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    Is there a Facebook page already or does someone need to make one? I check on here every day but as you say it's pretty quiet
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    Totally its Facebook, nobody wants to wait anymore. TDR forum has gone the same, vmax forum too. Its all facebook. We need to try and start on facebook. The vmax and TDR face book forums are running well.
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    I'll happily start one. Just wanted to check first https://www.facebook.com/groups/691940734664947/ Group sorted.
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    Had a look, it's a page as opposed to a group so I don't think us peasants can post anything?
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    Yes yoc is on FB. We need to use it. Just search for yamaha owners club
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    Hi john , try the aircooled rdclub,, section on there ,and a small fee, will get you a dating cert,, you wont need a N,O,V,A. as its in the EU,,, http://www.aircooledrdclub.com/smf/
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    my father had a saab 9000, very nice it was too
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    Smell the oil also " if its contaminated with fuel, the carbs need looked at, this would raise the oil level,
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    About 4lts of oil Just googled it and it should be 3.7lts Did you buy it from a shop or private, I'll assume private. I would have given it back to the bloke and told him give me a call when it was fixed. The breather for the engine will probably be in the air box and overfilling with oil can cause some blowback. Now you have it, you should do an oil change ensuring you put the correct amount in. Buy a manual if you don't have one already. You can even download them of t'internet and hope you haven't blown any seals. Oh and stick an intro into the new members section. You'll get a better response that way
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    I'd be changing the relay then mate.
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    thanks for the welcomes. sounds like a good place to pop in every now & then. Oh & yeah I have been told I can turn a text into an essay. cheers Rich
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    I use Oregon the chainsaw 2T, oil, or Carlube, , as for the seat, see it you can unscrew the lock from the frame, , or slide the hinge pins out, .
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    Don't get dragged into the 2stroke oil snobbery. Yam 2 strokes in stock trim will just about run on chip far, no im not joking. Big roller bearing mains, needle roller small ends, the engines are bomb proof if ridden/maintained right. I have been using morris semi synth 2 stroke oil (fiver a litre from Churchill motors Pattishall) for years with no problems at all. As for the seat I cannot help, last 350 I had was in the early 90's as a winter hack (yeah I know) cannot remember how to get the seat open.
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    Hi just getting back on two wheels will give that freedom feeling enjoy even if its only short trips
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    A cold but sunny day up here on the West Coast so nowt else for it but a wee run out on my Hinckley Bonnie. Went my usual (favourite) route up over some minor roads and down into Largs for chips and a coffee. Rinsed the bike off on completion. If only I wan't working earlies tomorrow I'd have a couple of beers to finish off a grand day out
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    to the mad house, most leave the door open and come in now and again.
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    G"day --,,Thats some essay .
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    Now that is a proper intro. Welcome to the YOC.
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    Great intro mate. Welcome to the nuthouse bud
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    Whats happenned " ,,this used to be a buzzing forum ,, is it Facebook, ? nothing new in posts and very little members visit the site now,,
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