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  1. Ah that's a bugger mate! It seems most folks like to think a low mileage bike is better than an often ridden one but the truth is if you make anything a trailer queen or garage junkie then it will have problems just from lack of use. I'm sure once you get the carbs sorted it will be fine but still a sodding nuisance.
  2. Hi mate, welcome back, glad you took the time to come and see us again! All we need now is for GROUCH to turn up and it's old home week.
  3. Oh well done Bips, yeah flinging 250 kilos of metal around can be a bit frantic on occasion but there are benefits to a big bike as I'm sure your finding. Really envious of you at the moment as I'm stuck at home with the bike in small bit's! Take care of yourself and hoping to see LOT'S of photos when you get back.
  4. Hi Garf, welcome to the YOC,
  5. Oh well done mate ! You must be well chuffed to have it running after all that faffing around. Bet you neighbours just LOVE the no exhaust sounds
  6. Best guess, hole in the piston or busted piston rings!
  7. slice

    Time has come...

    Bloody hell mate, I can hardly keep up with the tdr I have no chance now! Well done fella about time you arrived in the 20th century.
  8. Try here https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?130047-2018-Star-Venture Or here https://www.starbikeforums.com/forums/78-starbikeforums-help-desk/111898-2018-venture-transcontinental-forum.html Or just type "Star Venture 2018 TC forum" into Google and see what it comes up with? Might not be an actual forum for this bike as it's a fairly new direction for Yamaha bikes. Good luck anyway!
  9. Try Fowlers of Bristol, they are a pretty good source of old parts, they might have to order them from Japan! Won't be cheap tho.
  10. You don't have to do anything, the bike will run fine on normal unleaded. The only reason older 4 strokes need fettling is the valve seats and as you don't have any it will run just fine with the normal 2 stroke oil mix.
  11. Hi and welcome to the YOC. :)
  12. slice

    Front wheel bearing!

    Part 4, told you I would be back! Anyway the seal arrived this morning which is pretty damned quick, I was told 9 day's so pleased as punch that it only took 4. So offered it up to the drive shaft and it's just perfect, so slowly and carefully slide it into place, you have to use a drift to get it on as it's a really tight fit, BUGGER! It pays to look twice and do the job once cos muggings here has now got the seal on backwards, I mean you could not make this shit up. Anyway finally got the thing off and really chuffed that I didn't manage to ruin the blasted thing, so the diff is sitting there in all it's glory now ready to go back on. I ordered the fork seals from Fowlers which also showed up but now I find that I don't in fact need them as when I jacked the bike up I over extended the forks and it was just a dribble of oil from a small piece of dirt that was causing the problem, My SEALMATE fixed that in about 30 seconds. So the forks and head stock will be done in the winter as I have had just about enough of sodding about with this poxy machine. So the moral of this saga seems to be. Just do the job you set out to do and don't go looking for other things to fix when you get a bit of down time waiting for parts. But I have found out what makes the drive shaft work so not all bad news I suppose. :)
  13. Perhaps he's Mook from Crick? Nope ok then!
  14. Well to be honest I'm not completely sure but your best bet would be to have a word with your local Yam dealer workshop staff. They would know for certain. But have you thought about a used set of parts? Usually you can pick up a set of used bit's off of EBAY or somewhere else for a much lesser amount. Any wrecked bike of a similar year will have the parts you need. Just had a quick look on EBAY and you can pick up an ECU for about £90, other bits will no doubt turn up then it will cost you about £150 for an ECU reset company to make it work on your bike. To be honest if the bike your looking at is anything other than REALLY CHEAP then move on.
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