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  1. Oh wow, many thanks for that pearl of wisdom slice! I think at that price you'd just have to break the bike rather than repair it! Crazy!
  2. Brilliant, thanks for all your help. I always lusted after the 'new' FJ1100 in the 80s so I'll have a shot on one of those even newer more fangled FJ1300 too if I can.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions - I think I'll see if I can have a shot on the Tiger & Africa Twin.....I'm a little reluctant to go the Beemer route again. On another note - how's the Street Triple...? I tried a V4 Tuono and that was bonkers and would have seen me pushing up daisies in short order. The Street Triple I'm guessing is a competitor for the Tuono - is it less bonkers?
  4. Hi guys, my wife and I are both 5’9” tall in our 50s and fed up with only being able to ride for about 1 1/2 hours before being in discomfort. Wanting a tourer (just back into bikes after 30 years) rather than use my Thunderace I bought the beemer for 2 up riding. It’s ok for short trips up to an hour and a half but a 2 hour trip at the weekend was no fun..... and it was a nice sunny day! With a budget of around £5,000 any ideas? I’ve no objection to any make or age - we just want to lose the discomfort. I’d thought of a Goldwing / F6C but don’t want to lose the essence of using the bike and getting wedged in traffic. Thanks in advance, Malcolm
  5. Thanks finnerz89, I'd looked on Fowlers as they are pretty helpful and the part is available however... it was still going to cost me over 20 quid. I just found one available on Ebay Germany, brand new out of the packet for about a tenner including shipping. You're right Fowlers do display a list of bikes the part was fitted to but sadly these were all YZF 600 / 750 of the same era and equally as hard to find second hand.
  6. It may be a bit late if you already have the paddock stands but I have a Thunderace and use one of the Abba Stands https://abbastands.co.uk/ they locate in the swing arm bolts. Good luck and it'll save you drilling & tapping which always sounds a little scary in a load bearing area!!!
  7. Hi guys, I wondered why my Ace had a bit of a wonky indicator (front left). I found the indicator had been cunningly wedged in using black electrical insulating tape. Taking the thing apart I found there was no supporting stay behind the indicator hence the reason for it being a bit wonky. I couldn't find anything on EBay for my bike and I don't really want to pay over £20 new for a bent bit of metal which is all it effectively is. Does anyone know if there are bikes with compatible parts - other than the Thundercat which is similar age and has presumably similar 'hen's teeth' parts availability. Many thanks in advance
  8. OK thanks guys. I think I'll try replacing the clutch pack and see if that improves things and report back if I'm a) it does the job or I'm just poorer...!
  9. Hi all, can anyone offer an idea of why I find it almost impossible to find neutral when the bike is at a standstill? On paddock stands it's fine, not running it's fine but put me on it at a standstill in traffic there ain't no way...! I adjusted the gear shift (the Elephant Man must have been a previous owner as that's the only thing that would explain the size of the boots that would have shifted it adjusted like it was), chain slack, bled the clutch, changed the oil - semi-synthetic - but neutral is a no-go area. I thought it may have been as the bike stood over the winter and probably didn't do many miles over the previous few years but after 100 miles or so, although it now no longer bangs into first it refuses to shift into neutral. Could it be the clutch plates are a little sticky and it'll get better or do I need to indulge in a little light surgery with a file or...forget that and just buy a new clutch pack or....put up with it...? After all if I coast with the clutch in at low speed hey-presto neutral appears.
  10. Went for my first ride out on my Thunderace that I swore to my wife I wasn't going to ride but only wanted to tinker about with.... Things have changed a bit in 30 years In the late 80's I always wanted an FJ
  11. Funny, I was just about to write check the plug as I was working my way down the posts. Glad you got it fixed.
  12. Hi Louis, probably unlikely it is related to the valve clearance as you say you didn't do anything so, if it was running before but not now it is more likely to be petrol or electrical. Your problem may be too much choke and flooding the engine. When the engine starts can you turn off the choke halfway and see what happens? Does the bike still splutter to a halt or does it shut down quicker? It may be with the colder weather the bike's choke may not be shutting down fully so in that case the bike is getting enough fuel to start but not to keep running or.... The fuel pump may not be working properly or the float is stuck in the chamber of the carb(s). What is the model number and age of the bike??? Good luck!
  13. Wow, that certainly looks like the dog's precious items to me. Do you have the seller's name as some I've seen on Ebay have bad feedback....???
  14. Thanks for your advice Slice, I guess the question is am I willing to do a bit of fiddling and save the expected huge price I would be quoted by a Yamaha dealer or break open the piggy bank (again). Maybe I ought to see if I can source one from a dealer after finding a comfy chair to repose on first eh.
  15. Hi all, I have a 96 Thunderace with a fairing that's a bit tatty. Are the fairings off Ebay any good? I figured if I repaired the one I have I'd have to get it sprayed anyway so wondered if anyone here had bought one and how it fitted / quality...? I have come across some with poor reviews and some with good. Is it just pot luck???
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