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  1. slice

    Peter hartley

    Hi Peter, just a few facts you need to add if you would. Where did you buy it from UK or USA or some other country? What do you actually have in the way of other documents? Bill of sale or nothing at all! Does it have matching engine and frame numbers? This because if it's a frankenbike then your going to have other problems registering it. A bit about where you are in the world as well would help as advice about UK laws will not apply if you live in another country. And was it a private sale or from a dealer. Some dealer will sell old bikes without paperwork just to gey rid of them and save them the problems you now have.
  2. Thanks Finnerz I did not know that but will check it out now. So that said are we going to set a date or just wing it? And jump in with short notice and hope we can all make it? That's ok for me but some folks need time to sort out work and family life stuff. Whatever just shout out when your ready to pull the pin. Just looked it up and sure enough the date is the 4th of july for hotels to open (possibly not if we get a "second wave") so anytime after that and we have a winner. (well done Andrew!)
  3. I don't mind where or when to be honest but I REALLY don't do camping so if the hotels are shut then fraid not this year!
  4. I take it your talking about the (1977 XS 750 Special imported from Colorado) from your original post yes? If so you might try to contact Yamaha UK, Try here for phone numbers and such they are really helpful if you are stuck https://uk.yamaha.com/en/support/contacts/index.html Hope that helps and good luck.
  5. slice


    Hi Mate hope your well? I use Metzler roadtec 01 on mine, seem to be really good in general road use, not really special in any coditions but hold well in the wet and dry. I also fitted those angled valves to make pumping up the tyres easier but they are F**king useless so stick with ordinary valves. This guy has some good things to say about them and I agree that they do flat off at the top of the tread after a LOT of miles on motorways.
  6. Hi Ken, welcome to the YOC.
  7. Only applies to BMW and AUDI drivers tho!
  8. Thank you Sniff, I actually laughed out loud!
  9. Hi Sacha, welcome back dear girl! Yeah these poor folks that don't have a life of their own now want to take someone else's. Plus they own a Harley, I mean that has to hurt all the time the only cheap thing is the fuel.
  10. slice

    What a faf.

    We all have those moments mate, it's a good learning experience what's the old saying "never to old to learn something new". I was looking forward to seeing the new bike this year, plus the fact that you will have to corner like me now and not like a scalded cat! that is the TDR.
  11. slice

    First time out!

    Just been out on the bike for the first time this year, it needed fuel and after all the suspension work over the winter I wanted to know if anything would fall off before I even thought about a longish run. Sun shining and almost empty roads was almost like being back in the 60s! Wife asked me if it was alright but I think the huge grin said it all. That said NOT ONE of the folks at the garage filling station had a mask or even a pair of gloves while using the pumps? are they just to cool to bother with this disease do you think? I had a crash helmet thick gloves and my snood on (it was chilly) but really! Moan over, that was a good day after 7 weeks indoors.
  12. Yeah as Finerz said mine is activated via the app on my phone or a button on the top, just read through the Innov website description and your right that it says "always on" but I wonder if in fact you have to actually turn it on via the phone? Most "car" cams can be set to either turn on automaticaly or by physically switching them on, have you checked the phone app to see if it's possible to change the "ON" function for startup? Otherwise a phone call to Innov might be in your future! Sorry best I can come up with.
  13. Yeah as Drewpy said try here www.fowlersparts.co.uk they have just about everyhing you could want, plus ID numbers to match so it well worth a try.
  14. Hi, well I can't say for certain but it seems likely that a radio will fit but as to the original controls that might be a problem! You could see if there is an adapter out there for your bike, a bit like the ones that most car radios use, you know the things that you can buy from car factors that allow you to swop older radios for newer fancy ones but to be honest that seems unlikely. You could of course make your own or even get somone to make you one up, there are folks out there who delight in doing this sort of stuff. Sorry to not have a definitive answer for you but most of us don't have a radio on the bike. Try your local Yam dealer workshop guy and see if he can advise you what might work, you can't be the first person on earth this has happened to!
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