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  1. Battery has nothing to do with the engine running on a dt, It will literally need one wire from the mag to the coil to run. Bought a field bike for spares in just that configuration. If you have a good plug, coil and lead then continuity down to the mag the only fault there will be the condenser or the points need adjusting or are fouled. I myself used to run the condenser outside of the mag on dt's i have had in the past, may reduce efficiency slightly but save a whole lot of ball ache when they fail, and far easier to change out on a regular basis saving the points burning through a weak condenser. Condensers do fail, likely the weakest 'point' of the system. May just be a bit of fluff in the jaws of the points.
  2. Paul and I would have been up on the Friday but that weekend was a washout, you def got the best of the week. We can always use that place near Matlock as a base, needs little if any forward planning for a meet.
  3. HaHa, i have been on here for years and am only an apprentice.
  4. At 8500miles im guessing those tyres with a bit left are the originals, the front is likely chopped and the rear profile is likely well off. Add to that the likelyhood of being 20+ years old. I will admit to being a bit of a tyre fusspot, they are so important and people run them till the tread is on the limit when in truth they are actually dead as a worthwhile part of the bike long before. I always replace as a pair too. But then i ride a vmax set up for cornering so... After years on a super stable sports tourer you may need some miles to get used to the different style of riding.
  5. Not an xvs pilot but i would suggest checking your spokes are even, your steering head bearings are good and unless you have a receipt or other info, look for the date code on the tyres and see how old they are. Low mileage cruisers/customs can easily have tyres 10, 15years old or more.
  6. Cynic

    yzf750 project cams

    Did you put all of the cam retainers back in their original positions, i have never pulled a yzf apart but on my old suzuki the cam journals were line bored so they had to be refitted in the same location and orientation if a cam was removed. The clearances are tiny too so even slightly off the cam will stick.
  7. I would be wary of the advice in the future from the person saying traveling the bike on a trailer in neutral is bad. You leave it in gear on a trailer (have moved one or two over the years) because it reduces the chance the bike has to move, that's all. Certainly wont change how it goes into gear. Common new rider issue and some bikes are renown for it, my vmax can be a right pig if its hot. You just got to adjust on the fly to the bike. Part of the skill.
  8. They do, with the ig set to the base line of the bike your buying it for. On a tdr most people are just buying the pv controler more than ig because lets be honest, most bikes with a tax disk need little more than a tweak at high rpm maybe. Its the pv that is set conservative for rideability etc. We all want a bigger punch on the ride and if you can live with more brutal characteristics you open the pv earlier and faster. One of zeeltronic bloggers has done it, on you tube somewhere starts opening at 4500 rpm or so and wide open at 7 or so, (allowing for motor cycle time) will have the motor going at its hardest. Wont be the most civilised ride as you will be always on pipe, but it is a 2 stroke though right.
  9. Put the air screw back to where it was, that is just working around not fixing the problem. Engines going rich if there is nothing restricting airflow (like af above) is spark strength. If a plug or coil is breaking down or the is an earth conection going bad the wimpy spark will not trigger the burn early enough in the piston stroke so instead of a strong hot burn you get a slow burn at lower pressure and temp which leaves a lot of soot/rubbish behind. There is after that the big ugly of a compression test...
  10. Cynic

    yzf750r pistons

    This any good? Yamaha YZF750R YZF750 R 1993-1996 93-96 Engine Cylinder Barrels & Pistons | eBay
  11. Cynic

    DT50 2007

    Same question posted elsewhere.
  12. Cynic

    high beam dt 50

    LOL, not many people know. A uk moped, ie 50cc bike is not legally required to have main beam. My daughters Aprilia did not have main beam, i converted it because the headlight was shite using kx 125 parts. So it may well not have main beam.
  13. I know what you mean have seen them before. It's essentially a long nut the one I saw had an internal hex. The opposite leg could be machined for that. Making a hole bigger is far easier.
  14. They are ceramic bearings. A new set would cost as much as I paid for the wheels. No I'm stuck with this step. Worst case is some spacers and an oversize spindle with a nut but that is not nearly as pretty as I want it to be. I'm expecting to throw a few quid at making this work. I figure quality forks in a max is 4 figures so forking out for some engineering is expected its not a straight bolt in swap. You know what engineers are like they need to be told in infinite detail what it is you want.
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