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    Hi just joined
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    Crikey what a pain in the arse, had a leaky rocker cover gasket on the vmax, finally got to sorting it today after waiting for weeeeeeks for the damn thing to show up. What a thing to fit, officially you take off the seat, airbox, carbs, fuel pump, drain coolant, header tank......continue till dead. So like any good home mechanic I cheated. If you whip the seat off (4 bolts) you can get at everything but you have to change the gasket without taking the cover off, just lifting it maybe 15mm. Its fiddly, and a few strategic blobs of yamabond (or red hylomar) to make it behave. But it is possible if your careful and patient. All done in the time it would have took just to get to the damn thing. Not keen on repeating it though, the gasket looks like its dead easy to snap.
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    Just been out on the bike for the first time this year, it needed fuel and after all the suspension work over the winter I wanted to know if anything would fall off before I even thought about a longish run. Sun shining and almost empty roads was almost like being back in the 60s! Wife asked me if it was alright but I think the huge grin said it all. That said NOT ONE of the folks at the garage filling station had a mask or even a pair of gloves while using the pumps? are they just to cool to bother with this disease do you think? I had a crash helmet thick gloves and my snood on (it was chilly) but really! Moan over, that was a good day after 7 weeks indoors.
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    Hi all, Just got a 2nd Yamaha last weekend, an XS750 from 1979. I already own a XS400 '77. Made the 400 a cafe racer and got some electrical issues pending to fix so I'll be riding the 750 in the meantime. I live in Miami so if anyone else local, let me know if down for a weekend ride! Cheers, Ezequiel PS. This below is my latest, this is literally the posting photo.. only other photo I got is in my parking garage and it's doo doo quality.
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    Just flicking through fb and there was an advert from Visit Germany "Can't visit? We'll bring Germany to you" I thought, "it didn't work so well the last time you tried that "
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    Hi Sacha, welcome back dear girl! Yeah these poor folks that don't have a life of their own now want to take someone else's. Plus they own a Harley, I mean that has to hurt all the time the only cheap thing is the fuel.
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    This cracked me up Harley-Davidson offers counselling to riders thinking they’re in the Sons of Anarchy
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    I never forget undoing a cam cover bolt on the FZ using a ratchet ring spanner. going great till it hit the frame with no where else to go. had to cut the spanner with an angle grinder. I feel your pain
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    Thank you Sniff, I actually laughed out loud!
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    Hi folks Just started enjoying the joys of the ybr250. Living in Cheshire. Bit long in the tooth. Been round the block a few times but still enjoying sitting astride a machine. No hitting the red line on the rev counter leaving that to the young guns
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    Banjos will be standard and you can get braided lines made up to suit. Search Google for the various suppliers If you go on the Goodrich site you can buy kit to make your own.
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    I've been working as normal and as we have had a sustained spell of good weather, I have put 1800 miles on my bike since I got it MOT'd at the end of March. All work commutting tho so takes edge off it a bit
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    Hi All, I bought my 2006, MT 03 660 a few months ago, only had a handful of rides before the lockdown but enough to know I had a service job list to take care of. Que a full compliment of consumables and fluid change in order create my own history with the bike and learn where stuff is. Now the bars on the bike are non standard, nothing flash and looking through the MoT history it appears they were changed due to the originals being bent. There is other evidence that the bike has had a gentle fall over rather than been thrown up the road. The bars on the bike are very tall MX bars. I am looking to try and achieve a more roadster, not cafe racer, feel rather than Supermoto. I'm 6 feel tall and guess the bike is designed with the smaller rider in mind. I notice the standard bar clamps are quite tall and are swept back. I was wondering if anyone on here has fitted lower bar clamps and lower bars and how they feel it changed the feel of the bike. Naturally I am look at Renthal fatbar clamps. Any other MT owners, let me know what tweaks you have made. Jef
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    Newbe to forums that is. Hi all. Just joined the forum in the hope of finding an MT 03 660 community. I recently bought a 2006 MT 03 after being off the bike for 10 years or so. Not my first Yamaha, I started out on a TZR 125 and had a 250 LC for many years. Then went out into the wilderness with a couple of Ducati Monsters. However, wanted a gentle re introduction to bikes without the Italian service regime. Didn't even know these bikes existed until I realised I couldn't afford an XSR700 right away and started looking further afield. The idea of the YAM 660 single in a little road bike was too tempting to pass up and I found a nice low miles one for sensible money. Although its pretty clean, it appears the bike has been used as a commuter on a shoestring budget all its life so I am giving it some of the love its been missing out on. Little photo of the bike with my young apprentice (and also one of the reasons I haven't had a bike for 10 years) looking chuffed that we finally got the (original) drive sprocket off to replace with much needed shiny new parts. Jef
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    Firstly my bike has driven 60.000 km, but it could be as high 80.000 km because of a dashboard change so i don't know for sure. Secondly i enjoy the proces of disassembling/assembling motors. The economy is not important. Best regards Anders
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    Hi Everyone, I have just joined today. I'm from England but currently living in Vietnam. I bought a SR400 (Japanese import) back in February this year after a long time away from 2 wheeled transport! Still finding my feet a bit but luckily these old Yamahas are not so different to the old Brit iron I was used to. The bike runs fine but there are some electrical issues that I want to sort out. Hopefully a few people on here will have experience of these old bikes and their electrics. The bike is a 1998 model 3HTA even though the engine is stamped 2H6 which would indicate a 1978 model. The frame is a 1JR meaning it was made for the Japanese market in 1997+ and not exported to UK/Europe or USA but I'm not too sure about Australia. Thanks for letting me join the group Colin
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    No wheelies anymore unlike the 1980s haha. Kickstarting the 2NF is my exercise lock down excuse. Took half an hour after the stale fuel took a hold on the idle in the carb at alderley Park and it stalled at 50mph when I pulled the clutch in. BTW IT WON'T BUMPSTART IN 5TH AT 50MPH WHEN YOU LET THE CLUTCH OUT. I was dripping in sweat by the time I got it going again.
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    Yeah, Yamaha=nostalgia Thanks, I'm going to respray it cos the paintwork is tatty and was going to go for the original red and white, but just love the yellow so I'm sticking with it
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    Lovely bike. I've got a 250 gamma - which is great, but the TZR250 is a much better package and it wears a better badge!
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    Stunning,,, love the colour,,
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    Hello everyone! As I am already long-term FZS1000 owner and recently bought -91 XJ600 for new project bike, it's time to join the club! Regarding the new project, of course there will be some advice needed. The bike was forgotten to the warehouse for some 6-7 years and now there are some electrical issues. Hope to get some good advice to get this little back roads soon.
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    50 miles or so around the derbyshire dales this afternoon, first time since lockdown. Lot of riders out too, good to see no-one overdoing it as we are all a little ring rusty.
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    Nice, longest I have done is 30 miles, that was doing several things in a loop, dropping some bits off for my parents, picking stuff up for neighbours. Spurious really and should probably have used the car, (its cheaper for a start), but it does feel good to get out in the breeze. Certainly de stresses me.
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    Thanks Slice! Good to be back! I’ve missed you guys and your banter.
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    Fowlers lists the front caliper/seals kit but they're not in stock so have to be ordered from Japan (I think) but you can buy them. Alternatively, it might be worth asking Powerhouse ([email protected]) if they have any kits as they are a brake refurb specialist. Good luck
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    Welcome matey Spent many a happy hour trying to play the bodhran, without success as all around me will testify
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    Hi. Well like most things it depends! If they have just broken the actual lock then no it is repairable or replacable, but if they have actually damaged the area where the lock pin enters the frame then possibly. I say possibly cos you can check the surrounding area and see if the pin lock is the only thing damaged, where the pin goes in there is a standout that recieves the pin and that although part of the frame is not structural whereas if it's been swung on by a monkey then it could damage the frame but unlikely in my opinion. It's not uncommon to find bikes with broken steering locks out there cos these shit weasels live everywhere and no bike is safe from them. So my advice buy a really good padlock and chain or 2 even for when you have it stored and are away from it for an extended time then take out the fuse for the ignition and the worst they can do then is wheel it away. Don't worry mate we have all been there and it's just part of the fun of motorcycling!
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    I would check fowlers parts fiche and see it its labelled there
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    Welcome to the site. Plenty of RD fans on here so get posting in the workshop
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    does anyone out there have a xj900f and what are they're opinion of it i have a 1992 modle and find it a comfy bike that has good power range even two up
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    Jokes about white sugar are rare. Jokes about brown sugar? Demerara.
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    Should get cane'd for that one Or maybe suger beet!
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    Nah! John your wrong! it's the tank too small that's the problem
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