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  1. Pedpartz can sort you out. I have found them really knowledgeable. For once the people on the phone really know their stock and what it does. Have to order online. Del is quick too.
  2. I will say it again. Fit stock rollers and spring. The fancy ones make little difference overall bar fine tuning. Sounds like the bike is pulling way too high a ratio. As said my daughters bike with the 70 kit was a weapon ON STOCK TRANSMISION. A wheelie monster that rocketed away from the lights.
  3. A 500cc race bike, a v8 muscle car with a charger maybe. A scoot. No. Unless you have built a 98cc 25hp racer it won't need all that guff. Get it hot a couple of times. Ride it 5 or 10 miles to make sure nothing leaks or boils up and your good. All I have ever done in (shit) 35 years of riding 2 strokes. That single ring bigbore may only have 6 thousand miles in it if you work it hard. Maybe stay away from long stretches of wide open throttle. Also if it's anything like my daughters bike use spring washers on anything related to the exhaust. Keep an eye on
  4. Is it the iron or ally kit? Tbh the stock spring and variator work fine to 50 odd. You only need messing with either when your looking at adjusting the rpm sweet spot. Or you change the gearbox ratio's. Your clutch is good I assume? Again with the belt. Stock is fine. If you have the air seal ally kit that should be run with premix as the pump won't be able to give enough oil. You could maybe add a little to the tank to save having to carry premix. Jet sounds about right. My daughters bike had an air seal 2 kit with a technigas pipe and with all stock transmission and an 85 m
  5. Garbage, i treat every motorist like they are a half blind pensioner with a death wish and treat them all accordingly. I drive trucks for a living and have heard more than once, " sorry mate i didn't see you", Its 14ft high,50ft long, lights on day or night, if they cannot see that whats some tat on the back of your bike going to do.
  6. Doesent have valve seats, what it does, or rather did! was have crank seals, they are long dead. I would bet just about every seal on that motor is split or has shrunk to the point of failure. Would be a VERY smart move to fit new crank bearings at the same time as having sat that long they may well be toast so while your there for an extra tenner. Check the other significant bearings too. They can sometimes rust if they have been left without a covering of oil. Depends on where you are but as you haven't given us ANY real information to work with I'm guessing. You can get full seal
  7. If its not captive you will not get it undone as it will spin inside the tank.
  8. A campsite i know well in Bude is taking bookings with a lockdown guarantee. So if you cannot go because of this covid crap you don't lose out. Must be others around the country. Just pick a weekend and keep your fingers crossed i guess.
  9. Have you checked it, is vac operated a leaky line vac line could cause issues.
  10. Its the rectifier, takes ac from the generator feeding to the headlight, once the rectifier has made it into dc(of sorts) it goes to the battery and the rest of the bike.
  11. My daughters Aprilia scoot had some weird issues that turned out to be the plug cap.
  12. Myself? I would go with the 100/90 as the width will sit better on the rim matching the original and any height difference if it affects the ride at all can be negated by dropping the forks up through the yolks by 10mm.
  13. Had this taking a mate of mine to Margate to pick his bike up from his in laws. Dopey bastard fell asleep, that in its self wasn't the issue the issue was him waking up mid roundabout and leaning in like he was pilot. Waiting for the punchline??? I was 11 stone sopping wet and he was chasing 20 so you can imagine the scene, we decked everything, my knee (with sliders, that stopped us going down i think) pegs, exhaust, centre stand, it must have looked like the forth of July. He then realises his sleepy mistake and decides as I'm fighting to lift the bike..... To lean the other way at whi
  14. Cynic

    1994 DT80 LC

    It will likely not go to a youngen, at 80cc its a 17 yo that would be legal and they are not going to want an 80 when there are 125's to fall off of. Does it really matter if you have a fist full of cash. I work with a guy (ex racer too) that goes looking for low mileage minters when his current ride to work dies, his latest came as a 16thousand mile minter, never seen rain, absolutely imaculat inside and out, full Suzuki service history (by time not miles) GSXR750 with a sports pipe and hugger etc. The last 3 years its now on 40k miles ridden year round and looks it. When it dies i
  15. Cold seize is only really likely on dedicated race kit, at the end of the day its a scoot that will be used day to day and running cold wont be an issue. Did you fully bleed the cooling system, these scoots have a nasty habit of trapping air in the cylinder head.
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