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    This isn't the actual bike but very simular, not got it yet but but almost, just haven't told mrs xs yet! just wondering which licence I'll loose first driving or marriage
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    Took the big 'un out in the sun today [emoji48] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    If we hear any more about T shirts, we"l send Nicola Sturgeon round,
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    , Stunning weekend,, run out west,, , mates newish Xjr1300 with us, spectacular,
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    All done,,, yellow [ mine] is last years,, The black [ my mates soon] ,has my reat on ,it, [ till other back from upholsterer] .. Registration next,,
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    I use a bit of cardboard, with a rough sketch of the part on it, then poke the bolts through in the appropriate places. Stops 'em rolling about too.
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    I'll get the mrs to knit me one, It's OK mate if there's an offcut I'll post it you to make yours
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    maybe yer just google Foamy Ive not tried it cos I haven't had me tee yet
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    Finally done it. Got a diesel car, drive a diesel truck, it was only time before I put petrol in the car or......... Yep, sussed it at 3.96L, same label, same Ultimate logo, just one is red the other black. Guess how they do it at BP! Anyway the 'eastern' staff were as helpful as the handbook permitted and I had a flat phone and 50 miles to do. Well once upon a time my old man did the same in his car, his solution was more fuel. So I brimmed it for want of a better timely solution. Well it worked, mainly because of the vacuum fuel tap meaning the bugger would start cleanly because the carbs were uncontaminated, then a VERY smoky trip home. It did stink, no exotic 2 stroke smell. More like a bad traction engine rally. So a TDR 250 will run with over 25% diesel mix lol. Not bad for a 'fragile 2 stroke'. Still got to drain the bad fuel out but it got me home.
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    used to camp near it in my potholing days
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    i used all sorts to clean stainless headers with mixed results. autosol works well but is time consuming. alloy wheel cleaner is quite good too, but can be expensive. Just tried this [harpic 10x a pound a bottle], fuck my boots, it works a treat. headers now shiny stainless steel [after a hard winter of commuting] in about 10 mins. anyone who is sceptical should give it a whirl. genuinely astonishing.
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    Yeaaa, I'll organise the T Shirts
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    Wow that's it, deffo gonna start planning for next year, would be great to see you guys and bipp you would be the cherry on the cake. Hey drew fancy this for next year we could do a week in Scotland and finish at squires.
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    Am doing the N/C 500 [ that's its name now] round the top of the country, on 2 strokes,, ,it is great up there, traffic free, the scenery is awesome, that's a great sunset jim" here some others from yest,,,[ other friends]
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    I'd be interested in tagging along for some of it too. Thoroughly enjoyed my camping trip with the ST. I followed a costal path from John o' Groats, westwards. Can't remember where I eventually ended up (Ullapool maybe) but it was sheer bliss.
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    Furry boots mate. I stayed local but got a nice pic or two
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    What a start, nicknamed tinkerbell already, Might aswell put on the leatherchaps and join the parade. Im doomed=)
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    better go back 10 years and ask them !
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    Pics or it never happened
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    Are you sure it's not some early form of restrictor Tom ?? lol !
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    Jeff and Mike were in an accident, and killed instantly.Upon Jeff's arrival to the Pearly Gates, he is met by St. Peter."Where is my friend Mike?" Jeff asked.St. Peter replies, "Well, Mike was not as fortunate as you. He went in the other direction instead of getting into Heaven."Jeff was bothered by this and asked, "Well, could I see Mike one more time just to be sure he is OK?"So, Jeff and St. Peter walked over to the edge of Heaven and looked down. There was Mike, on a sandy beach, with a gorgeous sexy blonde in a bikini, and a keg of beer."I don't mean to complain, but Mike seems to have it pretty nice down there in Hell," says Jeff."It's not as it appears to be," says St. Peter. "You see, the keg has a hole in it, and the blonde doesn't.
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    First ride out today. I did tension chain to 50 mm when fitted new as of Haynes manual (Sorry thinking of the bandit 1200n) Its the rear sprocket that has worn teeth. Tensioned again sprockets not arrived yet. I expect tomorrow Oh it broke down at sainsburys cheadle on the roundabout. Luckily it was out of super unleaded! Fuel tap on reserve setting now leaks as well. It was fine in November when I last rode it! Good to be on him again.
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    it was on facebook, it found me
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    air leak, say hello in the welcome section please
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    Yeah i have a couple. 1. Post and intro in the new members area 2. Buy or borrow a multimeter (if you don't already have one) 3. Charge the battery and then start the bike. At tickover you should have around 13.5v across the battery terminals, this should increase to around 14v if you increase the revs. Report back your​ findings when you've done this Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    I'm not getting any younger, peeps... Found a Grey pube earlier... Plot twist: it wasn't mine.
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    Not a Yam, but my auld Speedtwin so delete if offensive to anyone Mrs Jimmy just bought me these for my birthday, albeit she doesn't know that yet. Anyway a few questions for those who have done such things 3mm Stainless or 5mm alloy or what for the plates Where is a good source for the connecting rods and fixings Re:- The tank...Alloy tanks are funny money so thoughts on a decent looking tank (as long as it it single spine, I can fabricate and weld lugs to suit)
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    Then get a £600 bag of bolts off of ebay, that will give you 10 weeks to get the other one up and running while still riding what ever you can find. Then sell it and get some of your money back. Got to be cheaper than using public transport and a LOT more fun.
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    Ok, being that man that has said before "is it you fuckt, or me fuckt". Cos I don't think that engine will be that bad. Yes there is metal everywhere boo hoo. These engines have an epic rep for dependability, you don't get that from an engine that dies at the first hitch, like the rover v8 the abuse they can take is legendary. So looking past the doom and gloom of the swarf which is not ideal but will ultimately wash off whats the problem. I would strip it properly, right back to the cases as I have with my daughters bike which also has a supposedly totally fkt engine. Check everything. I bet you will find A, emphasis on 'A' knackerd component from a less than intelligent moment by a previous owner. With the engine stripped out, clean everything up removing the metal swarf and see what you have. With some luck you could get away with gaskets a few bearings and a set of rings. Maybe a timing chain, but you will have a far better engine for that. I know there are folks that use money to fix things but believe me, the money for another engine will not be cheap, there fetching 700 to a grand condition dependant. That is also no guarantee that the new engine wont shit its self in 3 months, really nice xvs's are not routinely broken for spares, the fact spares are rare on a bike that has been in production for so long without any great changes speaks for its self, only the ropey ones that have little bling left or bikes that get smashed up beyond repair get to the breakers. By definition that means any breakers engine is unlikely be as good as yours could be with some elbow grease. You don't have any thrown rods or holes in cases, your gearbox is fine etc. Just the metal to clean. Hell, despatch riders use em, can't get a better endorsement to the strength than that. Anyway piece said. If you were closer I would gladly help.
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    don't put progressives in, they are a compromise. go with linear from racetech and get the correct rate for your weight. get the ride sag set and try different weight fork oil and you won't be far off an r6 (unless your a BSB rider or such) You can get cartridge emulators too if your feeling flush Did the above to my FZ600 and it rides great, followed an R1 over the mountain on the twisties
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    I wanna do a mini tour of Scotland this summer if work permits, just a long weekend maybe, been wanting to do a full on biking holiday up there for years but something else always seems to come up and there's only so much the Mrs will put up with. Maybe next year, I would love to do that off road stuff again at motoscotland that was a brilliant couple of days and maybe arrange a rideout with Jimmy & blakkie and get further up north as I've only got as far as fort William in the past. I always get a bit envious when I see Jimmy & John's pics but don't think could handle the weather up there all year round.
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    yeah he got a new one 8 years ago, !
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    Part 2 for your enjoyment
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    work on 1 carb at a time and keep the bits together. I use a cupcake tray I borrow from the wife's stash
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    Hi Brandon. I don’t know any specifics on your bike, but if it was my first time removing and stripping down my carbs, I would get a workshop manual and take loads of pictures to take reference from, including any routing of cables and bracketry, Obvious I know, but it’s all too easy to jump right in then a few weeks later wonder how and where bits went, Aj
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    I remember once when I went to adjust the valves on my friends CG125 clone (oddly it had push rods instead of OHC) I found a nut sitting under the rocker box, weird thing was it wasn't even a nut from the engine, it had somehow found it's way into the head and not been noticed. Also, one time I took the cam chain tensioner out of a Honda C90 and found a 10mm socket in there, after removing it it started making a loud rattle, so we put the socket back and he rode it like that for another 8000 miles
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    Are non-Yamahas allowed? Can I hold Foamy's helmet? Bla bla bla, something something something. I'm coming (on a Beemer)... Now, about that group t-shirt...
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    just been and finished the valves on the bike. I messed up the timing (may still have) and had to start from scratch. did a test frun and she fired right up. I snapped 2 exhaust studs off as I thought they needed changing I tried to use my usual "weld a nut" but the buggers were fusion welded in there so had to drill out. bit scary and broke 4 bits as the studs were heat treated due to heat cycling and hardening. One stud i had to buy an 8mm helicoil kit. I was spot on in the end and the exhaust system is back on. just need to flush the cooling system out and refill with antifreeze/corrosion inhibitor and get it ready for the Norton factory visit on the 24th with Tommy xs. still a few jobs to do, but i'll wait till its warmer and ride it a bit more in the meantime.
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    Accuracy is fine, everything is programmed manually so all good. She rides great! Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    What a bargain! That's crazy cheap. Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    nice, that combo mudguard rear doesn't do for me though. Keep the seat hump and get rid of the Guard and think of something else.
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    Evening mike,,,, you need a 2stroke now,,
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    Dutch your playing with fire! please don't ask foamy a question like that, we don't want another mankini threat do we.