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  1. DT175 from a DT175 3TS9 or 3TSA. It seems to be the same engine across both bikes (one was for the South American market, the other for the African market). Haven't found a more specific designation for the Engine itself. Year 2002-2009
  2. Thank you so much Airhead. The info sent will be critical in starting of this rebuild. Greatly appreciate it. Does anyone know of somewhere I could get quality OEM / performance parts for this engine? Thanks again, the info provided is already huge and can get me started. Regards, Idle
  3. Hi all, After trawling everywhere for info and trying to identify an engine i acquired; thought i might ask for some pointers in a few things. I'm haven't been a Two-Stroker since my first bike. A friend had a yamaha engine he wanted to sell so he could fund another build and I snapped at it. He got it from a breakers and was sold as is. So far, he changed the clutch plates, added carb and new air filter, and replaced piston. He gave up on the engine after he couldnt find any manuals on it or identify it as anything other than a yamaha engine (He's not a yamaha rider). Look
  4. Hi, Just started to tinker with a 2 stroke yamaha and thought id join the forum. Idle
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