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    There are some great roads in the Hunsruck, the bonus is it tends to be very quiet. I've spent good time riding the roads east of Trier with little about. Loads of pristine hairpins to piss around on. The road in the first part of 3. is a good one, popular with local riders too. The shore line of Konstanz is beautiful, speeds can be slow though. There is a decent biker cafe near Singen, worth finding if you can. Dont miss the roads near the Hohentwiel either, a few tasty hairpins 7. looks spot on too. Should be a decent route.
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    Salt and nasty will be gone soon enough, time to start looking at options for this year. Maybe kevs back garden so he has a better than even chance of finding it? Suggestions..
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    We’re always going to have the issue of people being able to travel, but a couple of suggestions: Lake District Kielder Forest
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    Nice one bippo, bet you enjoyed it all
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    Thanks mate. I was trying to find a manual but could only find dodgy sites (as in looked dodgy) or DVD versions which would take a few days to arrive. I'll probably order one for the wife's 125 and one for my 650.
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    Its light blue.. should find it in the headlight, basically the power is down to the switch, and when you select neutral, this earths on a lobe on shift plate turning the light on , twostroke oil light is on same circuit,
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    Well worked through bud. You'll need to pick up a manual, if you haven't already
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    Well I came up pretty short trying to search the web so spent around 8 hours in the workshop today and think I traced it back to the rear brake switch. It took a long time to track it back and the only way I found it was to strip back the harness and spend a couple of horus tracking as much as I could to look for any breaks of bare wiring. The fuse that was blowing was the SIGNAL one so what I did was strip the harness back to reveal the wires from that fuse line. It had 4 brown wires and 1 black coming from it. I knew the brown wires went to indicators, lights etc so I figured the only thing I could do was to cut the wires and reconnect them one at a time until the fuse blew. Hey presto as soon as I connected the rear brake light the fuse blew. So I've ordered a new switch and hopefully it'll be here in time for my day off Thursday to put it all back together.
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    Sure is pal,43 years old the one ive just picked up, gona take some work but im up for a challenge
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    Welcome aboard matey. Plenty of pictures, we like pictures
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    Thanks ill get some pics up once the bike lands
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    You might find you are greatly limiting your options if you insist on a black exhaust. The draggie ceased being manufactured quite a while ago, so aftermarket exhausts are beginning to dry up. I've got the v&h cruzers on mine (chrome) and been very happy with them. They are a bit shorter than stock. Or you could go for the v&h shortshots, which are, well, short. Still chrome though. Or you might want to give the Delkevic exhaust a look. Sounds great, would suit the bobber look and has a brushed stainless finish.
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    If there was a large spark, there will be some scorch marks from the arcing. Look for any wires with the insulation cracked , or bare wires touching the horn or engine I'm assuming you hadn't carried out any work immediately before the problem started. If you had, then look around the area you were working on.
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    I recently picked up a 650 Dragstar and decided to bobber it and whilst looking for answers on the internet many of my questions bought me to here so I thought it only fair to sign up with a paid membership. I've been riding since the 80's but in the last 20 years or so I've only really ever kept a bike for less than a year as I could not get it through the side doors into my back garden and I didn't just want to leave it on the drive. Anyway my wife decided she wanted to start riding last year so she passed her CBT and got herself a YBR125. She's a bit of a rock chick so I bought her a Dragstar 125 for Christmas and after looking at it on the drive for a few weeks I got the bug again and got myself a Dragstar 650. I've spent the last week (week off work) bobbering it which included narrower handlebars so I can now get through the passageways into my workshop. We'll do the wife's in the coming months. I'm now a happy biker once again and look forward to being a part of this community Here's a pic of my bike before and after bobbering as well as my wife's.
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    Great intro and great pics. Welcome aboard bud
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    Great intro,,, welome in ,
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    Now that is how to introduce yourself, welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum matey. Always fancied a vmax, but no room and more importantly, no money
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    Yes. Got nova and a strange looking cert in Japanese but it came back. its a 1989 thanks for the tips.
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    Wanted to drive the bike into work last week. Turned over for 5 secs but didn't want to start first go (its been 3 weeks or so since last start). Then all power went. I have had batteries start to struggle a bit to give you a bit of notice but not this one. The 5 secs cranking just completely killed it off. It is completely dead and the charger doesn't even register ....... "it is an ex-battery" New one one the way now but was pretty miffed I missed my ride.
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    Honda do it too. Think its supposed to be cleaned of post pdi. Sounds like a lazy dealer. What a surprise.
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    An eye-watering $1500 (and I'll also have the aforementioned tax...) but the 'bike is worth every penny. IF I come to sell it (I shan't - it'll be passed to my son) I could even make a couple of grand. But that's not what this is about - I'm livin' the dream !!
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    It's different. It's the torque. Makes anything seem peaky. Any time, any gear, any rpm yank it's chain and it fucks off. It's not subtle like an in line 4 either. It's old school angry gsxr type shove. You got to respect it. Coming from peaky 600's and 10 years of 2 stroke quite honestly it's hard to get your head round. I feel like I'm 16years old again when I start it.
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