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  1. You've misunderstood me, have you pulled the threads out of the casing?
  2. My concern is, have you pulled the stud from out of the engine case?
  3. Bugger! Can you heat it and move it with some water pump pliers. I really can't understand how the cylinder base broke like that unless there's a fragment of old gasket involved. If the cylinder is no use any longer and it looks that way, you may have to cut the fins away for better access?
  4. That's a belter
  5. Could be water in the handlebar push button? Give it a spray of WD40 or equivalent
  6. Greetings ditchkid, yes that really is a proper intro, thanks. Like the bikes they're both interesting. What's the plan for the TT are you making it roadworthy?
  7. See the image that Cynic posted? If yours is like this one then check the yellow wire connection and check the body is connected to ground
  8. no good mate, nowhere to anchor the drum brake stator, and besides he'll no douubt want to keep to standard @Scott what's wrong with your original forks?
  9. That's in a poor state! What expensive tools do you think you have to buy? Try Yambits for the stator plug?
  10. You could put it together and test the rotor with a dti ( dial test indicator) any local engineering firm may be able to do this for you? How did it get bent?
  11. It's hard to tell but actually the rotor site on the tapered part so if that's not bent it might be ok?
  12. There's a model code label on the frame somewhere Chris
  13. Yes they are just a taper fit, if you get a grip and wiggle them they pull out
  14. Yambits YBK053 Oil Pump Repair Kit. For reference the oil seals are 25mm diameter x 14mm diameter x 5mm deep (seal1) and 9mm diameter x 4mm diameter x 3mm deep (seal2)
  15. Paul Dawkins might be able to help, try the aircooled RD forum?
  16. I'd just cut and bend the one thats too long! at least for now
  17. Greetings Chuck, I dont know about the SR250 per se, but my DT175 has an inline 2 fuse holder. Both the same fuse and one's a spare and it's on the + battery terminal You may find the flasher part# is 3Y6-83350-70-00 Mounted under the tank somewhere
  18. Scott I've sent you an email
  19. Could it be dirty contacts in the key switch?
  20. Wow that looks fresh out of the box, you should take another same pose photo sir
  21. Merry Xmas to all on the YOC forum and best wishes for 2020
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