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  1. Cynic

    Yamaha XS400: Wont start and smoke

    Sounds like the battery may be toasted.
  2. Cynic

    Yamaha XS400: Wont start and smoke

    You have flattened the battery and may have killed the starter solenoid. You could be lucky and have a bad connection/earth but the 'pow' noise says that something blew. Lower battery volts means increased current. Solenoid is designed to operate briefly. Sooooo.. Get the battery back back up to 13.5 volts and see what gives.
  3. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Hmm. Butter, cream, corned beef, bacon, proper sausages, nuts, belly pork etc Basically all the stuff they say is bad. My biggest issue is Not losing weight.
  4. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Is already. I feel too good to go back. With hindsight this has been with me for years. In the last couple of years I have cut out a lot of junk and eaten better and I think that has kept me on the edge. I'm assuming whatever balance I had wS tipped a few months back when I really started to feel washed out. Not going back. Low carb high fat is not for everyone but I love it.
  5. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    No nothing about phosphates, going to be re-tested in January and have been told to try diet as a first option as im only just. Apparently if I change things now I may go into remission, whereby your blood sugar levels are below a level that causes damage. Doesent stop you being diabetic as such but your not going to suffer from any secondaries, well no more than anybody else. I have to say even in a couple of weeks I feel so much better in myself (apart from sore fingers), my 'gammy leg' has cleared up 80%, no more pins and needles. If fish and chips becomes a holiday treat because of it I can live with that. I now feel like I could have picked up Jimmys Xj on my own when he, 'parked it'.
  6. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Just lucky, 😁
  7. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Wow. Calm down. I KNOW I'm not the only one. I'm just expressing a feeling. There is little if any correct information out there. Just wanted to chew the fat with some friends about it.
  8. This is the manual I have and it does have the diagram you want. isbn 1 85010 300 3
  9. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Oh yeah, lots of worse but if you think about the affect it has on your life its up there. And unless directly affected nobody knows shit. No beer, chips, rice potatoes etc etc. No take out, no cake, burgers (well the bun). Literally takes a massive life change. Don't forget it can still kill you. Not directly but the damage it does causes secondary failures, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage even limb amputations. You cannot 'just' drop carbs either, you have to moderate things like salt, teaspoon a day around 5-7 g added to your diet. Take that to the Jamie Oliver camp. Fluids too. Can't just load up the protein as that knackers your liver. It really is a kick in the balls. I'm not one to go ott about stuff, I'm a very, "Well that sucks, how do we deal with it?" kind of person rather than blubber and whinge but I have to admit to a bit of a wobble.
  10. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    I had to go to the Docs a while back for an annual asthma check up, while I was there I mentioned I wasn't sleeping all that great and felt knackerd all the time. Well she got me to come back for an MOT, "your at that age". So I went back and gave some blood etc, psa test so no gloves needed 😶 , eye test bit of a trip on a treadmill etc. Turns out I'm Fking T2 diabetic. What a right royal pain in the arse, after looking into it you have to control your diet with supermodel obsession, and you would not believe what you can and cannot eat. Even the stuff you can eat you have to eat intelligently. I'm just starting to accept the life change, but the shock, how much better I feel. I mean really better. After reading a lot of information about it its also scary the amount of rumours and false advertising/labelling too. The words 'low sugar' are as abused as 'top quality'.
  11. Cynic


    Must be a blacksmith near you down in Cotswold land, the one in our village does all that old world type stuff, wrought iron, black iron etc.
  12. Yep, well known on here the weird world of why the F Yamaha did that. Its not a bodge either its how they are.
  13. Cynic

    Just saying "Hi as instructed...

    Hmm hi as instructed. I wonder??? You should send a mint low mileage rd500 to me care of yoc..
  14. Me too. I don't know what I meant. Posting too early and before coffee. Will just go back under my rock.
  15. Think Elvis Costello saw it all coming a long time ago with "Olivers Army".