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  1. slice

    Bike show NEC.

    Well I went to the bike show today, what a great day out that is, saw some really nice looking bike's and bought some spares for mine (oop's) and I saw the new Harley electric! (only there for 1 day?) at a mere 28 grand for the joy of 70 miles a charge, I'm sure to some it's a bargain! I think I might have actually dribbled on the new 916 Duke but I am old. Talked to a hotelier who organises bike tours of the Alps and got his number and email so looks like I'm going to Rome next year. :)
  2. Now that is a proper intro. Welcome to the YOC.
  3. slice

    Anyone near....

    Not me I'm afraid, but someone will be nearby.
  4. slice

    2019 NEC bike show.

    Yep that's me, burning wreckage on the side of the hill. As my Dad told me once "keep your mouth shut and let them think your stupid don't open it and prove you are. But should that Be "YOUR" or YOU'RE" ?
  5. slice

    2019 NEC bike show.

    No your right and I can only say that it come's from another forum where it seemed that if you don't qualify your words "cripple" then some folks get grumpy and I'm afraid that I let it bleed over too here and that was my mistake for which I apologise.
  6. slice

    2019 NEC bike show.

    F**k me I'm surrounded by the word police! "HELP"
  7. Anyone going this year? 16th to the 20th November I think, thought I might as well go again cos if we do go to Italy then there might be some kit worth buying and they have some strange stalls there that don't seem to be found anywhere else plus year before last there was a stall for motorcycle TREKKING which might be worth a look. I might go on the 18th as it's a Monday and as I'm retired and old I can get a cripple parking space (I do have a blue badge) and a cheap ticket!
  8. slice

    Extra fuel carrier.

    I don't think range is going to be a problem really mate, there are going to be loads of fuel stations on whatever route you choose to take cos we are not the only daft buggers that do this sort of thing, plus as Bippo said she can carry a couple of those cans and I can stash a couple as well plus what ever you decide to hang off the bike we will look more like a transformer fuel bowser! As to the stops in Wales I at least had the chance to stop for a fag. And your bike being a "bit" heavy to wrestle around corners then try the FJR for a few hours, believe me when "they?" say it weighs nothing when your upright that's complete bollocks cos most of the time I like to be at least leaning half off the thing to go round corners and no one can say that's upright! If the wife's up for me going then I'm going whatever, would just be nice to have someone with me for when I need a moan about something.
  9. Just thinking about Cynic saying he had a low range on his new bike, so looked up what was out there to extend your range if your a bit too enthusiastic with the throttle! So I found this guy who, apart from the poxy music, seemed to have a couple of good ideas. If we do go for the "YOC does Italy" option this might work if we carried a couple just in case. Also it is illegal to carry a "soft" type of fuel bladder in the UK and Europe, or so I'm informed.
  10. Yeah I'm thinking 1 week poss 5 days and as to fuel it's not the north pole they do have fuel stations! But as Bippo said I can hang a gallon off the side and not even notice. In fact you can get soft fuel carriers that they use in Australia for the outback and they are available here as well tho they are not cheap.( Alex might be able to offer some help as he's in the colonies!) Anyway it seems some might be interested let's see how many others are thinking about it.
  11. OK I'm going with Bippo and Cynic, give it a miss and find something nearer and running, a bike you can see and hear is much better than one your told about by some guy who want's to flog it!
  12. Ok I'm game! Anyone fancy a trip to Italy next year? Those roads look awesome and the hotels are cheap enough (yes I'm old!) Shall we have a pole on who "might" be interested in the "YOC does Italy"? Bippo can lead this time and not get a gob full of gravel and mud (yes I'm talking to you PAT!) (I might wish slice had his dodgy wheelbearings to give me a chance in the corners.) Christ mate that bloody TDR is greased lightning around corners, my poor bloody FJR was wallowing like a whale trying to keep up! Plus the VMAX would be awesome on a trip like that.
  13. Well if it was me the first thing I would think would be it's a stolen recovered or a repo! Repo's are usually taken without the keys as the owner? usually tells them to "fuck off" when they come to take it away. If it has a new log book (V5) when you get it then call the previous owner and ask them why they got rid of it, if they tell you it's a repo then send it back. Otherwise things do get lost at dealerships and it might be an honest mistake.
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