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  1. And it looks like tapatalk support has died!
  2. YBR is a great bike to start with. Welcome.
  3. And confidence inspiring when you realise what the bike can do in the rain (if it's set up right). Also worth remembering that the test centre Tarmac (at least the one I went to) was perhaps the best Tarmac I have ever seen - better than a runway and sticky as hell. Keep taking those steps forward ...
  4. I test rode the mt07 and XJ6 back to back and preferred the XJ6 - and bought it! I'm sure a lot will disagree but I just thought the XJ6 was an easier bike to live with and I loved it till getting my street triple (dark side)
  5. A little late in starting myself - while i think I'm glad I didn't do it in my teens / early twenties - I wish I'd done it earlier than I did. Get through those lessons and get a bike as soon as possible. It doesn't matter if you potter about on a 125 for a bit or go straight through DAS and get a bigger bike - everyone is different. Just do it .
  6. If it's pristine invest in some acf50. Enjoy your journey.
  7. Not just the cars - treat everything with caution and suspicion; from white paint to white vans and everything in between. That said biking is awesome - i think it has made me a better car driver as well!
  8. vayduh


    You're all wrong ;) Monsters of Rock 88 was the best, and the best lineup. It was terrifying down the front and a shame people were injured/died but definitely one of the best concerts I've been to. Iron Maiden / Saxon at Edinburgh playhouse were also excellent that year!!!
  9. +1 for skin so soft. I also carry two head nets in my camping gear all the time. Looks like you had a great time. I had planned on squires also but had family matters to deal with Looks like a great adventure - I do love my country!
  10. You got there! Brill. Congrats and enjoy the bike.
  11. Yep. I lowsided on a country road at a sharp corner. Problems only doing 15 to 20 mph. Hit some muck off a tractor and I was gone. Gear did its job. Had a sore leg for a while, and a little more experience!
  12. Welcome to the club. Glad you are fine. Did your head hit the ground? If so please consider replacing the helmet.
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