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  1. Many thanks for coming back to post up a solution. I’m sure it’ll help others in the future. Enjoy the heated seat!
  2. bippo

    An Autumnal jaunt

    Great pics, Jimmy. Good weather at this time of year is always hard to pass up! I went out yesterday for the first time since my Europe trip. After 4,000 miles my rear end didn’t want to go anywhere near a bike seat haha! But I popped out yesterday for a Remembrance Day ride of respect. So many families came to just watch with flags and their own home made banners which was just lovely.
  3. bippo

    Anyone near....

    No problem, Jimmy. Happy to help with anything similar in the future.
  4. bippo

    Anyone near....

    It’s about 20 miles from me, Jimmy. More than happy to collect and post for you if you’re successful in the bid.
  5. bippo

    2019 NEC bike show.

    Oh Slice... owned twice in one thread! [emoji1787]
  6. The only thing which dawned on me... Drewps and Tommy already have their trip to the Black Forest planned. They are guaranteed regulars on YOC meets, so it's likely they wouldn't be able to squeeze another in next year... Re. fuel, I did stumble across a few stations which were closed, but typically the majority have pay at pump. I quickly found out that when holding the Tiger 1200 at a steady 130-140kph (on their motorways) it resulted in the least economical vehicle I've ever owned...! I was just watching the gauge run down... I'm so glad I only needed to do that on the final day, returning to Calais.
  7. bippo

    Extra fuel carrier.

    I have a couple of these MSR canisters bought specifically for camping (stove fuel). I've never used them for petrol, but have carried them with me on my bikes. They do have a very narrow neck, but are very well made and I wouldn't hesitate filling them with petrol and chucking them, upside-down, into a pannier. I've never carried additional petrol with me on a bike, just not needed where we live! But I'll confess to nearly running out in the UK when I first rode the NC500 on my Street Triple. Tank range was around 180 (when behaving, which is kind of hard to do with such a twitchy throttle!) anyway the first time I completed that ride, 24 hour petrol stations were unheard of up in the Highlands. Plus it was a Sunday... Panic stations ensued as I was scrapping the barrel, but then I found a proper old-skool shop with a single pump outside and an old gentleman to operate it for you. I was so thankful! The next time I completed the ride, I was kind of sad to see 24 hour petrol stations (along with a sharp increase in traffic!) Anyway, for my Europe trip, I only ran really low a couple of times, but that was my own fault. I hate stopping for fuel when I'm in the groove, so was pushing my bike to the limits. I was carrying a Givi canister around with me which is designed for petrol (but I had it filled with fuel for my meths stove. I would happily use it to carry petrol if we do end up on a 'YOC does Italy' trip. It has a 2.5 litre capacity, so very pretty decent for a back-up, and it never leaked. Here's a picture of it from Strasbourg (attached to a removable mount on the rear of my left pannier): The canister itself is cheap to buy and didn't leak once. It comes with a separate hose which I didn't need for my stove. Downside is perhaps its built specifically to go with the mount (expensive) and again, really only designed for Givi hard cases... But I'm happy to fit more to my bike if required. I do also have a small Rotopax canister, but I wouldn't waste your money! They are a great concept, but ridiculous money, and I've yet to use mine without it leaking, so wouldn't feel comfortable strapping it to a bike. Out of all my canisters, this is the only one I have used to carry petrol (when topping up at a station in my car and then filling my bike up at my lock-up). I do like the fact the hose is stored internally though... For those who feel the need to take extreme measures... the president of the UK Iron Butt Association has gone to the effort of installing an auxiliary tank in place of his pillion seat on his Tiger 800 to reduce fuel stops...! I did have a twin tank fitted to my classic Mini (needed filling via it's own fuel cap). It was always amusing at busy petrol stations because you could see impatient drivers pulling up behind me because they assumed I wouldn't be there for long. You could see their regret when I then pulled the hose round to the other side to repeat the process...! Here it is right after installation (before I tidied it up):
  8. I'd be game for next year! I'll be planning another trip for next year anyway (I was originally thinking about Ireland), but I'd be able to do both. Hmm, that's a good question. I guess if it's too long then it'll be hard for folk to fit it in with family and work. No more than a week I'm guessing? Mind you, I guess there'd be no issue in others staying out there for longer, if they wanted? Re. fuel range, I'd happily carry additional fuel on my bike for those who need it.
  9. As boring as it may feel, you really can't go wrong with the YBR. It was my first bike too. Look after it and hopefully sell it for the same price once you move onto a bigger bike
  10. I’m inclined to agreed with Cynic. Be very careful indeed. I’m assuming you have the reg? Could you do some searches online? Don’t part with any cash unless you’re certain things are covered.
  11. He’s a dark horse on that bike, so I don’t think many of us would stand a chance now it’s ship-shape...! But you have a literal tonne of alternate bikes to choose from! Failing that, my over-sized beast could tow your DT..., although you know by now that it’s important to not use a Yam on a YOC meet. Haha
  12. The Vmax would be perfect for it... you know you want to...!
  13. Thanks Paul! Drewps - when are you guys doing your trip? are you going with Tommy? You’ll have a fabulous time without a doubt! It’s given me a good taste for it, can’t wait for another adventure.
  14. YES! I can see it now... “YOC does Italy” haha! We should all head there next year *hint, hint, guys* Aside from that, big par on the back for sorting the bike out, Slice. I couldn’t believe how tidy it looked in Wales.
  15. Thanks Jimmy! Just wish it could have been a longer trip, but never mind!
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