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    the final day eventually arrives and Tommy has arranged Jimmy to come over and have some breakfast and to ride with us via his home top of some hill last shot of McCaig's tower Jimmy led the way to Inveraray. The Vital Spark replica in the backaground Droopy checking out his trump the boys mike and I need the loo At jimmy's house we had a nice brew by his lovely wife and the Waverly came past. I lived in Devon and the Waverley was based there for a while. The last ocean going paddle steamer nice view from Jimmy's Hoose we blatted along via Glasgow, refuling there and just took the motorway home into the wind, which was fine for my bike with a screen. Mike and Tommy struggled but we met up at the refuel stops. that's it. 1663 miles, £178 in fuel and priceless memories. If you havn't done it yet, what are you waiting for.
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    headed towards Oban via skye we stopped at a few places along the way Torridon we were stuck behind a group of cars who couldn't get round a campervan. He pulled over as we were turning sharp left, to top that off, my front brake lever felt funnny and had to pump the brake to get it to work. Turned out a small torch used for checking my oil level jammed itself between the lever on occasion, Phew! strathcarron - Arrina this bull was not impressed at all stopped off near Applecross Inn called the walled garden, lovely in there till 3 bikers turned up the route over applecross was in scotch mist again vid of Tommy and mike down the Bealach Na Ba https://youtu.be/BW-zFRW26jM made it to Skye had to ride directly to Ardaser to catch the Mallaig Ferry Mike had a senior moment as he couldn't find his wallet to pay for the icecreams he promised us, he eventually dug down enough into his pockets to find the wallet Stoped off at Glenfinnan where HP fans can see the viaduct I also liked this "snow piecer" Glenfinnan Station Glenfinnan viaduct Ballachulish Next stop, Oban. Tommy's old haunt. had a great meal in the Italian Tommy went off to do some personal stuff so Mike and I were forced to take a tour of the distillery Oldest and smallest in Scotland. Is was a great tour and had 2 glasses of whisky with a keepsake all for the sum of £10. Oban grew around the distillery rather than the otherway round We also got a ferry ticket to Mull as we were spending 2 days here to recuperate before going home The ferry was to Caraigmure and nothing there whatsoever, a bus can take you to Tobermory for £11 return which was more than the ferry, we wisly spent that at the inn instead nice internal feature, anchor and chain for foot rest then the next ferry back Oban Chocolate cafe chilling after a day of not riding and watching the setting sun just captured this we all called it a night, then Tommy says if I still wanted to go to McCaig tower, was about 11:45 and I thought sack it, let Mike go to bed. So we were a little pished I put this on Facebook live and Mike was watching it he thought we were tucked up in bed Last day tomorrow
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    day 4, left Mey and headed for Dunnet the most northern point on the mainland, a lot of scotch mist around can you tell what it is yet? Anglo/chinese relations starts with Droops stop off in Tongue in Lairg Aparently the new home for space travel. Haggis pastie with tatties and neeps in too young family cycling from Hamburg to Shetland, rather you than me Loch Eriboll those rocks on the other side came from USA a few milenia ago vid of another group gpoing the proper way round the NC500 https://i.imgur.com/gaaWago.mp4 stop off in Durness Smoo caves Elf and Safety gone mad topping up the amber nectar in Durness. Bernie came bouncing around the corner on his Goldwing combi and stopped to have a chat Scourie Lochinver view from the digs fish were jumping in the loch whilst we were having dinner
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    I’m really happy with my AGV Compact it’s by far the best helmet I’ve ever owned which isn’t saying a lot as apart my first helmet back in the eighties I’ve got by with budget helmets, anyway I’ve been looking for a new helmet for my son as I’m taking him to IOM for classic TT and can’t bring myself to stick a Cheepo lid on him and also he’s same size as me which means I get another lid after IOM. So after a bit of research (google) I decided on a Scorpion Exo 510, first impressions it looks really well made the amount of features it has compared to anything else in it’s price range is really impressive it has inflatable cheek pads for the perfect fit also cheek pads come with an emergency removal system so helmet can be removed easier in the event of an accident. All the vents are multi position and can be opened and closed while riding with gloves on, the interior tinted visor is 3 position height adjustable, outer visor is pin lock ready and the pin lock comes in the box, I haven’t fitted it yet but apparently it’s max vision so no edges to peer around like on my AGV. I went out for test ride today and was well impressed it’s much quieter than my AGV which isn’t really a fair comparison as that a flip front, there are probably quieter helmets out there but you’ll be hard pressed find one with the features this has for anywhere near the same money.
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    Brilliant review matey, and it was a pleasure meeting up with the 3 of you, oh and McCaigs folly is the local name
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    Im sure he's managed to get the sprocket off in the intervening 8 years
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    Unfortunately we have had rain my 4 days off. Back to work this morning so probably dry up...Ho hum it is Scotland after all
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    Ah" simplicity , great thing about auld bikes, eh ,😎,,,looks good your end jim,,,,,rain over here most days,
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    Good to see the progress mate
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    Following completion of the loom I had my first run out on it. I had travelled about 15 miles when I blew a fuse, fitted a new one, rode off, blew a fuse and so on . After going through a few fuses I eventually worked out that, as I had not bolted the seat on ( I wanted to have quick access in case the reason the wires melted in the first place, happened again) whenever I was sitting on it it was pushing down on the battery which in turn pushed down causing the -ve wire to chaff against the carrier. Once I adjusted this I made it home, crimped on a new terminal and rerouted the wires. I then went out for another 20 miles without mishap....so happy as a happy thing Now I can get back to the original shake down and adjust the clutch and find out why the gear lever does not always spring back making it difficult to engage a gear at times, anyway...... The RH footpeg was all bent out of shape and was awkward as hell to change gear, yes I did say RH side, so it came off today and up to my mates shop to employ some of my auld metalworking skills from a previous lifetime. After some heating, twisting and bending whilst cooling down in a bath of oil, the peg not me, I have it back in the shape it was intended and back on the bike. There is a problem with the gear change return which errr, doesn't, so that'll be the reason for the crappy gear changes, now I just need to find out the reason for the dodgy return....maybe leave that to the winter. Here it is
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    Aye, hes been under the knife,,, big Kev"s dogs are away with the leftovers,,,🔪
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    Haven’t need to fix anything for a change 😎 as far as I can remember nothing’s changed with it apart from increasing storage space.
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    😛 nice one jimmy but you did make me look again to see if I’d received a message and I’m not sure if Alex has fixed it or if it was there all along and I couldn’t find it but it’s there now. Thanks Alex 😀
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    Hi Tommy I've sent you a PM 😉
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    Ah the cookie tool, yeah i've just removed that temporarily. Trying to find one which isn't so visible once you've selected the options.
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    Top man Jimmy, well done you positive earth...yikes!
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    well done Jimmy, looked like you knew what you were doing when I saw it in the man cave. Great when it all comes together, just time and patience (plus P&P) :D
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    Well, that was a long haul. Finally got the wiring completed on the auld bike. I spent a lot of time preparing both myself and the bike. I purchased all my kit from vehicle wiring products who delivered in jig time. My only fault with them was their post and package charges. £4.50 is the starting price, so my first order, that seemed fair, but twice more I had to go back (once for 2m of red wire and another for 10 terminals. As they weighed the sum total of fuck all, I found the charge to be excessive then...but it was my fault for not ordering the correct amount I discovered a company called 12 volt planet, who were 10p/m dearer for wire but their p&p was only £1 odds I wired it in 3 sections, charging circuit, Ignition circuit and lighting circuit and added a fuse box. The melted harness only had one fuse in it, so I wanted to try and avoid that pain again. I also wired in a kill switch which the PO had cut off at the switch for some strange reason The PO had made his own harness using (I would think) whatever wire he had available so it did not match any manual, and as there were a number of upgrades to the bike, it did not match any specific Triumph wiring diagram, so I had to pick and choose from a variety of model years The Ignition and charging circuit turned out surprisingly easy but I had a bit of bother with the lights. The handlebar switches were off a different model so I had to bugger about with a multi meter and a lot of patience. I now have pilot, main (dipped and high), tail brake, speedometer and both idiot lights working.There is still an issue in that the pilot light will not come on, on its own, rather the main beam will come on with the pilot, but as I don't run about with just the pilot, it is not an issue. So glad it is now sorted and my only regret is not taking photos of each stage of the loom rebuild...but I have laminated my wiring diagram so should help me in the future if needed Thanks for all the help and encouragement
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    it only rained overnight tbh, just had scotch mist there and over Applecross
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    Its a lighthoose in the fog pic,,,,, imagine" no rain for 6 weeks,,, And,,,,,,,awaits the 3 stooges ,bugger Eh,,
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    Have just watched a h2r dyno. Glowing in the exhaust. Very hades
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    No just tagged along with the daughter. She swims 3-4 miles a week. Instead of waiting with a coffee I decided to get wet. only 15 or so lengths (improving). Made a big difference to my asthma though. I could barely go anywhere without my inhalers by last Christmas. In derby I actually forgot them and went the whole weekend without them.
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    Wow paul,,,,,, am down too, only 15st,6, trying to get into the 14st bracket,, for the first time since 1987. i bought a mountain bike, and cut the sugary crap too. 😎
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    If you are military or ex you will get this one.
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    Yep Drew will be back to finish soon. I text him yesterday, he’s just out of hospital. I’ll let him tell you but it’s nothing to do with the trip. 😁 hope you’re feeling better Drew see you soon
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