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  1. I've wandered the desert for many years Currently back in Berkshire due to this Corona stuff, so I've finally started making more progress on some of the neglected projects. Still have a Mk1 DT125LC and a Suzuki TS50X in boxes... But for now I'm just wanting to get the turbo up and running.
  2. Welp, after almost a decade in bits, I've finally got the engine back in the frame, and started to hang bits back on to try and figure out how it all goes back together. Current workshop is a mess, still digging parts out of random boxes and trying to figure out what's there and what isnt. Thankfully, younger-foamy had the foresite to bag and label the bits as they came off. https://ibb.co/j3JKmsB https://ibb.co/k65FtjZ https://ibb.co/3ks3yK1
  3. rejet is nescessary, #88, raise needle one slot
  4. Cue the Benny hill music! Only thing I've ridden in anger for the past 2 years was a camel.
  5. What's the pace likely to be?. A 'batshit crazy' and a slow packet as per squires?.
  6. Left the military in January... I guess I missed the desert so much I went back voluntarily, currently over near Kabul. I'll be back in blighty in March, got something special hidden away in the unit for when I get back.
  7. I've been waiting for this... Got myself a new toy, I'm only about for 90 days the year so handy to just be able to insure and ride.
  8. I'm out now, a dirty horrible civvie... Found my way back to the desert for some reason . The MXs either had a TK or Mikuni 14mm jetted 78 from stock. With the 60cc kit I had on mine and DEP exhaust etc I had to jet up to 88 to keep the mixture right, if a bit rich, ran just peachy on the stock carb though. Dellorto carb kits sometimes come with a selection of jets, might be worth a try if you want to mess around with mixtures. Blew mine up atleast 3 times though. Would do 55+ flat out but you'd feel it start to pinch up, keep at 40mph all day though.
  9. That's a negative from me I'm afraid peeps, I'm wandering in the desert for the next year or so. The mankini will emerge another year.
  10. Welp, that's my future relationships sorted then.
  11. Thankfully I don't have a missus that cares. Last count there's 27 bikes of various shapes and sizes in my stash... Really should have an open day and clear some shit out but I'm concerned about the place being cased and broken into.
  12. Wrong DT I'm afraid, that's a DT50M... And it isn't my donkey! The XS will do me good I'm sure
  13. That is the plan, only thing it was short of was a battery, it's better than the pictures make it appear.
  14. Hiya peeps. Few things have changed now and it looks like i may be staying in the country even longer still, so its only right that i drag something else back to my lair to play with. This time, it happens to be another XS... i dunno why but i bought my first one about 6 months ago, then another one came along... now they just seem to be gathering. Anyhoo, long story short it was a facebook find, someone posted up a very basic ad with no pictures, asked me to send him my email address so he could send over some snaps, heard nothing more for a few weeks and then lo and behold out of the blue the guy messaged me over a photo, it looked dusty and dirty and a bit sad... Off i went to Letchworth to pick it up, the seller was really nice and even gave me a demonstration of his tame squirrels (I shit you not peeps, there were like, 4 or 5 big ass squirrels in his garden, and they were feeding out of his hand!), the bike is a 1977 and has 11000 miles, and as the story goes he bought it to ride for the summer, parked it over the winter and it wouldnt start when he came to use it the next summer... piston rings had gummed up, so he stripped it and put new rings in it, rode it for the summer and parked it up... next summer comes and it wont start again, so he put a sheet over it in his garage and there it stayed for 30 years until i bought it. Havent got any decent pictures yet because its always freezing cold, raining or dark when im at my unit, but first impressions of the bike are impressive, minor surface rust on the chrome mudguard but it is all complete and original, only problem is ive got it to turn over but there is no spark on any of the three cylinders, leads me to be believe maybe theres some points issues going on? anyone aware of any common problems or known faults? Overall very happy with it, want to keep it in its working clothes and just enjoy it now that i have a bit of free time.
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