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  1. Easiest is to buy a manual. You need one for the bike anyway. Clymer have a special atm 15 quid.
  2. Is the cable fitted correctly at the twist grip, its possible that the cable is in the wrong notch. Some have a push pull set up and its common for yam to use the same parts across the company. I think i would check the twistgrip, might be worth a lookie see in the connection midway where the oil pump connects with the throttle. Some self adjust, could also be jamming. Dont try and shorten the outer, you will never cut it clean enough to not damage the internal cable. Your right fitting the carb slide the wrong way round is a very popular cock up.
  3. Cynic


    Jesus that's cheap, the 180/55 knocks in at over 150 quid on its own. From the online jockeys as well, so you will have to sort fitting and postage. From a (well known to me) bike shop it felt like a good deal, hell it is a good deal. Was it for a 120/180 combo.
  4. Cynic


    Ok, spoke to the tyre man today, function wins out over form this time, the pirelli looks prettier but he said the latest pr5 is one of those (big step) moments. The 5 is supposedly at half worn, as good as the outgoing pr4 brand new. Time will tell. Will be fitted Thursday. 300 quid fitted and balanced to loose wheels.
  5. I might go with that, Windoview near Airgate for us as a holiday this year too.
  6. Cynic


    Honest, they were worn odd even then. Bad pressures i think. Ridden under probably as the centres have worn less than the sides (including the front) super light wheels and radials makes for a 'firm' ride until you really shift and maybe the po ran them soft dunno, give no faith in a turn as you get a falling feeling. With so much more rear tyre under you it should be the opposite. Spins easy too. Rear has a repair in it and now the front is not holding pressure. Don't have to wait any longer now a couple of bike shops have (kind of) opened up near me. Pirelli (which is metz) or Michelin.... ?
  7. Cynic


    The wheels on my max are some superlight German alloys, friction welded apparently. the 180 wheel with tyre and drive hub weighs less (lot less) than a stock rear wheel on its own. The build means the valves are offset so air is easy. Nut squeezingly expensive apparently. Makes you wonder when a set of dymags will cost you a couple of grand and they are far more common. Why I'm after what you guys feel with the bigger bikes. i have only had tiddlers except the 600, a 250 for the last decade, nothing close to this heavy and another universe as far as torque/power is concerned. 120 on the front 180 on the rear. The stomp is still addictive, wish they had given her 6 gears though.
  8. Cynic


    The tyres on my max are dead, im thinking Michelin pilot road 5 is the one to go with but it looks a bit naff, works well though. The Pirelli angel st looks the nuts, but have no idea if its any good mileage wise as max's destroy tyres at the best of times. The (dying) pr3's i have on spin at the first opportunity. Wondering what you guys with the big bikes prefer, Jimmy, slice, Dutch etc as they will be close tyre abuse wise. Cheers
  9. Yep, im rebuilding my dads CB175 but its painfully slow. Stuff i have ordered can literally take weeks to arrive just stuck in the system somewhere. Plus the already mentioned charges. Paying for next day in no means guarantees it will take less than a week. But it does mean it will be a bit quicker. Slowed things down a lot.
  10. Cynic

    XS400 spoke wheels

    I would expect so, you should expect some work though. Is the 500 not fitted with a drum rear brake? That could be a complication. The front brake disks may need swapping or the caliper mounts adjusting. Just depends on your spanner skills.
  11. Cynic


    Good to see someone so grounded.
  12. Amen to that, Scotch trip might be tricky though. Think Jimmy Crankie has them locked up still. The lockdown rules are different over the border. John? .
  13. Having followed that triple, sure the 'thunder in the glen' wasn't you?
  14. Quite often its a choice between the 2, pillion or luggage. Either because of space, or the tail is built down to the minimum to be light. Get the pillion to wear a backpack.
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