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  1. use gearingcommander.com to map specific combos and see if a different length of chain is required.
  2. no deposit - pay on the weekend
  3. We can do drop off, ive done it countless times on ride outs with wiltshire bikers, 4 counties, bristol motorcycle group, DoC et al.
  4. https://www.hawthornstalybont.co.uk/ https://www.hawthornstalybont.co.uk/
  5. Okay campsite sorted! sorry for the delay, not all sites want bikers [not Elsie riding loons anyway]. But we are booked in now: http://www.talybontfarmcamping.co.uk/#about Hopefully this is okay with everyone. This is the nearest B&B for the wealthy: https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/Talybont-On-Usk/entity/CgsIqNeuktPZw-rrARAB?g2lb=4207875%2C4208993%2C4223281%2C4240601%2C4242081%2C4242898%2C4238563%2C4244078%2C4244566&hl=en&gl=uk&un=0&q=b%20and%20b%20talybont&rp=OAJAAEgC&ictx=1&ved=2ahUKEwjN46yu_YjhAhU1rHEKHVbZBWwQvS4wAHoECAIQGg&hrf=CgUIlgEQACIDR0JQKhYKBwjjDxADGBISBwjjDxADGBMYASgAWAGSAQIgAQ&tcfs=EhoaGAoKMjAxOS0wMy0xOBIKMjAxOS0wMy0xOVIA 21st and 22nd June I have provisionally booked 8 spaces and they were fine with that.
  6. pilninggas

    YOC Ride 3000

    3000 in a week, surely? bloody soft as shite northerners, get on your bikes ya pansies....
  7. yes, it will happen. i just havent had chance to confirm the digs. the dates are solid.
  8. Go for it. those dates are fixed and it will be sorted with camp and neighbouring digs somewhere in or around the Black Mountains.
  9. Hi All, The campsite and B&B at Pandy didnt come back to me. Anyway the next best place is the Llanthony Camp site. There is a B&B just up the road at the Half Moon. Llanthony, if you dont know, is in the Vale of Ewyas. Which is stunning. At the top end is the Gospel pass - the highest paved pass in Wales. Ill talk to them and see what they say, i dont anticipate any problems as it is basic camping.
  10. They havent come back to me about whether they will accomodate a group of motorcyclists. I will chase them.
  11. sorry i havent spoke to them yet. ofsted made an appearance where i work, and i was a little tied down by them.
  12. i talk to them and see what they say. im sure booking for camping will be fine, it'll just be B&B that may be an issue. there are also places around Bwlch, Brecon and Hay-o-W ill look at.
  13. okay, so ive been thinking about this,, I actually quite fancy some camping too, so what im suggesting is rather than stay at my place, we stay at a pub/campsite/B&B in Monmouthshire; there is one close to the border with England. Im going to call them next week and see if they like bikers. It's the rising sun in pandy fyi.
  14. 22nd and 23rd June? Let me know if these dates are good or bad for you all.
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