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  1. Yeah, i'll ask my uncle, thanks same
  2. Hi all, After some problems with my parents, i decided to buy my 1st bike. I'm 14 years old and i want your help because i am quite new in this Which one shall i choose ? KTM 125 SX, DT 125 R Honda XR 125 Suzuki DR 125 Or Yamaha WR125 R ? I leave that with you.. Thanks
  3. They are pretty hard to find " legal " here in Portugal... I tried few times believe... Anything else ?
  4. What would you guys suggest ? I'm pretty new at bikes , i love them since i was kiddy but only wanted to " learn " about them now
  5. I will, don't worry I'm was reading about bikes, and what you think, yz450 for my 1st bike ?
  6. Unfortunately, the only way is waiting... more 2 or 4 years .. its depends of my freedom
  7. Well... Thank you I tried that askmaster, they still said No. I'm getting tired and frustrated of that, because they know that i want it since i was very young ! I dunno if i can wait more... i've been waiting 8 years and still nothing... Airhead, me and my uncle also thinked about that, but they control every euro that i have..
  8. Hi, I need help from everyone. Since i was 6 years i wanted to had a dirt bike, and since that my parents always were being telling me that is to dangerous , people die everyday etc.. and they said i'll never get a bike :C I'm now 14 years old and every time i can I ask them, and same answer all day, everyday. My uncle had a dirt bike too, and he also try alot to they allow me to get one, or at least go with him in a ride and.. nothing yet I'm getting mad because i'm trying to get one since i am 6 years old and they still saying i will never had a bike... Please help me !
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