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    No you don't get a dating letter from us on here. we are just an owners club/site. you need to go to a .GOV site. Try here https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/registering-an-imported-vehicle And you will need a NOVA certificate to get the ball rolling, all explained on the site above. Good luck. NOVA site here https://www.gov.uk/nova-log-in
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    Well depends who your follow, Finnerz- then it's bye and see you at the pub, if it's Tommy then it's- which way is the road going, OH that way! oops. For the rest of us it's OOOH ice cream truck/tea van or oh look that's interesting?
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    What's the pace likely to be?. A 'batshit crazy' and a slow packet as per squires?.
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    It's not going to be quick fixed with sealant. A gasket or o ring has gone and you will need to replace it. Fuel is too expensive and dangerous to waste.
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