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    Sure is pal,43 years old the one ive just picked up, gona take some work but im up for a challenge
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    Welcome aboard matey. Plenty of pictures, we like pictures
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    Thanks ill get some pics up once the bike lands
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    If there was a large spark, there will be some scorch marks from the arcing. Look for any wires with the insulation cracked , or bare wires touching the horn or engine I'm assuming you hadn't carried out any work immediately before the problem started. If you had, then look around the area you were working on.
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    I recently picked up a 650 Dragstar and decided to bobber it and whilst looking for answers on the internet many of my questions bought me to here so I thought it only fair to sign up with a paid membership. I've been riding since the 80's but in the last 20 years or so I've only really ever kept a bike for less than a year as I could not get it through the side doors into my back garden and I didn't just want to leave it on the drive. Anyway my wife decided she wanted to start riding last year so she passed her CBT and got herself a YBR125. She's a bit of a rock chick so I bought her a Dragstar 125 for Christmas and after looking at it on the drive for a few weeks I got the bug again and got myself a Dragstar 650. I've spent the last week (week off work) bobbering it which included narrower handlebars so I can now get through the passageways into my workshop. We'll do the wife's in the coming months. I'm now a happy biker once again and look forward to being a part of this community Here's a pic of my bike before and after bobbering as well as my wife's.
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    Great intro and great pics. Welcome aboard bud
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    Great intro,,, welome in ,
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    Now that is how to introduce yourself, welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum matey. Always fancied a vmax, but no room and more importantly, no money
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    Yes. Got nova and a strange looking cert in Japanese but it came back. its a 1989 thanks for the tips.
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    Wanted to drive the bike into work last week. Turned over for 5 secs but didn't want to start first go (its been 3 weeks or so since last start). Then all power went. I have had batteries start to struggle a bit to give you a bit of notice but not this one. The 5 secs cranking just completely killed it off. It is completely dead and the charger doesn't even register ....... "it is an ex-battery" New one one the way now but was pretty miffed I missed my ride.
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    Honda do it too. Think its supposed to be cleaned of post pdi. Sounds like a lazy dealer. What a surprise.
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    Mate that has got bloody hot, if you are lucky it could be the connector its self has gone high resistance and got hot. If that's the case connect round it with a properly crimped link and you may well be fine. it would certainly check the ig sw for you.
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    An eye-watering $1500 (and I'll also have the aforementioned tax...) but the 'bike is worth every penny. IF I come to sell it (I shan't - it'll be passed to my son) I could even make a couple of grand. But that's not what this is about - I'm livin' the dream !!
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    The purpose of the "wiggly ring" is to keep the lower ring central, taking up the free space (regardless of how much space you perceive there to be!) and keeps the ring central and equi-distant all around. Just because the original rings don't have them is no basis to leave them out. You may find that the original ring is a little wider in its cross section thereby not needing them, whereas the newer ring may be that little bit smaller to enable the 'wiggly ring to sit behind it!! Manufacturers don't include them for fun or as an 'optional extra' after all their R&D. When I did my engine , i put them in as supplied..... If l had left them out and for whatever reason I wasn't happy with the performance ....I wouldn't want to strip it ALL down again just to put them in!!
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