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  1. Have bought a few things from the US and some of the postage is a piss take especially when you see how much cheaper and faster it is from countries just as far away. They always take so sodding long as well! I've had stuff arrive from places like Indonesia, Australia and Thailand that I ordered after, that have arrived a week or more before my US purchases have. Have had 2 deliveries so far take over a month. Managed to get some rare parts at reasonable prices though that I couldn't even find or was outbid on in the UK. The one good thing I like about buying from the US is that the
  2. It got here safely in the finish, no thanks to me. If I'd have waited "patiently" a few days more it would have been sent back to the US and I could have lost it. Anyone who knows DT's knows these are rocking horse. It's in really good condition too.
  3. Very informative thank you! I have a decent, genuine, 175 bore it's got a piston with 100 stamped on it. Does that mean it's been rebored and that's an oversized piston? The piston Is a little loose at the bottom probably a mm overall so figure it would slap a bit if I use it in its current state. Also, what's on it currently isn't right. It's a Yamaha 175 bore but whoever fitted it had to break some fins to get it on. As far as am aware all the 78 on side casings are the same, so it's not MX I don't think... Either way am getting rid of it as it's not right. Thanks again for th
  4. All sorted. Dating certificate in the post
  5. Sent payment off then went to send pictures and they bounced because apparently his mailbox is full. Sent a message without pictures, hopefully he gets back to me soon... Point taken!
  6. I've bought an 'unfinished project' as building one from scratch was going to take too long despite my having collected most of the parts... I might start that after this one if I still have the will to live. I've got engine work to do. Have done one side, fitted side case and auto lube which was missing when I got it. On the flywheel side the stator wiring is missing a plug and I really dont want to cut the new loom so it's flywheel off to get to the stator. Flywheel came off easily and obviously wasn't torqued up. Then when I took the stator off the screws were barely hand tight
  7. Oh great! I read something in an old post the other day that mentioned it and looked it up. I was thinking of going for the first time. Well that's that then.
  8. You should be looking at a flasher unit like the one in the picture with a plug like the other picture. According to a wiring diagram I've seen it's supposed to be on the left hand side near the ignition coil which will be right under the tank hanging off the frame (?) I don't think i'm allowed to put up external links but if you search SR250 wiring diagram in google images it should show up. Hope this is of some help. Somebody with more of an idea might be along soon...
  9. I would have done but it's not even the right switch body to fit the frame and the metal is too wide a diameter to go through the eye on the footbrake lever so I've just ordered a cheap one from china that comes with a long enough spring that should do the job. I have another switch for a later DT that's the right size for the frame but the spring is shorter.
  10. I got an email address off the DVLC website which was for something "air-cooled". I sent an email to the address and got a reply saying yes no problem, just send us some pictures of the bike, frame and engine numbers along with I think £30 and they'd issue a dating certificate. I haven't done anything as yet as have other priorities with the bike... Where I'm not too sure about what to do is with the Nova because apparently it's a German bike and I don't know how long it's been in the country or whether it's been imported properly or not. I have half an idea what to do and will find
  11. Apparently I was supposed to bend it back into shape? I got the new one which he'd packaged so securely it took me ages to get into. I think he spat the dummy Anyway the replacement doesn't fit! It's really slack in the frame bracket and can't be secured and the metal is an inch and a half too long. When I looked up the part on the interwebs it says that it's for a 1978 RD250 or 400. (Well there's your problem!) Seller mentioned nothing in his advert about it being compatible or having to bend it back into shape or cut and bend it to fit, it was advertised to fit my model and ye
  12. I hope this comes out as it so fooking funny. The Yorkshire accent makes this all the better w4POSqOqO2.mp4
  13. Oh wow that would be awesome if you would thank you, thank you, thank you!! Cheers for the link, funny enough it was while looking for pictures with the the loom in it that I came across your thread on the conversion and went through all of it looking for some clues and that's what lead me here to this forum. Edit: Oh and nowhere near the south coast sadly, thanks for the offer though.
  14. So today after over a week of trying I finally get a response from DHL that my parcel is in the hands of Parcelforce and has been for the best part of 2 weeks and is awaiting import duty to be paid. I was supposed to have been notified by them sending a postcard but once AGAIN I didn't get one. No email or text either. I recently tried importing some engine casings and the exact same thing happened, waited patiently until my patience ran out then got on to the seller whose attitude was "I got your money everything else is your problem" so I had to go chasing carriers to find out w
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