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  1. Hi, I've had an issue develop on my XT660X while riding home tonight. I warmed the bike up as normal, started to ride and at the first junction (about 30 seconds of riding) I could hear my starter motor turning. My engine light was flickering and nothing seemed to stop it. If I turned the bike off, as soon as I turned the ignition back on the bike started itself. It stopped after about 30 seconds but then started again at the next set of traffic lights. No matter what I did nothing affected it, although when I was moving I couldn't hear it. It didn't sound like the motor was engaged as the engine kept running and there were no grinding noises, it just sounded like it was spinning freely. There has been some serious downpours today so I'm thinking it may be water ingress somewhere. I'm kind of eliminating the switch as I'd expect the starter to engage with the engine if this was shorting (I'm no electrician so may be completely wrong). After getting home the issue had stopped but I'm nervous it will come back again. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any suggestions where to start? Cheers
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