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  1. Hey all, just moving through a cafe racer rebuild on a '79 XS750 and getting to rebuilding the carbs. Im going to be running pod filters and straight through exhaust. How many sizes in carb jetting should I go up? Do only the pilot and main jet have to be enlarged, or does the air jet too? Cheers.
  2. There is no red wire out of the stator. Red/white, brown, black, yellow, and green/white come out of the stator. Question mark is a black wire coming out of the cdi cut very short not connected to anything. Ill take a look
  3. Yes, I have read this walkthrough. My bike appears to be a MK1, so the 7 wire CDI is appropriate. I am mostly just wondering if my wiring is correct. I cant seem to find a wiring diagram to this bike that has the CDI pictured.
  4. Hey all, just trying to get an old 1980 DT175 to start up. No spark, but checked resistance through stator/magneto windings and seem good enough to produce. Coils seems shot but just ordered a new once. I just wanted to check if my wiring is correct before I replace the CDI or other components. My CDI has 7 wires, with all connected except for one black wire cut extremely short. Any ideas? I only care about getting spark, and am not running a battery, hence the battery being omitted and all wiring past the voltage reg listed as "To accesories." Link to an image of my diagram below. Thanks! https://i.ibb.co/1v46why/IMG-4649.jpg
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