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  1. Air filter is new and def' not over oiled, you just get a slight smear of oil when you rub a finger over it. I cant see it being a air leak as the plug is a perfect colour (wouldnt it be pale in colour if running weak?)and we have checked all the rubbers. Once I get a quote from west country windings I'll decide what to do. In the mean time I'll get hold of a ohm meter. The bike doesnt really bog down, its more jerky like its cutting out or hitting a limiter.
  2. This is as worded in the genuine (not Haynes manual) workshop manual for a 1987 2RK model TZR 125... Main jet 180 (170 swiss) Pilot jet 22.5 (20 swiss) Jet needle 406-4 Pilot air screw 1-3/4 turns outs Float height 20-21mm
  3. I havent sent the plate to them, just e-mailed them to get a estimate as I can get anew old stock one for £90. The jetting for the restricted and full power bikes are the same according to the Yamaha work shop manual. Only the Swiss model according to it are different.
  4. Cheers for the advice Mike, the carb is bog standard, with all the correct standard jetting and settings etc. The exhaust is ok aswell. The fault was intermitten which original made me think of the carb, but that has been stripped cleaned and adjusted many times , I also have a very good glass and metal fuel filter which shows just pure clean Shell V-Power. Thats when I thought it must be electrical and others have now stated the stator plate could be the cause. I am waiting for West Contry Windings to get back to me with a repair cost, otherwise it'll be a new one. The bike has only done 7k miles with one mature owner, well apart from me now. When the bike ran ok, it really flew as it has a fully working ypvs, rev'd right up to the red line on the road and I had been clocked at 97mph, pulled strongly and I'm 14stone!!!!
  5. paule230


    Requests sent to all those above
  6. Thanks all, Others have also said it sounds like it could be the stator plate which apparently isn't un-common on these bikes. I'll update you all once I get my one tested etc.
  7. Early TZR 125 front brake set up is the same as RD125lc's so this may help you get a nice used example.
  8. Hi, I had one back in the late 80's. From what I can remember you just pulled out the choke plunger kicked it once and it started. I'm a bit suspicious that the bike was running already when you arrived though! Firstly check the obvious..... Handle bar kill switch is set to on / run. you have enough fuel, the tank if I remember works in on a vacuum so you have on-reserve- prime. If you have enough fuel, try switching to prime to fill the carbs up, then switch to either on or reserve. Failing that try popping a plug out is it wet(fuel getting through)? Is it sparking?
  9. I had replaced the plug when I got the bike back on the road, so this one has only done about 50 miles. The plug colour is a nice dark tan / light brown. If the plug has failed after only 50 miles, what could cause this?
  10. TZR 125 (1998) YPVS fitted After I restored my TZR 125 I had trouble with the bike spluttering and not wanting to rev over 3k. I put this down to rust from the tank blocking the carb jet, so after numerous cleaning both with the tank and carb I seemed to have got it sorted and on its last run out pulled like a train from 7k in all gears. Now its gone back to spluttering again. The bike starts either 1st or 2nd kick when cold and always 1st kick when warm, revs cleanly from tick over, but try to ride it and it coughs and splutters from about 3k rpm regardless of throttle position. I stripped the carb again and it was clean, I have fitted a costly metal and glass inline filter which also only contained spotlessly clean petrol (Shell V-Power)so i am sure it cannot be dirt in the fuel. The best way to describe it, is it's like the choke is on preventing it from reving under load, but I know it's not and if it was then bike wouldnt revs when stationary. I'm really at a loss now and to make matters worse, I have been approached about having my bike may get featured in a mag, so I have to have it sorted for then as a good article could help raise awareness of these bikes and put the values up which will help us all. Any suggestions cos I just dont know what to do now and its getting me down :banghead2: as everything else on the bike is perfect. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Having rebuilt a 1988 tzr 125 which had been stored for 13yrs I have one question, which grade plug should I use now that it has a fully working ypvs, so is now a full power model? The workshop manual states use either a B8ES or B9ES, but which would be best? I know the standard restricted model uses a B8ES but should I use a B9Es now its full power? I am currrently using a B8ES and the plug is a nice light brown / dark tan colour which I believe is a good colour. Any suggestions??? Thanks.
  12. I hope I can mention another forum here, if so then have a look at the TZR125 section in the sports 125 forum. You will find all the answers to your questions as many have used DT ypvs systems. My link
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