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  1. Hi all, "Newish" to bikes is my daughter. She just loves being on the back of the bike. It's also a great feeling for me to have her with me, us both doing something we love together. Can't get the picture up,,,,, sorry Pat
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  2. For anyone interested in rider to pillion communication I have got this,,,,,, "Interphone Connect Bluetooth Intercom" It is a brilliant bit of kit. Really clear sound. Also connects to phone, sat nav, other bikes if you want, waterproof and has built in radio. ect . Easy to fit into each helmet and so far perfect sound even at 70mph. I only wanted it so I could talk to my daughter on the back and make sure she was ok, and to be honest that's probably all I use it for (I'm not a teck lad),, but it will do lots more if you wanted it too. Little on the expensive side but worth it. Can get them on eBay, Amazon, Sports bike shop,,,,,,the usual places. Anyway if you're in the market for something like this,,,,, check them out Pat
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