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    Started of ok, plan was to buid a summer house down the bottom of the garden. That was kicked into touch as my youngest (33) got thrown from one of her horses and broke a leg. The old man had to step up and spent the spring/summer looking after 4 horses and the dog. Thankfully, shes now almost fully recovered. The accident meant that my plans for half a dozen trackdays had to be abandoned, so the recently fitted full fairing and power commander never saw track action. However, I did manage to get 2 days at Donny Park, one in sept and one in oct. I was dead lucky again with the weather on both, and had 2 smashing days out. The second was Leon Haslam trackday, and I went to both of his briefings, very informative about mass and balance. I cant claim to be anything special, just an old man trying to have a bit of fun, but I will say to anyone whos not been on track before, try it, its an absolute hoot and youll meet lots of great peolple
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    That's because you leave it in the fridge for too long [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Sound! I’m in
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    Works for me I reckon Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    okay, so ive been thinking about this,, I actually quite fancy some camping too, so what im suggesting is rather than stay at my place, we stay at a pub/campsite/B&B in Monmouthshire; there is one close to the border with England. Im going to call them next week and see if they like bikers. It's the rising sun in pandy fyi.
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    yay, I'm in. My mate Steve is coming too. what's the name etc of the B&B nearby?
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    Yea, we did have a good un weather wise. I love it, wife hates it hot. You can imagine the disagreements, fans on/off, windows open/closed, too hot to cook etc etc, salads day after day
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    Yeh NSD, been the best summer since 1976, Did a few longish trips, ticked of the list, ,but our summer ended fist week in Aug,, i noticed you lot down south had high temps right into Oct,,,
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    wider tyres make it harder to turn, that's why racers started knee down corners and the old timers stuck with using tucked in methods ( I may be wrong though) I keep with the stock tyres on the FZ but have gone a slightly wider rear on the TDM, i dropped the steering angle and kept the front aspect ratio for easier tipping in. if your just doing a bar hopper type thing, it won't make a bit of difference
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    my home PC was hacked so on works comp. will check with line manager now
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    I'm in and it's not that far from me either, looking forward to it already. I will miss the ride home through Birmingham tho..!
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    I can’t book my annual leave that far in advance - but shouldn’t be a problem!
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    No nothing about phosphates, going to be re-tested in January and have been told to try diet as a first option as im only just. Apparently if I change things now I may go into remission, whereby your blood sugar levels are below a level that causes damage. Doesent stop you being diabetic as such but your not going to suffer from any secondaries, well no more than anybody else. I have to say even in a couple of weeks I feel so much better in myself (apart from sore fingers), my 'gammy leg' has cleared up 80%, no more pins and needles. If fish and chips becomes a holiday treat because of it I can live with that. I now feel like I could have picked up Jimmys Xj on my own when he, 'parked it'.
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    Good for me merv" ,
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    Welcome! I also started off with a YBR! Great little bike!
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    Thanks for the offer Mike but I have contacted the guy from ebay that NEO put me on to, pipe on the way and cut to size as well. Again thanks oldfjman seem to have got it sorted but appreciate all of the responses you have all come up with.
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    Oh yeah, lots of worse but if you think about the affect it has on your life its up there. And unless directly affected nobody knows shit. No beer, chips, rice potatoes etc etc. No take out, no cake, burgers (well the bun). Literally takes a massive life change. Don't forget it can still kill you. Not directly but the damage it does causes secondary failures, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage even limb amputations. You cannot 'just' drop carbs either, you have to moderate things like salt, teaspoon a day around 5-7 g added to your diet. Take that to the Jamie Oliver camp. Fluids too. Can't just load up the protein as that knackers your liver. It really is a kick in the balls. I'm not one to go ott about stuff, I'm a very, "Well that sucks, how do we deal with it?" kind of person rather than blubber and whinge but I have to admit to a bit of a wobble.
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