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  1. slice

    FJ1200 running problem

    Yeah as Jimmy said that would have been my first port of call but your list said you had run it with the cap open so obviously not the problem, just to be sure you do have the fuel filter the right way round? some are direction specific, not saying you didn't know just it's the little things that catch you out. I had an old bike which had really soft rubber fuel lines, took me ages to work out they were too small and collapsing under the pressure of riding but fine when you were on tick over. Hunting usually implies a fuel starvation problem so it really has to be in the fuel delivery system, you seem to have covered most of the other stuff I would have thought of anyway. Is there anything in the fuel tank that's floating about? old filer or rust treatment I had a spare tank for my FJ and that had loads of stuff that had broken away after the tank had been leak proofed, just guessing now. Good luck hope some of this ramblings helps you sort it.
  2. slice

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Got to thinking about it after reading your post Bipps, so Amazon is sending me one as we speak, should have bought it when I saw them but too focused on the bikes to really get my head round it and as I have the entire front of the bike off at the moment it seems like a good idea to junk the pathetic ones on the FJR.
  3. slice

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Hey Bipps, I saw those at the bike show, really ear poppingly loud I thought and at £25 each a real bargain. The top of the range one actually hurt when you hit the button. Have a safe trip and lots of fun, hear from you when you get back.
  4. slice

    Motorcycle show NEC

    Off to the motorcycle show at the NEC tomorrow, should be a good day out with lot's to look at, I want to try out the new FJR and see if I can make a deal (you never know!) Anyway I will take a few photos to put up later in the week. My mate is looking for a new bike as well so that's 2 wives with constipated faces.
  5. slice

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Drewpy, I checked the website of the hotel/guest house at Pandy and it seems that they are not set up to take bookings that early so we might have to wait till the new year rolls over before it becomes available.
  6. slice

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Brecon beacons, great place to have a run out, lots of twisty (oh god I'm gunna die!) roads there. Not too different to the one we went to last time. I'm still in.
  7. slice

    Would you believe it.

    Cynic mate just thought this might help, you might already have seen it but has some good information and as I said all info will help you deal with the problem. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/type-2-diabetes/finding-help-and-support/
  8. slice

    YOC 2019 Meet

    I'm in and it's not that far from me either, looking forward to it already. I will miss the ride home through Birmingham tho..!
  9. slice


    Thanks for the offer Mike but I have contacted the guy from ebay that NEO put me on to, pipe on the way and cut to size as well. Again thanks oldfjman seem to have got it sorted but appreciate all of the responses you have all come up with.
  10. slice

    Would you believe it.

    That's a bugger mate, as Katie said diabetics UK or similar organisations will help enormously with your life style choices, my Dad was diabetic for years and he ate very well within the rules that you have to cover. Lots of horror stories about losing limbs and going blind out there and if you had been diagnosed in the 1950s then this might happen but 50 years of advancements in the treatment and maintenance of diabetes means that practically no-one suffers from these things today unless your a total toss pot and ignore some simple rules. First things first, suck up ALL information from good professional organisations regarding your condition then make a plan, your family have to know what's what as well so they can help you deal with the condition, it's really not that hard mate just an adjustment of lifestyle and eating habits. As Katie said stay away from so called "diabetic ranges of food" it's simpler to read the frigging label on the food you buy than paying for someone else to do it for you. You will be amazed at how well you feel when you get your diet right. Good luck Mate.
  11. slice


    Thanks Cynic I will have a look at the local area and see what's there. NEO mate that's chuffing brilliant ! Never even thought to look on the bay. Nice.
  12. slice


    Just a question about where can I get hold of some 3/4 inch black iron pipe, the sort that used to be used for gas or water pipe. I need to support the FJR when I remove the centre stand and the rear swing arm, this years little job ! But I'm buggered if I can find anywhere that sells the stuff in the lengths that I want and with the threads cut into it. Any of you that can help out with a suggestion I will be really grateful. Thanks peeps.
  13. Sorry Sniff I have to agree with "oldfjman" here, your not being fair to the SJW's out there who will get offended in being a part of the "ball less majority". By the way I now self identify as a SPITFIRE in a non binary gender sense of the term..!
  14. slice

    YOC 2019 Meet

    And we will all be there with the cameras running this time Tommy..!
  15. slice

    XS400 con rod stamping #'s

    You may not have noticed but this thread is 8 years old. Try setting up another NEW thread in the Workshop section. Right after saying Hello in the new members section (hint).