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  1. So 3 little scum bags tried to steal my bike. Even though they knew they could not even get it out of my garden they still hotwired it. This is my my third ignition now. Ive got the new ignition but the dash is dead. I think it may be something to do with the engine management/warning light. Im going to change all the fuses but apart from that I cant think what it could be apart from the bike shutting itself down because they tried to hotwire it. Any ideas/help much appreciated guys. I really dont understand their mentality. The bike has two alarms and a ridiculous amount of security. So any one with half a brain cell would know it was pointless trying to steal it. It was about half four in the morning and the alarm went off so I looked out of the window and 3 little scrotes no older than 16 were trying to carry it away. They wouldn't of even made it to the end of my street before giving up. The bike is pretty heavy even though its only a wr 125. They were watching the window and saw me so by the time I put some shorts on and got my bat they were long gone. They just threw the bike down luckily it landed on the grass, so I thought that was lucky, no damage really done. It wasnt until I got up the next day I noticed they had hotwired it. It was booked in for an MOT that morning as well. I am sick to death of little inbred scum trying to steal my bike and causing damage. This will be my third ignition now and for some reason on wr's they are over £100. Next time Im just going to sneak down and catch them and I dont care if they are only kids, the little shits are getting a good hiding. Sick to death now its an incident every month at least. It is going to happen again it's only just a matter of time. Im not going to fit the new ignition barrel in the steering where it goes. Im going to put it somewhere else to try and confuse the horrible little C's. Any ideas? Cheers.
  2. Yes its covered, I suppose I could make more of an effort to oil them more regularly. I use engine oil.
  3. There's plenty of security on the bike to deter them or even slow them down until I go out but I haven't slept a wink since it happened and I feel shit. I just can't switch off, every little noise I hear and every time the security light goes on I'm up like a shot. I suppose I will get back to normal in a week or so but last time they tried nicking it and caused loads of damage etc it was off the road for months and I had to get buses to work etc. It was a complete nightmare.
  4. Yeah the police are pretty much out of the picture. By the time they would arrive, the scum would be long gone. I haven't been sleeping properly since it happened. Every little noise and I'm up looking out of the window. I've got a really bad feeling now it's the weekend that they'll be back.
  5. The old air rifle is getting kept at the side of the bed now. I couldn't get over how they started threatening me and carried on.
  6. So at 4:10 this morning I heard a moped and lads talking. They were being loud and not even attempting to be sneaky. I looked out of the window and two of them are sat on the moped and two of them have lifted the cover off of my bike and tampering with it. I banged on the window and shouted at them. I told them they better fuck off or I will come down kick the fuck out of them. One of them threatened to smash my windows and another said "I'll stab you bro." I was shocked, they didn't even run off, they just carried on. I just couldn't believe the cheek of them. Anyway by the time I went out with my baseball bat all 4 of them were on the moped (yes 4 of them) and up the road. I went out but came back because I had no shoes on. I suppose if I'd of put some shoes on I could of caught them. Luckily no damage or anything. I just couldn't believe their attitudes. Threatening me and just carrying on what they were doing. Sticking their fingers up to the Mrs and gobbing off. They were only about 16. Just glad they didn't get it or cause any damage.
  7. I wonder why I go through them so regularly? Maybe because my bike is kept outside?
  8. For some reason I have been cutting the nylon bit off. I know for next time. In three years I'm on my fourth clutch cable and second throttle cable. I use my bike 365 days a year come hail or shine so things like cables, brake pads, chains and sprockets do have to be replaced more often than usual or weekend riders.
  9. I've gone through plenty of clutch/throttle cables over the years and after the latest one today I'm not sure about something. On the end of the cable which goes into the actual clutch lever or throttle there is always a plastic bit around the bar. Every time I have done this I have always cut the plastic bit off. But today I'm thinking am I meant to, or have I just been an idiot for the past x amount of years?
  10. Cheers guys. I only do a few miles each day but every day I do at least a few miles. I can't turn the light off on newer models the dipped beam (I think that's the name) is permanently on. I will test it tomorrow with my multimeter. I really hope it's not the alternator, that sounds expensive haha. I suppose I will have to just charge the battery once a fortnight or whatever. I never thought that I was not riding enough to charge it.
  11. I think this is all related to the engine trouble warning light thing. Anyway got a new battery recently and it was fine. Then it lost its charge so I fully charged it and it was fine for a few weeks. Now it has gone flat again. I already changed the rectifier so it's not that. Any ideas guys?
  12. Grouch

    Wrong fuel....

    You're one lucky guy to get away with that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah I've been checking it. I don't mess about when it comes to oil. I even buy the really good stuff. Just sick of the weather holding me back now. I need a garage. All the people I know with them have them filled with junk etc so can't get in. I'm debating whether or not to just go to the local petrol station and do it under their shelter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. So I have identified the code and the problem is: Abnormal power supply to system. possible cause: Faulty wiring/connector or faulty charging system. A few weeks ago I bought a cheap regulator and fitted that so I am thinking that is the problem? I kept the old regulator so I will refit that and see if that resolves it. I'm just going to have to wait until it stops pissing it down so I can do it and check all the wiring etc. It's a weight off of my mind knowing it's an easy fix, I was thinking all sorts of crap haha. The problems I have I was thinking I'm due a new engine about now.
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