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    Joining a forum is rewarding and fun, its a community of like minded people with a common interest. like any community, club or group on the 'Net' its good 'netiquette' to introduce yourself, this can be a simple "Hi' or better still a brief intro about 'you', this can include your first name or nickname, your bike/bikes, and where your from etc, its up to you what you put in your intro. This is not an 'on-demand' garage, and it is considered rude to barge in with a "how do I fix this" type question on your first post, however there are a wide variety of members with knowledge and skill that are only too happy to help you out- its just good manners to say 'Hello' first Use the 'search' facility there's tons of info already on this forum and it might help with your question/problem, there is also the option to PM (personal message) a member or a Moderator. Stick around, you might learn something (might) 'Start new topic' on the bottom right of this forum is the place to go
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    No. Japan has never had leaded fuel. You should use super or ultimate petrol though. Not for the higher octane although your bike will run better. No because at the moment it is ethanol free. A lot of your seals and the brass in your carbs can be badly damaged by ethanol. As well as running much leaner, not so critical on a 4stroke. Ethanol also holds water. Not good either. Will rot your tank out in no time.
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    The grading (strength) of metric fasteners is done by a proof load test, which basically tries to pull/push the bolt out of the nut to a specified value without damage to the threads. There are two ways to meet a higher proof load (grade). 1. Heat Treat the parts 2. Make the nut deeper, more threads = higher proof load. We make parts in the material that we would use for a grade 8 nut that are approximately 30-40% deeper than standard to meet a grade 12 proof load (the highest grade), so as a standard M8 nut is 6.50mm deep your 24mm of thread depth is more than enough to mean that the bolts can perform as they should, if you were left with only 10mm of thread then I would think twice about it.
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    Yeah. Don't you just miss the cornering ability of those old wooden tyres?
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    Drewpy nice guy that he is has very kindly offered to take me down on the back of his tdm to a place called Bishop castle to pick up my xjr next sunday, we have to leave quite early because I have to be home before 2:30 to go quad riding with my son & daughter don't know what kind of shape I'll be in by then but really looking forward to this weekend.
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    Finally done it. Got a diesel car, drive a diesel truck, it was only time before I put petrol in the car or......... Yep, sussed it at 3.96L, same label, same Ultimate logo, just one is red the other black. Guess how they do it at BP! Anyway the 'eastern' staff were as helpful as the handbook permitted and I had a flat phone and 50 miles to do. Well once upon a time my old man did the same in his car, his solution was more fuel. So I brimmed it for want of a better timely solution. Well it worked, mainly because of the vacuum fuel tap meaning the bugger would start cleanly because the carbs were uncontaminated, then a VERY smoky trip home. It did stink, no exotic 2 stroke smell. More like a bad traction engine rally. So a TDR 250 will run with over 25% diesel mix lol. Not bad for a 'fragile 2 stroke'. Still got to drain the bad fuel out but it got me home.
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    first thing first Quads great day out with me offspring here she is still not had time to wash her yet
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    here she is. finally just run in. and you all know what a handsome grumpy old git I am
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    The idea of using the oil out of the bike is a sound one, never even thought of that, oil's only been in there since I serviced it about 300 miles ago but I think that's spot on. Got a trip to Portsmouth this Friday and I will swap the oil out over the weekend, Thanks Paul. Not sure about diesel tho I'll have to ask around and see what my local mechanic thinks. Drewpy mate your a star just looked up FOGGING OIL and it's just the stuff, Opie oils do it to so I'm going to order some today http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-92354-motul-fogging-oil-long-lasting-corrosion-protector.aspx That will let me stop worrying about the engine turning into a rusty boat anchor. Thanks lads.
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    Don't mention electrics, there is no definitive diagram for it. There are 3 possible as well as some rs50 models there all close(ish) but wrong. So its electrical/bike experience and straight up wire tracing to make sense of the loom, which is missing stuff too. It seems to be heavily based on the MX version which is mainly motocross/enduro based. Meaning minimal switchgear, minimum everything except wire, every component has its own earth wire. Of which some genius decided to use blue and dark blue, one is live the other earth, that causes all kinds of fun. It is running, yay. Cant turn it off with the ig sw though which is odd. But hey with everything else, I don't care it runs, quite nicely too save a couple of water leaks. Easy fixed.
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    Much as I agree with the above comments I was more concerned with our folks that live nearby. As long as they are ok then fine, Glad that your all ok and none of yours were injured, if we can help just say. Ride safe.
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    I am still around John, I just don't tend to post. Sold the FZ-8, sold all the RD400's even sold the Suzi TS250. Still have the YA-6 and brought a new Duke Scrambler Full Throttle last year - it had it's first annual service last week. Just pushed for time at the moment.
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    C'mon Tommy........We need our fix of pix
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    Yes thanks John Drewpy done me proud no not like that, picked bike up today haven't had time to take any photos yet will try & post some tomorrow if I get time after work, yes I know its bank holiday but I'm self employed and don't get paid for being off and I have to pay for the bike somehow.
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    few piccies from the show
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    On a MX track its epic, the A40 to Witney? Not so much. Their race bikes. There what your DT dreams of being but reliability measured in hours rather than k miles.
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    Would have been tempted to run over his bike if I'd been driving the black car behind.
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    I was given a push bike when I was twelve but that doesn't really count or does it ?
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    Been thinking about for sometime now. Daresay many folks will disagree, but Im not looking to get into controversy. As a rider, I will now draw the line at ABS and fuel injection on all present and future bikes that I own. I worked for 48 years as fitter/millwright/mecahnic/technician etc across a variety of industries, and saw machinery move from principally mechanical modes of operation, to the current generation of software driven and controlled state of the art bells and whistles high performance hardware. These changes have of course, filtered through onto our motorcycles, and it is now possible to purchase a machine with differing levels of launch control/traction control/riding modes/ cornering sensors/inertial measurement units etc etc etc. I have no great confidence in the hardware or software used on such systems, and I base that upon my working life experience, havin seen and worked on machines utilising such systems, and the problems that can arise/develop. Guy Martin didnt actually state it in his book, but hinted at a confilct of control between rider and control systems. John Mcguinness may be another example of such an event as honda state that no faults have yet be found to cause the fuelling not to shut off. My daughters partner was chucked off his brand new all bells and whistles machine, and did not survive. No faults found. A mate went for his brakes coming off the M1, only for the abs light to come on, and his brakes to disappear. Again, no faults found. It may be that many of you can relate of similar instances. Or perhaps im a luddite There, I knew it wouldnt come out sounding like it has it my head this last year or so, but I guess you all get my drift
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    Hi guys and gals i got me a fairly clean 1979 xs 250, i used to ride RD 250/400 back in the day but a bit too pricey for me, as i've not worked or owned a 4 stroke before i might need some help keeping this nearly 40 year old bike running ok.
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    Hmm, well, I kind of....... The Aprilia wheels have never been fitted to my knowledge. Aprilia are kissing cousins to Cagiva, commonly sharing parts so I took a punt on them fitting, the spacers are similar sizes and the wheel does (its snug i'll accept) fit its just the chain alignment that's appreciably different, by 7-8mm. Not much if your cutting wood but miles talking about chain alignment. Ps, mocked up they look ace, less intrusive with the y spokes so keeping the minimal look of the wheels but getting rid of the spokes and being able to fit modern rubber. My idea of modification is to be unnoticed unless you know what your looking at. I don't do lairy.
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    Kev's having his fuel tank repainted, as it wrinkled over winter (bit like his todger) Hopefully see him soon
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    You need to clean the jets out mate, they have tiny holes drilled in them. My money is on blocked pilot jet. You need some carb cleaner and compressed air Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    tip the head upside down and put petrol/turps in the "bowl" if it drains you need have the valves ground (try those kits first) and retest. if it still does it, the seats will need recutting by an engineer
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    Hey peeps. As those of you following my Facebook profile may have already seen, I've dragged another decrepit contraption out from behind the block. The chappy is going over to my storage unit for a few years, I'm slowly emptying my garage on base in preparation for the big move. One of my more forgotten projects is 'Junk-Junk'... The name says it all, two bits of junk bodies together. The bike came from ebay, some guy dragged it out of his garden and I bought it unseen, it's covered in rust but the wheels are fairly round so it works fine, cut up some straps to make handlebar grips. The engine came from an autojumble, and is in similar condition, two-stroke and bunpstart with a little clutch plate to let it freewheel. the tank I don't really know... Others say it's from an old 1950s paraffin heater, it has a glass front and looks pretty dam Steampunk... It's currently missing the ignition coil and chain for the engine side of things, so it's just boring pedal power to get to work but still better than walking, as soon as I find the coil and a donor bicycle I'll get the rest of it assembled and see what happens, the OC at my new section is keen into bicycling so more than anything I'm using it as a piss take.
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    Missus asked what the TDR is worth as I have been jealously muttering about my neighbours new (old) vmax. So I used ebay, then worked through all the other sites like auto trader, gumtree etc. I found 5, in TOTAL, not per site. There was one that must have had gold plated parts at over 4k, 2 others at around 2.7-2.9 and a non runner, non registered dog for 1500, last one was a bitza basket case worth nothing but hassle. Search other stuff like RD400 or 350ypvs or lc. Kh(of any cc) and there are plenty. I knew they were rare but!
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    went to Wray tonight , did about 150 miles round trip and It got a bit cowd later on. My core temp was really low by the time I got in. Took an hour to warm up John McGuiness was there ( nothing official just chilling) and it was a really good night. Went with Billbot (RD350) Brad (350) and a couple of other guys
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    A cheeky wee game of golf as well, well done Tommy
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    he's already asked this question and got the same answer locked
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    Been working on a long time project that i bought about 5 years ago but never materialised until i managed to buy a rare low slung exhaust, so i did all the dry run on this one buying parts and gradually building the bike up until it was all done and ready for a full resto. So now i have the bike registered and road legal and its awesome hope you guys like the pictures. TTB
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    Oh yes, finally some proper bargain mojo comes my way. 2 wheels, unmolested silver with good disks for............60 quid, proper bargain, well happy. Chancers want more than double that for one wheel in worse condition. Have some more parts to source, spedo drive, wheel spacers (needed as well as the machined ones) rear sprocket carrier and finally the caliper and caliper mount. I'm not sure on that last one. Will meed to mock up and see what needs to be done as both caliper brackets are completely different. One locates on a cast lug in the massively solid and over engineered race developed sw arm from the 2000's. The other bolts to the top of some old 80's box section ally. Not withstanding the Aprilia caliper fits on the left, the yam on the right. Anyway, down the rabbit hole with my tdr as well as her RX and, if I'm honest. Its fkin ace, I can spanner one till frustrated then spanner the other, have done my best projects that way as your always focused. With wifey permission too. Apparently in the garage with oily bits is better than the pub, hmmm, not sure which is cheaper. Looks like the firm that rebored my tdr barrels can make the spacers/bushes. Waiting for a call back on costs. Fun fun fun
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    I planned on 3 months and 400 quid. 2 years and 2200 quid later im not sure im still finished
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    Ok just a couple of things, FOGGING Oil arrived today, great stuff Drewpy sticks like shit to a blanket! Got a Gallon of 20/40 oil (£28 from the FJ club) which I was going to swap out from my bike but I will shove the new stuff into the spare motor as that way I know it's clean and no acid or dirty gunk from my engine (as if) when I was down at the FJ club they wanted to know all about my engine and I asked if they had any spare starter motors out the back, the best EBAY price I have seen has been £49 and rising to £100+ "yep got one out the back, yours for £30! bargain I thought, just goes to show that these clubs can really help if your looking for a part or just advice on "how to" so I just need a shit load more parts and I ill have a running motor.
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    True but the saying, 'double the planned time and double the expected cost' are bang on, if not conservative. Once your down the rabbit hole you just got to keep going.
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    This is my old R1 SP, one previous owner, the bike was like new, awesome bit of kit
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    well tickle ma bum so now I know had to push her all the way home.lol hell of a good motor.this the 1st bike in years that I've not altered the seat and not going to. very comfortable.I suffer badly with numb bum syndrome.after doing 70 miles it usually start to kick in but not this bike. good mpg to,I ride 2 up all the time and on average I get 60/70 mpg. I'll admit I'm not a fast rider not these days anyway. not interested in speed and don't feel the need.if I want a bit of fun then I sometimes take it up to 80mph but mostly I hover between 40/60 mph also depend on the given speed limit..but bare in mind the roads we use are rural roads and narrow most of the time,not worth the risk. we enjoy riding more at these speeds.....none of this phew that was close! apart those that pull out on you. as for the 2 bikes both are good bikes ,the MT-07 14 ltrs Tracer 17 ltrs,you'll go further on the tracer with having a bigger tank. the tracer is more of an upright riding position than the MT-07.
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    I would just pour some oil trough the sparkplug holes and turn the crank a few times with a ratchet. Its much easier to store an air cooled engine though.
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    just restored a wing rack and fitted it today. all stainless fittings and painted silver to match the bike's frame
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    So on Friday the frame swing arm and brackets came back powdercoated, well chuffed! Chuffed with them, Ended up finding another blaster who has said he will do his best with the wheels and engine so they went over there Friday so fingers crossed! Now its a cash of painting all the other bits and bobs that I didn't want grit too get into! Spent yesterday evening painting this Came out alright! Cant wait too get everything done and start piecing it together
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    Indeed Slice. Once you've done the business with the 'seal mate' put the bike on centre stand, or if not available, make sure it is upright so equal pressure on each leg then remove the top fork nuts and measure the levels inside
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    You need basic tools and a haynes manual. 8 10 12 and 13mm spanners a 4inch adjustable and a small quater drive socket set with a couple of screwdrivers will do most small jobs.They can be found as a 'motorcycle' kit sometimes. Total outlay maybe 40 quid. Then as you tackle different jobs like chain tension, oil changes etc your kit pays for its self many times.
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    Managed to ride it to the shop today which wasn't too bad, only got stuck at one traffic light. They said it was screw/nut that came loose for the clutch rod, or something (my French is not good). Anyway, they were very apologetic and now I'm back on the road, hope it stays that way
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    Hi all. Not ridden a bike for over 35 years and decided to go back. Very annoyed to find out I couldn't ride anything above 125. Back in the day a provisional licence would cover up to a 250, my last bike, which was a Yamaha XS 250 twin. However having completed the essential basic training without making a fool of myself I'm now on the road with a Dragstar XVS 125. An odd choice perhaps but a bloke of my age looks a little odd on a street racer type and to be honest, I love the cruiser styling, and of course it looks like a 650 even close up. Sadly the bike is partially dissembled as the MOT ran out and I needed new fork seals and got a little carried away. One of my problems was occasional lack of power and needing the choke to start. I discovered the rubber carb manifold was cracked. I followed the forum and found another who had a similar problem. I managed to get round this using a new rubber self bonding tape, wrapping it tightly around. Whilst bu**ering about I though it would be a good idea to clean the carburetor only to find all the screws had other ideas and remained steadfastly movable. Next I was to discover that these were JIS and not Philips as they would first appear. I'm sat here at home waiting for time to pass and the new screwdrivers to be delivered tomorrow. In my youth I used to strip down my second bike, a Yamaha DT 175 with ease but today I find I lack confidence but I'm not letting that stop me. I hope (know) I shall find this forum helpful and perhaps I can contribute in some small way.
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    OMG, this damn bike is working me all the way, every item has been buggerd at some point by either 'it'll do' or the wanna go faster idiots. Screws and fasters fuckt through no more than bad tools, or just not bothering to get the thread square before tightening stuff. The exhaust was fitted badly, the reason, so it would clear the oil pump fittings, the catch? The pipe is designed for a bike that's had the pump removed (its max output is a bit wimpy for big bore kits and tuning so commonly removed). Also the small stuff, the frame is powder blue, I have given up on greasy finger prints. I fitted the carb, the choke arm fouls, because it was bent to clear the exhaust, now fitted as it should the choke leave fouls again but because it wasn't bent hot last time its snapped. That list is not even a tiny part. Rant over...... Thanks. Should have it running today though..........maybe....
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    getting the fogging stuff off is fun
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    So that's you and Tommy sorted for Spain then!
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    Ask the paint suppliers. Pounds to peanuts there is a process to paint chrome. Would new rims not be an option. The stock rims are nothing special and if its a show bike? Chubby 150 or whatever will max the space on the rear with an 80 on the front? Esp as you have the apehangers on. (Dont like em myself).