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  1. Don't bother with A2 - just go straight to that full-A badboy! The only reason to go for A2 is if the power at 600cc is overwhelming [no shame]. But a few months at A2 you'd have no issues with it, and need to do the tests again to get full. Get a few more lessons if needed. Then you've got the whole world of bikes opened up to you. As for maintenance - bikers are often more than willing to help another with servicing when they can. Some even enjoy it! (: Loads on here are such like that, and assuming the Sheffield is where you live, you're not too far from a bunch of us on many sides of you [Leeds, Manchester, etc]. So, get the bike you like the most. There was another thread a few years back with the same base question, though: XVS400 vs XVS650
  2. I've ended up making the video of it all private now - the show brought out the dickheads to my page, even more than when it initially went viral. [Or, at least it should be private] Not actually watched it myself - probably should - but judging on the comments, they cut a lot of the important info from Charlie. [Inevitable, since we chatted for over an hour]. My brother said I "sounded posh" in the interview... I actually hadn't, from what I remember (: I think it'd been raining a lot. I saw that when it was doing the rounds, yeah (: Oddly, I never saw the thing in real life, even though he was meant to be doing stuff like that all the time.
  3. I hope to be there. It's also the day after Ginger's Egg Run, that Drewpy posted about, so could be a bike filled weekend.
  4. Agreed - there was one forum I joined that had a "you have no logged in for 6 months. Please login to keep your account, or it will be deleted" thing. For this, I'd have a script that looks for 1 or 2 post accounts [that are inactive] and just purge them. Probably be tempted to nuke their threads too, even if it does mean losing information. Or find if there's a way to archive them in a safe and efficient manner
  5. Not the most interesting video, but here's some footage I got of it. Including the one asshole driver that forced their way through us. Edit: Arse! There's no audio. And I deleted the original footage last night ): Edit 2: Thank the maker for Recuva! Got the original footage back, so was able to get the audio in there. And thre's a Paul in the thumbnail.
  6. captf

    Photo sizing

    I use imgur.com for my picture hosting. When you upload an image it creates a few at the same time of varying sizes.
  7. I have one. Pain in the bum when the batteries are dying and you're nowhere near home. It beeps constantly. [or have no tiny allen key to remove the batteries] I ended up just treating it as a normal disc lock, and ignore the screamer part - too sensitive at times, anyway
  8. Tell me about it, it's been a positively balmy winter so far. People have been complaining, at times, that it's cold and wet. Pfft. It ain't Glasgow wet!
  9. How odd... It appears to be running fine again. Only thing I've done is drain half of the petrol that was in the tank. Gonna test run to work tomorrow, and then I'll get it in for a service soon.
  10. Screw it up more, then. I've not actually done anything to it yet. Beyond the redex, and I'm not sure if that even did anything new.
  11. Radiator + pipes is 2 litres. And yeah, I bought premix, because I'd screw it up otherwise. And because I ride all year round, I don't want to do that. Not that it matters right now - not used it.
  12. And more possible fun - went to go about replacing the coolant and discovered that while the reservoir is practically empty, the radiator itself could not be any fuller. I don't know if this is an actual issue - some places say potential blockage, others say this is fine, just needs a top up. [Of course, discovered that a litre bottle of coolant isn't actually enough, as that's how much it takes to fill the radiator and all pipes, with another 0.25l for the reservoir ¬_¬] I also now wonder if the petrol/burning smell that I've been getting is actually burning coolant [because I realised it's not petrol I was smelling] So, tried to get the tank off yesterday, but could I get the bleed and overflow pipes off? Could I buggery. Which put a stopper on doing anything underneath it. Hell, I couldn't even unclip the plugs for the sensor and pump. I suck at bike maintenance. I feel it's time to call in the professionals. ):
  13. I have done - since I've discovered that while the bike has been 1000 idle since I got it, it's meant to be 1250... But, 40C-60C, it still does the "start->die" thing However, got myself a few more things, so I can pop off the tank and have a look at the plugs.
  14. It's always sat around 1k revs, for as long as I've had it
  15. It was only a 6 month warranty with the place. And chances are, anything wrong is something I've not done properly. I've had the bikeabout 9 months now I don't think it's a major fault of any kind. And more just a "normal wear and tear"
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