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    I’ve decided to go for the refund and find a new bike. I’ll keep an eye on that breaker for future smaller jobs.
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    Welcomen" member jimmy has a great affection for the XS 250. maybe he can offer some Advise
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    I'd say the carbs need taking off then, and a good clean. The choke circuits are probably blocked. If you can find somewhere that does ultrasonic cleaning I'd recommend that
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    Went for the Michelins, pr5's. Bit of luck though, the guy ordering the tyres said they were for a vmax while he was doing the order. After the eternal "They are not vmax sizes" talk. He said they were for a modified bike with aftermarket wheels. That's when he was told about the pilot road5 GT, same compound but stiffer construction, ie designed specifically for land tanks like the max. Well any big heavy torquey sports tourer/ muscle bike. Certainly work, a quick round the block blast had me close to catching the pegs.
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    Bet he used one with his boat?
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    Clean the tank as well if that has been lying I assume there will be rust inside. I've used a length of light chain, but others use nuts and bolts or small stones. Fit an inline fuel filter as well
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    It's on its way from Colorado to the UK - be here mid/end of January and I can hardly wait! First jobs will be to thoroughly clean it, make obvious repairs - like the rubber parts which have suffered - and then to ride it! After that I'll start the process of really buffing it up. I hope I won't need to do much respraying, rechroming, etc., as it looks really good unrestored. I want to try to keep it that way. Anyway, I'll keep you posted at irregular moments as to how it's coming along. One thing that I'd appreciate... some info from anyone who has an original standard "flat handlebar" YDS3... could you let me have the following dimensions of the handlebar, please? A) width of bars? B). distance between end of bar to the bend? C) Distance from end of bar to the extended line if the bar was straight, ie how much the bar is bent? Many thanks. Barry
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