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  1. As always you video's are brilliant mate.
  2. Just had to crack open a bottle of Kraken which was also a Christmas present as I've just heard that I am going to be a grandad again.
  3. Sorry that was in poor taste, my youngest always gives me a different rum every year and this year it was Dead mans finger, not tried it before but that will be cracked open tonight.
  4. FFS Blackie after reading this I woke up in a panic this morning after dreaming that I'd been riding bikes for the last 50 years on a moped licence, just had to check and sure enough group D any motor bicycle ( with or without a sidecar). Maybe I should cut down on my rum intake ?
  5. No Blacky, I mean it wasn't a proper bike as such but it had gears and stuff and got me my full licence.
  6. Nice one slice, being a widower I always get what I want these days, I mean if I can't treat myself to what I want what's the point. It's usually some woodworking tools/machine trouble is the workshop is getting a bit crowded these days and I haven't got the space for a bigger one. Life can be such a bitch. Merry Chrimbo everyone and make sure you have some fun.
  7. Funny my little Honda 125 broke down just before the test so I borrowed my uncles little Honda 50, soon as I passed went round to mates and bought his 650 BSA
  8. I'm glad I took my test way back in 1968, a ride around the block and if you didn't fall off and didn't knock the examiner over when he jumped out in front of you all was good. When I told my youngest about my test he couldn't believe it and said basically you didn't have a fucking test then but back then we thought we were hard done by as I worked with a couple of old guys who never even took a test to get there full licence. Of course things had to change because it was plain stupid but the current system is overkill and I feel for you youngsters that have to jump through all the hoops just to ride a bike.
  9. Brilliant great write up. TBH I don't think you can do better than have a road trip with loved ones and great job on the FJ by the way.
  10. Done a bit of research and 96mph in a 70 zone is considered to be way over and wont be offered a speed awareness course and it will involve a court appearance , being a pensioner my income is next to FA so shouldn't get stung too hard and from what I've read they can take up to 6 months to prosecute me, so I'll just have to wait I guess. The possibility of a ban no matter how short would be a real pain in the arse, luckily I wasn't going over the ton (which of course I've never done) because that would defiantly mean using public transport to get about.
  11. A couple of months ago after over 50 years of riding/driving I got pulled over for speeding for the 1st time, I admit it was a fair cop and I'm lucky I haven't been caught before. Can anyone tell me what the procedure is ? i.e. does it involve a court appearance or can I plead guilty by post and how long is this likely to drag out before I know my fate.
  12. welcome . took my test in 1968 on a Honda 50 that I borrowed because my bike had broken down, next day I bought my mates BSA 650, the air turned blue when I told my son about this
  13. That's looking good Blackie
  14. Hope you all had a good one and all the best for 2018
  15. That would be funny but I actually know some sad people that are like that.
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