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  1. The reason i think its thats the engine wouldnt turn ova at all no spark no movement what so eva just the starter spining ive striped most of the engine down now as i first thought cam chain had snapped
  2. Valves are fine and chain is in one piece. Im thinking it may be something to do with stater clutch behind magneto magneto wheel. Quick question how th f**k do i get it off Cheers
  3. Hi guys So was out riding the other day came off the roundabout gave the old girl a little beens and pop engine died completly dead didnt even spultter so i tried to fire her up again all turned on fine flicked on the starter motor its spins its nut off (like the engines running) ive started to strip the enigine just wondering if anyones got any clues as to what could be the cause Many thanks
  4. So ive solved the issue a slight bend in the carb pin ive replaced it and shes puurring like a kitten but now i have another issue it seems like the clutch is stuck ill explain i can pull the clutch lever place her in gear (can cycle thru all gears) but when i release the clutch nothing i think the clutch plates have stuck together maybe anyone got any ideas Ride safe
  5. Pmsl no worries bud just this is doing my nut in There is morr infprmation in my project thread
  6. I even removed the air filter placed my hand over air intake and she dies so deffo dont think its a air leak could it be sonething broken in the engine so the piston is running freely with no resitance
  7. Its a sliider carb and doesnt have a diaphram i have notice my bike will roll in gear and rear wheel rolls easy
  8. Clearance has been checked and all fine no air leaks i can find even removed throttle cable and still revs its nut off its driving me crazy
  9. How would i go about checking for clearance ?
  10. Didnt remove the manifold, hasnt been fuel starved, fuel flow is good and yea the fuel cap is venting fine its confusing the shit out of me why its climbing maybe its trying to idle very high possibly thats y it keeps climbing My gasket on the exhaust needs doing but wouldnt have thought that could be a cause
  11. Hi peps just posted this in my bike build thread but will get more eyes on the issue here So ive jusy rebuilt my girl after she was stolen The issue im having is my revs keep climbing until she reaches full revs
  12. Hi guys So she is all bk 2g4 having a little engine trouble the revs keep increasing on idle and wen i give some throttle the revs dont die bk down just revs higher and higher The throttle isnt sticking niether is the slider in the carb any ideas Thanks for poping in
  13. Pmsl bro looking good tho isnt she very surprised actually
  14. Not close by bro and couldnt afford a cheap one even if i didnt pay my bills Needs must bud only had 400 budget and i couldnt wsit as i delivery pizza for a living so everyday. I was. Losing 120 so didnt have a choice really I did a little work on the chinky today the diaphram in the carb had split and piston rings are going she still runs well but ill pass her on Just gunna pop some Pics of the sr in photobucket shes looking bloody good considering she is half finished Just gotta put a new tube in front wheel and some fuel and she be running Forgot the exaust Ride safe lads
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