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  1. bippo

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Sounds good - and with a B&B attached it should cater for all of our needs! We’d be staying during peak season so happy to send a deposit if we need to secure the booking.
  2. bippo

    YOC 2019 Meet

    I can’t book my annual leave that far in advance - but shouldn’t be a problem!
  3. bippo

    Would you believe it.

    Glad it got diagnosed, Cynic - well done for speaking up in order to get checked out. A friend of mine did similar a couple of years back (re. feeling lethargic) and it was that which caused them to find cancer. You never know what could be lurking. I’ll confess to not knowing much about diabetes, but stick with the diet change and try not to see it as a burden. Someone at my old school has diabetes, but has never been able to “embrace” it. Below-the-knee leg amputation, blindness to the point where she has one glass eye, and many other complications means she doesn’t work and can’t lead much of a life. I don’t really have sympathy for her as these have been self-inflicted by her not able to accept the lifestyle changes required. As Katie said - check specific charities for guidance and support. They may even hold evening talks where you can get your own questions answered? Seeing a nutritionist on help with recipes and meal plans could also take the stress away for you.
  4. bippo

    Hello all - YBR125 rider here

    Wellcome! I started off with a YBR, great little bikes.
  5. bippo

    Hi All from Mark in Kent

    Welcome, Mark!
  6. bippo

    New to Yamaha and New to bikes

    Welcome along!
  7. bippo

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Yeah they sold out crazily fast...!
  8. bippo

    YOC 2019 Meet

    That would be incredibly kind. I’d be up for that (dates depending) and I’d happily camp to free up rooms for others. I’ll even have room on my bike for a few beers to share [emoji41]
  9. bippo

    New member

    Welcome! [emoji846]
  10. bippo

    My FJ 1200 Spruce-Up

    Very nice indeed [emoji106]
  11. bippo

    YOC 2019 Meet

    I’ll do my best to join you guys this time. By the sounds of it you did well with the Peak District trip. [emoji846]
  12. bippo

    What a F**king day..!

    Oh dear, Slice - glad you made it back in one piece. I had some guy yesterday overtaking two lorries on a bend with solid white lines down the middle. It was a 50 mph single carriageway and all I can say is I’m glad I was on my bike and not in the car. He was just being impatient and hadn’t read the road. I saw him momentarily panic when he saw me round the bend but thankfully he was in a fast car and decided to continue flooring it to complete his move. Had I of been a car he wouldn’t have fitted through the gap.
  13. bippo


    Ahh glad I wasn’t the only one with poor visibility at the top...!! Yeah the F800 is a good size bike - I’m not cramped at all with the luggage and weather protection is pretty good. Not the most exciting bike but it does everything very well and without complaint. However I’m not tall and I actually have a different seat on which adds 4cm (so you can imagine how low the stock one is...!) even with this new seat I still find the bike very low. I am considering replacing it next year, unless I could afford to keep it as a hack.
  14. bippo


    I’m sure I did it on a weekend around the same time of year last time but then I hardly encountered anyone on the roads. Still, it didn’t spoil my trip, everyone was courteous so I can’t complain. The only numpty I came across was a caravan up on Applecross Pass. They had caused bedlam [emoji849] Anyway - now for a couple of snaps. I hope these will work as I’m uploading them for the first time via the Tapatalk app... The obligatory snap of my bike at the start of Applecross Pass... The breathtaking views (said sarcastically) at the viewing point up the top of Applecross Pass... Not many scenery snaps en route as I was enjoying the ride... And finally up at John O’Groats... Looks like I carried a lot for the total duration but the roll bag comes in the most use for stuffing a wet tent, etc. into it. Plus I took all food and water supplies so I only had to think about fuel. My top box was empty too in order to store my tank bag or lid. The bike is due another service now... [emoji53]