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    So you ARE expecting Steve..
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    Looking forward to this, I’ve been wanting to do it for as long as I can remember, it would be great if we could meet up with Blackhat & Jimmy at some point on our travels Drewpy is coming with me to Oban now, originally he was heading back to Perth last day but now we’ll be in Oban from Thursday 12th till Saturday 14th if anyone fancies meeting up let us know
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    Its not the fact it needed paying. When people stump up the money its showing they will be there.
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    Creepy will be like quasimodo ," with his fooked hip,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Bet they didn’t have to worry about fuel stops though,probably done it on one tank
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    Will be great to c u Jimmy, seems to have been bit of confusion with the dates (I blame Drewpy) apparently it’s the 8th & 9th so I take it it’s same as squires arrive fri eve head home Sunday late morning obviously some will arrive sat and just do one night or even a day visit if you’re close enough You could win the furthest traveled Jim must be around 350 miles ? It’ll be between you & blackie anyway
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    Are you talking 'hotel pillow' there kev, or were you hoping Steve might make a showing? He wont be wanking in a tent at the steam rally this time eh? Prob wanking in a tent somewhere else though.
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    Well I have managed to book the 9th and 10th off, so may possibly get up early on saturday morning and head down for an overnighter
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    Recognize a few in here,, loaded by Merv [plinningas]
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    Just got everything put together and checked. It now starts with a snap of a finger. Thank you, Drewpy. Thanks, everyone.
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    Got it mate cheers.
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    Thank you, creepy. Appreciate for your input. Sorry for my typo. Drewpy
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    Ah sorry John it’s the Holiday express
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    mate in Manchester did it on C90's
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    Paul" you have funds,, ,, now i want guaranteed Sunshine,,, as its been a bastard winter, , And drewps,, mallaig ferry is Ace,,, ,on the way to it,, stop at, Glenffinnan.is on the road between F,william-Mallaig,
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    well I've finally got the 17" wheel fitted to the TDM. I had to have another spacer made as the original one was 2mm too small and would have put a side load on the bearing. I also had to purchase a C3 bearing as that was the only size there was that would fit the 17mm axle and the wheel. Last thing I had to do was put a small washer twixt speedo mech and bearing as the disk alignment was out (talking 1 mm here, and made a big diference) Got the R5 fitted and took the girl out for a ride, wow much better with handling and feels so different to the 18". had to lower the front guard too so use 45mm x m6 stainless screws and about 25mm tubing to lower. Now there's room for a fork brace
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    oK , ONE IS A THRUST washer, and one a thrust bearing [ small rollers in it ], the bearing goes on first ,washer to on top of it, then cluch boss,
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    I imagine you create a few knocking it down without the clutch at that speed
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    I like the kick it out of gear. Was there many neutrals between gears on the z900?
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    is that the same number on the headstock?
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    Money sent Finn, for me & Drew and before you ask no I’m not paying for anyone else, I owed Drew money for a ferry on this years Scotland trip
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    Hi there, ,, drewps your man on XS"s ...
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    OOOOHHHHH CREEPY that's going to be remembered..!

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