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    Just like to add, any newbies reading this you're more than welcome, its a great way to put faces to names, new members always encouraged to attend just join in the conversation on here
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    Cheers Andrew, out on the pop mate
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    Ha ha yes, the guy who can’t even to be arsed with a screen name
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    Cynic, rods been painting,,, the carbon look is old hat ,,,,,,
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    Right let's start a list of people attending then: Me Cynic Kev Blackhat Tommy Slice Drewps? Airhead
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    Deffo Drewps... Perth- Blairgowrie A93 - Then up the scenic Glenshee - to Braemar - then on to Tomintoul , brilliant road, ,then to Grantown on spey.. from there, you have a choice - back over to the A9 [ only 15miles to inverness left on that bastard road,] .or, to Aviemore, then under the A9,,,,[ staying on b class roads, to Lagan ,[ spectacular views] to Spean Bridge, then a choice, north to Skye or south to Fort william,. take a right to Malaig [ ferry to Skye ] £7.00 for a bike, .then over the island , then over the bridge to mainland again, then north to Apple Cross,, this is back on the NC500,,,, heres us Halfway up the cattle pass, to applecross, , amazing,,
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    LOL, Went out on the bike today, rolling down the dual carriageway in a world of my own at around 60 a car slows opposite as were braking for the roundabout. Out of the window the muppet in the passenger seat shouts.. quoting here... " Awww flat out, go get a proper bike i could go faster on a pushbike" 3 lads (heavy on the lads, barely out of school, if at all) in a crappy Renault something, could have been a Vauxhall. So round the roundabout and i stayed with them. I could have lost out if it had been a sporty something but there was a 'black box fitted' sticker in the back window (by daddy no doubt) so i pulled up behind em and stayed there.. 50, 60, lots of looking out the back window, 70 I'm still there. That's a proper 70 too because my spedo is gps so he must have been looking at 80 odd on his clocks when his bottle goes. So i drop a gear and blast past giving him the finger as i go. The look on his face. Plenty of people mistake it for a 125, generally to there loss.
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    what a cracking evening, so I set off around 5pm to Wray near Bentham. I rode via Sabden, Sawley, Slaidburn and through the Trough of Bowland into Wray. 80miles to get there and 2 hours(ish) Here's a few photos looks like Scotland with the twisty Road not a soul in sight ubiquitous selfie bit busy, it was rammed. had a hog roast barm not much left of the whole pig too so they must have done some trade. one of those Chinese Ajs, looks good though, only 125cc and a picky of me at Rivvy over the tops
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    Glorious 14 degrees today,,,,,,Rd ,,,painted All one colour,,,,, @ Arbroath Harbour,,,
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    1st long run of the year today, down to see my Mum in Portsmouth. I kid you not my face aches from the grin I had, no more stopping in traffic just "excuse me" happy bastard coming through.
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    Bet they didn’t have to worry about fuel stops though,probably done it on one tank
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    So you ARE expecting Steve..
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    Looking forward to this, I’ve been wanting to do it for as long as I can remember, it would be great if we could meet up with Blackhat & Jimmy at some point on our travels Drewpy is coming with me to Oban now, originally he was heading back to Perth last day but now we’ll be in Oban from Thursday 12th till Saturday 14th if anyone fancies meeting up let us know
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    Its not the fact it needed paying. When people stump up the money its showing they will be there.
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    Creepy will be like quasimodo ," with his fooked hip,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Is he the French bloke you were chatting up on the ferry last year
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    the money's on a new stannah stair lift
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    Ok I'm in, her indoors has just spend 12 grand on new fucking staircase so I think I might need a break..! YES 12K..!! That's my new FJR out the sodding window $%^&.
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    Just a thought but I belong to the N.A.B.D or National association for bikers with disabilities, they hold a rally every year lots of beer large tented area usually a stage or two and LOUD bands. This is the website address if your interested, http://www.nabd.org.uk/ it does cost £30 for the 3 days though. this year it's at Knutsford WA160HJ south of Manchester. Oh and it is in May 11th -13th. Otherwise go to the www.thebikerguide.co.uk they have most of the rallies in the UK listed with info and prices.
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    its when you "ride on Time"
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    I had a terrible day................................Not got up early this morning to brilliant sunshine. Feck it I say and put the clobber on and set off for fuel. Wanted to go somewhere afar so decided to go to Hawes and then the A59 caff near Skipton. trying out my Garmin sat nav too (bought £50 off facebook) Got on the Motodragway to Haslingden and then took the back roads over Pendle Ski p[lace and through Sawley into Giggleswick. didn't settle on Settle, but stretched the legs at the viaduct to take the air and sights trying out my new Helmet, its noisy so wore some new ear plugs from Alpine called motosafe. two sets, one for racing the other for touring. Quite good too and a little pouch and applicator for £20 delivered had be Latte and pastie in Hawes caff and rode east via Aysgarth, Kidstones (very pretty) and a quick shufty through Starbotton, Grassinton and onto the A59 to the Caff A TDM900 rolled up we had a chin wag for half hour about usual stuff he wants to sell it but he's mad, too nice a bike and he's a tall chap and suits the bike. Got home via rivvy Barn about 4pm so 8 hours away, brill day out Drewps
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    Hi When you fit stuff like pipes, or any item with multiple fasteners, it’s a good idea to only tighten the nuts/studs up by hand and to leave them loose so that the items can be jostled into place, then when tightening them fasten them in sequence slowly sharing the closing forces amongst each nut/stud as you reach the required torque, If the pipe clamps are too bent extra twisting forces on the studs could cause damage so whilst doing this keep a close look as what is happening, You may find that even with the collars being a bit bent they will still fit, after all they probably came off bent due to previous over tightening, If you already do this then feel free to tell me to wind my neck in,
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