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  1. i've bought suspension components from Brooks in the past. Always had good service and good prices. Not sure if anyone on here is lucky enough to own a 700 Tenere (im too short).
  2. i guess if camping is full then i wont be joining you guys. A shame but given how things are not the end of the world. Hope the weather is good.
  3. i will if i can. as you know the first week of the school year tends to be busy. one of my work hats is health&safety manager, so it might not be easy to get away on that friday. im hopeful ill have a clear picture by the weds so i can phone the pub if it's on, and make sure i am booked in.
  4. It's amazing making great progress in the wet. It can be filtered and the front does try to come up when powering on.
  5. its not self standing, although i do think it could be easily balanced at traffic lights, once im used to it.
  6. ill sort some out later.
  7. I just bought a Niken! Even around my locale the handling feels amazing.
  8. i thought it was bank holiday weekend, but just reread and it's the first weekend of Sept. I'll hold back as work maybe mad that week. Perhaps ill come up on the Sat, ill only be able to call it when i see what week 1 is like.
  9. is that the Square and Compass?
  10. i'm tentative, as i may need to be in work on the Friday (although could come up at 7am on Sat like last time). Do we need to book camping - last time i just paid on the day.
  11. so is this in the same place as 2018?
  12. yeah Bala is nice.i get up that way quite a bit.
  13. I just did Scotland. Weather was pretty good, though not hot. Even NW500 was just damp. I prebooked every stay, and it turned out to be a good move, as loads of places had no vacancies. 2600miles in 10 days with enough time to walk Ben Nevis and Three Dodds.
  14. 80000kms should be fine on an FZR1000 engine. as said above I'd avoid doing a rebuild - the costs are eye watering and as some of the parts are out of production by yam, so you will spend time sourcing parts elsewhere. Even if the 'economy is not important' don't end up blowing so much money you could have bought a fitter newer bike instead. Many of those era Yams with 5 valves burn oil (valve stem seals leak) so that might need doing but it is a top end job [and the valve clearances too]. My EXUP has 63000kms and although the engine isnt particularly quiet (they sound harsh by most standards), it's good to go. I find it's chassis and brakes that need more care on these things at these higher mileages (km-ages) and if the engine is good focus on these.
  15. Lovely bike. I've got a 250 gamma - which is great, but the TZR250 is a much better package and it wears a better badge!
  16. pilninggas

    What a faf.

    I find it all very therapeutic. The idiosyncratic work process with big jap multis is quite enjoyable.
  17. Stator's usually have 4 wires (in one cable sheathing/loom) coming out of them (3 phases and an earth). I'd find out what this wire goes to. If the other wires on the stator are the same colour (yellow perhaps?) then it may well be the earth. You need to get sight of a wiring diagram, so you can see what it goes to.
  18. cant you drill the old nipple out? you can buy nipples with 0.5 oversize for this reason. You can also buy bleedable banjos, they replace the existing banjo but have a bleed nipple built in - i have fitted one and as long as you orientate the caliper correctly you can bleed them out. They look like this: if you must replace the caliper, do you know the bolt spacing? There are a number of yamahas with the same ~(i think) 83mm calipers.
  19. expensive but here: http://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/colours.php#makeid=165&modelid=5816&prodyear=1969 i've used them - service is good. they will supply 2k in rattle can (it has a hardener widget you activate). I've found my local auto paints place can supply most bike paint, you just need to enquire. much cheaper.
  20. It's utterly unprecedented. Like Drew i go out for some decent exercise everyday. I was planning to go to Spain on my Kwak next week - good job i never booked anything.
  21. I had a 535. got it cheap because the carbs were sticky. Remove the diaphram caps and check that the vacuum operated slides are freely moving. Unlike most bikes they are led on their sides and need ptfe spray to keep them free. Change the plugs if you havent yet done that, as that improves performance under load. If these dont cure it then check air filter and carb jets.
  22. not sure if that is it - trying to find it on maps. it's on a long sweeper in that area. wish i could remember the name.
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