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    I had a bloody great weekend, loved every minute. 100 per cent agree on a second meet every year. End of August ?? Blackhat you choose? Great ride out,,,, lots of miles, loads to see, great roads, perfect speeds (fast X slow), really like riding with you lot as we now know eachother's riding style's over the years. Your a great bunch of lads. Thanks Merve for the route and leading the way. No crashes is good as it doesn't spoil the day. I had good fun at the back, kicking up a sand storm on poor Tommy,,,, I know you were swearing at me, I can lip read,,,,, + out sneaky pint was so funny at the time. Really good weekend,,, my boots were full of water when I left Merve but the rest of me was dry. I took A40 home in the end,,,, was busy, had to do a lot of 50mph filtering. My back tyre is dead, I'll be lucky to get the week out of it. Yellow mellow,,,, pitty you didn't make it after all your time trying. Thanks all,,,,, chat soon,,,,,,, ps I didn't take any pictures, sorry Pat
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    I made it back home safely too. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, can't believe 2016 would have been my last time out on one of these...! Anyway, thanks Merv for the planning (it was a fun ride) and supplying us with a BBQ. Thanks to Tommy for catching my bike (!! - I'm an idiot). Also thanks to Tommy and Drewps for the chaperoning home (hope you didn't mind me wizzing past you on those twisties, Tommy?) It was great seeing familiar faces again (Andrew, Jason, Tommy, Paul) and wonderful meeting new faces (Merv, Martin, Pat). I'd be up for meeting more regularly too. I'm away with work now, but will check through my footage and see if I captured anything good.
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    Before I say anything else "Thank you" to pilninggas for yesterday, just brilliant mate tho some of those roads were terrifying! but the views at the end were worth the terror. The "stop and wait" system worked great with just the one glitch, soon sorted out. It was fun to see you all again and I'm just sorry I could only make it for the Saturday, I really needed to end the day with a pint or three with you all. got home around 7PM so just under 2 hours from when I left you all on the mountain top. I have a good lot of videos from the ride out and will stitch something together in the next few days and upload it when I can, hope you all made it home safe and sound and see you next year wherever that might be? Oh and I have some of Pat trying to climb the mountain on his fazer! yep I'm still laughing.
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    Well I sort of got this video uploaded and hope you all enjoy it, it's only a flavour of the day but it was fun out there never the less. I'm sorry about the language on the video if you show it to your kids or partners please turn the volume down! Well here goes nothing. Also it seems I have had my camera set on 480p not the 1080p it should have been so the quality is well to be honest crap, I will see if I can upload an better version later. https://youtu.be/wLROAaQliVo
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    Ok, so HOW many times do we hear the pub championship winning [email protected] say he has saved 3grammes from fitting a different headlight bulb. They say losing a bit of weight makes all the difference, well after that diabetic business I had/have/er? anyway. From October I am now a trim 75kg, (around 12st). That's over 4 stone down. Now this year my bike has felt a lot quicker, initially I had to change the suspension preload by quite a lot and it certainly goes a damn sight better. I thought my cock up fitting those wheels with a 40 instead of a 44 tooth sprocket would be on my to do list. Not a bit of it, pulls it fine now I have got rid of the flab. That got me wondering, 130kg for the bike 105 (ahem) for me as a starting point at my worst. 235 on (lets be honest) 45hp. That's .19hp/kg Now 130kg for the bike, 75 for me and 45hp. 205 = .21hp/kg Or, in real terms, its worth around 11%, so not eating all the pies got me a right result. Lot of waffle if you ride a cruiser or a superbike bit on a sensitive little bugger like mine its made a hell of a difference. And yes I am bragging about losing a shit load of weight.
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    Thanks all for a great couple of days. Managed to get home just in time to avoid the rain and pick the Mrs up from the station so bonus points for me and good boyfriend points from her lol. Shout out to merve for arranging and sorting out a cracking route! I agree on 2 meets a year - happy to try and sort something for Derbyshire again if that's what people want Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Im home now too. The usual post weekender ablutions and tidy up. Pretty wet on the way home [perfect as far as I am concerned]. Nice to meet old friends and new faces. We managed - bar a glitch - to stay together throughout - hopefully the pace was on-point. Always a win, when no one falls off or drops their steed. Getting up the Vale of Ewyas to Gospel without hindrance was spot on, i doth my cap to Slice doing on the FJR. We do need to try to do 2 a year if poss. I do like Derbyshire as a standard as it's central and those roads are ace. The NC returned 87mpg overall - i need to rag it harder.... I dont have any photos, thanks for putting yours up Drewps.
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    Back home in one piece. epic ride taking in most of mid and South Wales as that’s where satnav took us. great to meet everyone again and thanks to Mervin for organising it. now for my photos Me on set off Tommy and I at Lake Bala Yacht club. Special invitation only Dollgeau for chippy Penmaenpool toll bridge Llwyngwril over looking Barmouth on right Aberystwyth Cwmafan aqueduct Cracking ride up the Rhonda valley, just like Switzerland Our campsite Moon day after solstice Glyn Tarell Oasis cafe Pat’s hill climb Talybont-on-Usk Duke Nukem fixing his tdr Mine shaft at Capel Gwynfe brilliant time
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    Well, home showered and with a brew. Bloody good weekend. Fuelled up 7 times, 49litres in all, actually works out at 48 to the gallon over the 540miles I did. Refuelling at 75 miles seemed to be the best, Some great roads and some amazing places. God knows how stuff gets delivered to some of those people. Only pain for me was thinking I would kill the current chain with this trip, bad move, set up a high frequency vibe that lost me several nuts and bolts over the weekend. Had to remove the other heat shield before I got home I think my hands will be numb till august, where next? We should make it more than once a year too. Oh, and all the rain we were worried about over the weekend, I think I got it all from just past Broadway for 90% of the trip home it absolutely fct it down. Other times just heavy, lol.
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    High pressure coming in from BoB. TF.
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    What a fantastic weekend I couldn’t have dreamt it better, thanks as always to Andy for getting us there and to Merv organising it so brilliantly. Thanks for the patience of all behind me lol Bipps you are the best tail end Charlie, I doubt anyone could have done it better. Bipps you blew me away, going home, wow you can a shift on that thing, I saw my arse when it started to rain, guess I just don’t get out enough, let’s do it all again soon
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    Brilliant weekend, Thanks everyone I’ll put more tomorrow I’m fucked, off to bed now. Back to work tomorrow booo
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    This is the guy we met at oasis
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    Home safe and sound at 6.40. busy now so post in a bit
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    Smashin. Stopped in Malvern for fuel and a brew atm. Eta 5 ish I suppose.
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    Well done bipp never doubted you’d complete it. Not because I think it’s easy, there’s no way I could do it especially given the weather conditions. Bet you were glad it wasn’t on a speed triple this time.
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    Hey guys, This weekend I’m taking part in the Iron Butt Association’s RBLR 1000 ride. It’s a charitable version of their SaddleSore 1000. Basically completing a 1000 ride within 24 hours. I’ll be camping at Squires on the Friday night then leaving bright and early Saturday morning. I’ve chosen the Northern Clockwise route (there are 6 to choose from). That’ll take me from Squires towards Manchester then North past Carlisle, Glasgow and Fort William before crossing over to Wick. I’ll then head back to Squires via Edinburgh and Newcastle. The charity in question is the Royal British Legion and I’ve been asked to raise just £50. I signed up to do this even very last minute and only created my Just Giving page last night. Please don’t feel obliged, but if you do wish to contribute any such amount for a worthy cause, you can do so here: http://www.justgiving.com/nina-rblr-2019. A few years ago I completed a SaddleSore 1000 and, physical bugbears aside, the biggest challenge was tiredness and boredom. Sadly to cover the distance you’re forced to use main roads and trust me - after 12 hours it becomes a mental struggle to stay focussed! I hadn’t planned on doing another one of these, purely because of the boredom, but it’s for charity and a good excuse to get out on the bike! Kind of wishing I hadn’t just our new tyres on my bike though...! Anyway, I’ll update back here once I’ve *hopefully* completed the ride.
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    You can have my details, Slice. I’ll message you. So glad you’re wife is doing well. My best friend is going through the same right now. Cancer it tough - particularly the treatment.
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    Ok folks, my wife is home after the op safe and sound tho a bit sore but coping reasonably well. She said she will be ok for Saturday as my boys will be visiting and their girlfriends will be along as well so I am going to do my best to turn up like the proverbial bad penny somewhere along your route. If I leave home at around 7o/c I should be with you around 9ish? It's about 80 miles from me so a couple of hours should see me there. Can someone be kind enough to send me a contact number so I can let you know how I'm doing in case I get delayed. Thanks.
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    For those interested, you can track me: https://www.polarsteps.com/ninabippo/1845840-rblr1000-2019
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    Well today is the day I’m heading off to Squires for my overnight camp. And surprise, surprise... it’s raining. I was hoping for a dry arrival at least so that I could start the day with dry kit, but that’s clearly not going to happen...! Checking the Saturday & Sunday forecast at each major city I’m passing by on the ride, and yep, you guessed it... rain!
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    Headlight bucket has been buffed outside and treated inside for rust. Shined up nicely. The throttle control assembly has been rebuilt and painted as well.
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    the clutch on the Ace is hydraulic. they can get heavy if the pivot on the lever isnt greased [copper slip], if the slave cylinder is corroded or if the pushrod has corrosion on it. My money would be on the second one as that happens most frequently. Sort all three and it'll be as light as a feather.
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    Bit of a wet one today but bigger this, I’m having a great birthday if it kills me ? rode out out with a couple of guys from the TDM club I win again A rare Avenger Tiger Met another guy there Quick call in to Rivington for a brew and a chat was a great show, shame it was wet and windy as they went to a lot of organising. There were Ferrari’s, Jensen’s, American cars, modern tuned and customised, Atom with a 9k Rev limit supercharged Honda vtec engine. i recommend you go next year if you live nearby
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    OK how did you get hold of my ECG readings ?
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    Yes Bip, great to meet you,,,,ment to say that in my other post. Ya did a great job being tale end Charlie,,,,,, your a good rider, I could tell from my mirror's,,,,,, so don't be scared to mix it up a bit in the middle of the group.
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    Sometimes on todays really complex motorcycles you have moments like this where the fuel temperature sender says the fuel has suddenly dropped 20 degrees but the bike is hot and the brain has a bit of a 'huh?' When you pushed it away and then started it things had most likely come back 'within normal operating limits'. Or it compensated somehow.
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    We got just a little bit of rain and it hardly wet the road so managed to get a jiggy on. the A road was really nice and we turned off for Whitchurch and the a49. Bips turned onto the m56 at Latham
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    Does not sound like you have a problem with the battery as such cos if it turned the engine over then most likely it would have started, it can happen that when you get a hot engine and you then try to start it that it can have a "moment" where it refuses to start, unless this starts to happen all the time I would just put it down to one of those things that plague your every day motorcyclist and move on. Do the usual checks make sure the plug cap is secure and that fuel is flowing through to the engine see if the filler cap might need a clean, if the cap is blocked then it can starve the engine through vapour lock but I bet you find it's nothing to worry about.
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    Thanks folks, got your numbers and will only call you if it goes tit's up on the way "Pulled by the bobbies or I break down" Stay safe.
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    I was right though.... :)
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    Indeed matey, I was hmming and hawing about setting off and then thought fk it. As I said 10 miles in it dried up and as you see was a sunny return journey
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    Similar happened to me back in the day. I was heading down to Scarborough with the missus on the back and about 5 miles from my digs the cable separated from the barrel. I managed to get enough free cable to wrap and tape it round a small twig an taped that to the throttle grip. That fix took me about all week and my return trip home before I got a new one. Not nice tho'
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    you even got a bit O sun there. Sometimes you just got to go and see how it turns out. All makes sense when the rain stops
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    Very cool, Jimmy. Glad you managed to get out! At times on Saturday the rainfall was epic in Scotland. I got caught going through Glasgow in a crazy downpour, it came down that quickly it had nowhere to go.
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    Hey everyone, so I’m glad to report that I completed the ride and made it safely home without incident I started at 0510 and finished at 2445 on the Saturday. Overall I had a great time, it was my first time doing a group event like this (I’m a natural-born solo rider), and I wasn’t part of the BMW GS/GSA or K/R, big boys clan) but I did enjoy myself. Everyone was very welcoming and I had a good time on the Friday evening. It was a shame to see so few women (I counted two other riders and one pillion), but as is the nature of the game I guess. For the actual ride I went solo, leaving 10 minutes after the eager folk, but in reality at times I often found myself riding at the back of a group, or knowing that there were others close behind me. At every fuel stop I bumped into other riders. Iron Butt verified receipts and mileage upon arrival so I got handed my certificate straight away and they also had bacon butties and hot drinks on hand which was greatly received. After a chat, toilet break, dismantling my tent in the rain, fog and darkness, then trying to find a petrol station who was open in a place I’m unfamiliar with, I made it home around 0330 this morning. I’m glad I didn’t stay another night at Squires. The weather was less than desirable and I wanted my comfortable bed! I’ve had a good chat and only have a few minor aches which Mr. Ibuprofen has sorted. It was a very wet ride in places, and there was a lot of fog around, but since owning the bike I have made a few practical mods - higher seat, bigger screen, etc. which have helped in making it suited to long trips. I would have found the last leg (Berwick to Squires) difficult if I hadn’t of tagged onto the back of a couple of riders. My concentration was dwindling and thick fog required good attention. They kept a fast pace which I wouldn’t have done if I was on my own. Finally, I just wanted to thank you all again for your donations. I don’t know the total amount raised for the event (yet), but I have contributed over £160. I had originally asked for just £50 sponsorship so I’m very happy to have given more for a worthy cause! So thank you all again [emoji846]
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    Well Bipps (and Drewps, although I don't quite get the xmas gag) shamed me and today I willingly went out in the pouring rain to head down to Ayr for the Classic Bike show. Glad I did as the rain eased off after about 10 miles and I had a great run out on my Triple. Not many Yams there, a couple of obligatory elsies and these two. I think this may have been last year, but it just downloaded with the other pics
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    Its Wales and your using the word 'IF'. Did you not mean 'when'.
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    Yea mate is fkn sh!te. I got my Bonnie MOT'd in April and it's rained almost every day since, then I bought the Trident and by fk it's poured down....but hey ho it's Scotland what do we expect to see* *cue Basil Fawlty and herds of majestic wilderbeests
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    the chain should have a lot of slack, 50 to 60mm don't overtighten or the output gearbox shaft bearing will go. I'd get a new chain and sprockets if they are old, sometimes a hooked front sprocket will be noisy
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    How old is the chain. If the bearing is that bad it will be leaking oil at the sprocket. Bearing is more of a rumble. Not rattle and grind that sounds more chain.
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    Thank you so much for the donation, Tommy! You guys are the best. [emoji18] You certainly should see me the weekend after. I’ve got the time off work. I’m basically trialling my dog this weekend I’m some new kennels. If he settles then he’ll be staying there for the YOC meet. That would be the only thing stopping me, as even though he loves motorbikes, he’s not so good at balancing on the pillion seat...
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    You’re a legend, Drewps. Thanks for the donation! The weather isn’t behaving itself currently... I’m already preparing for a downpour in a hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised (or relieved?...)!
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    WELL DONE YOU, Always a good cause the RBL. Hope the weather behaves
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    Honestly, on your bike I would be dead or in prison within weeks. I sold my 600 because I was riding it too damn fast. Destroying tyres drifting the rear, that was before cameras everywhere. If you gave me a 200mph bike, I would be doing 200mph. Thankfully I realised I would run out of luck, life or licence and bought the TDR. I can rag the bollocks of that and still be under a ton (mostly). I was just surprised at just how much of a difference it made.
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    Congrats on the weight loss but ffs if you want response and go fast buy a 'kin proper bike
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    The proper euro spec pots are best (60cc) with that carb and a good pipe. Cost you a fortune if you can find them. Got clocked on my dt50m at over 60. Spedo stopped at 50.
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    HaHa, that's a shot in eye for him.
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