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  1. Ah I see. No the threads seem to be just fine thankfully
  2. Maybe I am confused? If you’re talking of the broken stud, yeah that’s out. There was enough of the top threads to get a nut on and locked to take it out.
  3. Yeah the broken stud? it’s out. Smoothest part of it all lol
  4. Yeah I got it out no problem yesterday. New one is in the mail
  5. Cylinder is off. Turns out I had torqued it down so much I squeezed the cylinder down into the threads of the bolts. Needless to say this cylinder is shot. I had to rip some fins off to get to the nut so I could get it off. The fins came off surprisingly easy which I thought was weird. anyways, time for a new torque wrench.
  6. Hopefully sooner than later
  7. Thanks. I still can’t get that nut off so I’ll give that a try. Unfortunately it seems that my torque wrench was lying to me. I tried getting the rest of the nuts on thinking maybe since I’d smashed the one on so tight that it would be sealed fine and ended up snapping one of the cylinder studs as well. All around nightmare over here haha. I’ll be happy if I can just get the cylinder off and start over. I spent a good amount of time cleaning off the old gasket so that wasn’t a problem
  8. I’m in a world of hurt right now. Torquing down the cylinder on a ‘79 dt175 last night and I sheared off the top of a cylinder nut in the process. I thought I’d just leave it as I was just about at the 27# as per clymer recommendation until this morning when I noticed a piece of the cylinder base on the garage floor. I’ve been working out but I mean come on, I’m not that strong lol. A now I can’t get the damn cylinder off (bolt or nut extractor??) and I’ve got to buy a beer cylinder as I’m going to guess they’re not going to reimburse me for this one. Yes I did crisscross my torquing every few pulls on the wrench. Has anyone ever done this?! Any recommendations on getting that nut out?! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1USmBA3Y4QZoy6tfL1bbOGzSjmXQEvQIU/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1USmBA3Y4QZoy6tfL1bbOGzSjmXQEvQIU/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Hi everyone. Long time listener first time caller. Working on a ‘79 dt175 and this forum has been really helpful. Thanks! May be posting soon as I haven’t found a thread for a recent issue, but I’ll be taking a deeper dive before I do. cheers
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