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    It's been a while since I started a new post, so thought I'd share my new toy! Picked it up last week, I'm 30 this year so I thought balls to it and had a brand new bike. Gone for the new speed twin... Pics attached. All I'll say is that it's awesome, torque for days, nice and easy to ride - even at a spirited pace Sorry it's not a yam [emoji851] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    I've got a new speed twin on order :smug: Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    What you were dripping ugly fluids? Nice one Fizz, id like a change but my financial advisor has a long list of things that are really boring that I have to pay for. Nothing important, daughters uni, for example.
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    Don't ever be sorry for owning a Triumph. Great looking bike bud. I've got its granda, a 1959 Speed Twin Yea, cmon bipps, you know it makes sense
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    Hes a member on here ,,, scouser , ,,watch your wheels,,
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    Coming along. New rear bearings, sprocket and rubber. Polished the rear tail setup and the RH shock assembly. Shocks are in great shape. Going to start on the front tubes and wheel next. Engine has 4 new studs, needs 5 more before I can reassemble and paint the case.
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    The signal bits have been polished and new stems installed. These are all-original but 3 of the 4 lenses have broken-off screw channels. The replacement O-ring # I ordered is too small for these. Not sure what's going on with that. Need to verify the lens and body numbers against the book. The replacement gas tank finally arrived and it's dent-free! Woo! Light rust and some graffiti are no issue at all. POR-15 3-step process is first for the tank. It will likely outlast the frame after this. The spare seat under the tank was supposed to be a clean replacement and apparently the mid-seat seam split. I put conditioner on it and it was gone the next day so I think one of the kids may have been involved. Oh well, good to know now so I can order a skin for whichever seat foam is best.
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    The rear rim is done. Lots of cleaning, sanding and buffing with steel wool. Got a bit of rash on the outer lip but it's 35 years old. Not perfect but it'll do. I wish I could take the time to grind the paint off the spoke faces but I have so much else to do. I might do it later if I have a break in parts arrivals. The engine still has no cylinders, waiting on studs.
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    no deposit - pay on the weekend
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    Well it's very pretty and all but now there is no chance whatever of keeping up with you! My only Triumph had 2 speeds, warp factor WTF! and dead still with various ugly fluids dripping on the floor, but I was only 17 at the time and had no idea. (Before you say anything Jimmy yes it's the rider not the bike!!!)
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    Believe it or not Dutchy, I have never been to Eastleigh, If my memory serves me right that's where the bootnecks are based. Also, I have never been to Southampton (Merchant rather than Royal) Mike.
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    Very nice! Always good to treat yourself - and a good choice! Maybe one day I’ll be back in the Triumph fold...
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    I agree with Tommy, motobatt are great and priced really well. I tend to get mine from yambits, as they are the same on ebay. save more money by getting other bits at the same time to save on postage
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    I rode an XS1100 for about 8 years and if there was a difference, I never noticed. I happily jumped from that to my Bonnie (chain driven) with no alteration of riding (chain v shaft wise anyway)
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    The 4 studs from NL are in and correct. The studs between 1-2 and 3-4 are new and the front ones have the plastic sheath for rust protection. #4 outer look fine since they've been in oil all their lives. I could not find the other 2 with the plastic so I just ordered the rear ones to justify the shipping costs. 5 more studs to order and it'll be ready to torque the head down.
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    That's a nice piece of kit Dutch, just need to delve down the back of the sofa for the money mate.
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    Yup. The FJ was slightly high in revs and MPG at cruising speed. But with torque to burn on the tank I went up 1 tooth on the front. The improvement was very noticeable. Did not need to change from the standard chain.
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    Now it's the front's turn. Forks coming apart soon and wheel will be done like the rear. The speedo assembly is apart and liberated of 35 year-old waxy grease. Polished the thrust washers and has a coat of frame paint curing. Brake caliper will probably be next.
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    I live on the coast about an hour north of Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We are about 4.5 hours south of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are about 10 minutes from the beach in Carolina Beach and a large stone throws distance from Cape Fear River. We had some flooding during the last hurricane but our current house survived it all with hardly no damage. Others west in Brunswick county did not fair as well with major flooding and total losses.
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    Great job Ryen" ,, Hey. i"v been to Elizebeth City , N/C. ,and cape Hatteras , you near ?
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    And Had a great afternoon at the sprint today. Some lovely machinery there too. rg400 engined crosser Nice lc Special, looks like a speedway engine on nitrous Kh750, was quick Trx 850 with triumph forks and seat
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    I know I can get a basic plate adapter. I want to make a custom one for my bike with a cover. I may put the Yamaha logo on it, not sure yet.
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    This is just great dude, I'm lovin' this!
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    Go on mike go for the Manbag " , We all you Navy guys were septable to the Rum-Bum & Baccy, On the subject iuse a Canvas style [work type] but its not waterproof,
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    Hi Mike You're referring to a MONOSTRAP bag or "Mens crossbody bag". Careful... crossbody bags on ebay is mainly ladies handbags/shoulder bags!
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    Following on from our wee chat about Triumph leaking straight from the factory I ordered a new cam cover gasket, 4 new stretch bolts and 4 seals and got a call today to collect them. Up to Glasgow I went and the guy tells me £76, "whit for a gasket and 4 bolts" "Oh wait" says the guy, "they have sent up 4 gaskets and 1 bolt" They must know it's a leaky bike Anyway a nice wee run over the moors on the way home
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    Brilliant jim,, have you seen the new triumph Scrambler, [ 1200 ] .. nice ,
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    Hi Folks, well I'm not sure if I can make it to the meet I'm afraid. Spent most of yesterday in the hospital with my wife. Seems she has breast cancer and we are waiting on the results, so it looks like something of a long old road in front of us, it might turn out ok but just letting you all know that although the meet is a long way's off we could be knee deep in chemo and operating theaters. If I can make it I will but she comes first obviously. Stay safe out there folks.
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    Thanks for sorting the accommodation. I’ll camp - what do I owe you? Don’t want you being out of pocket if you’ve put a deposit down. I still need to sort my time off work - and kennels for the dog, but should be fine! I’m so used to riding on my own (and much prefer it). I’ve never really got on with group riding but the times I have done it recently I’m happy / comfortable serving as tail-end Charlie. But I’ll work with whatever is best with the rest.
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    Thanks! Yes, it's a 16" rear 19" front. Finding the front and rear aspect ratio in those from the same tire series was fun. I ended up going with a Continental Go! road tire for now. I expect I'll be wanted a larger model bike once I get this one done. I'm a noob rider so I'm learning the bike from the frame up as I restore this one. I like to learn things from the inside out. So far, I like Yamaha's engineering choices. I suspect Honda is similar. To have 18k miles and been around for 35 years OE parts have held up extremely well.
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    We can do drop off, ive done it countless times on ride outs with wiltshire bikers, 4 counties, bristol motorcycle group, DoC et al.
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    Uh uh mister In saying that my new(ish) Bonnie leaks but none of my auld yins did
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    Oh Yessss they Diiiidd ...
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    Hi Ronnie, well I don't see why not, back in the day I swapped out a Triumph crank case just to keep the original engine number still leaked like a right bastard but then they came out of the factory like that! Just make sure they are straight, a large piece of glass helps with that, then at worst use a "SMALL" amount of gasket seal as a belt and braces approach.
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    Thanks Peeps, yes Tommy when your retired you can finally afford the things you need just in time to drop dead and leave it to your children!
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    Welcome back Tommy
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    Starter needs a major cleaning and new seals. Paint is curing on the body, still have the caps to do. Brushes are in really good shape to be as old as it is. The wire wheel on the drill press makes quick work of metal cleaning, ready for paint. That's one ugly sprocket cover! Clutch cover's turn. Finish pics of the starter and clutch cover soon. Waiting on more parts.
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    Nice idea, but my sexy one piece body condom wouldn't fit. Will have to just keep my eye out for the right tail pack.
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    I did a Bikesafe course a couple of years ago, was a great day. An hour or so based in the classroom, followed by an observed ride out and decent feedback. I was told I'm a safe/cautious rider, but could improve my riding and observations by not staying to the left hand side of the road as much (as appropriate). I keep meaning to do IAM or similar when I find time.
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    She is gonna clean up nicely. I have a lot of brushing and polishing to do. Waiting on another head to start on head and valve work. Almost new cams (1000miles) are on the way to WPC for micro-peening. $40 a cam is pennies considering the cams will outlast the cylinders. More pics to come as I focus on each core area. Rear wheel refresh coming up.
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    Valve cover and retaining bolt buffing. The buffed cast aluminum is growing on me, but the black paint fill is OEM. Half done, but you get the idea.
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    Log into postimage.org Once you have uploaded picture click on hotlink for forums and copy url paste in here sometimes you have to remove the s in both https, sometimes you don't
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