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    Ok, so HOW many times do we hear the pub championship winning [email protected] say he has saved 3grammes from fitting a different headlight bulb. They say losing a bit of weight makes all the difference, well after that diabetic business I had/have/er? anyway. From October I am now a trim 75kg, (around 12st). That's over 4 stone down. Now this year my bike has felt a lot quicker, initially I had to change the suspension preload by quite a lot and it certainly goes a damn sight better. I thought my cock up fitting those wheels with a 40 instead of a 44 tooth sprocket would be on my to do list. Not a bit of it, pulls it fine now I have got rid of the flab. That got me wondering, 130kg for the bike 105 (ahem) for me as a starting point at my worst. 235 on (lets be honest) 45hp. That's .19hp/kg Now 130kg for the bike, 75 for me and 45hp. 205 = .21hp/kg Or, in real terms, its worth around 11%, so not eating all the pies got me a right result. Lot of waffle if you ride a cruiser or a superbike bit on a sensitive little bugger like mine its made a hell of a difference. And yes I am bragging about losing a shit load of weight.
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    So after the last YOC meet up and rolling round the roads of Wales I think it's time for me to uprate the rear shock on the FJR, this is because I did find myself yoyoing round some of the wonderful bends in Wales. Apparently the OE rear shock on the FJR is known for being a bit under sprung and as it's one I bought used from France some years ago I figured it was time for a bit of an upgrade, anyway I went to the FJ owners club the other day and got a sparkly new YSS shock for the bike, pretty bloody amazing difference in corners and it does not squat down anymore when I give it the beans. Plus I can now alter the ride height and the rebound which the standard shock lacked, it was either hard or soft, neither of which was much different if I'm honest except that it would pogo on the soft setting like a right bastard! So I'm now thinking that the front springs are at least 19 years old and could probably do with a bit of an upgrade as well, the club do a set of Hyper-pro springs that are made for the FJR so when I do the front wheel bearings I might as well do the springs as well, I will have the wheel off and it's only a few bolts to drop the fork legs out. Rear wheel bearings need doing as well so might as well have the swing arm off to grease those bearings as well, so all in all looks like I will be in the garage for the next few days! Oh and I have a swanky new lift ! There's lucky!
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    Home safe and sound at 6.40. busy now so post in a bit
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    Ok folks, my wife is home after the op safe and sound tho a bit sore but coping reasonably well. She said she will be ok for Saturday as my boys will be visiting and their girlfriends will be along as well so I am going to do my best to turn up like the proverbial bad penny somewhere along your route. If I leave home at around 7o/c I should be with you around 9ish? It's about 80 miles from me so a couple of hours should see me there. Can someone be kind enough to send me a contact number so I can let you know how I'm doing in case I get delayed. Thanks.
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    Corrrrr " Bonnie , ?
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    Hes a member on here ,,, scouser ,?? ,,watch your wheels,, ?
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    Coming along. New rear bearings, sprocket and rubber. Polished the rear tail setup and the RH shock assembly. Shocks are in great shape. Going to start on the front tubes and wheel next. Engine has 4 new studs, needs 5 more before I can reassemble and paint the case.
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    The signal bits have been polished and new stems installed. These are all-original but 3 of the 4 lenses have broken-off screw channels. The replacement O-ring # I ordered is too small for these. Not sure what's going on with that. Need to verify the lens and body numbers against the book. The replacement gas tank finally arrived and it's dent-free! Woo! Light rust and some graffiti are no issue at all. POR-15 3-step process is first for the tank. It will likely outlast the frame after this. The spare seat under the tank was supposed to be a clean replacement and apparently the mid-seat seam split. I put conditioner on it and it was gone the next day so I think one of the kids may have been involved. Oh well, good to know now so I can order a skin for whichever seat foam is best.
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    Mot done. All clear. Season begins. I was in the garage fixing the ruddy indicators that decided to stop working till after 10 last night when I was double checking. All I could find in my spares box was a relay from a mk2 escort. Worked would you believe it, older than the tdr same connections etc. Now you can hear the plink plik as they work.
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    I'm still on rolled up loo roll (unused....usually)
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    Sounds like an idea. Don't use my bike for work much at all. It's 16 mile each way along a dead straight road. With unlocking the garage, the bike and putting on leathers it takes 15min longer. And the bike does 10mpg less plus oil than the car. The 3k miles thing sounds fun though. Esp with landmarks.
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    Yea, we did have a good un weather wise. I love it, wife hates it hot. You can imagine the disagreements, fans on/off, windows open/closed, too hot to cook etc etc, salads day after day
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    That is not funny !!!! its offensive to those members of our population who don't have balls !!! Take down that post immediately and report yourself to the Gender Fairness Police immediately for arrest and punishment.
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    So I'm off to see my Mum down in Portsmouth, about 150 odd miles so takes me about 2+ hours to get there from home, I leave the house and not more than 1/2 a mile from home this bloody woman who is following her friend home from dropping off the kids at school apparently and does not want to loose her turns right across in front of me, big black line from the rear wheel down the road and I'm jammed inside the front wheel arch, this while she explains the story of how we arrived at this moment. I am still trying to hold the bike upright while she goes on about this, if you didn't laugh you would not credit it..! NO "sorry mate my fault" just an explanation of how I have made her loose sight of her "NEW" friend. I'm on my way home and I arrive at a set of traffic lights to find a broken down truck blocking the outside lane, + police car helping to direct traffic from the cake shop on the corner? I stay in the right outer lane and squeeze past the truck and the traffic on the near side which has all had to pull over to the left lane to get by, I leave the lights and find a Merc trying to use me an ornament on his bonnet cos apparently I didn't have any right to use "HIS" side of the road when he had to pull over like everyone else, really you couldn't make this shit up could you? I'm now on the A34 just passed Newbury and on the home stretch to the M4 when this young woman who I am overtaking just pulls over into my lane, I'm on the edge of the barriers with the horn blaring plus shouting where the fuck do you think I'm supposed to go when she just keeps going I have nowhere to go car behind car in front and this tit trying to squeeze muggings here into a crash barrier. Apparently I'm supposed to vanish into thin air when she decides it's ok to merge with other traffic. Is it just me or are people just getting worse? I really don't remember when it was as bad as this and it's always the bikers fault..! Fuck it... Had my moan, feel better now..!
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    Yeah, a lot of friends in family had some damage but everyone's safe.
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    I'll give you £100 to take it off your hands. No more stress or worry mate, you know it makes sense
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    I used to own an xs250 with the very same symptoms. I eventually sorted it, well my sanity, by using "Burn ya bastard"
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    Soft shandy drinking northerners.
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    Very cool, Jimmy. Glad you managed to get out! At times on Saturday the rainfall was epic in Scotland. I got caught going through Glasgow in a crazy downpour, it came down that quickly it had nowhere to go.
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    Well Bipps (and Drewps, although I don't quite get the xmas gag) shamed me and today I willingly went out in the pouring rain to head down to Ayr for the Classic Bike show. Glad I did as the rain eased off after about 10 miles and I had a great run out on my Triple. Not many Yams there, a couple of obligatory elsies and these two. I think this may have been last year, but it just downloaded with the other pics
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    The turn signal switch was acting up when I was testing the electrical re-install. I guess broken solder joints on the slider would cause problems. Went ahead and refreshed the wire contact joints on all the parts. Have to do the other half next and then toss some paint on the housing.
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    Not that I'm aware of. Uban myth from the UK restrictions maybe. LC models had washers but don't think they went to the US. More likely on a 78 is your high speed coil is failing. Check the stator resistances. The 78 cdi uses 2 Coils one for low rpm the other for high. Known as a 7 wire system amongst owners. Yep 7 wires between the cdi and the mag. The approx point where the system switches over between Coils is 6k.
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    That's astonishingly cheap.
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    I managed to get the Friday off work. I just need to sort a kennel for the dog and then I’m all good. I’ll be camping - do I need to give them a buzz to book a spot, or is your tentative reservation enough? I’m back up in Glossop so will happily meet and convoy with anyone else travelling on the Friday? Glad the op is booked at least. It would be lovely to meet you in person, Slice - I’ve not had the honour [emoji846] but totally understand if you can’t make it!
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    Just bumping this thread... I’m going to sort my annual leave this week or next. Who’s looking at coming along, and is there a plan for the days?
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    My computer is now showing me logged on as Toutsuite
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    Just done a biker down course and learned a great deal about first aid for bikers and scene management. they also showed a vid on why we have smidsey just thought I’d share it
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    Air leak if there are no cable/carb issues. Could be a gasket, carb rubbers, even the crank seal behind the mag. get squirting with wd40, that will show if its a gasket/seal leak. One thing you can rest easy on, we know exactly what bike your talking about, many of us have had one for years. I got mine 30 years ago.
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    Believe it or not Dutchy, I have never been to Eastleigh, If my memory serves me right that's where the bootnecks are based. Also, I have never been to Southampton (Merchant rather than Royal) Mike.
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    Yup. The FJ was slightly high in revs and MPG at cruising speed. But with torque to burn on the tank I went up 1 tooth on the front. The improvement was very noticeable. Did not need to change from the standard chain.
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    Hi Mike You're referring to a MONOSTRAP bag or "Mens crossbody bag". Careful... crossbody bags on ebay is mainly ladies handbags/shoulder bags!
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    Welcome back Tommy
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    I did a Bikesafe course a couple of years ago, was a great day. An hour or so based in the classroom, followed by an observed ride out and decent feedback. I was told I'm a safe/cautious rider, but could improve my riding and observations by not staying to the left hand side of the road as much (as appropriate). I keep meaning to do IAM or similar when I find time.
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    Hi Toni, welcome to the YOC.
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    Oh nice one mate, congratulations on your news.
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    Same test for me ,1979. whiz round block -emergency stop, -highway code questions , and a Pass, ? on an Orange Dt250 .
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    The best example of anti-motorcycling Government action ever. Make it so difficult, expensive and time consuming to get to a DECENT bike that riders will give up and just move onto driving cars (or into Uber's)
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    okay, so ive been thinking about this,, I actually quite fancy some camping too, so what im suggesting is rather than stay at my place, we stay at a pub/campsite/B&B in Monmouthshire; there is one close to the border with England. Im going to call them next week and see if they like bikers. It's the rising sun in pandy fyi.
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    my home PC was hacked so on works comp. will check with line manager now
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    Good for me merv" ,
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    You may not have noticed but this thread is 8 years old. Try setting up another NEW thread in the Workshop section. Right after saying Hello in the new members section (hint).
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    I've check everything. Sensor on crankshaft, coil, high voltage waiting, main switch, cut off switch, replace brown cable from electrical system and all connection. Was left only cdi but I allredy bay it second hand and was the same. I still don't have site that unit was good. Thanks I live in birmingham. West Midlands. Thanks. Sorry for writing mistakes but my phone is very mad. Thanks for help.
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    Sounds good to me [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Define 'new carb'. New as in quality replacement mikuni, new as in good second hand or new as in cheap and horrible Chinese crappy copy. Did you check the size of the jets, if their clear? It starts with no choke and the air screw is fully in so something is up in the carb, no matter how you spin the bottle its rich and sounds like its choking out once its warm.
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    yep, getting worse over the last 5 years especially. In parts of Birmingham now they may as well switch off the traffic lights. People either que right through them or ignore them entirely. The only thing that annoys me more is how fucking bright the car headlights are getting, I live out in the stix and have already had a couple of close runs where some twat with a new car with the mega bright lights has not seen me coming and run the centre line. Makes every corner entertaining.
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    Not sure why your asking. The lowest power mode will be no different to full power cruising. It wont change the mixture. Just how aggresive the fueling is. Part throttle cruise is part throttle cruise.
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    I've threatened to part it out 3 times now... I hate these pistons. My expenses grow, but not the project progress. This is the 4th time one has slipped out and bent beyond re-use.
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    If you"ve been watching Spring watch, its rained up here for 32 days on the trot, been out once on the bikes only, ,fking depessing stuff , And the forums on the blink again,, i had to quote you to reply,,[ no reply box. And the page is massive, like its on 150% zoom ,
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