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  1. Evening all, Put some photos on the middle bike runs and is on a nova so will need an MOT to get a V5, I have rebuild the top end on this engine and driven it around a field (no brakes it was a big field) the green bike has a V5 year of manufacture 1980 looks like it was imported in 1995 The third bike is a rolling chassis i will need to apply for nova for this one the engine on the bench runs and was in the middle bike while the engine was being rebuilt I am now bogged down on the wiring none of the wiring diagrams seem to match the loom that i have on the table al
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  2. My mates told me, don't worry about bringing your motocrosser, it will all be flowing trails they said... The YZF did make it, 200km of dirt trails with rocks and river crossing all day! https://youtu.be/cD2nfZMqtlI EDIT: tried to embed the video, but no idea what the "html radial button" is.
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