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  1. You have tacked on to a very old thread which will for the most part get you ignored. Start a proper thread of your own, after saying hi briefly in the new members area.
  2. Cynic

    2019 NEC bike show.

    Know where your coming from. I left a forum. To the point of asking for my stuff to be deleted, because you couldn't say ANYTHING negative. You could guarantee that it was somebody's bandwagon. Once one squeaks they all followed. Shame as there were some good people there.
  3. Cynic

    2019 NEC bike show.

    Missing an n't as well. Some could say its the op that's the n't? I suppose.... Anyway, I may go this year, neighbour is planning to and according to him. Sunday is the day as they literally rip 60 even 70% off towards the end so they don't take stuff home. Dan has a bit of a shopping list.
  4. Cynic

    Extra fuel carrier.

    Believe me mate. Europe is somewhere I have always fancied riding. If something comes off I will do my best to tag along.
  5. Cynic

    Extra fuel carrier.

    Italy is definately on the maybe list. That kind of fast cruising will cost bomb. Even carrying an extra gallon. Even 2 gets me nowhere near the range of the rest of you. Plus without being unkind to the max. It is a bike you muscle around, literally. Cruising through the countryside and blasting traffic is epic. 3 figure continent blasting? Physically I don't know. Need to do some distance in the UK first I think. Also, stopping so often in Wales felt like I was spoiling things for everybody else.
  6. How long would the trip be, any ideas. I mean in time not miles. I haven't a clue and would need to get it past the boss. Boring detail. The max needs fuel every 100 miles at best or your pushing 286kg. High speed cruising could see it in the 80's. Just letting ya know...
  7. I might wish slice had his dodgy wheelbearings to give me a chance in the corners.
  8. Er?? Gulp..... Italy! and I have the choice of a vmax or a TDR.
  9. They call me cynic...... Dealer promises....... I'd keep looking. I would be very reluctant to buy a bike sight unseen. Especially not running. Do you have anything in writing for the condition its it. Any guarantee. Don't like it myself.
  10. Sucks for you. Still like Andy said should be sorted soon. Lol. The max I bought needs Coils, plugs, spedo drive ate its self on the first decent ride and the battery wouldn't hold charge. All pretty standard vmax faults. Swap you a carb clean... Have to say none of it unexpected. She was cheap, 6months ago she was a pile of bits in a van. Last ridden 2014.
  11. Cynic

    Time has come...

    It's different. It's the torque. Makes anything seem peaky. Any time, any gear, any rpm yank it's chain and it fucks off. It's not subtle like an in line 4 either. It's old school angry gsxr type shove. You got to respect it. Coming from peaky 600's and 10 years of 2 stroke quite honestly it's hard to get your head round. I feel like I'm 16years old again when I start it.
  12. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Yep pics coming when I remember how.... Mot'd her Saturday. Now christened Trigger as from what we can figure the only parts of the original bike are the loom and frame. Oh. I have ridden some quick stuff in my time, a 1260 bandit, an 08 blade, couple of gsxr 750's. It's not the same. Sweets mercy this thing (considering it's from 1985, mines a 98). Just re writes the word fast. It really is ridiculous. The way it accelerates takes your breath away. I'm in love.
  13. Cynic

    Hardest day.

    Ouch. Yep that will sting. We said it's not like she is going to war or the other side of the world (our neighbours son emigrated to Australia).
  14. Cynic

    Hardest day.

    Sunday. Wow. Sad, proud,? you just don't realise just how big a part of you is taken up by your kids. Dropped my eldest at Sheffield uni to study psychology yesterday. Proud as punch she is making her way and doing well, totally gutted she is 100 plus miles away.
  15. I had one of those. They were not common in 1987, quick for a 50, best of luck now.
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