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  1. Cynic

    Goodies coming..

    Got one of these on the way for the vmax, sick of looking down away from where im going to see the rpm. Wife's blessing too, (for the clock anyway. Also going to delete the current but soon to be redundant rev counter/idiot light setup on the tank and make it a switch panel for power, fan override, trickle charge connection, etc. https://www.digital-speedos.co.uk/gauges-c4/motorcycle-gauges-c27/multifunction-gauges-c29/koso-tnt-04-multifunction-gauge-speed-rpm-temp-gear-indicator-8-colour-back-grounds-p674?fbclid=IwAR2t_Qi5r3oMymKc1UFn6ZpkSHEZR_JIPvar8-E4EMVk46Gw3et95k4vwec
  2. Bad choice for any extra go, bar some kind of engineering miracle you got all that engine has to give, how it was designed. You will struggle to break it though. Likely nothing more than a duf plug.
  3. Nothing that will drag me out of the 80's. Probably the highpoint of motorcycles and their design. Every manufacturer distinctive with their own methods. Yam were playing with the genesis concept, Kawasaki had the big gpz'z and then the 1000RX (whoops). The speed hungry ZZR Honda had sorted the vf issues with the vfr's and were on the point of ripping up the rulebook with the blade and had a 250 2 stroke (that we never got) the equal of the RGV engine. Suzuki were slowly ruining the GSXR but had the glorious RGV 250. Where is all that energy today, market research and focus
  4. I would go with packaging as the primary, with the silencing requirements and emission control required for engines dictate the size of a modern exhaust more than style, plus i think the temperatures needed for a cat to be efficient (so smaller) would be difficult that far from the engine.
  5. Packaging for one, takes a lot of thought routing pipework that could be a couple of hundred degrees through all the delicate parts of a motorcycle not to mention avoiding the rider. Especially with catalytic converters getting seriously hot. Next one is a performance compromise, do you want to give away some horsepower putting the pipe there rather than the conventional position that needs minimal curves as opposed to the twisting and turning of pipe needed to get up under the tail. Size, the amount of silencing and the cats in exhausts now mean they have to be big, you don't want b
  6. 1978 yz 80, thats all you will get. Its not a vin in the modern sense, its a model code, the 2J5, followed by basically the build number. Unlikely they made 18000+ yz 80's in one model year so i would expect it to be number 220 maybe, even 8000+ in one year is a stretch for a pure race bike.
  7. I tried it once years ago, made fk all difference as far as i could tell. It supposedly improves mid range which the 175 has plenty of. Its any worthwhile peak power/rpm she needs.
  8. Wow, didn't expect that. Must have gone down in just the wrong way. No other tells of an accident.
  9. Cynic

    V Max

    Right here... Difficult to imagine anything vmax being secret. Damn things demand more attention than teenage daughters.
  10. That sucks, you do realise they are and always have been an utter bastard to start if you havent learned how. Just the right choke, just the right swing, just the right everything and she will be running before the kicker hits the stop. My mate ran an xbr500 for years and that was the same, his standing reply to anybody who wanted a go was "sure, all you gotta do is start it". First time every time for him, nobody else could even when he told us how. Use the force and figure her out. Try the xt forums, or thumper talk, both of those groups are rife with big single yams.
  11. Careful, a lot of led headlights are not mot legal, personally i hate the fucking things they are so bright they blind oncoming cars, they are really blue too so makes things harder for your eye to define because we evolved to see in yellow light. Lastly the brightness comes from essentially flashing the led at really high frequency and that again makes it harder for your brain to judge distance. Final point the dip beam gives a really bright patch of light in front with a linear edge, past that edge because your eye cannot switch between light and dark very fast. You cannot see for shit.
  12. Total crap shoot, it may be fine, it may not. Quality control is the problem. I would use the 100 quid on getting a good one sorted with a decent piston, aircooled dt's can suffer with detonation from the ethanol in modern fuel and you need a decent piston to handle the temperature of the cylinder. Cheaper units with poorer ally will burn through. That will cost you a bottom end rebuild, crank, bearings etc plus the bore and piston, found that out the hard (expensive) way.
  13. That will be the oil warming up. Just about every motorcyclist wont bother with all the down changing faf of 2nd to first, even 3 rd to first when coming to a stop. Hell i have gone from top to first sat at the lights before because the change caught me on the hop. You just ride up to your stopping point and ( ideally while the wheels are still turning a little ) in the last few moments before you stop, just rattle down through the box. It works as well stopped, 1st can sometimes need you to rock slightly, that should illustrate than it can be a troublesome bugger till you get the h
  14. Job number 1 is to make sure you have ownership and no duties/debts/losses owed by the bike caused by previous owners or commitments to previous owners. Would be a real shit to get work done only to find it was a total write off a few years ago, or you get it finished register it and then the police turn up, thank you for your efforts and take it away because its stolen property. It is literally job 1, i cannot emphasize this enough.
  15. Now the bearings are out it looks like some ham fisted fucker has just beat on the bearing land instead of the bearing its self when changing a set in the past. That left an edge propping the race so it was doome to fail early. Looking at the land the bearing looks like it had just started to turn (beginning to terminally sieze) as I got home.
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