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  1. Hi, having a few problems with the PV on my 07 dt125re. So to start off, my DT will only do 60, even screaming it will struggle to hit 70. Now my cousin has a 93 DT 125 and well, the thing flies like sh*t off a shovel, I had a head start, screaming my bike and next thing you know he shot past me. My powervalve isn't working well at all, I have really bad mid range power, bad topend, but the bottom end power isn't too bad, the front wheel comes up at the lights(happy with that). Should I pin the PV open? Or how can I sort it out? If I should pin it open how do I do this? Thanks
  2. Welshwan, the levers I want to know if they fit my bike are like those ASV ones you just posted.
  3. Won't let me put anymore pictures up for some reason.
  4. And these are my crappy standard levers I want gone haha
  5. What I mean is ones like thishttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/08/05/e2ydesab people put them on motocross bikes, and these are the sort of levers I'm after that will fit on my DTs, just wondering if anyone has tried aftermarket levers like these.
  6. Hi, I own a 2007 DT125RE and a 1991 DT125R, I want to fit trick clutch levers and front brake levers, RFX or NSV style but not sure which aftermarket levers will work, does anyone know which trick levers will fit? Thanks
  7. Slice, can I have more details on how to do that please?
  8. Hi, got a problem with my DT125RE 2007. Took it out today running fine, went to see a family member quick and left my bike outside for 10 minutes, and now every time I go to put my bikr in gear it cuts out, if I try to start the bike it gear it won't even turn over. What could cause this?
  9. What's the best way to remove tank graphics off a Yamaha DT 125 RE? I have removed all others with heat but tank graphics are refusing the budge.
  10. Has anyone ordered from D&D graphics before? I ordered a kit 22 days ago and it still isn't here! Has anyone ever had any trouble with them, and has anyone got a phone number for them? Have emailed them but no reply, the owner is "Beanie" from the CRM250 forum.
  11. Back tyre needs replacing yeah, little bit more tread left though Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  12. PedMoto SG1 exhaust for the DT125RE, you can buy these from Adrenalin-Pedstop for £290. The sound and performance is brilliant, sounds like a motocross bike and it's really peaky on the throttle. I would definitely recommend this exhaust rather than any other for the DT.
  13. 2007 Yamaha DT125RE PedMoto SG1 soundcheck: http://youtu.be/NBq9-ps1wFY Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  14. Has anybody tried the Pedmoto SG-1 exhaust for the DT yet? I phoned Adrenalin Pedstop yesterday to order the DEP, but apparantly the DEPs aren't made so well anymore, I was suggested the Pedmoto exhaust by a bloke called Chris, who designed and tested the Pedmoto exhaust a few years ago. After reading up about it, I decided to settle on it as apparantly it gives 0.08 more BHP than the DEP, its stainless steel rather than nickel plated, and to be honest, just the look of it p*sses all over the DEP. I'll post a soundcheck video later on today after it gets delivered.
  15. Thanks, 1970 bare forks look banging, gaitors are too old fashioned and are shi*t collectors Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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