corresponds to the series of Yamaha fzs 1000 that encompasses motorcycles of different displacements. This bike enters into the category of naked and the first model of the Yamaha fzs 1000 generation began to be sold to the general public in the year 1997, that's why we are talking about a a motorcycle generation that already has 24 years. To give you a little more information about the characteristics of this bike, it has an engine displacement of 599.00 cc (36.55 ci) and a total power of 95.00 hp (69.3 kw) at 11500 rpm with an inline four-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with electric starter. When this model marketed to the general public, had an incredible starting price of 1.170,00 €. Take a look at the information of this awesome motorcycle. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS YAMAHA FZS 600 FAZER 1999 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Make Yamaha Model fzs 600 fazer 1999 Year 1999 Category Naked ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Displacement 599.00 cc (36.55 ci) Engine type Inline four-cylinder, 4-stroke engine Power 95.00 hp (69.3 kw) at 11500 rpm Torque 61.00 nm (6.2 kgf-m or 45.0 ft.lbs) at 9500 rpm Engine compression 12.0:1 Bore x stroke 62.0 x 49.6 mm (2.4 x 2.0 inches) Valves per cylinder 4 valves Cooling Liquid cooled Transmission 6 gears Final drive chain DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITIES Full weight 217.0 kg (478.4 lb.) Front weight ratio 49.0 Height to seat 790 mm (31.1 inches) CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS Average consumption 0.64 liters/100 km (156.3 km/l or 367.53 mpg) Greenhouse gases 14.8 CO2 g/km. (CO2 - carbon dioxide emissions) 14.8 CO2 g/km (CO2 - carbon dioxide emissions) SPEED AND ACCELERATION Maximum speed 133.0 mph (214.0 km/h) Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 3.500 seconds Acceleration 60 to 140 km/h in top gear 11.800 seconds CHASSIS, SUSPENSION AND WHEELS Front wheel travel 120 mm (4.7 inches) Rear wheel travel 120 mm (4.7 inches) Front tire 110/70-zr17 Rear tire 160/60-zr17 Front brakes Dual disc Front brake diameter 298 mm (11.7 in.) Rear brakes Monodisc Rear brake diameter 245 mm (9.6 in.) OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Starter Electric starter QUESTIONS AND DOUBTS ABOUT YAMAHA FZS 600 FAZER 1999 When was the first model of this motorcycle manufactured? 🏍 What is the fuel consumption of this motorcycle? How much power does this motorcycle have? What is the maximum speed of this motorcycle? How long does it take to accelerate to 100kmh from standstill? SPECIFICATIONS OF SIMILAR VEHICLES Ktm 990 supermoto r 2012 Honda sl 125 1973 Bultaco tss 1966 Triumph Bonneville T100 2020 Bimota sb8k santamonica 2007 Kreidler street 125 2009 Legal Notice | Privacy Notice | Cookies SpanishItalianGermanFrenchJapaneseDutchPolishPortugueseRussianChinese Copyright © 2021 FichasMotor
  13. slice

    Yamaha xj600

    Has it been sat with fuel in the tank and carbs over a long time? cos if it has then your carbs are bunged up with old fuel and will need to come off for a through clean. Try some "Easy start" up through the air filter to see if it fires, if it does then you have a solution to the problem, lot's of cleaning. Try carb cleaner and sone fine wire through the passageways inside the carb. Remove the jets and blow them out and if you can find a carb refurb kit which will help freshen up the thing.
  14. I would check the gearbox shifter forks for wear, or even the drum shifter for wear plus the mechanism at the end of the gear shaft. Means you have to take it apart but on an old bike things do wear and if the box has been abused then thats your problem. Wheelies and some race bikes take a real tole on the gearbox. Just a suggestion but best I can come up with without seeing it. Try looking at this for an idea on the workings of the box.
  15. slice

    New helmet.

    Thanks folks, had not thought about "new old stock" very cunning mate! I will do just that assuming I'm allowed to actually try them on? As for the blue tooth thing I might just forget about that, a good excuse to say "sorry I did'nt hear you! Thanks for the heads up on the sportsbike shop but Bolton would be a bit of a treck.
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