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    Well its been the shittiest summer i can remember,,, But" 25 degrees forecast this weekend,, and were off to a classic rally, up North, first this year,,,,,,am on a different ride too ,,,its blue,,,,,
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    550 jason " ,,Ram air,, i did 418 miles , 50mpg, and exactly 1 litre of 2T oil, 47 year old bike , elecy start, runs great,,
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    Drewps " Yours head is a carousel " you are saying its David jacobi on the 125 ,,,
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    Just had a mate come back from a quick break near where we are going, sorry to say but some of the hotels are charging 2 or 3 times the usual rates for just a room and even then he said that you can get bumped if someone offers more! So I am going to stand back from this years run out, I won't pay through the nose for someone to then ask for more, F**K sake you would think they would honour a contract. So if you all go then best of luck and have fun but not happening for me. Makes me cross to think that by helping out local buisnesses they then get all grabby for a short term gain. (Steps down from soap box!)
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    should be ok, even though its my wedding anniversary
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    Hello, my name is Stuart and I'm from bonny Scotland. In 1988 I travelled across Australia on a Yamaha XJ650 and recently bought a similar one. I have the VIN number but only has 9 characters and would like to find out a bit more about the bike. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
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    I think so yeah. I'll double check the route at some point and maybe tweak it a bit.
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    I'd ask them, you never know it may get full with everyone staycationing
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    I'm working till 2 so sometime in the evening I guess. Early enough for beer and food
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    Camping booked for Matlock!
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    I just did Scotland. Weather was pretty good, though not hot. Even NW500 was just damp. I prebooked every stay, and it turned out to be a good move, as loads of places had no vacancies. 2600miles in 10 days with enough time to walk Ben Nevis and Three Dodds.
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    Wont be able to check with work till Monday earliest, even then im not sure of the response. May just be for Sat night, with luck i will get sat and friday free, will let you know as soon as i do.
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    Thanks for the reply blackhat250, got the engine out last night hopefully get it stripped this week. after taking the radiator off there was still a good bit of coolant in it so fingers crossed its not as bad as i first thought. was expecting the water pump to have passed all the fluid into the engine but the there was still coolant in the water pump so thats a good sign i guess.
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    I don’t think I’ll be able to make a meet-up that weekend. Really sorry. Good luck in trying to find some accommodation - tourist hotspots are just manic right now. I have managed to find a campsite in Devon for a week mid-August, but I think it was just pure luck. Places were becoming unavailable as I was searching. I know it’s going to be mental down that way (typically I would holiday there during school time), but I’m just desperate for a change of scenery.
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    Sweet ride.
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    Current Yamaha part doesn't fit the neck on this 76 Chappy, the neck is about 1/5 inches OD. Otherwise it's a cork!!! LOL
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    Same engine as my DT. It's common to remove the snorkel but it won't get you anywhere power wise, just more induction noise. As regards jetting, I ran a Big one system on mine and more recently a DEP with stock jetting and that was fine. I'd recommend returning the air screw to standard setting and see how it runs then. I think it's 1 and a 1/4 turns out from lightly seated. It would be worth checking the powervalve alignment too. For the earth of the green/black wire I crimped a ring terminal on it then bolted it to the radiator frame. Mine tops out around 75mph with a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket.
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    Fine by me. I'd prefer a single place to stop. Might hire a van so I can chuck the DT in.
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    found this in Carlisle https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/cumbria/carlisle/carlisle-central-north.html?INNID=CARGOS&ARRdd=28&ARRmm=08&ARRyyyy=2020&NIGHTS=1&ROOMS=1&ADULT1=2&CHILD1=0&COT1=0&INTTYP1=DB&SID=4&ISH=true&BRAND=PI&CID=GHF_GB_GoogleSearch_desktop_CARGOS&gclid=CjwKCAjwmf_4BRABEiwAGhDfSYkuxwF-MO1f0raSg0OMh62cmKK3rAJq5tmrxc4u1-6VBLE8UJXYnhoC4I4QAvD_BwE I know slice is wanting hotel /B&B what do peeps think?
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    Hi there , I think the sr is the Hardier bike,, ,,,
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    Hi there " 74 ? it be a USA model then [ 501- 000] thats early too as the DT360 was still 1974, any pics ..
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    hi there, welcome to the club, pop over to the intro section for new members if you intend to hang around. (many people seem to post a question and never post again) Yambits and wemoto websites are pretty good for many small parts/perishable parts (brakes, cables, tyres, chains) and dedicated tools. Bigger parts, fairings,wheels, tanks, forks, instruments then you're going to be looking on ebay or similar auction sites. As with all bikes there will be 'rare as hens teeth parts' these are generally the exhaust system and certain engine and suspension parts, keeping your existing parts in good order or repair is the only way forward, or these bikes get sold on (often with these pending problems) Remember, the bike is nearly 50 years old and so will these bigger parts be. Over the years "new old stock parts" have been slowly bought up by those that also needed them, they (the shops) would not have replenished them. You'll find that there's generally not a big enough call to get parts remanufactured unless the bike has a large following. My bikes are 1975 and 78 so i have first hand experience of your situation. Hope this is helpful to you.
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    Welcome to the forum matey and great intro
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    A place to share pictures/progress of my first venture on two wheels.
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    Honestly " once you"ve had a power ratchet , you just cant go back, taking off manifolds [ blind ] just hook socket on an press button,,,off in seconds not minutes,,, tightening up, just release trigger as you hear /feel the resistance ..
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    Lazy fekker Do you pretend you're an F1 pit crew?
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    Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any worse... new men’s fashions for 2020.What do you think?
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    Thanks very much for that just the neutral switch off E-Bay from the states now all a need is a tachometer cable couple of carbs
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    Save your cash batesy, for what little gains. move up to a 600, OR THE THOU"
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    Hi everyone, Its my first day in the club. I’ve posted a request for help in the custom forum. I hope someone can help. Phil
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    Pulled the trigger on a vmax this evening. Practically stole the damn thing. She is lightly modded to exactly how I would tweak a max. Motorcycle bucket list complete. So if anybody wants a tdr......
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    My starter problem has been sorted, now that I can turn the engine I find that the R/H end of the crankshaft is bent, must have been dropped.
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