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  1. Problem sorted. Datatool alarm faulty, only 2years old. I got it replaced under warranty - cost £80.00 call out- might go down the line of getting some sort of compo from datatool. anyway the bikes up and running. Happy days
  2. On my 2013 xvs1300 tonight, at traffic lights and bike just stopped. Tried to start but won't turn over or bump start. checked the following:- fuel, OK. Kill switch, run. Neutral, yes. Side stand, up. Battery, fully charged. and it's a bloody heavy thing to push. any ideas why it won't turn over or start? regards Alan Update any ideas. went out to bike after about 3hrs and it started on problem, as if nothing was wrong. Totally confused. has anybody got any ideas as to why the bike stopped, electrics all OK. Then started after about 3hrs?
  3. Hi, can anybody help me out here, I have a midnight star 1300 (2013) mot due end of month. I have fitted a cobra 2275 exhaust complete with cobra air filter & fc2000 fuel management, i need any information about dB baffles for the exhaust, the tester might think it's to loud. any help will be greatly appreciated. Alan
  4. Can your please tell me were I can get hold of a hardcore baffle for my XVS
  5. Thanks, cant wait untill the 28th to pick it up, only 9 days, or 216hours, or 12960mins but i am not counting.
  6. Hello All, As you can see from my user name you have 2b1to k1. ;-) anyway Just brought my second bike, a 2013 XVS1300, pick it up next week. currant bike is a bandit complete with mods!!. looking forward to the xvs, which I will going on down to south spain later in the year, will keep you informed of the progress.
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