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    Had a brilliant weekend lads, believe it or not I enjoyed almost every minute thanks to you all for acting so quickly stopping the traffic and helping me and my bike back to an upright position and for not taking the piss (well not till we got back the pub anyway) but I’d have done the same for any of you guys, probably with the addition of a few photos 🤣 all I can say for those you who didn’t make it this weekend is you missed a cracker, big thank you to finnerz for organising it, well done mate great job.
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    Home safe and sound, Great to see you all again, loved the ride out, especially the single track. The fast twisties were good but would of been better if we stayed as a group (finners pace-maker) then I got lost, I didn't mind as it was only 20mins from the end of route. I didn't enjoy the camping - I never sleep. Roll on the next meet,,,,,,, somewhere new again, what ye think ?? Long summer of riding yet so get out there,,,,,, I may blast down to Pilninggas area just for the day sometime. Ps. I was getting brave on my Tractor Tyres on route home in the roundabout's.
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    I had planned to do my own "Long Way Round" and do Moscow then California in one day, but roadworks and problems with my support team meant I just did the one ? ? Just reading through the whole thread again. I am in Tenerife until 6th July. I'm back at work but off on Rest Days 13 - 16 so could possibly make it up to Oban on the Friday
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    Same for me, without the brum (or Sheffield eh Slice?, great weekend, when is the next one.
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    No worries chaps, it was a great laugh and some awesome riding! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I'm the same bud. Sitting here bikeless. I had to go to A&E to get my wallet surgically separated from my pocket.
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    Am layed up.. had to go to A&e, got Tetanus , the bruising and swelling is worse, , spoke to airhead , enjoy you weekend,,,,dam,,
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    Changed your spelling error kev
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    Drew I’ll see you at 5pm Lymm service’s
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    Preparations.... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I might just make it lads, + lassies if there are any. 😀 😎 Sorry ya here of your tumble John, clean wounds, grit your teeth an carry on as normal.
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    Cheers guys, will finally be with a host who can affordably scale with the site!
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    Yeh drew" your missing out, 26 degrees every day up here, this week,. forest fires,, its like California ,?
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    We went half way over to the west,. the RD350 spat its newtronic iggy, we fixed it with a leather washer ,[ made from a keyring] , to hold the cam plate on, ..26degrees, traffic free roads,,- bliss,
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    I’m on my way John what’s your address again. ?
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    Sounds like a plan Pat, I'm up for a blast out west.
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    Where’s Johnny come on John it’s not as if it’s the first man hole you’ve ever been in, only going by what Kev told me! Seriously though hope you’re ok mate
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    Bloody hell! Sorry mate but that sounds like it would've been quite funny to see [emoji23] Get plenty of ale down you and make the trip, it was you that prompted this remember! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    do they not have one of those diagnostic ports on the electrics? they also use the tacho to obtain codes for troubleshooting
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    Only just finished the move, let me know if there are any issues. @blackhat250 did you not see a site offline message?
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    No need to split the engine to fix the oil seal, remove the clutch basket, then the primary gear, then pull the old seal out, [ self tapping screws into the old seal walls. and pull] .. some models have a o ring on shaft also, . then push in new seal with a deep socket,,
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    I'll be there friday evening, might have to go on the FZ as the TDM decided to dump all it fuel into the engine. ordered carb bits and new intakes from Wemoto which aparently is coming tomorrow. you never know, just won't have satnav capabilities. there's another place called the bike hospital "Regular Saturday Bikers Hub. Start or finish your day at The Bike Hospital with free brews. 9am until 7pm (or later) EVERY SATURDAY RAIN OR SHINE Snacks and even bacon butty's are available. Car park is big enough for 100+ bikes. Meet new friends or bring your own and then go for a lovely ride in the Peak District.(Snake Pass, Woodhead Pass etc) Remember to do a free tyre pressure check when you visit. Further details, please contact Danie 07728702965" https://thebikehospital.com/
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    Yip, its the stator next, ,,,you got a meter ?, test for continuity, heres the basics,,,,,of how it works,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W94iksaQwUo&t=92s
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    saw the photos on faceache, very ingenious. My mossy repellant came today so here's hoping I don't get bitten
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    Lumps of inanimate metal/plastic to be ever referred to as the/this/that bike, but hey that's just me
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