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    3 XTs... one is a '86 600 which I'm not overly sure what I'm going to do with, and two' 87 350s for me and my old man to play around on. Airhead, there's more important things in life than working
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    Bloody hell jonny that's one hell of a top box reminds me of one I knocked up for a ap50 nearly 40 years ago while working at a cider canning factory at the end of the day the boss put all over or under filled cans on a big pallet and you could help yourself !
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    Seen a clip on Tv, in a car park, they lifted 10 bonnets, and 8 out of 10 were low on oil, owners never checked them EVER,
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    Used the cheap arsed blue ones for years, grabbed some rubber hose out of a couple of scrap rangie's in a breakers (they had really long hoses the right size for the cruise control, literally 6feet long) Then the unit can hang on the wall while your balancing the carbs out of harms way. They did my old Suzuki, 2 of my mates bandits and they are STILL doing solid service balancing my neighbours hornet and the GSXR400 a guy at work uses as his daily driver. Granted you get what you pay for and the carbtune is good but is it that much money better. Nah it doesn't do anything more.
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    Sounds like lack of lubrication. Take a look and see if it has any oil in it.
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    Not close by bro and couldnt afford a cheap one even if i didnt pay my bills Needs must bud only had 400 budget and i couldnt wsit as i delivery pizza for a living so everyday. I was. Losing 120 so didnt have a choice really I did a little work on the chinky today the diaphram in the carb had split and piston rings are going she still runs well but ill pass her on Just gunna pop some Pics of the sr in photobucket shes looking bloody good considering she is half finished Just gotta put a new tube in front wheel and some fuel and she be running Forgot the exaust Ride safe lads
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    Hmm I think the welcomes have run their course and we're a way off subject...here endeth the topic Oh and thanks, we owe big debt of gratitude to all who served in our and our allies armed forces
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    Funny, I was just about to write check the plug as I was working my way down the posts. Glad you got it fixed.
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    ok, here are a couple of quick pics, sorry Ian, I completely see your point of view, I hope you are not offended! It still needs a fair bit of work, but it is starting to take shape!
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