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  1. bippo

    Time has come...

    Looking forward to seeing the pics - de-chromed sounds like a good choice to me! Absolutely gutted about the TDR though...
  2. Oh no - I’m so glad you’re ok, Blackie. Sounds like you were very lucky for a high-side. Take it easy.
  3. I should get myself there seeing as it’s in the next town over...! Had no idea it had relocated until you mentioned it...
  4. Welcome along! I’m literally over the Pennines from you - Glossop [emoji41]
  5. bippo


    You can’t tell they are fitted on my bike. The valve stem and dust caps just look standard cheap and cheerful. All the gubbins are inside the rim. Not sure if that’s different with Slices cheaper ones? Side note... Drewps about our chat regarding the PR5’s. You know I said my last set wore terribly. Well I suddenly realised it’s because they aren’t a GT variant. If they don’t bring out a GT set I may consider going back to the PR4’s.
  6. bippo


    The guy who bought my bike new specced this, so yes I have it. I have right angle valves too. I’ve never used it, or relied on it, but when I cycle through my display the figures displayed appear to be accurate vs. my tyre pump. Is it worth it? Probably not something I’d spec myself, but equally I’ve heard good things by people where it’s flashed up in the event of a puncture and pressure is dropping fast. Thus getting them to stop before something bad could happen at speed. Thankfully I’ve never had this happen but I am in the habit of glancing down for the warning light at times I’ve accidentally hit a pothole hard. Added reassurance in that regard. I have however heard it’s worthwhile telling anyone changing tyres that you have them fitted (horror stories of mechanics ruining them due to lack of care). Having just read back over your message, the BMW ones are over 200 quid, which is why I wouldn’t have prioritised it...!) but yours sound like a much more acceptable price!
  7. Your swearing added an extra dynamic to the film, Slice... [emoji3]
  8. It's fine, Tommy - I'm "forgetting" the fact that I would have dropped my bike, if you weren't there to catch it...! I sort of have that on video, but conveniently enough it didn't make the final cut...
  9. Pulled a short video together now that I'm back from my work travels. I tried to throw some music over the top (by a Welsh band, naturally) but after upload to YouTube the audio quality became distorted - so you may wish to mute. UPDATE: I've now sorted the music quality, and it'll default to 1080p if viewed via YouTube, rather than the embed below. In truth I had actually managed to film probably about 70-80% of the entire ride out on both days, so this video barely scratches the surface! Tommy is lucky, on the ride home I had put the cameras away so didn't get to capture my leaving him for dust on that beautiful, flowing road I'll see what photos I took on my phone and share any worthy ones later. But for now, sit back and waste 5 minutes of your life...
  10. “Really loud” is an understatement, Finnerz...
  11. Welcome along! You have just missed our forum meet-up (was in Wales). A great bunch of people with knowledge that amazes me. Maybe come along to the next one, eh [emoji846]
  12. Great stuff, Slice! Personally I love your expletive commentary - we need more of it! “Where the f&$% are we goin’?” Haha! I started sifting through my clips and will also pull something together when I am back home at the weekend.
  13. That road was amazing, although I had to really time my overtake because you’re a sucker for flooring it out of the bends...! I completely forgot to thank Cynic for serving as our ever patient fire starter and Drewps for some good cooking.
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