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  1. Neo and Snakebite68 - thanks for taking the time and trouble to pass on your help and advice. I am not having a problem attaching the hoses to the pump, I am having a problem attaching the small hose back inside the clutch cover. The position of the big hose and fitting make it very difficult to access the small spigot on the inside of the case. I am thinking I will have to go ahead and pull and replace the big hose before attempting to replace the small hose. I have another question:- is it possible to remove the metal spigot fittings from the outside of the clutch cover case?
  2. I managed to change the inner clutch cover oil seal for the oil pump. Things didn't go exactly as planned. . . I managed to split the small hose that attaches to the oil pump and metal fitting inside the clutch cover. I am having a hard time trying to attach the new hose back onto the fitting inside the clutch cover. Is it possible to remove the hose fitting from the clutch cover or will I have to somehow attach the small hose with the fitting in place?
  3. Airhead - Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out. I have disconnected the oil pump. Is the seal attached to the main engine case or the outer clutch cover? Is it easy to remove? About to work on it later this morning.
  4. Cheers Cynic - I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Are you talking about part number 15 on the attached link? https://cdn.partzilla.com/MTE/d/4/MjE2ODAyNw-409936b3.png If so, is it just a case of pulling the clutch cover to get at the shaft/gear pump drive? I have never worked on the autolube before. If I remove the pump will I have to follow a specific install setup or do I just reinstall then bleed the system? Thanks again,
  5. Greetings Yamaha fans - I can't believe I started this post a little over 5 years ago!! Where does time go..... I need your help once again.... I replaced the reed block rubber and float bowl gasket shortly after posting my last post. My bike has continued to leak what looks like a mixture of gear oil combined with 2 stroke oil ever since. I drained the engine oil the other day and found a mixture of 1000cc of gear oil /Yamahalube 2S in my drain pan. I was wondering why my 2 stroke oil tank always drained very quickly.... Any ideas what could be going on?
  6. Haha nice to hear from you Airhead! Now you mention it I remember you told me about the O-ring a couple of years back... Mine looks as flat as a pancake. My gasket looks fine. Just went ahead and ordered a new rubber reed block manifold. Expensive little devil! As always thanks for the help and advice. The 'Atlanta Fettler'.
  7. I have had the carb apart so many times I have lost count... I believe the staining is from years past...
  8. Thanks Cynic. Just ordered a new gasket. Not going to ride my bike until its fixed.
  9. I have a 2 stroke oil leak coming from what looks like the reed block gasket (you can see a drop of oil on the bottom of the cylinder and one on the clutch arm). Does anybody know what's going on here? Do I simply need to replace the reed gasket or could there be a problem with the oil pump? Thanks,
  10. Cheers Airhead - it really is as I love riding this little bike so much! Brings back so many memories of my youth. The fella down the street rode one to work, the kid across the street had one with all the trick bits on it. I even remember a lad racing one in our local AMCA MX club days back in 1984. He did pretty well on it too! I hope you got your TT going without too much grief.
  11. The carb has been completely disassembled on at least four occasions. Each time it was disassembled the body and internals were soaked in carb cleaner overnight. I blew everything threw with compressed air before reassembly. Update - I just took the bike for a six mile spin and its is running perfectly! Zero flat spots anywhere through the rev range and its even ticking over at around 1400 rpm. Not sure if this is a fluke due to the amount of times I have had the magneto and stator off or maybe its because I nipped the exhaust manifold bolts up a little bit tighter. I am going to ride it again later today and keep my fingers crossed it behaves in the same manner. I would like to thank all of you fellas for your very valuable help and advice. I could not have got it running without you! The "Atlanta Fettler"
  12. Does anybody know what the two front exhaust flange bolts need to be torqued to? I don't see anything in the Yam manual.
  13. NEO - thanks for the soap sud test idea. I just spent 10 minutes checking it over. I think it may have a bad exhaust flange gasket as I did notice a few tiny bubbles coming from that area. I nipped up the bolt a little bit more and the bike tried to idle. I am going to order a new gasket. Thanks again.
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