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    Eh up lads, I've just woken up cracking weekend, great craic and a shame the TDM had a dicky fuel pump and missed the ride out. Airhead and myself still slummed in the pub drinking dark cider and watching the classic bikes go past (there was a local bike meet on but didn't sdvertise it) we even managed to get a Park run in at Bakewell strange event? - a cadilac with sirens on and a union flag blaring "who ya gonna call..." yes a ghostbusters vehicle then we had a silver van blat passed with a high reving engine in, lots of debate over what engine was in the van. Jason showing off his "lorry driver" accutriments ie a stove, dissed my little stove and then didn't have matches to light his (mine had a piezzo ignition) thanks to Finnerz for the great location to and for taking us to CMC at Claycross for the jap classic bike meet, some very tasty bikes there. thought i'd share some photos.............. 1st night in Pub, 2 singers, one sung the other just interjected with some awful catawalling, yea babeeee this is what you get if you ignore our requests, no place in the photo facebook watching the world (and bikes go past) PAul telling me to fork off, at Hassop station cafe after the parkrun camp site Claycross CMC - Tommy was looking for a new helmet XSS400 rat took Tommy to Hassop after Claycross, Austin 7 ride out https://imgur.com/crfkTKH thats all folks back to bed now
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    It's been a while since I started a new post, so thought I'd share my new toy! Picked it up last week, I'm 30 this year so I thought balls to it and had a brand new bike. Gone for the new speed twin... Pics attached. All I'll say is that it's awesome, torque for days, nice and easy to ride - even at a spirited pace Sorry it's not a yam [emoji851] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    3000 in a week, surely? bloody soft as shite northerners, get on your bikes ya pansies....
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    I'll be down for that!
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    No just tagged along with the daughter. She swims 3-4 miles a week. Instead of waiting with a coffee I decided to get wet. only 15 or so lengths (improving). Made a big difference to my asthma though. I could barely go anywhere without my inhalers by last Christmas. In derby I actually forgot them and went the whole weekend without them.
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    To start off , glad your OK Tommy , to finish, a big thanks to Andy for my Glamping weekend , the bit in the middle , epic ride out lads even though we got split up at the end me and slice made most of our treck back through some epic mountain/tree lined roads . The beer was class the food I had was great (a chip salad) the entertainment was ! Well come on ? It was shit. The bike didn't have a hic up all weekend ( again) it must be down to the shampoo I use on it , I got home without getting lost thanks for the basic clear directions Andy , brilliant seeing you all again yous all made my weekend fantastic. P.s I farted in your tent finnerz ( twice).
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    Well peeps it seems that SWMBO has been booked in for her OP in just over a month from now! So pretty sure that I'm fubard for the weekend but just looking at the map I "might" be able to make it just for the day on the Saturday? It's only about an hour and a half from me so weather permitting and hoping I can get away for the day I hope to see you all then.
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    If you’re at home tomorrow afternoon I could nip over and have a look pm me your address and phone number
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    If you cba why would anybody else spend the time. This forum is for the benefit of every member. Not a free fixit for the lazy.
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    What you were dripping ugly fluids? Nice one Fizz, id like a change but my financial advisor has a long list of things that are really boring that I have to pay for. Nothing important, daughters uni, for example.
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    I've got a new speed twin on order :smug: Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Just had to crack open a bottle of Kraken which was also a Christmas present as I've just heard that I am going to be a grandad again.
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    Sorry about that guys, bloody server update took up the remaining disk space and crashed. Took ages to manually sort it out. All good now
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    Is this any good mate Sorry bud, couldn't resist Try here https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/yam/5432e4e5f870020b14e39b77/muffler
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    the final day eventually arrives and Tommy has arranged Jimmy to come over and have some breakfast and to ride with us via his home top of some hill last shot of McCaig's tower Jimmy led the way to Inveraray. The Vital Spark replica in the backaground Droopy checking out his trump the boys mike and I need the loo At jimmy's house we had a nice brew by his lovely wife and the Waverly came past. I lived in Devon and the Waverley was based there for a while. The last ocean going paddle steamer nice view from Jimmy's Hoose we blatted along via Glasgow, refuling there and just took the motorway home into the wind, which was fine for my bike with a screen. Mike and Tommy struggled but we met up at the refuel stops. that's it. 1663 miles, £178 in fuel and priceless memories. If you havn't done it yet, what are you waiting for.
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    Left the military in January... I guess I missed the desert so much I went back voluntarily, currently over near Kabul. I'll be back in blighty in March, got something special hidden away in the unit for when I get back.
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    Glad you're OK Slice. What everyone says about driving standards really resonates with me. In my youth, I spent time working on speed limits, designing roads and white line schemes. In the '70's and '80's, we used "science" to determine appropriate speed limits and design white line schemes which prevented the main causes of accidents/incidents........Driver Frustration and Vehicle-Vehicle, or Vehicle-Pedestrian conflicts. Human beings come with an inbuilt perception of risk (self preservation) and behave accordingly. Speed limits and road element design used to take all of that into account so that traffic flowed freely, but safely and drivers didn't get frustrated into making dangerous overtakes. However, the ignorant Safety-Crats who have successfully created the "Speed Kills" myth, have created a society where the only "known" bad driving behaviour is to exceed the speed limit. Not using mirrors properly, hogging lanes, using mobiles, driving so slowly that you have 20 cars queueing up behind you are no longer considered unacceptable - there are virtually no traffic Police out on the roads dealing with these drivers, only officers in camera vans sat at the side of a dual carriageway targeting people driving at over 70mph - hence the only thing most people see as "bad driving" is Speeding. in times gone by, when rural roads had 60mph limits, traffic flowed freely and overtakes were minimal because drivers were content that their speed was "appropriate" to the conditions/risk and frustration was limited (this being approximately the 85 percentile speed for humans driving in those conditions with their risk perception). Imposing a blanket 50mph limit to make things "safer" (because only speed kills), now frustrates 85% of the driver population because they feel they are going too slowly for the conditions and the risk, prompting dangerous overtakes - it human nature to get frustrated when we can't do things within our "safe zone". Conversely, with the increased population and vehicle density in urban areas, speed limits, except near the odd school, have been left at 30mph or 40mph - which in many cases is too fast - and I now experience plenty of drivers who drive at less than 30mph in town centres, because they see the real risk in travelling at 30mph with lots of pedestrians in close proximity to their lane. In a pedestrian-vehicle collision, speed does indeed kill and dropping speed limits will definitely save lives - how about 20mph in every town/village centre where there are concentrations of pedestrian activity (I'd vote for that). In vehicle-vehicle collisions, the difference between a closing speed of 100mph and 120mph isn't going to cause a dramatic reduction in driver fatalities (driver will most likely die in either scenario) and having a car hit a pedestrian at 50mph will be just as fatal as one doing 60mph (or more). Somehow, we need to get away from the message that the only way to drive safely is to drive slowly and to get back to Policing our roads properly and teaching and managing the driver population to drive properly. in almost every situation we, as bike riders encounter, it's Bad Driving that causes accidents - that's what our Police and Government should be focussed on. Ironically, travelling back from Edinburgh on the A1 recently, we saw a big LED traffic sign with the warning message "Frustration Causes Accidents", showing that someone still understands the science..............but then shortly after, there was a speed camera at the side of the road, on a straight, wide, clear section of dual carriageway !!!!!!
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    headed towards Oban via skye we stopped at a few places along the way Torridon we were stuck behind a group of cars who couldn't get round a campervan. He pulled over as we were turning sharp left, to top that off, my front brake lever felt funnny and had to pump the brake to get it to work. Turned out a small torch used for checking my oil level jammed itself between the lever on occasion, Phew! strathcarron - Arrina this bull was not impressed at all stopped off near Applecross Inn called the walled garden, lovely in there till 3 bikers turned up the route over applecross was in scotch mist again vid of Tommy and mike down the Bealach Na Ba https://youtu.be/BW-zFRW26jM made it to Skye had to ride directly to Ardaser to catch the Mallaig Ferry Mike had a senior moment as he couldn't find his wallet to pay for the icecreams he promised us, he eventually dug down enough into his pockets to find the wallet Stoped off at Glenfinnan where HP fans can see the viaduct I also liked this "snow piecer" Glenfinnan Station Glenfinnan viaduct Ballachulish Next stop, Oban. Tommy's old haunt. had a great meal in the Italian Tommy went off to do some personal stuff so Mike and I were forced to take a tour of the distillery Oldest and smallest in Scotland. Is was a great tour and had 2 glasses of whisky with a keepsake all for the sum of £10. Oban grew around the distillery rather than the otherway round We also got a ferry ticket to Mull as we were spending 2 days here to recuperate before going home The ferry was to Caraigmure and nothing there whatsoever, a bus can take you to Tobermory for £11 return which was more than the ferry, we wisly spent that at the inn instead nice internal feature, anchor and chain for foot rest then the next ferry back Oban Chocolate cafe chilling after a day of not riding and watching the setting sun just captured this we all called it a night, then Tommy says if I still wanted to go to McCaig tower, was about 11:45 and I thought sack it, let Mike go to bed. So we were a little pished I put this on Facebook live and Mike was watching it he thought we were tucked up in bed Last day tomorrow
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    day 4, left Mey and headed for Dunnet the most northern point on the mainland, a lot of scotch mist around can you tell what it is yet? Anglo/chinese relations starts with Droops stop off in Tongue in Lairg Aparently the new home for space travel. Haggis pastie with tatties and neeps in too young family cycling from Hamburg to Shetland, rather you than me Loch Eriboll those rocks on the other side came from USA a few milenia ago vid of another group gpoing the proper way round the NC500 https://i.imgur.com/gaaWago.mp4 stop off in Durness Smoo caves Elf and Safety gone mad topping up the amber nectar in Durness. Bernie came bouncing around the corner on his Goldwing combi and stopped to have a chat Scourie Lochinver view from the digs fish were jumping in the loch whilst we were having dinner
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    Ok, this is only going to be exciting to me but:- Today is the day I have lost a full 10kg. No fancy diet, no fancy exercise just cut out the crap and started swimming once/ twice a week. At work I would have a box full of cherry tomatoes and grapes instead of choky bars and crisps. So from the end of last October to now, I have gone from 94kg (hardly a porker at 6ft) down to 84 kg, that's over a stone and a half in English. Or equivalent to around 5% hp gain, for freee
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    Good news boys,, the long range forcast, is high pressure building in from the north, same as May, from sunday 24th, june, 20+ degrees for 2 weeks,,,,,
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    Father's day is coming, my kids have both chipped in and ordered me the exact same helmet that I decked at the weekend, apparently they were struggling for ideas, what a good Dad I am helping them out.
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    Beautiful example one very carful owner (the one before me) to the best of my knowledge she’s never been Dropped ( well not before I owned her) very fast in a straight line ( not so good on corners but will take a lot of punishment & bounces really well) brakes are shit hot as long as you remember to use them (yesterday after a ride out I touched them and they really were shit hot, honestly I burnt my finger. This bike really is bulletproof and pulls like train ( as mentioned earlier in a straight line) this add was inspired by the conversation in pub last night, thanks guys no silly offers please!
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    Had a brilliant weekend lads, believe it or not I enjoyed almost every minute thanks to you all for acting so quickly stopping the traffic and helping me and my bike back to an upright position and for not taking the piss (well not till we got back the pub anyway) but I’d have done the same for any of you guys, probably with the addition of a few photos all I can say for those you who didn’t make it this weekend is you missed a cracker, big thank you to finnerz for organising it, well done mate great job.
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    Home safe and sound, Great to see you all again, loved the ride out, especially the single track. The fast twisties were good but would of been better if we stayed as a group (finners pace-maker) then I got lost, I didn't mind as it was only 20mins from the end of route. I didn't enjoy the camping - I never sleep. Roll on the next meet,,,,,,, somewhere new again, what ye think ?? Long summer of riding yet so get out there,,,,,, I may blast down to Pilninggas area just for the day sometime. Ps. I was getting brave on my Tractor Tyres on route home in the roundabout's.
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    I had planned to do my own "Long Way Round" and do Moscow then California in one day, but roadworks and problems with my support team meant I just did the one ? ? Just reading through the whole thread again. I am in Tenerife until 6th July. I'm back at work but off on Rest Days 13 - 16 so could possibly make it up to Oban on the Friday
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    Had a blast. Bit apprehensive in the first couple of sessions, but settled down ok after that. Definitely rode faster than novice group, like Finnerz says theres a good range of abilities and I was towards the slower end of the group but by no means embarrassed. The higher overall speed meant I could keep flowing better. Missed the final session as absolutely knackered and didnt want to risk it. It was packed full, and on track were Dean Harrison and Ron Haslam in the fast group. I could count road bikes on one hand, all the others were trailered/vanned in, along with all of the gear that goes with em, race bike/track bikes, some wonderful machines there. And me on the humble fazer. Next up is an evening trackday session sometime in June July, probably another in August, the the Road Bike only day in early Sept.
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    Don't ever be sorry for owning a Triumph. Great looking bike bud. I've got its granda, a 1959 Speed Twin Yea, cmon bipps, you know it makes sense
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    The rear rim is done. Lots of cleaning, sanding and buffing with steel wool. Got a bit of rash on the outer lip but it's 35 years old. Not perfect but it'll do. I wish I could take the time to grind the paint off the spoke faces but I have so much else to do. I might do it later if I have a break in parts arrivals. The engine still has no cylinders, waiting on studs.
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    Great My old horse is currently sitting at 41412 miles. I should do 3000 no problem. I commute every day on bike at a round trip of 48 miles but I won't count these miles as part of the 3k (I'm so honest). I was gonna say 5k but 3k is more realistic for us lot,,,, apart from pliningas,,,, Hey Blackie, how you keeping,,,,,, lots of snow up your way?? I'm still in Essex/London border slaving away and working in London central. It's like having a death wish every day filtering,,,, cyclists, people and scooters are the worst, they come at you from all directions crossing roads without even looking. (anyway that's enough about that). The Landmarks and Iron Butt thing sound good. Happy Trails,,,,,,,pat
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    Nice one slice, being a widower I always get what I want these days, I mean if I can't treat myself to what I want what's the point. It's usually some woodworking tools/machine trouble is the workshop is getting a bit crowded these days and I haven't got the space for a bigger one. Life can be such a bitch. Merry Chrimbo everyone and make sure you have some fun.
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    I’m back safe and sound from Germany - got off lightly with the weather, but my bike is filthy. Also managed to try out my horn and am happy to report that it works! I was in lane one of the M1 and could see a distracted van driver in lane three who drifted to lane two with no indication. He then did the same with my lane - right by my side. A swift toot on my horn and it was enough to wake him up and make him stay in his lane. My stock horn would have been washed out by the speed. [emoji41]
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    Jimmy you’re only saying that cos he rides a Triumph
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    Yeh NSD, been the best summer since 1976, Did a few longish trips, ticked of the list, ,but our summer ended fist week in Aug,, i noticed you lot down south had high temps right into Oct,,,
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    so we go anticlockwise on the NC500 route taking in a bit extra. Mike is complaining about the milage so I start telling him its 5 hours travelling etc which does the trick A9 was f*&cking boring say hello and goodbye to IOM Bernie first stop Tain and a 60's cafe called the sunflowers cafe, belting out summer 60's chunes just past Tain there was a place called Morangie, not sure why Mike was dying to stop there Next stop was Tommy's fave place, Ardgay we then travelled off the beaten path along the A836 via Bonar Bridge. It was what we would deem a C class road, this went on for miles on single tracks with passing places. Suddenly we came upon an Inn in the middle of nowhere, Crask Inn this was built in 1800's for drovers. it has its own water supply (and filters) with a generator (wondered why it was so dim with the lights) we had a great chat with Denise the landlords wife. the landlord was also a minister and had a church on the premesis. this was the view from Crask inn and pretty much for a few hours riding the natives get in the way too https://i.imgur.com/XN57vNT.gifv Kinbrace, where mike went for a pee and suddenly loads of traffic appeared then back onto the A9 and an afternoon tea stop at Berridale i had a massive eton mess cake (which I ate all of it) then up to Wick and John O Groats then on to Mey in Thurso and the Castle Hotel I had braised feathersteak mmmm Our hosts Mike from Liverpool, Mike and ? from east europe
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    I wanted to see the Bon Scott Statue and it was only 20 miles from Perth was the day before his birthday too stopped off at Glenshee for afternoon tea Droopy got his photo took top of the world here, very impressive Braemar castle somewhere, not sure , but it looked amazing stopped off for more refreshment and Droopy gets all the attention Ruthven Barracks, Seat of somewhere another brew stop commando memorial Caladonian canal, fort Augustus Loch Ness road to Lockinewe Tommy puts on his Brut 33
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    No pat I fell off twice on the first day then I was ok for rest of trip
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    Good news Jason, me too down from 93kg to 78 in the same time scale
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    good to meet you and the missus Jimmy. Gay Mick sends his Love :D I'll do a report later when I'm less tired
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    We were over on the Isle of Mull, yest, 30 degrees, lovely, i hope it holds for you,. https://i.imgur.com/125TrUI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/fSV4IJA.jpg The Corron Ferry, , we camped next to the light house in picture, spectacular, and i saw a Whale, in that stretch of water, while walking early morning,,
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    Yep John came off better than you versus the manhole, I keep telling everyone how hard I am but no one seems to believe me. What money! I said no silly offers Its the best offer I've had so far Jimmy, I wouldn't put money on me not falling off, I fell out of bed last night I was dreaming I was still in my tent.
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    No worries chaps, it was a great laugh and some awesome riding! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I'm the same bud. Sitting here bikeless. I had to go to A&E to get my wallet surgically separated from my pocket.
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    Am layed up.. had to go to A&e, got Tetanus , the bruising and swelling is worse, , spoke to airhead , enjoy you weekend,,,,dam,,
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    Yeh drew" your missing out, 26 degrees every day up here, this week,. forest fires,, its like California ,?
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