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    Yesterday a van turned up bringing a pressy to myself Younger version of the one I got with only 16.5K miles on the clock. FJ-1200 3XW That also means that the 3CV is on the market.
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    Pulled the trigger on a vmax this evening. Practically stole the damn thing. She is lightly modded to exactly how I would tweak a max. Motorcycle bucket list complete. So if anybody wants a tdr......
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    Well. not quite its a 96 lol. Need to put pics up. It's de chromed apart from the tailpipes with flat black bodywork. Done nice and looks meaner than telling the wife her sister is a better shag.
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    I let it be known to the tdr forum and within 24 hrs there is a list of people wanting to see it. Hand on heart. Wales actually sealed the deal. It was bloody hard work keeping it on the boil. My ankle and knee were killing me by the time I got home. Also I have always said. Leaving a bike to die a slow death as an investment is not me. I had it, enjoyed it and now it's time to change and let somebody else loose with it. Like your 750 John.
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    Bent an exhaust valve blocking the valve to get a shim out. It's back apart again, new valve installed. There is oil in the head gasket after oiling the cam gallies before disassembly this time. I swear this thing wants to end up being a boat anchor.
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