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  1. It's the same as mine - there is a tiny 'R' clip missing, which would hold the choke out at either full or half way. I couldn't find a replacement clip but tbh after a minute of running it doesn't need it even in winter so haven't worried about changing the whole pin.
  2. Have you checked front and rear wheel bearings? When were the chain sprockets last changed?
  3. Hi Jase! Been really busy at home - wife still not well after her broken leg in July and had to have so much time off work they let me go last week. Got time to be about on here now though [emoji3]
  4. This helped me when I had to re tap a fine M8 on my car brakes.
  5. Hi Pignapper. What have you tried so far? What are your symptoms?
  6. If the ignition barrel and the 2 wires are all you touched, are you sure the new barrel is in good order?
  7. Serious withdrawal now! Gutted I can't make it, but have managed to pick up some forks/ wheel / disc etc from eBay (camping near Chester with my boys to give them something to remember this school hols for) so can swap all back to the donor bike. Next year!
  8. I've got an SR125 without forks!
  9. Mate of mine has just done this and said its the hardest road challenge he's done. I bought a pushbike the other week, first time out on it I did 6 miles. 20 years ago I'd have done it in 20 minutes. This time nearly an hour and I was f*cked! So Good luck Paul and hats off to you!
  10. Well her Nan died while she was in hospital, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this was bad enough for the 3rd! But it hurts!
  11. Really not that bad - forks, dented petrol tank and a bent mirror!
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