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    Daughter is now released.

    You are all officially warned, CBT dispatched with a glowing report from the instructor siting words like level headed, good instincts, complemented on her riding kit. Insurance finally came via bikesure, 270quid. Bare bones 3PO policy but when they value the bike at 400quid and want a 500 quid excess on tpft for an extra 150 quid seems little point. Anyho, another lady biker is on the road.
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    Don't know whether to be amazed or amused by this "thing", just goes to show you can spend thousands and still end up polishing a turd..! It say's "SHOW WINNER" what show? TOY'S R US ?
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    could be either or but my bet would be with finnerz, shit gets in those switches get it off, clean the terminals with a bit of wet/dry then a squirt of wd40 or for you kev, (lazy bastards way) just squirt wd40 in switch as you rock it on and off a few times
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    New to Bikes

    Thanks for the welcome! Here's a couple pictures of the bike.
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    Tommy xs

    Yamaha XS250

    Think this might be Drew having a little poke at me here after him pushing me up & down a garage forecourt A few years ago. I worked it out on the third attempt bye which time he was a bit hot and bothered.
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    Yamaha XS250

    yea, and dont forget to flick the run switch to on too
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    Newbie with 79 XS250

    I live between Doncaster and Scunthorpe. Here's the bike in question.
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    Any 79 ish Yam XS250 owners?

    JSU 280T Burn in the Firepits of Hell you B'stard
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    not bike but a bargain,

    Just picked up what seems to be a right bargain. Went looking for a car for the missus on Sat and looked at so much 'mint', 'one careful owner' garbage we were a bit flat when we started the puter up Sun for another search. There she appeared, 5 miles away, for peanuts. After all the crap we looked at I called the seller, could be a diamond in the dirt?. It was cheap because the mot was up and the alternator was toast. Have a Nissan alternator, (same) and my mate could get Fred Flintstones car through an mot for a pint and 20 smokes so I grabbed a tidy little 2006 Renault 1500 turbo diesel, with service history for........ 300 quid. AND the missus is chuffed, its even £30 road tax. Result
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    Number 4 Green shirt, brown trousers and blue hair got to be really stupid! Bet that's his Harley further up the page
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    Beware of finnerez, on the dt

    I mean it, DO NOT underestimate Finnerez on his dt, ok on an open road you may toast him. But you will be lured into its web of country roads full of blind apex bends and he is GONE. That thing changes direction like a housefly, you will be humbled. You have been warned
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    Clutch/gearbox problem.

    I can lock this thread if you like?
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    Jack R1

    Working at Silverstone MotoGP

    Well, what a cracking weekend that was. Seeing and listening to all the stuff going on behind the scenes was something else, professionalism taken to a new (maybe too much at times) level. Thursday night started by walking around the paddock with a cold beer and then into pitlane to see the MotoGP bikes started and ran through the gears Friday work started at Pit Lane exit for Free Practice Saturday more of the same and then qualifying (did you know that during MotoGP quali and races you cannot walk across pitlane anywhere without a helmet on ?) Sunday pit lane exit for warmups followed by grid boards (I was on Row 2) and yellow flags for the start of the races. I then had a brisk walk to the end of pitlane exit, which is quite a way around Copse to do the blue flag. Seeing as at that level no one comes in and back out I managed to watch all the races with a grandstand seat . The weekend ended standing under the podium All in all, a superb one
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    Harley Davidson Electra Glide fully restored & customized Show Winner https://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/mcy/d/harley-davidson-electra-glide/6258903079.html
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    Unlucky. This weekend is MINE. Missus wont mess with it. 51 weeks of the year i get put foreward to help other folk out. Not this one. They can go F.... Havent missed one yet.
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    Scottish dealership overcharging

    Ooops, just saw that, apologies to Morseman Note to self, read the whole thread before trying to be a smartarse
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    Tommy, ! Spot on almost, Although I had changed the fuse at the start , the spare fuse itself had light rusting on the end, replaced it with a nice shiny one and hay presto.
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    wild foamy

    Thunderturd 1!

    Hey peeps. Picked up another addition to the fleet a couple of weeks ago, a little QT50 I found on the auto jumble at the Dorset Steam Fair, in my drunken logic I decided it needed to come home. Needed a new set of tyres and the brakes fettling (even after cleaning and roughing up the drums, the rear brake would only put out 27%, the MOT requirement was 25%), nevertheless it did eventually pass. So it now has a fresh 12 month ticket, I use it for riding around on the airbase when I'm at work, the top box is large enough for small aircraft spares or a crate of beer and it has "No Fat Chicks" written on the back in permanent marker So far nobody has died or been arrested but it's early days yet,
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    Yamaha XS250

    Haha, same thing with me back in the day. We used to go on a tea run to the airport (you could do that then) and ready to come home my xs didn't start....of course it fekkin didn't.....anyway I got the boys to give me a push and same as Tommy after a few hot and bothered pushes I noticed the kill switch was off...oops "One more try lads I called"and it started right away
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    Disabled rider

    prolapsed disc and sciatica. cant get leg over a motorcycle saddle any more lol. hence i have a 125/180 yamaha majesty, 2004. paid a mechanic to do head kit but ive moved since. am in a downstairs flat with no garage anymore. i am willing to pay; was thinking of a semi/retired person who could take time to show me whilst still getting paid for job. haynes doesnt show how to tell if a part is used or beyond use and so faulty. i have a 50cc aprilia which i use daily, the yamaha is my rat scooter. at a later date i will strip all plastic off, extend it and put a motorbike front end on. with help. rather than pay £80 i will fabricate a hale bale carrier to mount top box on. i dont drink or do drugs, go to football matches etc so im happy to throw money at scooter knowing it will never sell enough to recover costs. but what price on a fun pass-time and being different?
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    Tommy xs

    sunday ride out with Tommy and Jim

    Sorry Drew I've just posted on another thread! Trying to type and watch Guy Martin, Speed on TV.
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    FZ07 to R6 or R1

    Any of the modern bikes are twist and power, even the 600's. You need to turn the clock back with your attitude, go buy a streetfighters magazine. In the back will be many proper powerful bikes. Stuff that needs a big hairy pair like 1400 bandit (big bored oil pumpers not the water cooled imitation) with 250+ rear wheel horsepower, that (on a fairly straight road) will scare even the most hardend horsepower junkie. Debating between an r6 or an r1 when you have the fz7 while talking about 12 o'clock wheelies, its borderline spam. Might want speed dial set for 999 though.
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    What does the v strom have to do with it, anything with wheels is welcome. Been all sorts turn up at squires, Aprilia, Honda, Triumph, Suzuki, Kwak from 125 to 1000cc all been yoc members too.
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    Xvs650 something a bit different!

    So its been a while, we haven't actually touched the bike since we got back from motorcycle social. garage repairs and life in general have been priority, the show went really well and the bike got a very good response! Here's a couple of pictures of the bikes in the limelight Got a very good response a lot of people loved it! Really enjoyed chatting to everyone we had a real good time! A lot of amazing machines! Here's another picture of my good friend who welded the bike getting a feel for it! Baring in mind hes a lot shorter than me and can only just reach the footpegs! Thanks for looking!
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    Must have been a babies arm to not go round the bend. Sounds like she then fished it out and tried to chuck outside. Cant understand why she didnt just get a kitchen knife and slice it up like a cucumber. It would have flushed then
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    Tdm 900 buying advice

    46k is nothing for these machine, peeps do 100k and so long as oil is changed regulary, you should be fine. As said get on Carpe-TDM, lots of advice there and also JBX site http://www.tdm-yamaha.890m.com/index.php who is also a member of Carpe
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    Rip off dealer

    I just bought an MT 125 and almost reached the 600miles so I was looking to book the first check. The dealer where I bought the bike asked £180. Called somewhere else and they are asking £85, plus it's a Premium Dealer and I know the mechanic there is a good one. Loyalty doesn't pay off...
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    Tdm 900 buying advice

    Welcome to the forum. The TDM900 is a very solid motorcycle and is well designed. It's EFI so doesn't have some of the fuelling issues of late 90s big Yamahas (The TDM850 is a bit mixed on this point). Obviously the clearances need checking every 25,000 miles - it's not bad job though. The camchains are not an issue, unless big miles are covered, as with all large twins and singles they do stretch on bikes over 65,000miles. If I was buying one (I have owned an 850, but not a 900, but have owned 7 post 2000 yams) I'd check suspension condition and function, exhaust condition and of course service record. The 900 benefits from a straight forward modification to cold-start system, i'd take look on carpe-tdm for more info on this mod. All TDMs are brilliant motorcycles, the post 96 850s and later 900s with 270degree firing order are sublime. Let us know how you get on.
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    Tommy xs

    wemoto news

    Yeah I think he lapped me!
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    Yes , to say it was unorganized is an understatement, you guys who turned out are great , but the numbers are dwindling each year , next year I think I'll be there alone lol. So yes its now time to look at other venues and encourage new blood to join in. PS them chips were massive .
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    Back, headwind all the way down the bloody A1, fuelled at Doncaster thinking cruising I can scratch 100miles to a tank so do it in one, pah the headwind made it more like 85, I found that out as I passed Leicester forest services. So bit of a head scratch for fuel. Weather decided my bike needed cleaning 30 miles from home. Pissed it down from just north of Leicester. Good weekend spoiled by the complete lack of organisation, Finnerez and I were even considering moving on on the Saturday if tommy had stayed away, seriously on Friday it was deserted there was the 2 of us in the pub that closed at 10. Because nobody had confirmed anything happening with the landlord, so he didn't lay on any staff. It came up more than once that maybe we should go with the fizzy rally, hell we could marshal the rideout for em, ok try to. Or do something a little further south, Stafford maybe?
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    We've been wondering where you were! Not very well organised this year, pub has closed early too. Hope you're all good mate
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    Squires 2017 2nd and 3rd September

    Brilliant day guys , I'm home safe and sound ! Well that's not entirely true, I'm sat in the mosely arms having my first pint. Thanks for looking after me, and thanks to Jay for dressing me (twice).
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    Jack R1

    1983 Yamaha TR1

    I'd love to still follow this but currently it's sat in my workshop with a blanket over it. Been a hectic year with racing season on us. I'm need to get the rear subframe made then it should be full steam ahead
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    brill on a Katana of all bikes
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    WANTED: Pensioner, rides YBR

    Cheers blackhat and drewpy - Scotland is next on my to-go list, just haven't found another 7k YBR pilot yet. Other makes are acceptable! Surely 7k is OK on a 10k redline?
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    Donny Park Monday

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    Sahara desert on TDM

    was thinking of traveling the desert on the TDM so I felt so pleased that a guy in a pub sold me a rare, antique map of the Sahara Desert for only 20 quid. Only next morning when I sobered up I realised that it was a sheet of sandpaper...
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    Hell's bells..!

    As fast and as far as you can? When I want to go slow I get the bus...
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    Scottish dealership overcharging

    We might be a trek but blachat could be a possible, or jimmy their both solid bike nuts the wrong side of the wall :).
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    Scottish dealership overcharging

    Yeah sorry my bad..! I did mean on here, he's more than welcome to turn up and we will all do our best to get him sorted. He's welcome in Stroud to if he wants to make the journey but I figure if it goes that far then there ain't much wrong with his bike anyway.
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    Scottish dealership overcharging

    Fkn scammers" , i was good at the cunumdrum on Countdown , am saying Saltire ,[ fk them name shame the bastards,] , did you get it fixed, i thought pilot jet, as it was bogging of the throttle, i think slice meant bring him on here , Forum,,,,
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    Scottish dealership overcharging

    That's a very kind offer,thanks Slice,but we're a long way from Gloucester. What I have done is draft a letter for the kid to present to the manager of Arse Lit motorcycles, copying to Trading Standards and seeing how they react. For the manager to provide, in writing, a detailed breakdown ,job by job,check by check outlining exactly what 'diagnostic checks' were done,and how long each one took. But it's up the kid whether or not he wants to take it further. Let's hope he does .I hate to see this sort of thing. cheers
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    Yamaha Chappy LB80 Gearing

    Hi AJ just a quick word of advice - you can change the gearing by changing the sprockets , but not the power output of the engine .And that's what matters if you want more poke. You won't gain much advantage by changing the gearing, perhaps a few more mpg if you are sitting at a steady 35 .You won't get a much higher top speed (F=ma) unless you put in some more power,which means a bigger engine. And please don't take a Dremel to it. Unless you like walking home. ( Myself and a pal took 2 identical 125 cc bikes to the Hebrides, one with stock gearing ,the other modified. There was no difference in the performance of the bikes,and hardly any in the fuel consumption. Moral - want more power? Get a bigger bike. ...and don't tamper.) (this was not meant to sound condescending ,I just hate to see people wasting money and potentially knackering their bikes)
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    1976 DT175C

    Here's my most recent pic. The blue on the tank actually turned out a lot darker because of my butterfinger fuck up. But she still looks fab!