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  1. Is there a label on the head stock? These give the month and year of manufacture.
  2. Maybe too late but try emailing Yamaha [email protected]
  3. UK_DT


    Check the carburettor jets as US models seemed to have different jets to UK models or owners changed them if they were using the bikes at higher altitudes (according to Clymer manual it should be a 140 or 150, Yambits.co.uk states its's a 130). Also make sure air filter is clean.
  4. Look for a sticker on the headstock that will state month and year of manufacture. Make sure that whoever does the dating certificate sees this as if it is close to change over month it might make a difference as to whether it gets a V or W registration number.
  5. Depending on how you intend on using the bike, a 12 volt conversion might be a better (though more expensive) option. There's a thread on how it was done on a 175 here: DT175 12V conversion Or this one on a suitable kit: dt400 12 volt conversion Or a US site that supplies them: hvccycle kit
  6. Email Yamaha customer services and they should be able to help: [email protected]
  7. There might be a label attached around the head stock which gives month and year of manufacture.
  8. I think max power is produced at 5,500 rpm and torque at 5,000 rpm, so going beyond that is pretty pointless. It's a large capacity, two-stroke single so is never going to be a 'red-line screamer'. Best change up early and ride the torque.
  9. UK_DT


    Thanks, that's useful to know.
  10. UK_DT


    Will the ethanol also impact on two-strokes? Should super unleaded be used instead of regular on two-strokes?
  11. Check for a sticker by the headstock, it usually has a date of manufacture. Also Yamaha UK were fine when I enquired on build date for my US DT400E. Just give them the chassis and engine numbers. Don't use VJMC, they dated my bike one year out (I should have sent them a 'One Year Out' T-Shirt !)
  12. Late post, but thought would add it all the same! I used this relay when I added LED indicators to my bike: Electronic flasher relay Only issue I had was that the pins don't tally with the standard relay's socket, so some manual re-configuring was required.
  13. UK_DT

    DT400b 1976

    Great job with that DT400b. My brother had one back in the late 70's in the black and it always was a tasty looking bike. Are you planning on keeping it?
  14. UK_DT

    DT400b 1976

    That looks like a nice job, was it expensive?
  15. UK_DT

    Colour of FS1E

    Try contacting Yamaha customer services ([email protected]) and provide the frame number. They should be able to confirm the colour the bike was supplied in.
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