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  1. Suppose, i had thought around the 1600-1700 mark. but i cant find an example of such a fixed wr400 being sold on ebay with all the spares etc.
  2. Looking at potentially selling my WR400, However ive no idea on a price to ask. Can anyone give me an idea on what you think its worth? Freshly rebuilt top end (new valves/stem seals from Wiseco USA) - 560~ miles on this, due valve check and oil/filter change (will be done before sale) lightly ported and polished exhaust ports on cylinder head, lapped valve seats. FMF Titanium exhaust - from header back Gold Morad Supermoto wheels with talon hubs (same as drz) Trailtech Vapor dash - measures water temp,rpm's & speed - plumbed into bikes electric supply Samco blue rad hosing West coast seat cover (imported from USA) UFO Plastic Supermoto front and rear fenders DRC Edge 2 tail light New Putoline air filter New fuel tap kit Smaller number plate (8x6) - mot plate included new chain and sprockets JT + Renthal new swing arm and chain sliders new head bearings new waterpump shaft and seal kit - Yamaha RFX fork bleed screws RFX Fuel mixture screw new Goldfren front and rear brake pads New Putoline DOT4 brake fluid New Head Gasket Renthal grips - soft compound all new clutch/brake cables new Swingarm bearing kit new fork seals - used Putoline fork oil replacement brake lever (due to MOT advisorie) Iridium spark plug battery opoerated horn Spares: HotCams complete shim kit (imported from USA) Red engine stand (made by a friend) Motorcross bike stand (modified to suit offroad wheel bike height) frame covers brake covers spare exhaust header old exhaust Offroad wheels - new bearings and sprocket - rear wheel needs a new disk Spare tyres for offroad wheels (around 4) Trailtech Vapor coil wire + power wire 2 x bottom end crank cases (so spare clutch/water pump etc) 1 x box of top end bits (from the original owner) cam cover/various nuts/bolts Documentation - I've got a plastic wallet full + v5 in my name etc. MOT Passed with 2 advisories: 1. Exhaust Noisy (was before the titanium sealed exhaust was on) 2. Rear Brake lever short(put new full length lever on now) Again just to reiterate, All the parts on the bike have only 500 odd miles usage, the bike feels amazing, feels very light in the corners, wheelies 1'st, 2nd off throttle etc. Bike will be having valve clearances checked, oil changed and new filter before sale. http://youtu.be/pmqy4Oq1AaY?list=UUX4NqjbQte8apqb85VvNvfw Cheers Ross
  3. did think that, but ive read a lot of tracks wont let you use drinks containers, looked on supermotodaz but i reckon hes too expensive. doesnt make sense you can get a litre sized oil catch tank for a car for £18 + postage. a tiny catch tank for a bike = £50........
  4. Got bored, so washed the bike in the garden, tried some alloy wheel cleaner and i think they look great. Pay days Friday, need to order a catch tank as i keep leaving little 50p sized oil patches in the garage haha. Anyone recommend a motorcycle sized catch tank? all the ones on ebay are .75 liter capacity for a car etc..
  5. cheers dude, getting their. fancy ASV levers and a few other extra's..just got no spare cash now haha
  6. Got the new plate on. Exhaust gasses should miss it now. Then the new mudguard went on: the new guard looks much smaller in person. The shape is much nicer I think too. It also doesn't have the metal support on top so should be lighter too :-)
  7. mudguard and new number plate have arrived :-) Will be fitting the guard tonight. fingers crossed it fits... Hoping it looks shorter than this:
  8. cheers! its rough around the edges. I'd replace the header pipe but i cant find 2nd hand anywhere and £120+ postage is a lot of money for something im not 100% on performance/sound gain. I'd looked at the cams purely to get rid of manual decomp. once my mud guards on and my new numberplate, i'll take a look at the braided front brake hose. after that its just going to be sticky tyres for summer and enjoy the bike for a while. I'll probably get the itch over summer to up performance though
  9. This plate is actually over sized. It's 9 x 7.5 so I've bought the 8 x 6 :-) url=http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271327078550&alt=web]newfront mud guard just bought this so the front doesn't look so weird
  10. Awesome photo, What header pipe is that? im still on stock header, stock cams, stock intake, just lightly ported and polished exhaust. took the bike out for 2 hours today, got lost multiple times but was fun to go out on my own (i must be sad hey...) Yes i know the side panels falling off (forgot to put its bolt back through after some cable tidying) All in all i much prefer the black seat, feels comfier too even though theres less covers now haha. Bikes running well, just ordered a smaller plate as my 9x7 is getting burnt by the exhaust now
  11. looked at pre-tech's website, but cant see a caliper listed for the YZ/WR sadly, Any ideas on the model, or any other possible replacement? i think the main problem ive got with the brake is the whole brake feel and the fact it feels completely under braked compared to my previous bikes. Worth looking at a front braided line too? or just whack a better master cylinder on/fit 4pot up front.
  12. Thanks Rob, i had heard of changing the master cylinder but couldnt find an exact answer so thank you!, i was originally looking at the EBC 320mm disk/bracket upgrade. Any ideas if i can use the whole front brake off the cbr6? 57bhp must have been fun i cant imagine its got too much bhp right now, but feels faster than my old ccm @ around 40hp.
  13. Got my seat Re-covered by the mrs' dad. So it turns out the bike had 2 covers on :-) Looks much better in black. I'm very happy. Just got to put it back on the bike. Going to take the carb off the weekend and give it a clean. See if I can solve this weird cruising miss.
  14. Take a look at the mobius cam ( wide lense)
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