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  1. Just in the process of fitting a 2000 R6 rear shock, and then turning my attention to the front. I am of two minds at present, I might just get the original dampers reworked by Maxton who are quite local. but we shall see... I will post my progress up if anyone is interested. Having recently bought a complete bike as a donor I am tempted to use the left over frame as a template to build onto, which might just end up as new project.
  2. cheers mate, I will probably just go for it and create some frankenstein...
  3. Hi Drewpy, I am not technically a newbie, although i have very few posts to my name I did join in 2013 and pick up the thread below.
  4. yeah, just noticed that.... I was in Warrington when I joined, moved to Stockport since then. will edit my location......
  5. HI y'all, I have enjoyed 500 miles on my xj600 this year but decided that I want to make a few mods, so it is time to pull her apart and make some changes over winter.... I have looked on xjrider.com and a lot of the diversion owners are swapping for fzr front ends and swing arms, so I am looking to do the same to the earlier model... was wondering whether anyone with a 3HE would mind taking a few measurements and letting me know. Prior to having an ebay buying session, I would like to get an idea of what I am likely to have to chop and change..... I really only wanted distance between centres of the forks at the top, overall open length of forks, distance between fork mounting faces of the front wheel, and the same for the rear wheel..... The idea is the conversion would give me wider front and rear wheels, bigger brakes, better forks, while hopefully retaining my original for mounts. The other option is that I widen the front and rear wheels, and modify what I have. which would be cool as it would retain the original old skool wheel centres....
  6. oreet peeps, Rob, Stockport, Manchestaaaaah I am not massively experienced with bikes, my own pre divvy xj600 is still not "finished-finished", but I am an experienced motorsport mechanic and fabricator. and, at the risk of making a rod for my own back, I have a tig welder at home.
  7. I would be tempted to suggest the same as above, my pre divvy has yet to have this specific one, although might be worth looking at fuel tap and filters..? I have just stripped a running pre divvy as a donor for my cafe, and have a ruck of bits left over, some of which (inc engine) will be finding themselves onto a kart chassis, if you are nearby, you are welcome to try borrowing a few bits to cure her.
  8. Thanks everyone. I decided to go monotone for simplicity and because it matches my candy white skoda octavia with black wheels. The next bike will have colour! !!!
  9. I actually fancied doing a single tuning fork in a cartoon character style.... running...
  10. Thanks tho drewpy. I still might. I did consider a little cartoon tuning fork....
  11. Yeah I was considering some but liked the clean look....
  12. Thanks slice. I love it. She is quite keen on the road.... next will be maxtons for dampers methinks...... then maybe start the divvy. Possibly incorporating a turbo....
  13. Finally worked! Used tapatalk!!! She still isnt finished as there are little bits I want to alter.....
  14. For some reason it wouldnt allow me to paste. Could be my laptop being awkward. Pics will follow soon.
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