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  1. Sounds like fuel flow to me. How is the float height and fuel flow.
  2. Cynic


    Not that I'm aware of. Uban myth from the UK restrictions maybe. LC models had washers but don't think they went to the US. More likely on a 78 is your high speed coil is failing. Check the stator resistances. The 78 cdi uses 2 Coils one for low rpm the other for high. Known as a 7 wire system amongst owners. Yep 7 wires between the cdi and the mag. The approx point where the system switches over between Coils is 6k.
  3. Dirt bikes are hassle, a minter may have been left and used when it was dry. One that looks unloved could have been serviced every race. Buyer be very aware.
  4. OOps, my bad. I have often as not done it in the past. Habit.
  5. Looks like.. Me, haven't missed one yet. Bip Drew Tommy Fin 2 wheels Kev John? Bloody good trip down for you. Maybe Slice, all the best to the wife.
  6. I bet they were at 17 quid a night. Ouch. Well I haven't missed any of the others so I will see you there. Got Friday off so will be there whenever, google gave me the most depressing directions of M1,M6,M42,M5 to A40. On a bike, I think not. Cross country through Worcester and Hereford feels like the way to go. Should be a nice trip.
  7. Totally get that. The tdr may get swapped for a vmax one day unless I can convince the wife to let me have both.
  8. Mate.. 3k. You like the 650 looks. Lighter, sweeter handling and still not stuuuuupid money. A 350b would do it. Get a Propper good one for 3k. A better bike than the 400 if I had to say or be shot. Then it's a smokey and I'm biased.
  9. Cynic

    MT-125 Handlebars

    If you cba why would anybody else spend the time. This forum is for the benefit of every member. Not a free fixit for the lazy.
  10. Cynic

    Forum update

    Don't laugh, its hilarious. Sorry Alex,
  11. Jealous, can only use bike specific track days as they all seem to have capacity limits now.
  12. Cynic

    Forum update

    HAHA, i was you for a while earlier in the week.
  13. Have you tried the 140 now the carb is clean. With the pipe etc you are into guesswork. It had a 140 so that's where to start. You have checked the earth's, plug cap lead etc and the plug. Always job No1 with running issues on a 2 stroke.
  14. Air leak if there are no cable/carb issues. Could be a gasket, carb rubbers, even the crank seal behind the mag. get squirting with wd40, that will show if its a gasket/seal leak. One thing you can rest easy on, we know exactly what bike your talking about, many of us have had one for years. I got mine 30 years ago.
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