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  1. nice one, they are cool looking bikes. Welcome sir.
  2. pictures of the bike and i'll tell you what you're missing...... hahahaha yeah, i'm a prick. What i think you're missing is 'led indicator resistor' also known as a 'flasher relay' Have a google and see what you think.
  3. how many gears does it have? As far as i know the WR has 5 and the YZ has 4?
  4. i like the YZ best! that thing looks fun!
  5. Nice bike dude! clean as fuck.
  6. was there on sunday. Great day of looking at bikes i can't afford until they are about 10 years old lol ..... at least i know what i'll be getting in 2024 (excluding that h2r- i think that thing will hold it's value stupidly well) . Great day out, and comic-con was on at the same time to, so plenty of laughs looking at the people all dressed up as game,movie and comic-book characters . i THINK they got a reading of 310BHP from that monster H2R
  7. no worries man! Just wondering where you've been that's all. You probs fancy the AGV for the same reason people like Alpinestars or ducati because they are fancy as fuck lol. It's always nice to have fancy things but not always worth the difference in price.
  8. Some people may call me a liar but the price does not necessarily reflect how well they'll protect your head. Best place to look for a safer helmet would be - http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/ All the ones on there have been tested (not by the manufacturer i must add) They have a 5 star rating system and illustrations of how the head has taken the damage. I bought a nitro Aikido helmet for less then £50.... it's 5 star rated. This is the same rating as a £799.99 AGV pista gp helmet. (links for the nonbelievers - AGV http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/agv-pista-gp and Nitro http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/nitro-aikido ) Obviously make up your own mind, but i would happily use the Aikido for any kind of bike riding. My only question is why the hell don't we hear from you until you need help? lol Where have you been grouchy? You should pop by more often is all i'm saying
  9. Thanks DT! certainly worth considering it lives on the tarmac anyways. it's pretty good at cornering as it stands, bet it would be unreal on sticky 17s. or maybe riding enduro tires for ages on the XT and husky has changed what i consider to be good at cornering. i think it's currently on 21 front 17 rear. going to do some measuring when i'm in the garage next. Thank you very much!
  10. sorry to hijack the post but, if i wanted to put supermoto wheels on the DR650. could i get a 17 inch rim and spokes put onto the original hubs? i have no idea how this stuff works
  11. congrats dude! i was also on top of the world when i passed mine
  12. silly question, but are the hose clamps securely fitted?
  13. Yeah i do the same. Use the back brake and when the feel the bite, release the rear brake slowly, whilst applying the throttle slowly.. i live on a hill and that's the easiest way i find. If you use the front brake, it can be a bit awkward to use the throttle and front brake at the same time. not impossible but very awkward, why make these things harder then they need to be.
  14. welshwan

    My ride

    Looks good, i've never had a single part of any of my bikes look that good, let alone the whole bloody thing!
  15. welshwan

    DR sixfiddy

    yeah for sure man! It's my only mode of transportation and i love it! most people are shocked to find out it's 24 years old, even though it's a pretty beaten up example. keeps up with traffic just fine! never owned a 'streetbike' by that i mean one that is never supposed to leave the tarmac, so i have got very used to just plowing into speed bumps and potholes. God help me if i get something more sporty, my balls might take i beating before i remember. The chain and sprockets i got were item number: 400577906718 on ebay, cheapest i could find, done about 2000miles on them and seem okay. I'll have a word with work about trying to get it off, but it is very unlikely.
  16. welshwan

    DR sixfiddy

    It sure is airhead! tank has been sealed and painted in matt black, had to use the small patch things that come with the sealer for a few little parts of the outside of the tank. Unfortunately the paints didn't take very well, so both sides of the tank where my legs rest on it, the paint has been rubbing away. But TBH i don't give i fuck, it's sealed and i'm riding it, put a fair few miles on it since it's been sorted, also had new chain and sprockets, found a 2nd seat for it (which i think looks okay) and has two LED spotlights on the front now also. Pictures in the next couple of days...try not to laugh, too hard. Sorry buddy, but it's looking like a no go, unless i can leave here at the crack of dawn and head home when things start to wind down at the end of the day. Not sure but looks like i won't be making it, this time. Few things been going on, husqvarna has also been sold. From mentioning to someone i wanted rid of it, it took ten hours for them to travel here, have a look and for the money to be in my hands and the bike in the back of his van! Now that's how to sell a bike. So i am now in the market for another enduro bike, not sure what yet. does not need to be as beasty this time as i have the DR650 to do trips and get around on. So who knows, maybe a 250? see what turns up for the right price.
  17. as above, don't give them a reason to pull you over. God knows what else they'll find to ticket you for, lights, tyre tread and all that stuff.
  18. i stopped myself from posting it up until now. Once Andrew posted that picture, i just had to.
  19. what will you be using the bike for? ... as you are 14, i take it that it's not for commuting And are you good at fixing bikes or do you know someone that is? other than a garage of course ££££
  20. Jimmy, that's a damn good idea!
  21. Hmmmm i thought he meant the one for doing tricks? When the rear brake this is in the usual place and on the left side of the handle bars (above or below the clutch lever) These things: Id give em a go if i had some beasty supermoto like rossonza's wr400. My luck id lock up the rear wheel trying to change gear or some shit. What kind do you mean Monster?
  22. bikes looking great man!! are the new wheels all lined up now?
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