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    Sorry about that guys, bloody server update took up the remaining disk space and crashed. Took ages to manually sort it out. All good now
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    Is this any good mate Sorry bud, couldn't resist Try here https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/yam/5432e4e5f870020b14e39b77/muffler
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    I had a nautilus one fitted to my aprilia when I bought it, strangely under the pillion seat. Gave my Mrs a scare when I first tried it [emoji23] Keep meaning to wire it up in my shed as an alarm Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Nothing beats a stebel, shame yo cant get them any longer! I think my MOT tester wears panty liners when he does my bike :D
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    Drewpy, I checked the website of the hotel/guest house at Pandy and it seems that they are not set up to take bookings that early so we might have to wait till the new year rolls over before it becomes available.
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    Jimmy you’re only saying that cos he rides a Triumph 😛
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    spoils the ride, I want to get away from life not bring it in. would be a weight penalty I would think
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    They havent come back to me about whether they will accomodate a group of motorcyclists. I will chase them.
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    Yeah Slice - the largest one they sell definitely wouldn’t fit on my bike. I think they’d be better suited to a large adventure or naked bike. I dread to hear how loud they are! I foolishly tested mine in my lock-up (metal shipping container) with the door pulled closed. My ears were ringing for a while after...!
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    I think it is the same bike, the only difference is that this is the naked version ( but, I'm not sure ). Thanks 😁. Yes, I'll take it easy. Thanks for the advice 😃 Nice, I was busy on Sunday, but I went out on Saturday and it was great :) Hi, yes, I think that's the only difference, but I may be wrong.
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    Welcome matey. I bought a 4t back in the day and totally missed out on the 2t experience. Plenty of it on here tho
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    Off to the motorcycle show at the NEC tomorrow, should be a good day out with lot's to look at, I want to try out the new FJR and see if I can make a deal (you never know!) Anyway I will take a few photos to put up later in the week. My mate is looking for a new bike as well so that's 2 wives with constipated faces.
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    Yeah, not much in the way of hills in this area. We often travel up to the Peak District and up around Ladybower for nice Saturday rides 😀
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    Are you two (Cynic/Airhead) near to Daventry? i don't run, but bicycle (mountain bike, I'm not a road-bike type of cyclist) a lot around there - helps me keep the weight off and stay fitter than the average old man 🤣
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    Me! Running, only if their giving away rd500's
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    That has a different meaning over on the bigoted West Coast 😀
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    Nothing wrong with triumphs! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the forum mate. Heres a pic of mine and my buds back in the day. Mine at the back
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    Yea, we did have a good un weather wise. I love it, wife hates it hot. You can imagine the disagreements, fans on/off, windows open/closed, too hot to cook etc etc, salads day after day
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    Yeh NSD, been the best summer since 1976, Did a few longish trips, ticked of the list, ,but our summer ended fist week in Aug,, i noticed you lot down south had high temps right into Oct,,,
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    Ay-up" It be tea at 11 then ⏲️,, Another XS250 with carb issues,,, DREWPY " ,
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    Hi everyone, I have an MT09 2017 with a full Akrapovic exhaust and I recently went to a garage to fit a power commander V on it. So it was fitted, put on a dyno and got tottal of 128 bhp a gain of 12bhp. I just want to know your opinion on this result. Thank you
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    You may not have noticed but this thread is 8 years old. Try setting up another NEW thread in the Workshop section. Right after saying Hello in the new members section (hint).
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