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  1. not sure of this helps: https://bikez.com/motorcycles/yamaha_rs_100_1975.php looks like haynes is wrong.
  2. pilninggas

    New Bike

    Why not introduce yourself in new members? The R125 is very popular. Yamaha took styling queues from it's sports bike range for the design of the bodywork. They have also updated it at reasonable intervals, avoiding it becoming staid like the CBR125. As with any bike you view check the VIN plate has not been tampered with. Check for crash damage [imo minor marks are normal] but things replaced with gleaming new parts should set alarm bells ringing. Always ask if it has been dropped. And qualify this with 'at what speed?'. Also HPI it. Some kids buy them on finance and then discover their apprenticeship wont cover the payments and try to sell them on. You'll be lumbered with the finance if you buy it. Some people may also put damaged repaired bikes back on the road [nothing wrong with this if done with scruples] with out declaring to potential buyers the previous 'write off'. The earlier ones were a bit fragile reliability wise, not helped by attempts to tune. Anything after 2012 should be better, but make sure it's had regular oil changes, has been cleaned and check wheel bearings, if it has done more than 12k miles. Avoid anything with modifications, they may be tempting but if not done correctly they may shorten the life of components. I'd get an insurance quote to. These R125s, due to their popularity with idiots and thiefs is quite a lot more than some other 125s. I like that they have brought new blood to motorcycling, i dislike the new price, it's obscene. Edit: also notice at the bottom of the ad, there are links to the MT125. Look at those too.
  3. plenty on ebay.
  4. Always like a trip to the 'Pool. Never taken a bike there though....
  5. ive got to stop picking my nose! lol
  6. Soft shandy drinking northerners.
  7. Im home now too. The usual post weekender ablutions and tidy up. Pretty wet on the way home [perfect as far as I am concerned]. Nice to meet old friends and new faces. We managed - bar a glitch - to stay together throughout - hopefully the pace was on-point. Always a win, when no one falls off or drops their steed. Getting up the Vale of Ewyas to Gospel without hindrance was spot on, i doth my cap to Slice doing on the FJR. We do need to try to do 2 a year if poss. I do like Derbyshire as a standard as it's central and those roads are ace. The NC returned 87mpg overall - i need to rag it harder.... I dont have any photos, thanks for putting yours up Drewps.
  8. my ETA is 630ish. see ya then.
  9. High pressure coming in from BoB. TF.
  10. my number is 07914605374

  11. 1000 with breakfast 1035ish at Roadhouse - your mates can meet us there. Some of the roads are shite - as much variation as England tbh
  12. loads of places to fill up on the route. +for clarity, it's this weekend!
  13. i have a sort of canopy thing, which if i come on my h*nda ill bring.
  14. it only rains as much as England. When it does rain though it lashes down. Unless you are a Manc, in which case youll be used to it... Saturday route: Talybont to Methyr via the reservoir road - a lovely forested road with a 1500ft bwlch. Breakfast at the Roadhouse in @ Pant. Then onto the Black Mountain road from Brynamman to Llangatog. as seen on Top Gear - lovely fast flowing road. On to Llandovery - we can stop at West End Cafe, if people want. A nice old school biker cafe. Up the A40 to Brecon [always a good road and not always busy even on a June saturday!]. Down the A470, over the bwlch at Storey Arms. We probably wont be able to park on the pass, so a stop further down. Back at Methyr, along the HOV road, A465, to Aber. Stop at Oasis for a brew and check out the bikes at the bus stop. Fuel up. On to Llanvihangel Curcorney and up the Vale of Ewyas. Through Llanthony and Capel y Ffin. It's narrow so it may take a little time. Stop at the Gospel Pass, the highest paved road in Wales. Onto Hay on Wye. If you like secondhand books, youll love it. It's beyond quaint. Back to Talybont with stop for supplies if BBQing. If rained off a curry in Brecon or food in Talybont [might be spendy though] Sunday; Talybont to Builth. Builth to Llandindrod. If you are going North, then you have to ride A483 to Newtown (Powys) - an amazing road with few silly speed limits and rolling twists and turns. Ill probably divert to Leominster [as going back south, toMonmouthshire] for lunch at the OK Diner[authentic roadside in the 50s yank style]. To add, so we dont lose anyone, well employ marker system and ill ask whoever is right behind me to mark junctions. The pace wont be full on, so we stay close together.
  15. oasis snack bar is expensive and overrated. far better places for food and drink tbh. worth a stop for coffee, but not much more. im still tempted to go down the barbeque route. I can bring one up and we can get meat, salad, charcoal, ale in Brecon on the way back on on saturday evening and do our own cook up. But it's up to you guys if you want a meal somewhere - i can book something if you want.
  16. yes. ive got a route for saturday. hoepfully it'll dry out - it's the wettest it's been for 9 months.
  17. the clutch on the Ace is hydraulic. they can get heavy if the pivot on the lever isnt greased [copper slip], if the slave cylinder is corroded or if the pushrod has corrosion on it. My money would be on the second one as that happens most frequently. Sort all three and it'll be as light as a feather.
  18. you can buy yamaha compatible immobiliser emulators on ebay (about £15). they feed the expected signal to the ECU so it thinks the RFID key is in the ignition and is being correctly detected. Best not tell your insurance however because with a factory fit immobiliser they wont touch it.
  19. its ply and sterling board with fibreglass over the top.
  20. That's astonishingly cheap.
  21. @bippo reservation for 8, so should be fine.
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