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  1. bippo

    Bike Transporters

    Looking forward to finding out what you’ve got, Jimmy...
  2. I managed to get the Friday off work. I just need to sort a kennel for the dog and then I’m all good. I’ll be camping - do I need to give them a buzz to book a spot, or is your tentative reservation enough? I’m back up in Glossop so will happily meet and convoy with anyone else travelling on the Friday? Glad the op is booked at least. It would be lovely to meet you in person, Slice - I’ve not had the honour [emoji846] but totally understand if you can’t make it!
  3. Welcome along. I started out in a YBR too before taking my DA. Good bikes [emoji846]
  4. Yay Drewps! I have today requested the 21st off - I’m sure it’ll be ok.
  5. Just bumping this thread... I’m going to sort my annual leave this week or next. Who’s looking at coming along, and is there a plan for the days?
  6. bippo

    New ride....

    Very nice! Always good to treat yourself - and a good choice! Maybe one day I’ll be back in the Triumph fold...
  7. Sorry to hear that Slice. Hope the treatment goes well for her.
  8. Thanks for sorting the accommodation. I’ll camp - what do I owe you? Don’t want you being out of pocket if you’ve put a deposit down. I still need to sort my time off work - and kennels for the dog, but should be fine! I’m so used to riding on my own (and much prefer it). I’ve never really got on with group riding but the times I have done it recently I’m happy / comfortable serving as tail-end Charlie. But I’ll work with whatever is best with the rest.
  9. bippo

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Gosh, that’s something to look forward too!! Haha! [emoji23]
  10. bippo

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Same as Finnerz - I know a lot of people who recommend them. I don’t think it’ll be a bad buy, Slice.
  11. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    If you like that style, maybe try Givi? I just Googled on my work laptop and saw model number ST607 which is a shell design. Looks quite big (tall) though.
  12. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    I think Kriega sell something which may work? Don’t know if they can be left on the bike (and if they could whether someone would want to pinch it?) If I do need additional storage then I just use a roll bag on the back, but as Blackie alluded to, depending on the bike / size of pack it can be an art getting on. I tend to mount my bike like you would a horse when it’s fully loaded. A tank bag has my essentials in for quick access, but I don’t need to remove mine during petrol stops.
  13. bippo

    Biker down course

    Been meaning to go on one of these, Drewpy - something for this year perhaps...
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